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Words cannot express how totally grateful and touched I am right now! The comments, emails, Tweets amd Facebook messages about yesterday’s post just blew me away! I am so BLESSED to have such amazing and wonderful people as you friends in my life.  This is why I love blogging <3
Just after I published my post yesterday, I calmed down with another of my passions…
There’s nothing like focusing on some difficult music to take my mind off things and relax me (geek alert! Winking smile)
I felt RENEWED after that! I can never feel gloomy for long! And reading what you guys had to say made me so happy! Open-mouthed smile
And today, I spoke to my physio on the phone (I have an appointment booked for Thursday). She said from the sound of it, it is a stress SOMETHING, but it might not be a fracture! Hopefully it’s just a stress reaction or something, which is slightly less severe. She also is making sure I get a bone density test.
Anyway, as per usual, time for my What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons!!



Eats I am LOVING!

Today I’m just going to post some foodie highlights!


Baked oatmeal covered in Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter:


That was Katie’s Cinnamon Roll baked oatmeal. Deeeelicious!!


Pudding oats! I am SO HAPPY because so many people have let me know that they have tried this too and LOVED IT!! Yaaay!!


With vanilla pudding, caramel pudding, and TJ’s crunchy PB


This was the best pudding oats EVER!! DSCF1197

As before, but with half a crumbled chocolate chip oatmeal muffin on top! (The other half was eaten while the oatmeal was cooking Winking smile ) When the muffin was all stirred in it went all soft and gooey and it was AMAZING!!


I have actually become a total muffin addict! I blame Tara for this!! I was definitely purely a cookie/brownie girl before, but I love muffins too now because they make SUCH good snacks!! Perfect pre-workout fuel Smile The muffins above are Happy Herbivore’s recipe but with a few changes, like added choc chips and no sugar (VERY ripe banana!). They are SO YUMMY!!



I’ve been loving Averie’s microwave banana oat cake:


Quickest and simplest snack EVER!! And topped with crunchy almond butter Smile


As much produce as I can fit in my belly…


…interspersed with handfuls of dry roasted peanuts…DSCF1220

I’ve just discovered these and they are like CRACK to me!! Seriously addictive and SO GOOD!!


What I Worked!

I have been getting in more early workouts, which is SUCH an achievement for me! I am definitely not someone who wakes up easily at 5.30am! I was NOT keeping an eye on the time though this morning, and ended up having to get out of the gym in five minutes to be on time for classes. That means baby wipes and dry shampoo to the rescue! Smile with tongue out


Eyes shut…clearly still asleep! Smile with tongue out


I thought I’d share my elliptical workout from yesterday. It is KILLER and can be done on any cardio machine really.


Killer Elliptical Workout

The hill intervals really work your legs, and the Tabata intervals will set your lungs on fire!

  • 5 minutes warm-up
  • 5 minutes moderate resistance
  • 10 minutes hill intervals, keeping speed the same (1 minute high resistance, 1 minute easy)
  • 5 minutes Tabata intervals (20 secs ALL OUT, 10 secs easy, repeat)
  • 5 minutes cooldown


I repeated this twice for an hour elliptical workout, and then followed with weights, core and stretching.


Embarrassing moment of the day: I thought I was alone in the gym, so I was just dancing away (and I mean DANCING- hands in the air and everything!) on the elliptical in my easy minutes to some quality music…DSC03207

…but then turned around when I heard applause. Turns out a spin class had just finished and they were ALL standing watching me get my groove on and deemed it worthy of a round of applause and cheering. Wasn’t awkward at all…! Smile with tongue out


And we all know how good I look when I dance Winking smile


Do you get embarrassed easily? I don’t really. I’m kinda used to it, and so the people I’m with end up getting more embarrassed by my stupidity than I do haha!


What was the best thing you ate recently? Pudding oats with a crumbled muffin on top, definitely!!


What is your go-to thing to do when you need to calm down and chill out? Play the viola, run on Betty (wasn’t an option yesterday though! Smile with tongue out) and eat lots of chocolate. I did that too of course!


THANKS AGAIN for all the advice/love/support yesterday!! LOVE YOU ALL and I hope you have the BEST day! <3

42 Responses to WIAW and a THANK YOU!

  1. I LOVE YOU!

    And no, I’m not just using that lightly, as people often say off-the-cuff. I really do love you, like a sister (or an almost-twin hehe). And I am hoping so hard that you don’t have a stress fracture. I thought I had one once, and I definitely cried about it… ooh, but then my orthopedist was soooo cute. And he was even cuter when he gave me good news ;).

    In any case, try to think about the fact that three years from now, no matter what happens tomorrow, this won’t matter any more. *Hugs!!*

    Did I mention I love you? ;)
    Chocolate-Covered Katie recently posted..Pumpkin Nut Butter

  2. Hey Emma I was just checking on your blog again and saw this post, I am so sorry!! I know how you feel, I’m going for an MRI for a potential stress fracture in my foot this week :( let’s stay positive, we’re in this together!
    Claudia recently posted..hair

  3. Hi Emma! I just found your blog from Freya’s – you are too cute, girl! The story of the dancing on the elliptical is hilarious – something out of a movie or something :)
    I’m going to have to try Katie’s oatmeal bake. Looks yummy!

  4. The embarrassing moment you had is totally hilarious! As in really adorable :D I do get embarrassed easily though. I guess I shouldn’t really care what others think about my stupidity. I’ve been eating muffins a lot lately too! Soy yogurt plus a muffin is the best combination ever. I’ve gotta try them in oats too. Oh and I’ve tried pudding and oats as well. So good! I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling a little better today :] I hope you’re having the best day too!
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..Something New

  5. LOVE your blog!! please get better god bless

  6. Best thing I ate: the pumpkin cookies I made today! :)

    When I need to chill out, I either run, or take myself completely out of the city to relax for a while. Living right in the middle of it can just be so taxing, ya know.

    Still praying for ya’ and sending you healing vibes!
    Hannah recently posted..Two New Apps for WordPress.com

  7. way to dance it up emma!!! that’s so funny aout the spin class..i can only hope to have the audacity it takes to have such a moment in my life–between gettin up that early to have the gym seemingly to oneself and dancin it up to disney..u just rock! I definitely love smiling my face off and laughing on the elliptical, esp. Now That FRIENDS has Moved To Nick@ Nite nightly!! Do u have nick@nite in the UK?
    Thanks for links to all those great oaty, banana recipes! You are always so good at citing ur sources, i’m sure you write great papers in school! and beautiful WIAW..you slather like no other!!
    katy sparrow recently posted..Ch-ch-ch-chia!

    • Haha glad I could make you laugh with my stupidity! :P No we don’t hae nick@nite in the UK, but we can watch Friends on the e4 channel, which seriously plays about a thousand episodes a day, so I get my fix! :P

      “you slather like no other” is possibly the best compliment I’ve ever gotten!! :D

  8. I just read your post earlier today on my phone. I wanted to cry for you! I really hope it’s not as severe as a stress fracture. Otherwise you can drown yourself in muffin-y bliss because they are indeed the best, though you could drown yourself in muffin-y bliss out of happiness that it’s not a stress fracture as well.
    The other day I saw a woman getting her groove on while on the treadmill. It was absolutely hilarious and what you were doing totally reminds me of her. It’s better than falling off an elliptical — that was really embarassing!!
    Tara recently posted..Questions for you.

  9. !! Oh hun, I missed your post yesterday, but I’m so, so sorry to hear that you’re injured :( I hope that it’s not a fracture, and that you get some good news soon. Sending big hugs your way <3

    Your eats are looking delish, like always. I'm especially loving all of the pudding oats ;) And I seriously lol'd at your dancing story. The same thing happens to me all the time, especially when I'm in my car and singing/dancing to the song on the radio. Sometimes I'll look over and see people giving me funny looks, and then I just bust the moves out even more. Usually they start laughing and/or clapping, so I guess I don't get embarrassed all that easily.
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted... eating experiments .

  10. Hope you feel better soon and that it doesn’t turn out to be anything too serious :( Your energy is so inspiring to me, and I now have a serious craving for those chocolate oatmeal muffins. yum! Good luck with everything!
    Toni recently posted..4 Feet Are Better Than 2

  11. WE ALWAYS HAVE THE SAME FOOD! like i JUST got those peanuts yesterday! ima make nut butter out of them! its SO GOOD! adds a litttle TANG
    aand ima bout to have pudding and cot cheese oats!
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..Anorexia

  12. You make me craving pudding oats so bad- looks yum! Those nuts are literally like crack to me–> one handful undoubtedly turns into 50!
    Khushboo recently posted..Rain, you are dead to me!

  13. Oh how funnny about your dancing- well at least they were impressed by it! I was out running and had headphones in and didn’t hear a man coming up behind me- he did a massive sneeze and I actually screamed at him! That was embarrassing! Oh and when I shouted at a goose and a man thought I was talking to him!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Flutterby

  14. Sorry to hear you are injured, that sucks. At least you had some tasty food – I have been meaning to try Katie’s baked oatmeal for ages.
    Stacey (My Sweet Eats) recently posted..I *heart* iHerb

  15. Your meals look so delicious! I think they must really improve your mood, don´t they? :))
    Unfortuntelly I get embarrased very very easily, but I am trying to work against it :)
    Painting and playing the piano always helps me to calm down :)
    Lenna recently posted..(I am still) Lenna from the blog!

  16. I’ve tried those pudding on my oats and they are fab. So far today I’ve really enjoyed my carob and banana oats for brekkie- yum!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..WIAW…Counting the pennies!

  17. Yummy eats. I’m loving the look of the pudding oats.
    I get embarrassed sometimes, most of the time I don’t care what people think!
    Best thing I’ve eaten recently would have to be my huge ass beet salad today…I never get tired of beets :)
    Music and working out helps me chill out.
    Enjoy the rest of the week!!
    Isabelle recently posted..I Never Have To Hit The Snooze Button

  18. I love your little dance-party on the elliptical! You rock!
    Marijke recently posted..WIAW #01

  19. Glad your staying cheery petal! Best thing I’ve ate recently has to be smoothies with almond extract in them or my home made nut butter! To chill out it has to be listening to some relaxing music, and for some reason I also love to read cook books!
    Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..Re-focusing and penny pinching

  20. That is hilarious about the round of applause!! I am sure you deserved it though ;)!! Lovely eats girl! Those muffins look delish! I am definitely going to try those out! They’re so simple :) Me likey!
    kaila @ healthy helper! recently posted..Deals, Reviews, and Outfits!

  21. I bet you are so good at that too! I’m jealous-my whole family is musical and I’m just terrible and tone deaf. HA. Anywho, the best thing I have eaten lately are french toast pancakes. So good!
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Buttafly

  22. I ‘play’ keyboard when I’m stressed out, only I make a Godawful racket where as from the level of music you play I’d imagine you sound fantastic! I am not musically gifted at all.

    I would totally applaud your dance! And everything crossed your problem/injury is not a stress-fracture.


    ~Jessica~ recently posted..WIAW: Sweetness/Sadness

    • I bet you do NOT make a racket!! You are so clever and good at everything :) And thank you!!

      Jess, I can’t load your blog at all any more!! I can read it on my reader, but every time I try to load it, your blog freezes and I can’t even scroll down! Do you know if anyone else has had the same problem, or do you think it is just my computer…?


      • No, seriously, I couldn’t even pass grade 5! I love the creative, expressive side of music but once you’re past the initial grades, the mathmatical precision element of the theory and practive comes into play and I had no hope after that.

        So sorry my blog is a pain! I haven’t heard of anyone else having trouble with it, but that might be because no-one else is as lovely as you to keep trying to read it and then e-mail me about the issue. One of the blogs on my blogroll is doing the same thing at the moment for no apparrent reason (The Singing Runner). Not sure what the issue is! Yet another reason to try and go back to WordPress perhaps…


        P.S I empathise with the period problems: my bone density is shot to hell because I had a huge ovarian tumour removed and it’s not safe to put me on oestrogen or the pill, or even HRT. So I’m pretty scared about my DEXA on September 27th because I already have osteopenia…if it’s gone to osteoparosis I don’t know what I’m going to do :( Eek, sorry to bother you with that, it’s just been playing on my mind a lot…

  23. Hehe I love that your dancing got applause :D Awesome!
    Laura @ box run eat recently posted..WIAW plus lots of cute animal pictures

  24. I loveeee Katie’s baked oatmeal recipes! Sooo yummy! :) And you must have looked goodddd dancing like that! How can you not dance to that song!? I would have done it, too!
    Nikki recently posted..Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  25. Emma!!
    I love you so much, and I am so sorry about your potential stress fracture :(
    I’ve never had one, but many of my teammates have, and I know how hard it is to overcome injuries, mentally and physically. I have had little ones, but I can still sympathize.

    Anyway, your eats look as yummy as ever, YOU look as beautiful as ever, and I love the Disney music!! haha ;)
    <3 Haley

  26. Glad your feeling a bit better! :)
    Thats soo awesome that you play the violin! It’s my favorite instrument! :)

    When I need to calm down or relax I try to take a nap and when I wake up I feel a lot better. :)

  27. Haha, Emmaaaa! I love that you are dancing while working out and listening to Disney :D Zero to Hero is just the most awesome song ever! I always listen to it while cleaning my apartment- it puts me in THE mood ;)
    Im so happy that you are enjoying lovely meals! Love all the oats and chocolate! Cant go wrong with those!
    You are in my prayers (!!), and I hope you and your legs will be happy and healthy soon!
    Love you<3
    oh, and best eats today : quinoa with roasted pumpkin, avocado and lettuce- yuuum! And chocolate <3

  28. Thats such a cute outfit your wearing in the last photo.
    Dry roasted peanut are sooo yummy!!
    And I am a huge fan of muffins on oatmeal!!
    Cherie recently posted..WIAW 10#

  29. i LOVE that you got caught singing :x not that i think its good that you were embarrassed, but i always get caught doing things like that. random dancing and random singing. but its all in good fun right.

    i love the oatmeal bakes as well. i do the microwave one allll the time. so quick. so simple. so good!!
    Debbie (accidently delish) recently posted..By: Debbie

  30. Yeyy I’m so happy you’re getting it all checked/worked out! I know everything’ll be good for you.

    The story about you dancing is so funny! I get embarrassed really easy…but oh well :)
    Katie @Nutrition In A Peanut Shell recently posted..(Mostly) Wordless WIAW

  31. thanks for blogging about my microwave banana oat cakes! So happy you like them!! :)

    I am sooooo sorry to hear about your possible stress fracture. That sounds horrible and I’ve had a few in my life (h.s. due to sports injuries)

    Keep us posted on things!
    Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga recently posted..Meetup & Snacks

  32. OMG those muffins look AMAAAAZING! As does the baked oatmeal – actually it kind of resembles a flattened out muffin hahaaha – how do you make those??

    I love the dance story too! I definitely get embarassed REALLY easily – I actively avoid doing crazy things…which just really means that I have less funny stories to share lol.

    Glad you had the music to calm you down tooo! when I need some stress-relief a good hard workout ALWAYS leaves me more relaxed and in a clear-headed mindset so I can tackle whatever’s facing me. If I can’t work out, I distract myself with my schoolwork. Well, now that I’m not in school I take my dad’s copies of scientific journals like “Science” and “New England Journal of Medicine” and read the studies and take notes. Can I get a nerd high-five?? haha
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..I Just Ruined Christmas….

  33. I get embarassed eastily, but not as badly as i used to. I learned that if i dont make a big deal about, others wont either.The best thing I ate was a cinnamon raisen bagel with fat free STRAWBERRY cream cheese…YUM!!! When i need to chill i blast my favorite tunes and walk or run outside. Nothing like a good sweat to calm my nerves. I love your tips about how to leave the gym and get ready quick. I struggle with that but i dont want to give up my workouts!!
    Ashley recently posted..WIAW cellphone edition

  34. HA! I love that! Thank you for sharing. I can only imagine how you brightened every in that class’s day!

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