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The Perfect Sunday

HEY friends!! Hope you’ve had a great weekend!! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I LOVE Sundays, for my typical Sunday Trio: Pancakes, Church, Long Run! After missing this for about a month now thanks to trips abroad, it is SO GOOD to get back to my favourite routine!


It all started with the pancakes. I should learn my lesson about waking up early enough to not have to sprint to church, which is very uncomfortable with a belly full of pancakes…


Double Chocolate Brownie Batter Pancakes. Tasted like heaven. Especially with added PB (instead of applesauce) and drizzled with maple syrup. Make. These. NOW!! I also had a PB&J sandwich on the side!


And then it was CHURCH time!! The sermon was GREAT (about making God your best friend <3 ), and thankfully the pastor is used to me eating during the sermon Winking smile



That was my pre-run fuel! My run today was SO AMAZING!!! You know those runs that you just want to go on forever? (But you know they can’t because your physio will hunt you down and use her awesome arm muscles to put you in a unbreakable headlock). It was one of those runs Smile



This was the first run I’ve had since my injury that I’ve felt like myself again when running! It was the best feeling! I just spent the hour chatting with God and smiling like a loon the whole time! Open-mouthed smile



In the afternoon, I also did my last New Rules Of Lifting For Women Stage 1 workout!


My thoughts on that and on some other stuff coming at ya tomorrow! Smile


Oh, and I tried this protein powder afterwards that I bought in Whole Foods in the States:034


It has pretty much the BEST nutritional profile I have ever seen!! 20g protein, all of your B12 and SO much iron!! Unfortunately, I tried it and gagged. It tasted like compost. No kidding on the greens! Smile with tongue out


So some GOOD eats for you from the last few days!!

Yesterday’s breakfast was pretty much the best in the WORLDOats In A Jar, with White Chocolate Wonderful!! Open-mouthed smile


I made sure to leave at LEAST 10000 servings in the jar Winking smile


I get worse every time. I think next time I’ll just skip the empty bit altogether and just stuff my oats right in there with the PB.




Sweet tater stuffed with beets, Sabra hummus and marinated tofu cubes (AMAZING combo btw, which I’ve been having non-stop in sandwiches recently!!) with more beets and mushrooms on the side.



Apple chunks dipped in my New Favourite Nut Butter!! Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut is the best EVER!! And made with real chocolate!! Sadly it’s $12 a jar…worth every penny though Smile


Pre-lifting snack:028

Warm WW pita strips double/triple/quadruple dipped in hummus and guacamole Smile


Post lifting:013

Banana Protein Oats! (1/2 cup oats, banana protein powder, banana, soy milk and lots of PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl nut butter Smile )


And my late night snack every night whilst blogging:


PB Puffins straight from the box. Cos I’m classy like that Winking smile


And Fun Fact of the Day: I have been home a week now pretty much, and I still haven’t started finished unpacking yet. Instead, I sit in my suitcase and hug my peanut butter.DSC01953

Don’t think I’m kidding (well, except for the last bit! Smile with tongue out). Will someone please come and unpack for me?! I’ll pay you in hugs and PB spoons! Smile


What was the highlight of your Sunday? Pancakes, Church, Run!!


Do you use protein powders? If so, what brand? I don’t THAT often (only usually after lifting), and usually use Spiru-tein, cos I love all the flavours!!


Fave cereal? Currently, PEANUT BUTTER PUFFINS!! They are addictive!!


Hope you all have an AWESOME week!! <3

43 Responses to The Perfect Sunday

  1. I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to unpacking. Not fun! I am happy to hear your back on track again with running. Be careful!
    Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers recently posted..Super Lazy Saturday

  2. My word, you always make me smile. How do you do that?????? How???
    No really.

    Also, to make you feel better: I have been back two weeks and my suitcase is still lying open on my floor. Two weeks. Yes, it’s sad and pathetic. #lazy!!!

  3. I now have an expensive habit… PB & Co ! The dark chocolate dreams and Bee’s Knees are SO GOOD. I have a packet of the Justin’s chocolate hazelnut that I have been saving for a special breakfast!
    Holly @ Pink Runner recently posted..Relaxing Saturday

  4. Super fun post-LOVE it :)
    I get those Zbars for my daughter all the time!
    Highlight of my Sunday-we finally found a new church here in Seattle. We’ve been looking ever since we moved here.
    I’ve never done the NROLFW program, but have heard great things about it.
    I occasionally use protein powder and when i do it’s Vitamin World brand rice protein powder. It’s been a while though.
    Fave cereal-gluten free cinnamon rice Puffins <3 Yummmmm!
    Sabra hummus is so good, eh? Ever had trader joe's edamame hummus?
    Oh man-it's hard not to eat it all in one sitting.

    HOpe you're healing well!
    Heather/HippieChristian recently posted..Baked Falafel

    • Happy to hear you found a new church!! I recently changed church and I am SO much happier now! :)

      Oooh edamame hummus?! Sounds AMAZING!! I wish they sold that here in the UK!!

      Have an AMAZING day!! <3

  5. Glad you had such a good run!!! Those runs are the best…seriously! It can’t any better than getting high on endorphins! Love that feeling!

  6. happy sunda sweet friend. I hope you had a wonderful run talking to your “best friend.” God is a great listener!

  7. You are too precious!! Your healthy lifestyle is inspirational. I absolutely love your heart for God. You put a smile on your Makers face :-)

  8. A great sermon for sure. He really is and I have an ever going conversation with him =) I was excited when I saw all the B12. Too bad it didn’t taste good! I feel you on procrastination, it took me 2 weeks to finish unpacking when I came home from college.
    Rebecca recently posted..Yard Crawlin’ and Slicing Recipes

  9. I just ate Oats with Pb&co cinnamon and raisin pb too! :) were did you get the miniature jar?? too cute!!

  10. this is the second blog i have seen pb puffins and i have such a craving for them!!! They are like little clouds of Heaven, no?!

    We would OIAJ besties because that’s exactly how i like my jars to be, too!! <3
    Kristi @ Sweet Cheeks recently posted..Armed with Trader Joe’s Goods

  11. First, I want to live your life of pancakes and running. That sounds amazing. I’m super jealz. I still find it hilarious you eat in church. It always makes me so happy to read.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Prediabetic Food Snob

  12. Those pancakes look heavenlyyyy and best peanut butter flavor right thur!
    I’ve been trying to actually enjoy protein powders, and the only one I’ve tried and loved is called Designer Whey. I wonder if you ever get used to the nastay flavor?
    Haley Q – my sole will be satisfied recently posted..While I’m waiting

  13. i love runs like that! long runs are my favorite, preferably 8 miles or more but i haven’t been able to do that in a while… partly because i get injured easily and partly because i’m paranoid that i’ll get injured :P but your runs are so fast, girl! that’s awesome!

  14. I really think I need to join the pancake sunday party… I’m seeing too many good ones around here! I’m a huge fan of protein powder, I’ve found that my body is generally happier when I eat more protein. Usually Sun Warrior, although I do really like spire-tein… but some of the flavors turn green when added to liquid!
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Changes and Blog-love

  15. haha you’re too cute – and I love the amount of PB you eat in a day!!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..return of veggie fest

  16. You can’t unpack, and I can’t start packing. Lol. I’m moving soon and I’ve barely even started… I just look around my room, stare at empty boxes, and think “nahhhhh, I’ll do it tomorrow”… and then repeat the same thing “tomorrow” ;) I’ll get it done… eventually. I use protein powder in a shake after I lift. The one I’m using right now is Proteins+ by genuine health, although sometimes I’ll use some Vega stuff too. I like them because they’re quick, easy, and tasty, but I try not to rely on them too, TOO much. Anddd I’m loving the cinnamon Puffins right now… but mixed with Kashi Honey Sunshine, and puffed wheat. Love the different tastes and textures, and love YOU girlie! Happy Sunday (or Monday by now I guess :D)
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted... an update, of sorts .

  17. You had such a productive day!! Wow. Totally putting me to shame over here (I think I read blogs and watched tv for 100 hours today). ha!
    Jayme @ Runner-n-Spice recently posted..My kind of dinner and low-key day

  18. You’re really not helping with my desire to try PB Puffins- if only they delivered internationally!
    Khushboo recently posted..Do’s & Don’ts: Restaurant Edition

  19. My unpacking usually takes such a long time that I have to start packing again :)
    The highlight of my Sunday – a good, slowly eaten breakfast and a nice weather after a long time of rain and storms :) I never use protein powders, I like to get my protein from regular food, but I have seen some interesting flavours :)
    I am acutally not much into cereals, I prefer oatmeal :)
    Lenna recently posted..Easy cheesy Sunday (lengva sūrio sekmadienis)

  20. Haha, you are too cute! Love how you are hugging that PB jar :) Anf how not empty you jar is before you make OIAJ in it. Tasty :D
    Congrats on the run- that is awesome, and so well deserved! Take good care of your health and legs, just like you are, and youll run forever :D
    Love you girl!
    Ragnhild recently posted..14.08: Week Recap

  21. I wasn’t crazy about Z-Bars when I tried them…eh, I must just be weird. Although it was Honey Graham and not chocolate chip, so that’s probably what I was missing out on.

    Huzzah for the run. Your 6-minute miles make my eyes water.

    I have to try that sweet potato/hummus combination NOW, garlicyness be darned, it looks too tasty.

    I am the odd one that does not like Spirutein…SUN WARRIOR all the way. And gluten-free munch is my favourite cereal, but it is my dream to one day try Puffins.

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Chamber of Horrors

    • Oh Choc chip Z bar is SO much better than Honey Graham flavour! Haha makes ALL the difference! :P

      Thanks! Your day-to-day 16 milers made MY eyes water ha! And much as I LOVE Sun Warrior, Spirutein definitely wins for me on the price front!

      Are Puffins gluten-free? I hope they are so you can have them! I will buy Munch next time I’m in the supermarket then :)

      P.S. I’m having trouble commenting on Blogger blogs, but I’ll keep trying!! <3

  22. Sweet potato hummus is amazing! And seriously thank you for introducing me to sabra hummus. It’s the best shop bought hummus EVER!!!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Festival Weekend

  23. yey for your run! I adore sun warrior and spirutein, they are definitely my fave protein powders but I’m also loving a strawberry flavoured hemp protein powder which is lovely in smoothies! I’m so with Jemma on the hummus too, thanks for highlighting the amazing sabra!
    Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..Vintage bargains and raw recipes

    • Strawberry hemp? That sounds SO good!! And that’s ok! I couldn’t LIVE without Sabra now! :P

      P.S. I’m having trouble commenting on your blog still (and all Blogger blogs really!) but I’ll keep trying!! <3

  24. I am SO addicted to PB Puffins I’ve contemplated not buying them anymore. They are like crack, they’re so good!

    Nice running, lady! The highlight of my Sunday was definitely running as well :)
    Kelly recently posted..18 Miles and Suburbia

  25. The pancakes look amazing! I’m so making them soon. I’m not waiting all the way until next Sunday though. They need to be on my plate sooner :D I’m so glad you had a great run! I just love those ones where you don’t feel like stopping. I got Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter squeeze packets to try out because you said it’s really good. I’m so hooked! Definitely buying a big jar. This stuff is the best! I’m the exact same way with unpacking haha. I can always do it later, right? Fav cereal’s PB Puffins for me too! They’re so addictive.
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..Eggy Business

  26. I love PB puffins!! and cinnamon toast crunch.. ;)
    Andrea C. recently posted..My weights routine

  27. I’m almost out of my white chocolate wonderful. you know what that meeaaannnsss!
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..HLS Bound… For The Party.

  28. I’m currently on a Puffins kick right now too, after just having bought my first box. WCW is amazing and I still haven’t tried the Justin’s choc hazelnut even though I’ve got a squeeze pack!

    Sunday highlights= homemade pumpkin butter, homemade pizza, a quick incline run and getting out of work!
    Errign recently posted..Nuts Online: Review.

  29. Oh my gosh girl I was right there with you and had an effortless run today! That’s why we do it, for runs like those!

    All your food looks amazing especially all of the different nut butters–quite the variety! Highlight of my Sunday-starbs with an old friend and seeing a movie! And my favorite cereal is kashi honey sunshine (i mean, with a name like that!)

  30. Those pancakes look amazing! Thanks for sharing, I am definitely bookmarking that recipe! And AWESOME JOB on your run! Glad you are feeling back that is so wonderful to hear!! yay for you!!! :-)
    Angie recently posted..The Brutality of Hills

  31. exactly the same… i pack in two seconds flat. unpacking is a whole different story- i actually now hardly take anything if i go away, simply to avoid this whole after-phase!!!
    vivoir recently posted..Want a cheap recipe that keeps you sustained, tastes great and is healthy? Read on!

  32. I made those pancakes yesterday as well. They were so yummy with banana and peanut butter. Will have to eat slower next time as they didn’t last very long at all!

  33. I will gladly unpack your bag if I’m paid with Peanut Butter ;) That sounds like an awesome Sunday! &You’re such a fast runner!! I do a 8:30 mile, I couldn’t imagine doing a 6 minute mile :)
    Brittany @ A Spoonful of Peanut Butter recently posted..Magnificent Monday

  34. so many yummy eats! Pancakes, numerous PB’s and houmous. yum!
    Ffion @ Chocolate & Raspberries recently posted..Super Sweet Sunday

  35. seriously, ever one of your posts makes me smile! you are one of my most favorite people (sorry if that is creeper-ish ;) ) Even tho I only “Know” ya through the internet, your passion for running, good food, and life just shines through on your blog girlie!

  36. Your blog makes me smile every time. loved this post – you are going on my blogroll right now !
    Luna Bites Blog recently posted..Day at the fair.

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