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What I….Wednesday!

It’s that time of the week again friends. Time to join Jenn’s WIAW party!!

Love. This. Party. I swear I spend half my Wednesday reading other people’s WIAWs! Smile with tongue out (In case you are new here (hi!!) I always post my What I Ate Tuesday because of those crazy time differences!)


What I Ate


I’m sure you can guess what breakfast was.


Buried under all the vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, blueberries, and crunchy PB, is banana oatmeal Smile


*Insert a morning spent watching the World Athletics Championships in PJs and eating figs dipped in almond butter*


I took a break from my exhausting morning to eat lunch:DSC02982

Leftover socca pizza (yesterday’s dinner) and cheezy scrambled tofu, with an (unpictured) broccoli bowl on the side!


Have I mentioned that I have an appetite that won’t quit? Oh yeah, I told you that in yesterday’s fun facts! Well here’s the proof in my afternoon snackage:



PB choc chip oatmeal muffin with soy yoghurt. This snack I have had FIVE times in the last two days! That is how awesome it is!!



Amy’s Split Pea soup! SO yummy!!


Found these roasted chickpeas when shopping! I got very excited cos I love roasted chickpeas!!DSC03007

They taste SO good!! I am definitely going to try to recreate these!



Pimped rice cakes x 10000. Topped with drippy PB, maple syrup and strawberry jam.


I love snacking Smile


What I Worked


MY FAVOURITE RUN!! Tempo runs are my absolute FAVOURITE because:


a) You feel like you are FLYING for a long time, unlike short intervals!

b) You feel seriously Kenyan-esque powering past every other runner/person. Until you remember the Kenyans run at like 4.30 min/miles or something equally crazy.

c) They are a great workout! And apparently the best running workout you can do for increasing speed-endurance.

d) They are FUN Smile


Anyway, today’s tempo was awesome, but my silly Garmin kept playing up:



Anyway, although I didn’t know my exact pace or distances, I know I pushed my pace for at least half an hour, and I was seriously feeling that lactic build up at the end!! FUUUN!! Open-mouthed smile



What I Am Changing!


I am in the process of giving the blog a makeover, and the first bit was completed today! Did y’all notice the new header? Thanks to those who’ve told me on Twitter or Facebook that you love it! Smile


Here’s the old look:



And here’s the new one!


I like it SO much more!! Plus it’s not as big- my last one took up about half my page! Smile with tongue out And a HUGE thanks to the wonderful Emily at The Blog Fairy for this!! She does all things blog-related, so whatever you need, she can help!


So I’m off to munch on my midnight snack now!


Apple with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, which I always eat straight from the jar. This is my current favourite (bought) nut butter!! So ADDICTIVE!!


What was the best thing you ate today/yesterday? See above for all of mine haha!


What was your last workout? Tomorrow it’s cross-training and lifting time for me!


What is your current favourite nut butter? Actually it’s cake batter cashew butter, but shop-bought, it’s definitely Justin’s! It does change pretty much weekly though! Smile with tongue out


Have an awesome Wednesday friends!! <3

51 Responses to What I….Wednesday!

  1. I’m so excited to a) have my power back and b) be able to comment on your blog since I”m home from camp!! This will be a long comment.
    Lovely and cheerful, as always. I’m also excited because I’m coming to London in less than a month!!
    Best thing I ate today was Kabocha squash with coconut milk dipping sauce and nut butter (of course)
    current favourite nut butter….I don’t think I can choose ONE.
    1. I can’t wait to try those puddings! Are they alpro?
    2. also those roasted chickpeas. I made some the other day and they were fab! I love when they get crunchy :)
    Hannah@mindrunningwild recently posted..Almost Famous

  2. Those oats look to DIE for… how exactly do you prepare your oats?

    also, I’m loving the new header…lookin good, lady!
    Karla recently posted..7 Karla-isms ;-)

  3. I love your new header!

    My current favorite nut butter is my chocolate pecan butter. Pecans are so expensive, but totally worth it for this nut butter!!
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Make it Yourself Monday- Ice Cream Cake!

  4. I ate figs dipped in almond butter yesterday!
    What an awesome combination right!?
    Actually, nut butter + any type of food = amazing.

    What exactly is ‘socca’? I had never really heard of it until I had been on your page. Is it basically a dough made of chickpea flour?

    Im loving the new header by the way! The running shoes + chocolate is so you!
    My current fave nut butter is Dark Chocolate Dreams, I just recieved it in the mail and I cant get enough!
    Cherie recently posted..Vegemite and a Survey

  5. I love the new header it looks super professional! And I’m lovin your winnie the pooh bowl, I’ve got a winnie the pooh spoon and fork :)
    Sarah Joy – Feeeding Brain and Body recently posted..Fishy Friends

  6. That new blog header is AWESOME! I love it!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..the hot seat… round two

  7. I’m joining the party early like you since I post at night and most people see my post the following day, which will be Wednesday! So you get to see the best thing I ate today when you check out my post :)
    I’m so with you on the tempo runs. Sometimes I go so hard in interval workouts that I feel like I might lose my pre run snack, but tempo runs are a little bit nicer on my tummy!
    My current favorite nut butter is going to be shipped to you this weekend. It’s quite chocolatey and delicious.
    Tara recently posted..Book Review: Kara Goucher’s Running for Women

  8. Eee! I love your new header! It looks awesome :D And all your eats. Swoooooon. I’m totally all over the oats, muffins, pimped rice cakes, and pizza. Does your appetite go the most crazy in the afternoon? Mine gets INSANE after lunch. It’s like… an hour after I finish eating, I just want to eat again, and I’m basically walking to and fro the kitchen all afternoon. I think I can give up my daily workout with all the mileage I clock just walking back and forth ;)

    • HAHA same!! It’s not so bad in the mornings, but from lunch until dinner it is crazy!! Doesn’t matter how big my lunch is, it’s always the same!! I agree, if we included our daily mileage of walking to and from the kitchen, I bet we would clock more miles than the elite runners! :P

  9. I love snacking too! I look forward to them between my meals so much!
    Question: How do you do a tempo run? LOL! I have no idea!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog recently posted..Body Lovin’

  10. Your header is so pretty!! The best thing I ate today was definitely a mini bagel covered in peanut butter. My last workout was a 10 mile bike ride around my town this evening. Every Tuesday a group of about 70 people get together for a ride. I’m obsessed with it. Anddddd my favorite nut butter is white chocolate wonderful by PB&Co.

  11. Best part of the new header= FIRE SHOES!!!!!

  12. The new header looks amazing, love it! And your eats look fab as well of course. My last workout was a seven miler today, and it felt SO long for some reason. It was just mentally tough grrrrr so frustrating. Please come be my running coach and push me, make me stronger, faster, and teach me your speedy ways, k thanks!

    • Aww don’t worry Lilly, I definitely have runs like that too!! Sometimes ones that I KNOW should be easy are just so hard mentally, but that happens so don’t worry about it! You are AMAZING and you don’t need my help in that respect!! Although I’ll gladly come to Cali anyway to meet YOU :)

  13. Good eats girl and I LOVE your new header! I will definitely be getting in touch with The Blog Fairy! Best thing I ate yesterday was a slice of the citrus oat bran cake which I made over the weekend! Last workout was this morning: a quick 5km run followed by ab work! I was so exhausted tempted to call it a day after 10 mins but so glad I sucked it up! Have a great Wednesday!
    Khushboo recently posted..Birthdays = another excuse to eat cake

  14. Your new blog header looks amazing, I´ve noticed it as soon as I opened you page.
    My last workout was plyometrics. I don´t like them, but they work :)
    Fave nut butter? SUnflower seeds-sweet almonds-cocoa butter.
    Lenna recently posted..Perfection in a (nut shell) cake form and other philosophical reflections

  15. LVOEE the new header!!love your lunch!!! AWESOME sauce run- YOU da bomb!
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..Wordless WIAW

  16. omg i love that winnie the pooh bowl! i have a pooh coffee cup. love it!

  17. Ahh, I adore the new header! Emily is indeed very talented.

    Best thing I ate yesterday? Raw ‘cheesy’ kale chips I bought at the Manchester blogger meet-up, no question. I just wish I’d nabbed six tubs of them…

    My last workout was trying to drag myself out running. Ahem.

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Struggling

  18. Great new header depicts your personality well!
    Best thing I ate today my Beet & Walnut Salad!
    Last workout was this morning’s Hill Sprints and Light Weights :)

    Awesome and delicious wiaw eats especially that bowl of oatmeal!
    Isabelle recently posted..No More Muscle Aches

  19. Amazing new header!!! It really glams up your home page!
    Marijke recently posted..Bank Holiday Weekend recap

  20. Love the new header :)
    That hazelnut butter looks amazing- I brought back a pouch with me, but I have not opened it yet!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..First run attempt

  21. I love amy’s split pea soup!! soooo good! :) love the new header too! I just love your blog, I make sure i read all the others first, and read yours last because you have such great topics to read :)

  22. I love the new header it looks fab! This mornings carob and beet smoothie was pretty epic…yum!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Notting Hill Carnival and Whole Foods Haul

  23. My fave is also the chocolate hazelnut butter, in fact I finished my jar last night so must order more!
    Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..WIAW–Bloggers go wild

  24. LOVE the new header!! I’m glad the cupcake picture survived the cut haha.

    Best thing I ate today…or yesterday I guess lol….probably my breakfast!

    Most recent workout, just 70 min hard effort on the bike and some abz work!

    and my fave nut butter….o jeez. umm. well, I’m still trying to go through the 5 jars of it that are still hangin out in my apt so I haven’t been able to try anything new for awhile, but Smart Balance Rich Roast Crunchy PB is always a staple (its the crunchy one I always go back to!) and I’ve actually found that I really like Smucker’s Natural PB – I dumped a ton of cinnamon and a little sugar into the jar to make cinnamon -sugar PB!

    BAMFFF tempo run btw!!
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Tales of My Tuesday, Second Edition!

  25. Whereeee did you get the roasted chickpeas from???
    Marijke recently posted..Bank Holiday Weekend recap

  26. Muffin-yogurt combo is the best ever, hands down. I love your groovy breakfast! It reminds me of hippies for some reason ;p. The new header rocks, and the trainers with the chocolate on to – so cute! If only all running shoes came with attached complimentory chocolate! I havn’t had a proper good workout in ages due to a nagging injury, but if walking counts with press ups then that would be it! Happy WIAW/T!! ;)
    Jennie (jenandberries) recently posted..Survey Excitement!!!

  27. I really wanna try my hand at a cheesy tofu scramble. it looks yuum!
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..My Bowl Runneth Over [with Spaghetti Squash]

  28. First time on your blog and I noticed your header right away. Love it! Chocolate hazelnut butter is like crack, I swear. Clearly I need to try pudding on oatmeal :) I did a 3 mile run this morning. Trying to work on my speed for the 5K I have coming up!

  29. I LOVE your new header!

    Best thing I ate recently was dinner at the dining hall last night – it was tons of food that I can’t afford to buy for myself & desserts I don’t keep around. Total food baby, but worthhhhh it!
    Last workout? 2.25 mile run around my neighborhood. Shorter than I planned but I had trouble gettin’ out of the door!
    Nut butter lover? TJ’s Creamy peanut is the stuff of dreams right now!
    Errign recently posted..August Recapped!

  30. Yaay I love the new header!! Very you :-)
    My last workout was a 5k + level 3 of the 30 Day Shred – perfect combination :-D
    Favourite nut butter…whilst I hardly ever have it in stock, it’s gotta be cashew butter. You can’t beat the creaminess!!

  31. Tempo runs are my favorite too. They make me feel so fast, but in reality I’m not.
    Christy recently posted..TGIW

  32. I have had those sweet chilli raosted chickpeas but found them a bit spicy for me, I did like the tomato and basil based ones though! that nut butter sounds so nice. I had my favourite goats cheese and fig relish sarnie yesterday which I really love

  33. I love the new look! It looks very awesome :] The PB choc chip oatmeal muffin with soy yogurt and oatmeal are my favorite eats of yours. They look delicious! My last workout was hiit yesterday. I’m off to get today’s done in a little bit. I’m always excited for a new workout :D Oh and my current favorite nut butter is crunchy Barney Butter. It melts perfectly and it’s the best one I’ve tried so far.
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..It’s Almost Over

  34. Emma<3 So sorry for not being able to comment on every post at the moment! I hate to use my time on this mini-computer! But I still read your post every day, and I always love them! Because I love you, you are so amazing girl!!
    And that new header? I LOVE it!! Especially your running shoes with a piece of chocolate on it ;) Totally my style ;)
    I had a rest day today, mostly because I have been to busy to get to the gym! But I took a LOVELY 90 min walk in this beautiful fall-weather! And tomorrow it is running and yoga time :D

    • Oh that’s ok girl!! It just means a lot to me knowing that you read and enjoy! :)

      Haha thank you!! Running+chocolate is definitely the way to go hehe! And your day sounds AWESOME! Enjoy your run and yoga tomorrow!! <3

  35. Pimped rice cakes are the best!!! Your new header looks fantastic too! I know I don’t get to comment on your blog much but I love reading it! :)
    Alexis recently posted..An almost real WIAW

  36. Thai sweet chilli chickpeas? Want!! I ate some amazing stuffed peppers at the blogger meetup, yummy!
    Laura @ box run eat recently posted..WIAW and Fabulous Blogger Meetup!

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