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I love Pancake Sundays.


Long time no see!! Haha sorry friends, my computer got attacked AGAIN this weekend by a virus, which meant that I lost my planned Running Chat post for Saturday waah!! But I’ll either post it tomorrow or just wait till next Saturday…I’ll see what I’m feeling!


Anyway, I had an AMAZING weekend!! I spent my Saturday chilling with some friends…


Maturity at its finest


We went out for dinner at an Indian restaurant which had the best food in the WORLD!DSCF1473


Chana Masala, Tarka Daal, and Stuffed Vegetable Paratha. I ate every bite and had food triplets afterwards Smile with tongue out


We spent the rest of the evening chatting, watching movies and eating Outback Animals:DSCF1483

They are SO FREAKIN GOOD! I’ve gotten my friends addicted to these cookies too Smile


I started my Sunday in the best way with a great early morning workout:



I KILLED it in this workout, and it was sweat+endorphins city by the end!!


I actually showered after this (and washed my hair!!). Miracles can happen if you believe.


Of course, following that it was PANCAKE TIME!! Man I love Pancake Sunday!!


CCK’s cookie dough pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. Heaven!! I had to eat some on the go cos I was late for church already! Smile with tongue out


Oh, and I made the most AMAZING (sugar-free!) Cinnamon Raisin PB which I have been having non-stop for the past few days…


My fave PB&J rice cake sandwiches! Open-mouthed smile


And now I’m off to chow down my midnight snack…



What was the highlight of your weekend? Spending my Saturday with the best people and eating great food!


What is your favourite cuisine? Indian, then Italian and Mexican!


Are you a pancake person? Yes yes yes! Pancake Sunday is one of the highlights of my WEEK!!



Hope y’all have an AMAZING week!! <3

37 Responses to I love Pancake Sundays.

  1. Ahh I love the pouring shot! :)
    chocolate-covered katie recently posted..Chocolate-Covered Pancakes

  2. I love those pancakes! They look so freakin good. I have been trying to make a cookie dough type of pancake but we shall see what I’m feeling lolz. Maybe a waffle. Anyways-I’m glad you still had a decent weekend although a virus is not okay wahh.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Weekly Exercising Round Up

  3. Glad you had a great weekend! My favorite cuisine is Japanese (sushi!), but I love a lot of them – Mexican, Indian, Thai. I’m much more of a french toast person than pancakes, but I like pancakes once in a while.
    Lauren recently posted..Running = Procrastination

  4. I had pancakes this morning as well-Kodiak Cakes to be exact! And I love PB&Co’s cinnamon raisin pb so pleeease share your recipe soon :)
    Lauren recently posted..Simple Saturdays

  5. I looove Indian food. There’s an Indian restaurant on a street I shop on, and whenever I pass it, the aroma makes me want to kick someone off their table and devour everything on their plate. Kind of like how I want to devour your pancakes.

  6. YES! I love Pancake Sunday! Look forward to it every week! :-D
    Erika – The Teenage Taste recently posted..Bacon Cheddar Beer Bread

  7. Highlight = Greek festival, an adventure to Starbucks with a friend, watching Criminal Minds, getting homework done, strength training.
    Cuisine = Thai, then Indian (there’s a great Indian buffet here), then Mexican
    Pancake = Mmmm. My favorite ever is pumpkin pancakes from this greasy diner back home. They are actually a huge hangover cure too, which is convenient, haha. My second favorite is good old fashion chocolate chip!
    Errign recently posted..Catching Up & Copycats!

  8. Can we have that pb recipe!!?!?! It sounds fantastic!!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..Must See Movie+Munchies!

  9. Aw sweetie<3 Ive never seen such a cute bear (?)! You and your friends look great in that costume! ;)
    Yey for CCKs pancakes! I made her blueberry pancakes for my friends today, and they loved them! I love it when my friends likes vegan food! Makes my heart happyhappy :)
    Favorit cuisine: Mediteranian!! And italian and indian! The food you ate looks very good!
    Wish you the best week<3
    Ragnhild recently posted..24.09: Saturday-Love

  10. Indian and Mediterranean and Spanish are my favorites! Next time I get Indian I’ll dress up like a monkey too :) if only I had a costume as cute as yours!

    The highlight of my weekend was my workout yesterday! It was so hard but the type that you feel awesome after.
    Tara recently posted..Fall Favorites

  11. haha! You are so adorable. I often wish I like pancakes more – and I have no idea why, but they’re just not a favorite of mine. There are so many amazing pancake recipes out there, but it’s just not a satisfying breakfast for me. Sticking with oats, fruit, cereals and puddings!
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Local Crop & Miracle Oats

  12. Sounds like a fun weekend with friends! I had a fun family party today!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..healthy happy home

  13. please tell me you wore the monkey suits to the Indian restaurant too????

    The only Indian food I’ve ever had was these chicken dumpling things my best friend’s mom used to make (she was born in India) – they are EPIC! I have yet to go to an Indian restaurant though – I always choose Italian because I’m half sicilian so it’s my favorite – maybe I need to branch out!

    Nice workout too! how’s the injury doing??
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..?????????????

    • The injury is ok, thanks for asking!! There’s more details on it in today’s post :) And you NEED to go to an Indian restaurant- they are sooo good! Haha yes of course we wore them to the restaurant too. We’re cool like that ;)

  14. Indian meal is awesome! And African, it is also so tasty.
    Pancakes are definitely a MUST, especially on Sundays! They make it 100 percent more enjoyable :D
    You and your friends look so cute in that first picture :)
    Lenna recently posted..Brighter than pumpkinshine!

  15. You and your friends are so fun- such monkeys (literally ;))! I love pancakes and have been eating them loads lately- your pic has gotten me so excited about breakfast TOMORROW (and i only just got to work hah)! Funny but as an Indian, I’m really not a fan of the cuisine. I’m all about the Italian & Japanese, but Mexican ain’t far off!
    Khushboo recently posted..Blog posts > birthday cards

  16. Oh im WITH you on the animal cookies… they are soooo addictive! have you tried the choc ones!?! yumzo. ive only found the vanilla ones in snack pack size, but they sell the choc ones in big branches of sainsburys :-)
    where did you get yours from??
    oh and youre weekend sounds fab… yip yip for monkeying around!
    clemmy recently posted..its the freakin weekend

  17. My highlight was sitting on the beach in brighton in the sunshine- such a lovely way to spend the weekenD! Oh and yummy food too :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Brilliant Brighton

  18. Outback animals are so good!!
    Cherie recently posted..Happy Birthday TO ME!

  19. That’s so cool that your have pancake Sunday!
    Highlight of my weekend were my runs :) I love pretty much all Asian cuisine my fave being Japanese.
    Isabelle recently posted..I’m Sprinting Again

  20. hey! I hope your week has started well! I always think about you on sundays as I make my breakfast as I know it’s pancake sunday for you! :-)
    emma recently posted..Best oats ever!

  21. I love mexican food! Oh, and thai food.
    Hannah recently posted..New Domains for You and .me

  22. Mmmmm those pancakes sound yummy! I love CCK’s recipes! :)
    Nikki recently posted..We are…PENN STATE!

  23. I love pancakes,but I barely have them bacause I am never motivated to make some… Don’t you want to visit me and let me join your pancake sunday? :P
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..Time to be honest.

  24. Loving your monkey “outfit” :D
    I like Mexican, Thai and Italian! :)
    And those pancakes look soo cook! I need to start having pancake Sundays! :)
    Shannon recently posted..Time for a Giveaway!

  25. Looks like you had such a lovely weekend! I am a pancake person but its been way too long since I’ve had them! My fave cuisine probably has to be Indian, very closely followed by Chinese and Thai but I can honestly say I love most Italian, Mexican and Japanese too!
    Laura Agar Wilson recently posted..Tastiest eats in ages

  26. oh my it’s been so long since I have had Indian food, must go get!

    I also just want to say i love reading your post. They somehow always manage to put a smile on my face. You are so positive and always happy it’s sometimes contagious.

    So thank you for being such a great person!
    debbie (accidently delish) recently posted..By: katie

  27. Those pancakes look unbelievable! For my birthday on Thursday I decided I’m going to make White Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes, I’m excited to post pictures! Your food always looks delicious :)
    Toni @ Not Yet A Mommy recently posted..Beginnings & Birthdays

  28. How do you make your cinnamon raisin PB??

  29. Mmmmm I love pancakes. Esp CCKs they are so great. Although mine never come out looking as beautiful as hers. Still tastes amazing though. I am dying for one of those onesies. I’m probably gonna go start googling for an animal onesie.
    Lindsay recently posted..It’s survey time

  30. YAY for fun weekends :) I love ummm… all food? Mexican and Thai have been my jam recently, but Indian sounds so good right now too. And I am a pancake queen, multiple times a week those babies are consumed, I am a little obsessed!I feel like it has been forever since I have commented on your amazing blog, grrrrr school is a pain!

  31. The costumes are so adorable! :D You guys totally rock haha. Thai, Indian, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines are my favorites! I wish I knew how to cook more of those types of dishes. Your pancakes always look so good! I’m more of a waffle person though because whenever I try to make pancakes they somehow don’t turn out right.
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..Violette Beauty Queen

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