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49 Days!!


This morning I woke up and I didn’t feel like pancakes.


That blatant lie is actually painful to even THINK! I can’t remember the last Sunday when I DIDN’T feel like munching my way through some pancakes!! Note To Self: if you wake up too late and leave yourself 5 minutes to make your pancakes, they WILL turn out funky-looking…


Haha pancake fail!! But they tasted AMAZING!! They’re Katie’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough pancakes, but with peanut flour for extra yumminess and protein, and I even tried to do a Katie-style syrup drizzle! Smile with tongue out


And on the side…

It’s been at LEAST two days since I had them, which is 48 hours too long really.


After church, I headed to the gym to rock out my planned 9 miles. And rock it I did!!



While I prefer running outside 10000 times over, running is running, and it feels SO GOOD to be doing it again!! Open-mouthed smile


I’m going to pretend that it didn’t take me about 5 seconds to figure out how many fingers I needed to hold up.


You know what makes a great post-run snack?

008 (2)

A high-protein chocolate muffin and yoghurt. I made the muffins yesterday and they are seriously the best I’ve had!! Remind me to share the recipe soon!!


I continued the chocolate theme (obviously! Smile with tongue out) by making Mama Pea’s chocolate lava cakes for dessert after lunch:

003 (2)

My family LOVED them!! I also may have had two. And a half Winking smile


Lunch too was awesome!!


quinoa and giant wholewheat couscous stuffed mushrooms in nooch sauce with yellow pepper on the side


So I’m off to have my midnight snack…


I keep those 2kg of dates in my room for hunger related emergencies. Like right now.


And just so you know…find_out_Royal-Parks-Half-Marathon

…49 DAYS TILL MY HALF MARATHON!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?! Open-mouthed smile


Do you have a race coming up? Hopefully I can get in one before then too, but we’ll see what the physio says Smile


Do you have late night snacks? Sometimes I eat dinner really late (at like 9 or 10pm!!) and then I don’t usually, but otherwise YES!!


What would be your dream pancake flavour? Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough cake batter muffin top pancakes. Can someone please make me these?


Hope you’ve all had a GREAT weekend!! <3


34 Responses to 49 Days!!

  1. I’m gonna need that recipe ASAP!!! Those muffins look SO good!!! I am super jealous of your snack :)
    kaila @ healthy helper! recently posted..Picques

  2. Nice job rocking your 9 miles!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..restaurant style salsa

  3. I NEEEEEEEED that recipe!!!! :D Yum…. and congrats on the 9 miles! I walked 2 tiday. Does that count? ;)
    Lauren recently posted..Foodie Alphabet

  4. Hell to the yes for yogurt muffins! They end up extra extra moist always…and I love it.
    Look at you all excited for your race! Best of luck to you, 49 days in advance, and congratz on your 9 mile run!
    And I think the blog community should combine to make those pancakes. My dream would be…peanut butter cookie oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough with banana fosters topping and dark chocolate drizzle.
    Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell recently posted..The Blogger Etiquette

  5. OOH a half marathon! that’s my fave distance!! Do you have a time goal? If I could be training, I’d totally be working towards the Philadelphia Half in late November…who knows it might still be possible!

    AND YES TO THE LATE NIGHT SNACK! I always eat one around 10, before I go to bed! Actually I kind of have to, because I don’t eat anything except maybe a slice of toast before working out in the morning, so the snack is mypre-run fuel! :D
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Down Days

    • I DID have a sub 1.35 time goal…but I’m not sure my physio will allow that now with all the injury palava over the last few months! But hopefully!! And I’m sure you’ll be able to run it!! Keep dreaming big :)

  6. First time commenter, long time reader here :D Just wanted to say, I love your blog. You are truly such an inspirational and happy individual. And your positivity and love for life really shines through.
    Goodluck for your 1/2. I have no doubt you’ll do amazingly! Funnily enough, my first 1/2 is also on October 9th (the Melbourne 1/2 as I live in Australia).

  7. Ooh I can’t wait for the recipe! Post soon, please? I love anything high protein, and chocolate just makes it that much better!

    So great about your race, I wish I had one – but I’m no runner. I will be some day, I swear it!
    Late night snacks? definite yes. I usually can’t sleep without something to before :-)
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Vegetable Healing

  8. Wow! Nice job on the run! You just described the most magical-sounding pancakes…I need to make/find somewhere that serves them! Late night snacks are a must for me, they sort of round the night for me! Lately it’s either been an apple with peanut butter and some lindt squares or applesauce with yogurt and granola!
    Khushboo recently posted..Evolution

  9. Amazing meals, I love how everything is so chocolate-y! :)
    I eat my dinner pretty soon usually (between 5 and 5.30 am), so I am really into late night snacking :))
    Dream pancake flavour? Hmmm…cardamom-cinnamon-vanilla-banana-raisin-brazil nuts-chocolate-caramel pancake..or something like that :)
    Lenna (veganlenna) recently posted..How to get the most out of your Sunday

  10. Technically I should have had many races coming up, but sadly those ain’t happening. I’ll just have to get uber-excited about yours instead :)

    I always have a late night snack…and sometimes I don’t eat dinner till 9pm, yet have a snackaroo anyway. Hey, dinner is savoury and every day HAS to end on a sweet note.

    I still have yet to eat an American Pancake. I’m sure double mocha chocolate chip would do nicely though…or raspberry white chocolate chip. Can you see a theme going on there? I am hitting up the Sainsburies baking aisle in search of those Silver Spoon choccie chips…

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Unpictured and Unfocused

  11. I have the GNR in less than a month and I’m really hoping that the injury I picked up at the weekend will be better in good time so I can still do it! Dream pancake flavour without a doubt chocolate peanut butter :-)
    Laura Agar Wilson recently posted..Lessons

  12. oh please post the high protein muffin recipe soon. I often eat very late, as sometimes I don’t finish work until 12am and am starving when I get in. I have an emergency supply of dried apricots!!

  13. I CAN’T get enough of lava cake! I think I actually saw it on your blog a month or so ago, and since then I’ve been totally addicted, so I blame you :P And late night snacks are definitely one of life’s little necessities…
    Alex @ fightcancerwithfood recently posted..Good Intentions.

  14. I agree muffin and yogurt is the way to go with the post run snackage :) I eat my meals really late too sometimes like 9.30 or something, it’s silly when people have set times like ’6pm teatime’! I love your style of writing btw, it makes me happy reading it lol
    Jennie recently posted..Jennie at JenandBerries :)

  15. My favorite pancakes are dark chocolate+cherry. Nom.com in my belly. I don’t have any races anytime soon (at least not anymore). Not till I’m fully healed by the doctor.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..5k Open Water Swim

  16. Very nice long run!! You’re gonna rock that half marathon, obviously. My first race of the season is on September 10 – a two mile cross country race to kick off the season! Eeeee i’m really nervous but I’ll just try to rock it out.
    Tara recently posted..I am kind, smart, and important.

  17. I’vvvvvveee MISSED YOU!!! And you pancakes make amazing. As always:) and LOVE lava cakes too, I love your eats because they’re all desserty:) YUM! and I always keep a chocolate bar and bag of chocolate chips by my bed for midnight snackage..so handy;) I WANT TO RUN THAT MARATHON in london though! gah so jeal! haha but I have a race next Saturday for Cross country; it’s a 5k and at nighttime..so excited!!

  18. Dream flavor of pancakes…

    Oreo Cookies N Creme YUM
    Red Velvet *swoon*
    or Pumpkin Spice

    ahhh I want all of these right nowww
    Marissa recently posted..So, I’m Awkward

  19. heyyy congrats on your awesomesauce 9-miler!
    Which half marathon are you running? I’ve got one coming up in October and my longest training run has been 8 miles so far and it felt great!
    Marijke recently posted..Exercise

  20. those muffins look so good! recipe please!

  21. OH SHIIIITTTTTTT! ahahah i have not bene running longdistance at all this summer.. just HIIT and lifting… yeah wow gotta get mybutt into action when i get back so i can train!!.. loveee the stuffed shrrooms!
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..They Brought me a Microwave

  22. Woo! Awesome run girl! But even awesome-er stash of dates for midnight snacking ;) I keep a baggie of dried fruit (and chocolate) in my room in case of emergencies too. Never know when the munchies are gonna hit. I always snack before I go to bed because I eat dinner super early, like 6, so I’d die of hunger if I tried to make that my last meal of the day. A bowl of oats before bed knocks me out and keeps me sleeping like a baby through the whole night :D

  23. Can’t wait for the chocolate muffin recipe! It looks amazing :D I love throwing muffins in with some yogurt, so yummy. Congrats on the run! And no late snacks for me because I have my dinner pretty late. I might have to rethink that looking at your snacks haha. Dream pancake flavor would be red velvet :] Can’t wait to hear how the half marathon will go down for you! So exciting!! Good luck!
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..With a Cherry on Top

  24. First of all, I just need to tell you that how happy you are in your posts always makes my day :)

    1. No races coming up for me as I don’t really race, but I do have running club tonight!
    2. Sometimes. If I have to work a night shift at work, I usually eat dinner there and like a little munchie when I get home around 10 pm.
    3. I loveeeee pumpkin pancakes!
    Errign recently posted..The Budget Post.

  25. Your eats always look so good. I have to thank you for the idea of stuffing dates with nut butter. Oh dear I have an addiction now! Good luck with your upcoming race :)

  26. You are gonna kick butt in that half marathon, better get someone to take loads of pictures!

    I’m doing a TRI this saturday. eeek!

    And yes,Late night snacker ova here! ;)
    Megan recently posted..Take a step back and sloow down

  27. Wow looks like you ate a lot of yummy chocolate things, really jealous right now :-P
    Well done on your run! Your half marathon sounds pretty exciting, I’m sure you’ll be amazing!
    Favourite pancake flavour?
    Apple and cinnamon, delish :-)
    Sophie recently posted..A Pleasant Start To The Week

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