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Happiness with a Side of Chocolate


Guess what guys?! I RAN TODAY!!!DSC09332

Oh, and I washed my hair!! There can be miracles!! Smile with tongue out


If you don’t know, yesterday I broke my middle toe (thanks for all the lovely comments by the way friends!!) and I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to run again. BUT:



YAAAAAAY!! Open-mouthed smile


Last night, I was thinking over the broken toe thing, and I started thinking negative thoughts about why this had happened to me so soon after ‘coming back’ from injury. But I decided to put my trust in God because He has a plan, and it’s an AWESOME one!!  Also just read this from the Purpose Driven Life, which really spoke to me:

003 (2)


I was SO HAPPY after that!! But I had a MUCH BIGGER cause for celebration!!DSC084991

This is one of my best friends, and today was her LAST DAY OF REMISSION!! She is officially CANCER FREE today!! Open-mouthed smile I am so proud, and delighted and INSPIRED by her and the way she’s dealt with her leukaemia over the past 7 years. She is truly an inspiration Smile


Of course, we partied big time Winking smile And guess who brought the (vegan) cake?


Sure it’s not a birthday (yet…13 days!!!!), but any excuse for a chocolate cake is a good one! Winking smile This was Katie’s Healthier Chocolate Cake, which I slightly de-healthified with the 10 inches of chocolate buttercream hehe!


But don’t worry, I made up for it by eating plenty MORE chocolate!! You know, to prep my stomach for the chocolate overload later. Makes perfect sense…!


Breakfast: Oatmeal with chocolate pudding (my last pudding!!) and peanut butter.


Breakfast for lunch is also highly recommended…


Katie’s pizzert!! Made with banana and chocolate chips, and drizzled with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter…PERFECTION!


I did have some veggies too inbetween all that chocolate, I promise Winking smile


But I think I’m in a bit of a sugar coma right now.


A very very HAPPY sugar coma Smile


Tell me something that’s making YOU happy right now! It can be ANYTHING!


Have you ever had to overcome any medical problems? I had some sort of kidney failure when I was younger which means I now only have one kidney!


Favourite type of CAKE? Chocolate, covered in a LOT of frosting/buttercream. The ratio of frosting to cake has to be about 10:1 to be perfect for me. Can you tell I’m a frosting person? Smile with tongue out


Have an AMAZING weekend friends!! <3

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  1. So happy to hear your friend is in remission – what a relief!!

    My favorite cake of all time has to be the rainbow cake I made for my mom’s last bday, but I made a pretty bomb coconut cake last night!!
    girl in the pink recently posted..Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

  2. Oh wow, that is so awesome about your friend. It made me tear up a bit… and reminded me of how small my own problems are and how I need to remember not to treat them like huge things. I’m so glad your friend is cancer free!!! Chocolate is definitely a good way to celebrate. But with all the chocolate yumminess you had, you proably should change your post title to: chocolate with a side of happiness. After all, chocolate can never be the side dish ;).
    You are entirely too cute! Oh, and your hair is getting so long! Like Rapunzel! :) :)

  3. That’s so awesome about your friend in remission! I cannot imagine going through anything like that. Your friend is one tough girl…you too! I’m glad your toe is feeling better! And I’m pretty sure you can’t have too much chocolate when you’re injured. Comfort food at its finest :)
    Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell recently posted..Gnu Bars review

  4. Your day sounds like mine. Complete with showering and running. Twinniesss!
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Lessons from the Wounded Part 1

  5. You ran! That’s so awesome! And your friend! That’s even awesome-er :D I want all of your eats today… it was a huuuuuuuge chocolate day for me (I baked choco muffins!!) and now I’m thinking that I’m gonna have to end the night on some chocolate as well. And speaking of chocolate, it’s my favorite kind of cake as well, but I definitely agree that there has to be tonnes of frosting. To be honest, I could leave or take the cake part, but I’l fight to the death for the frosting.

  6. Congrats to your friend! That is SO awesome! My grandpa had leukemia so I know what a struggle it can be! Your friend is truly a miracle :)

    And congrats on your run too! You go girlie!
    kaila @ healthy helper! recently posted..Put the Positive Out There!

  7. Now you’ve got me craving chocolate even more! I recently tried running outdoors – and I loved it! but but it aggravates this one spot on my right foot, and I dont know what it is, which makes me really sad. I’ve never really had a ‘sport’ to call my own, and I’ve started really liking running, so I’m kind of in a slump.

    And cake? not my favorite, I’ll just take the frosting (or filling!!) please :-) unless it’s flourless chocolate cake. ohoooooo boy.
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Eating my Intuition

  8. I am NOT a frosting person weird huh? I guess that’s why I’m not really a cake person. I like muffins and cheesecake, but frosting I could do without.
    That is so great to hear about your friend. My little 4 year old cousin has tumors in his brain and it’s heartbreaking to see some of things he has to go though but he’s the stongest little kid I’ve ever met and they are shrinking, so that’s the good part.
    EEEEK awesome run :D
    Have a great weeekend!
    Megan recently posted..Take a step back and sloow down

  9. Congrats to your friend for beating cancer!!! When I was 8 years old I had a virus in my brain which I was in the hospital for. For a while the doctors thought it was a brain tumor which was really scary, but luckily it was treatable and I’m alive, thank goodness! I’m happy because I get to go to Minnesota next Friday and skip school!!!!!! :) My favorite cake is lemon with fluffy lemon icing, of course.
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Summer reading fail and Friday review

  10. such great news about your friend, and your run! my mom has skin cancer, but she is cancer free right now (we are thinking/ hoping) so I can only imagine how your friend feels!I have never really been a frosting or icing person, or a cake person actually… I always went for the ice cream and mashed the cake into it, weird but yumm!

  11. Praise God for your friend’s remission! I hope she stays in remission forever :)
    Purpose Driven Life is such an awesome book. I should re-read it, it’s been awhile. I follow Rick Warren on twitter, and he is so inspirational.

    What makes me happy right now-my daughter. she is the light of my life <3
    Medical problems to overcome-i have a food intolerance related autoimmune disease, so i have to avoid gluten,dairy,casein, and eggs.

    favorite cake-gluten, dairy, egg free chocolate. :)
    Heather/HippieChristian recently posted..Frugal Feasting

  12. Tell me something that’s making YOU happy right now! It can be ANYTHING!
    Going back to school! Eeeeeeee!

    Have you ever had to overcome any medical problems?
    Hmm… Malnutrition and anemia I’ve overcome, but I’m still dealing with osteopenia, which I will probably have to deal with my entire life.

    Favourite type of CAKE?
    Like you, I love the frosting part of cakes. However, I hate the actual puffy, CAKE part of cake, haha. That’s why my favorite type of cake is rich, creamy, and dense – Cheesecake (Tofu Cheesecake drizzled with raspberry sauce is swoon-inducing). No fluffy, empty, dough stuff for me!
    Lexi recently posted..Meating a long lost friend

  13. So glad your friend is cancer free! And glad you were able to get out a run :D

    I am excited for the beginning of the school year and having my first teaching job!
    Anna@ActiveFingers recently posted..Birthday Recap

  14. SO happy for you and your friend-cancer is awful! My friend has just been told that one of her sorrority sisters has throat cancer, they are still determining the stage but I’m praying it’s curable! On a ‘happier note’ the peanut butter, banana & choc chip pancakes I just had for breakfast has left me super content!
    Khushboo recently posted..Brown paper bag: week 1

  15. So happy for your friend! That’s great news :D
    Something that’s making me happy right now is the fact that I can go swimming today!!! YAY!
    Alexis recently posted..The schedule

  16. Congratulations to your friend and I’m so happy for you that you were able to run! I had a thyroid problem (cancer) that used to lower my energy level….I’m cancer free now! My favorite cake of all time is strawberry shortcake. That could make me happy right now, but I think what my body & mind really want is yoga this morning…..right now :)

  17. Yaaaay! Soo happy the toe is okay to run on.

    And amazing news about your friend too: she most certainly deserved a nicely chocolate-covered party :D

    Chocolate cake all the way for me too ;)

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..WIAW: Holding Back

  18. Such FANTASTIC news about your friend!!! What a superstar :D
    And congrats on running! I’m having issues with one of my toes so i might try the taping it to the next one thing.

    What I’m happy about is I got my A level results the other day and I got into uni to study medicine :D aaaand it also means I’m moving to LONDON!!! woohoo!

    Never had any serious medical problems, touch wood :)

    And believe it or not, I’m not actually a huge cake person! It’s never as good as I want it to be…but i do have a rather soft spot for lemon cake :D

    Have a fun weekend :D

  19. That’s a very good reason for a delicious looking chocolate cake! Glad to hear your friend is ok!
    Laura @ box run eat recently posted..Vegan Roast Vegetable Paella

  20. Yay for running! I was bummed to hear your hurt your toe, but I’m really glad it doesn’t seem to be slowing you down. You’re still speedy to me!
    Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers recently posted..Matter of Fact, It’s the Weekend

  21. PIZZERT!! love seeing thata!! wow that was a fast recovery! you go girl!!
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..Never thought I’d do this.. but PROGRESS PICS!

  22. Congrats to you for the run and congrats to your friend for beating cancer! That’s awesome!! :D I don’t think I’ve had any major medical problems, but I know I had anemia when I was little. All that chocolate is making me crave chocolate haha. Favorite type of cake would be fresh fruit vanilla cake. I couldn’t wait for my birthday because my mum always made me my favorite cake :D She makes the best ones seriously!
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..As of Late

  23. Yay On all fronts!!!! Lots of medical stuff for me….post coming soon about all that! And either chocolate cake with tons of frosting or carrot cake!
    Lauren recently posted..Wicked GREEN WIAW

  24. Oh girl, this is GREAT news! So glad you were able to run today and that your friend is cancer free! What a blessing! :)
    Rach recently posted..You will never walk alone…

  25. Oh emma, I was so so so scared when I saw that post. You know how my experience was… just so you know your toe may never be the same! It’s been almost three months and mine is still kinda weird and can’t bend. I’m glad you can still run! I would have cried for you if you couldn’t because you are making such a good comeback. So now we can be broken toe buddies, kay? Love youuu!
    Tara recently posted..Change of Seasons = Changes of Blog

  26. soooooo much good news for you today!!! yay! :D you deserve it!

    I actually am not a fan of chocolate cake (though yours really does look delicious!) – I’m more of a carrot cake/ hummingbird spice cake with cream cheese frosting kinda gal.

    I guess I haven’t had tooo many medical problems to overcome in my life – disordered eating and the resulting running injuries are probably just that! (female athlete triad anyone?)

    Aand something happy…I’m cooking dinner for my new roomies right now! I hope it tastes ok haha!
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Down Days

  27. You need a worse vice than running magazines!!!!
    GetSkinny GoVegan recently posted..Meat eating Tea Partiers and Republicans accepting Welfare? Why Meat Eaters have to PAY for sex.

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