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Lazy Mornings and Peanut Popcorn


Recently, I have been a bit of a lazy blob in the mornings. You see, in my normal routine, it is GO GO GO from the minute my alarm squawks (it makes a parrot sound which amuses me endlessly) and everything has to run like clockwork. However, at the moment, I don’t have to do ANYTHING really until school starts again on Tuesday. So my mornings look something like this:


1. Wake up at a very late hour.DSC03054 

Or just hit the parrot alarm clock and lie in more.DSC03052


2. Drag self out of bed, make breakfast…DSC03014

Banana oatbran pudding  topped with caramel pudding, dark chocolate pudding, and drippy almond butter!


3. Settle down to eat it whilst watching the World Athletics Championships on TV for an hour or three.




I actually jumped up and squealed when we won a surprise silver in the women’s 1500, and then our first GOLD in the men’s 400m hurdles!! There was almost a oatmeal disaster with it nearly ending up on the floor, but it would have been (almost) worth it.


So inspiring to watch people achieving their dreams Smile


While watching, I made and munched on some peanut “popcorn”.


Crunchy roasted chickpeas=popcorn, right? Well I’m not sure my friends would agree, but I think they taste even BETTER Smile


Peanut “Popcorn” (inspired by Katie)

These roasted chickpeas are a high-protein, healthy and delicious snack. They are equally yummy sweet or savory, and be warned, they are very moreish!

  • 1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 4 tsp peanut flour
  • cooking spray
  • stevia/sweetener (sweet version), or salt+spices (savoury version- I like a spicy version with paprika, or one with mixed spice)

1. Heat your oven to 350F, 160C. Drain and rinse your chickpeas, and pat dry.

2. In a medium sized bowl, spray your chickpeas with some cooking spray and then add in the other ingredients and stir well until the chickpeas are fully coated.

3. Spread out onto a baking tray, and bake for around 45 mins, stirring up every 15 mins or so. Keep an eye on them towards the end to prevent burning! Let cool, and ENJOY!


I made two batches, one sweet and one savoury. My momma preferred the sweet, and I weirdly preferred the savoury! TOTALLY the opposite to normal!! But they were both SO good!! Did I mention these are addictive?



All the athletics-watching/non-stop-eating prepared me well for my second team workout!! Open-mouthed smile



I LOVE MY TEAM!! They are all so nice, and lie to me so nicely about hitting those 28’s, which I highly doubt! Smile with tongue out Today’s running face was definitely one of pure pain concentration.



Next week, the team are flying out to SPAIN to compete in the European Championships!! How awesome is THAT?! I’m hoping I can do it next year!! Open-mouthed smile I think joining this team has been probably the best part of my August. It has been an AMAZING month, and I can’t wait to see what September will bring!


What has been the highlight of your August? Joining that team was #1 and Hawaii was awesome too!


What time do you normally wake up? NORMALLY I either wake up at 5.45am to get in a morning workout before classes, or 7am if not.


Got any good Friday plans? Eating birthday cake for every meal. With a piece of fruit on the side to make it healthy Winking smile


Have a GREAT rest of the week friends!! <3

44 Responses to Lazy Mornings and Peanut Popcorn

  1. Mmmm that peanut popcorn looks delicious! I love fun snacks that can be made at home.
    Kathryn @ Flopoodle recently posted..Dessert Before Dinner

  2. I’m normally up at 5:00 to workout before work. I love the mornings :)
    Matt @ The Athlete’s Plate recently posted..Featured Blogger: Lindsay

  3. I am still so bummed that we don’t share a birthday.
    And that we live on different continents.

    P.S. Did you know I was born in England???
    P.P.S. I don’t even know how old you are! I’m going to be 25… yikes. :-?
    Chocolate-Covered Katie recently posted..Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Milkshake

  4. I have to try that peanut popcorn. Looks so good!!!!
    melany recently posted..Remember this?

  5. That looks like such a yummy high protein snack. Unfortunately my roommate is deathly allergic to both chickpeas and peanuts, so I won’t be making this any time soon. BUMMER!
    Jamie @ CollegeGirlCooking recently posted..On a lighter note

  6. Enjoy your lazy mornings before school starts! Roasted chickpeas are SO addictive – the peanut ones sounds amazing. I love Mama Pea’s pumpkin spice ones from her book.
    Lauren recently posted..My Return

  7. That team sounds so awesome! You are gonna excel so far with them Emma! :)

    I love all your pics girl!! You always make me laugh!

    And those roasted chickpeas sound incredible!!!!
    kaila @ healthy helper! recently posted..Healthy Snacks on a Budget

  8. I love your snooze button post! That’s me every morning.

    I’m excited FOR you for the running! I know you’ll be there in spain with the best next year.

    And aren’t we getting close to THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS? :D
    Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell recently posted..Hey Jealousy.

  9. um, peanut popcorn?!?! win! I get my iHerb order with peanut flour tomorrow, so excited!
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Super-Update!

  10. I love lazy mornings so long as the rest of them are busy- I appreciate them that much more!! Not sure if you have mentioned it before but what are you studying??
    Khushboo recently posted..Brown paper bag: week 3

  11. HAPPPPpPPpPYY BiRRTHDDaaaaaAaaYY Emma!!!!
    i always read your blog at the moment in my day when I need some perking up and a smile on my face! Your combination of confidence in what you love and not making life all serious is sooo inspiring!

    The highlight of my august was seeing a pod of humoback whales in alaska at the end of my fieldwork there!
    I normally wake up at 7:30 so that I can workout perhaps or not and at least have a not rushed brekkie.
    I am plannin on cuttin out of the lab early today at 3pm and tryin out an ashtanga yoga class at the student rec center!

  12. I am really happy for you that you enjoyed such a nice August. And gosh you lazy days sound so good :)
    I normally wake up before 6 a.m. and normally means the whole year for me :)
    No big Friday plans here, but girl, enjoy that birthday cake!!
    Lenna recently posted..This is a post for all my amazing, beautiful and strong readers

  13. Is it your birthday :) Happy Birthday!
    Have a lovely day! I get up at 6.50 for work, and maybe 8.30 at the weekends.
    And those chickpeas look yummy.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..The Keys and more

  14. Lol. I just imagined you winning a marathon making a crazy thumbs up sign as you crossed the finish line! :D
    That could be your signature move. :)

    Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy this special day and may the stars watch over you.

  15. I normally don’t wake up because I haven’t been to sleep! I’ll get up between 4 and 6am though, depending on how motivated I’m feeling. When I’m depressed though and can’t run I tend to hibernate until 8pm because I don’t have anything to get up for.

    Holy hell you’re fast! I’ll be watching out for YOU on the TV at next year’s Europeans. Are you sure you’re not going to flat out win that half marathon of yours?

    Loved that surprise win too! I almost had a similar accident with my coffee :P

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..WIAW: Manchester Madness

    • Oh no Jess, I really hope you get better soon!! And I can’t imagine EVER waking up at 4am haha! You are my HERO! Oh, and as I said I don’t think I was running 28′s, or anything like! I am very sure they were just saying that to be nice! It FELT like I was running 50s or something! :P And considering last year’s half winner was a Kenyan who won in a sub 1.15 time, I HIGHLY doubt that, but thank you!! It’s crazy reading these lovely compliments from YOU, because you are so much better than me!!! So it means a lot :) <3

  16. That ‘popcorn’ looks delicious! I was already planning on making up some regular popcorn for snack bags so I may have to try and see how it works with peanut flour as a coating! My August highlights include my birthday and the bloggers meet up!

  17. Lucky!!! I have to wake up at 5 to get to school. :( I really miss August cause I was free to wake up whenever the heck I felt like it. Good job on your team practice!!! I love running with my xc team and I’ve been doing it every day except friday, but today I’m looking fwd to a football game!! :)
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Stevia + SUPER CHOCOLATEY Oatmeal

  18. Well I donno about roasted chickpeas being BETTER than popcorn, but they sure are good. Have you ever tried popcorn with melted coconut oil and cinnamon and brown sugar? Swooooon so good :D

    My favorite part of August definitely had to be buying a new condo :D And my favorite part of September will probably be finally moving in. Eeeeee. And Happy Early Birthday, hun!!
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted... winner, winner; soup for dinner! .

  19. Enjoy your birthday cake, you superstar runner!!!
    Marijke recently posted..OMG [Oh my goals] September edition

  20. DEFINITELY making that peanut popcorn! That sounds great!
    sarah@spinach and spice recently posted..Breakfast Flops and Cereal Swaps

  21. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hee :D

  22. Sweet pea<3 I love the photo of you with your breakfast! Freaky and sweet ;) Hihi :D
    Yummoo, those chick peas sounds delicious!! I really think I would love them!!
    So happy for you that you are enjoying your team workouts so much!!
    Have a great weekend<3

  23. Yay! Finally someone who’s as excited for thier birthday as I am!! My family and friends have all made me promise to shut up about it, even though I now say HAPPY SEPTEMBER every time I talk to them :) I love how you eat, reading your blog makes me really crave peanut butter and chocolate pudding and fresh strawberries – not that I don’t anyway haha. Plus the chickpeas are a great idea, I’m gonna try those this weekend!
    Toni @ Not Yet A Mommy recently posted..Who Needs to Cook?

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Exactly the same times for waking… I’m trying to do lie ins at weekends just to rest my body. It’s hard breaking patterns though – your lie in today is credit to you finding / acheiving balance :)
    vivoir recently posted..When exercising within your comfort zone can be a GOOD thing!

  25. Haha you are so cute, girl! I love that your alarm makes parrot noises – that’s pretty hilarious! I had an alarm on my phone for the longest time that sounded like a rooster crowing. My college roommate HATED it so I finally changed it, haha!
    Rach recently posted..I Got a New Toy!

  26. You are so funny and cute Emma :) Can I please join you in your cake consumption for the day?!
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..Reflecting While Looking Forward

  27. Happy Birthday my dear :) I’ll be saying the a lot for the next few days – sending out your package this weekend, but it might not actually go out until tuesday due to the holiday! I get up at 6 once school starts, 5 if I want to strength train or get in a workout before school in the off season. I rarely get to sleep in though since I have to get up early for practices/races on the weekends!
    Tara recently posted..The Obligatory Goals-of-the-Month Post

    • Aah I just sent yours! YAAAAY!! :D But I was warned at the Post Office that it will probably be delayed cos there are problems with US Customs…but it will get there!!

      Oooh ouch 6am for school?! I live right near mine so I could get up at 8.15 if I wanted! :P

  28. mmmm that bowl of oats looks GOOD! So happy for you that you’re loving the team- you’re gonna look back at this time next year and be amazed at how much you’ve improved! :-D

    I’m an early bird usually – 5am to work out before class or work, 7-8am if its a weekend!
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..September Goals

  29. ummmm, hello, how could u neglect to say that it’s ur BDAY in ur post?!?!? hehe…HAPPY BDAY girl and i’m hoping u had an awesome one!!

    like i’ve said, being a runner gives us license to be lazy the rest of the day. ;) great to see that ur first team practice when great and that ur team seems to be very nice and a lot of fun! keep it up and…um…28′s are NEVER easy…i don’t have a single fast twitch muscle fiber in my BODY, i don’t think i’ve ever even ran one 28 in my life. :P
    Cait’s a Runnerchick recently posted..Some More Track Champs Talk and Snotty Dogs

  30. I’m normally up somewhere between 5am-5:30am so I can workout and partly because I don’t understand the concept of sleeping in lol!

    Happy Birthday Emma! Hope you have an awesome one :)
    Isabelle recently posted..Picking Yourself Up And Taking Off Where You Left Off From

  31. your chickpea popcorn looks great!

    i have a recipe for one with peanut flour and one without on my site. I call them “peanuts” not popcorn b/c they do turn more peanutty than airy and light.

    yours look sooo good!

  32. Ohhhhhh my gosh! Why haven’t I mixed chickpeas and peanut flour? Why oh why?

  33. I can’t find any peanut flour over here. I guess it’s time to hit up online shops :D I love the idea of peanut chickpeas though! I’m so happy you’re liking the team. I bet it’s a lot of fun :] I normally wake up at 5am to get ready, eat breakfast, and all, but today I got to wake up at 7am! It’s the weekend haha. I love Saturdays!
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..WIAW – Busy Edition

  34. [...] have been TOTALLY addicted to my peanut roasted chickpeas [...]

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