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What I…Wednesday: Hawaii Edition!

Happy Wednesday friends!! Unless you’re reading this on Tuesday because of the crazy time differences, in which case Happy Tuesday! Smile with tongue out If you are new to the bloggie (hello!), then you should know that every Wednesday I join with the gorgeous Jenn and a ton of other bloggers for this WIAW party!



What I Ate

More delicious fresh fruit than I have ever had before in my life:


The pineapple was HEAVEN! NOTHING beats fresh Hawaiian pineapple!!DSC02889

Acai bowls at breakfast:DSC02837

There were many MANY servings of sweet potato fries had…


California Pizza Kitchen became my new home:


Roasted vegetable salad, with extra avocado Smile


White bean hummus with honey whole-wheat pizza-pitta bread, and guacamole with tortilla chips. Best guac in the WORLD, no joke!! I would eat that by the BUCKETLOAD, seriously!!



Dark chocolate Coconut Bliss ice cream! The best ice-cream EVER, and that includes non-vegan!! I may have gone back and bought another straight away Winking smile


One thing I really LOVED about Hawaii (especially Big Island!) was how fresh and healthy the food was, and how many local health stores there were! They provided me with some great on-the-go lunches:DSC02761

That sandwich was so huge I actually had trouble biting into it! And I have a big mouth Smile with tongue outDSC02762

The Cheesecake Factory was also visited a lot! I LOVED the servers there- they were SO friendly and chatty!! I didn’t love the fact that their portion sizes were too massive (for me, that’s saying something! Smile with tongue out) and that they didn’t have a non-dairy cheesecake, which is just craziness in my opinion. But the food WAS good though:DSC02879

Sweetcorn Tamale Thingies (their official name of course Winking smile), with guacamole, avocado and salsa verde. SO good!! A huge bowl of pasta followed. It was like a mountain. But it tasted awesome!! Sadly my camera battery died at that point, so you’ll just have to believe me about the Pasta Mountain Smile


There was a trip to Menchie’s froyo, where they had non-dairy options!!!!! Open-mouthed smile


I am definitely a toppings girl. My bowl was probably 80% toppings! Smile with tongue out Toppings were banana, kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, crushed Oreo cookie and tons of carob chips. HEAVEN!


And my first ever proper Peanut Butter cookie!


I love self-serve because then you can choose the biggest one Smile


What I Worked

Run, Weights, Repeat!


I am sloooowly getting back my running mileage!! I am having to work my way back really slowly to avoid bringing back the lurking shin splints, so I’m taking it slow! I’m also having to do 90% of my running on the treadmill, which I was sad about at first, cos I so so badly wanted to run outside properly in Hawaii, but reminded myself that I am grateful to be running at all!! I had a couple of lovely evening beach runs, since running on the beach is totally ok, and it was SO beautiful!


San Fran and Hawaii 367

I also had one very VERY hot run!!


I am also making HUGE gains on the weights front!


That is what I LOVE about lifting- you get stronger so quickly! I can lift double what I could at the start of the program in some areas! Open-mouthed smile


What I Bought

All these nut butters…DSC02822

…and all these bars…DSC02824

I wish! Smile with tongue out Here’s a few of my buys…




…and that was just the first day!! Smile with tongue out


Sorry for another LONG post!! I promise I’ll be back to normal length soon once I finish making up for all the missed posts recently haha!!


What was the best thing you’ve eaten recently? I am addicted to the Peanut Butter Puffins I brought back. They are SO GOOD!!


Do you strength train? Do you take classes/do your own thing/follow a program? I’m following the New Rules Of Lifting For Women program, and I think the results are amazing!! I also sometimes take BodyPump classes, but less frequently now I do NROLFW.


What is your current favourite nut butter? Right at this second, it’s Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter. To DIE for!


Be happy and SMILE friends!! <3


P.S. Please keep the London riots in your thoughts and prayers! It’s happening in my town now and I’m worried lives will be lost soon if things get any worse!

56 Responses to What I…Wednesday: Hawaii Edition!

  1. YESSSS ive been lifting and i love it!! although im having trouble with the whole gaining muscle thing.. thre is SO SMuch information out there and idk how much i shud be eating to gain muscle.. SO confusing.
    but yess LOVE THOSE EATS!!
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..Double Trouble: Diabetes and an Eating Disorder

    • Aaah don’t worry about it! As Meg @ Sunshine+Spice always says, you’re not gonna see results in a week or two! It takes a LONG time to see amazing results, but just noticing the small differences and strength increases is pretty awesome anyway, so don’t get down! :) <3

  2. Your eats look so good – I’m jealous!!

    Best thing I’ve eaten – avocado chocolate pudding!

    I do strength train – I usually do my own thing!

    Classic pb is still my fav nut butter!

  3. AHhh I would KILL for some fresh Hawaiian fruit! Those are definitely some gooood eats. And you just reminded me that I need to go out and buy another box of those Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss bars. Those things are to DIE for, and I wanna load up while summer is still hot, and I don’t have to feel like an icicle while eating them lol.

    Lifting is AMAZING. I’m almost through Stage 2 in NROLFW and I’m definitely noticing myself getting stronger. And kinda, sorta not-so-secretly love how crazy it makes my appetite. Speaking of which, best thing I ate lately was homemade chocolate chip banana bread. Swoooon.

  4. Wow wow wow!! So many mind blowing pictures!! The sweet tater fries and tofu sandwich look SO good

  5. well………..where’s the spam and rice?? jk! what about kombucha?

    • Haha!! I did actually have a LOT of rice, but no spam! :P And I HAD KOMBUCHA!! Darn I forgot to put the photo up!! I had grape and cranberry flavours, and at first I wasn’t sure about it, but it really grew on me and I LOVED it after a while!! SO good!! If only they weren’t so expensive then I would have one DAILY :)

  6. ALLLLLL these pics are making me so 1. hungry & 2. smiley.

    YAYY for nut buttah stashes!!

  7. I just started getting back into strength training. Twinnies! I’m glad you are taking your milage slow and not getting in anymore pain. I miss reading your DM’s bahhh.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Social Media Whore.

  8. This is like everything I love in a post! and holy bar collection… I can’t wait to get back to school and start a new bar and nut butter stash! for now i’m not buying too many because I’ll only be home for another 2 or so weeks.
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Update Time

  9. ahhh SAH-WOON! <3 everything looks amazeballs!
    Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons recently posted..WIAW #29 [holy cow it's almost 30!]

  10. Oh man, you make me miss Hawaii so much!! I love your descriptions of all the eating out foods. Made me laugh for reals. :-D

    Glad you loved the trip!
    Karla recently posted..WIAW + Summer Squash Recipe #1

  11. Good call on all those nut butters! I go crazy when I’m in Whole Foods. I NEED that chocolate hazelnut butter!
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Marathon Weight Gain

  12. Wow, that sandwich does look huge (and delicious)! Great looking eats!

  13. OH, pretty breakfast!!! And all the fresh produce, love it! As well as all those nut butters, seems like being in heaven :) Imagine buying all those nut butter jars – it would be the best collection ever! Who needs to collect art and such?! :))
    I love strength training. I used to do only cardio, but since I added strength workouts, my body looks much better, I have a lot more energy and I feel great :)
    Lenna recently posted..Every(7)thing(s) You Always Wanted to Know About Lenna (But Were Afraid to Ask)

  14. These eats looks fantastic Emma! Fresh fruit is so good, and I miss Coconut bliss so much! In Norway we only have this not-so-good soy ice cream :(
    iiik, I want all those nutbutters! I just recived a pick-it-up note from the post office today, and I have a feeling Ill get a new jar of cashew nut butter :D Miah, cant wait!
    The sistuation in UK is so sad! Im keeping you in my thoughts and prays!
    <3 Love you
    Ragnhild recently posted..09.08: Ralaxing

    • Thanks Ragnhild!! That means a lot :)

      And YUM I love cashew butter!! You’ve just reminded me that I’m all out…I think I need to rectify that tomorrow ;)

      ENJOY your cashew butter and your day friend!! <3

  15. So many good eats to comment on, I dont even know where to start!! I am surprised cheesecake factory didn’t have a vegan cheesecake option- everywhere in the States seems to be accomodating!
    Khushboo recently posted..Finding ‘The One’

  16. I can imagine how fresh the produce was, yum! UK fruit will taste dull in comparison now. Everything you posted looks delicious, the sandwich looks AMAZING! May have to try and recreate that myself!
    Leigh recently posted..Blooking

  17. wow such awesome eats, I love pineapple. lucky you getting all those nut butters!! My favourite nut butter is cashew butter!

  18. Yummy! Good eats girl! I’m glad you finally got a proper pb cookie. :)
    Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers recently posted..WIAW: Normal Edition

  19. Dark chocolate Coconut Bliss .. oh god, sounds too good to be true.
    So jealous of all them nut butters~
    Cherie recently posted..I hate fire alarms + Vlog

  20. Mmm everything looks delicious!!!
    Let’s see.. I do indeed strength train. I was on vacation without a gym for the past four days. I ran and did body weight stuff – but can’t wait to get back into weighted exercies.

    Favorite nut butter.. NO WAY I can pick one. I will give it a tie to Sunflower Seed Butter and Almond Butter!!
    Cait @ Beyond Bananas recently posted..What I Ate in Rhode Island

  21. LOVE fresh fruit & Coconut Bliss & Snackimals! Yum. So much good food.

    My favoritest nut butter ever is TJ’s crunchy salted :) I die. I have a little packet of Justin’s choco hazelnut though that I need to try out!
    Errign recently posted..Weights & Nibbles.

  22. Oh my that Hawaiian fruit looks absolutely perfect! So much good food you have here :D
    Menchies- so jealous of your life, the closest one to me is about 400 miles away haha
    Can’t blame you for being addicted to those Puffins- they are rather magical :)
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..WIAW- Fear Foods Edition

  23. Running 3 miles in 100 degree heat! Girl, I admire you for that! I loved your last mile pace :) I would be running like that too! If I could run that fast…

    I would strength train with the program in the NROWLFW if I had access to a gym. But I create my own program for right now that I am able to do at home. You have to get creative sometimes :)

    Your munchies in Hawaii looked delightful! Isn’t their pineapple the best?!
    Maxwell@FreedomRunning recently posted..Tubing Tuesday

  24. So jealous of your trip to Hawaii!! All of the food looks amazinggggg and now I want to go out and buy lots of nutbutters! Peanut Butter Puffins are amazing. I also get people to eat them and then tell them all the good nutritional stuff about them and no one believes me!
    Jenn recently posted..Book Nerd ~Jenn

  25. We will be thinking of/praying for you guys! Looks like you had a fantastic trip!

  26. I just went to Maui earlier this summer. Hawaii is amazing! I want to live there now! Lovely pics!

    p.s I’m a new reader and new blogger! Hope you can check out my site :)

  27. Oh man, fresh pineapple is AMAZING! I had some when I was in the Dominican Republic and it was delicious! Best EVER!

    Hmmm current nut butter obsession? Well I LOVE Justin’s but Dark Chocolate Dreams from PB&co was on sale this week, so that’s what I’ve been enjoying!

  28. So many delicious eats!! I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. We have family who have an organic farm out there and I would love to go stay with them and eat the farm fresh deliciousness! Oh and CPK = love, especially the roasted vegetable salad. Oh and I’m totally a toppings girl too. I think you should have gotten that pb cookies and crumbled into your creation!!
    Ah I miss NROLFW! I’ve been going away so much so lifting has been sporadic, and now i have another running camp and cross country season starts so I have to slow it down. Booo!
    Tara recently posted..Bootylicious Round 2!

  29. YUM to everything you ate! Did you check with the Cheesecake Factory about their pasta? Back when I was vegan, I remember hearing that their pasta is made with egg. Not sure, though.

    That tofu sandwich looks amazing! And Coconut Bliss = HEAVEN.

    I love strength training. My upper body is actually sore this morning from a session I did yesterday. I finished Stage 1 of NROLFW a while ago, and found it pretty easy. I haven’t given Stage 2 a try yet, because I pretty much do my own thing in the weight room. My fiance is a brutal personal trainer, and I’m certified too! So I think I’m covered! Athough, I’m really excited that my gym is starting BodyPump next month!

    Weight lifting is great, but I still love my sweaty cardio sessions the most. Hello, spin class! :)

    • Yep I checked! Some of their dishes are with egg pasta, and some without! CONFUSING huh?! And YAY your gym is starting Pump? It is SO fun- you will love it!! :D

      Oh, and I’m so with you on spin! SO awesome!!

  30. You’re making me miss Hawaii so much girl!! Especially the pineapple! :P

    Were you on Oahu? If so, did you go to Kailua? They have this amazing health food store where you can order sandwiches and wraps and they are AMAZING!! I got a “chicken” melt one day (I think it’s vegan without the cheese), and I got this incredible tofu wrap – I’ve been dreaming about it ever since ;) And did you try purple sweet potatoes?! BEST sweet taters EVER!! :D

    Glad you had such an incredible time girlie!

    <3 <3

  31. The fresh pineapple looks so good! And the sweet potato fries, the sandwich, PB cookies. Everything looks amazing :D Congrats on the run and the weight lifting! I’m training with the NROLFW too. I’m lifting more than what I started out with as well. It’s so cool to feel stronger haha. I have the TJ’s crunchy almond butter in the fridge right now. It’s almost gone though! I was looking at the chocolate hazelnut butter yesterday, but I decided not to get it. You’re giving me second thoughts about it :D I’ll make sure to pick it up next time.
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..Rest, Relax, Recover

  32. That pineapple looks so lush! I’m also super jealous of all the stuff that you’ve brought back – I need to get over to the US asap.

  33. Prayers for you + your family in London <3 Hope things get better.

  34. I clearly need to move to Hawaii!!
    Laura @ box run eat recently posted..Tire Flip

  35. Aahaheheh did you get the chocolate almond crunch Clif? Hands down best flavour!
    And SNACKIMALS!!!!! OMG I love them so much. Darn yoiu had some good food :-)
    Best thing I’ve eaten….hmm…the Chocolate Almond Crunch Clif, oorrr a mocha flavour Gu!
    Freya recently posted..”When I Grow Up

  36. Wow! All that food looks crazy good, i so want to go live in Hawaii now!
    Really excited for you getting all those lovely bars and nut butters too, hope you enjoy them :)
    Sarah recently posted..WIAW4 and quick riot recap

  37. mmm, all that fruit looks divine. i love strength training and body pump! so fun :)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith (giveaway today!)

  38. Hope you’re keeping safe gorgeous! I’ve been thinking of you and Carrie loads every time something comes up on the news about London :(

    Ooh, those nut butters. I’d be in heaven. Poor Skippy Natural has been knocked off the top of my list by Sunbutter natural, which I finally got to try. A 454g jar lasted…2.5 days. Oh yes. So much for making it last!

    I’ve been thinking about moving away from Body Pump into ‘proper’ high weights/low reps but to be honest I just don’t know where to begin, even with plans such as the New Rules one!

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..WIAW: Something Fishy

    • Thanks Jjess!! Yes I am, and I hope it doesn’t spread up to where you are!!

      SUNBUTTER IS SO SO GOOD!! I am so with you there!! I bought one when I was on holiday and I finished it there too! :P So I totally understand haha!

      Yaaay! Much as I love BodyPump (not this release so much though!), I’ve seen much better and faster results with New Rules! I would suggest getting the New Rules book if you haven’t already then! It explains everything and provides 6 months worth of progressive workouts that are suitable for beginners AND experienced people like yourself :) <3

  39. Ohh yeah that tofu sammy looks yummy! :) & the coconut bliss, my fave!

    whitney recently posted..Market Recap Monday (week 11)

  40. I love strength training, nothing better than seeing your muscles grow :) Great eats girl!
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..[WIAW] Fashionably Late

  41. So glad with the purchases you made! And so glad you got some chocolate hazelnut butter! My new favorite is justins honey almond butter. The chocolate almond cliff bar you bought (the orange wrapper) is also my favorite bar. I’ve never had the pb cups, but Ill keep an eye out for that chocolate chip bar. Looks like you had such a fun trip.

  42. Looks like you enjoyed some mighty good food on your trip! Loving all the bars you brought back!

  43. All your eats look fantastic. I adore acai bowls, but around here they’re crazy expensive. Your bar selection looks great-it looks like a rainbow almost :)

    • You can get acai bowls here?! I didn’t know that!! Haha it was pretty expensive there too! About £5! Definitely more than I usually spend on breakfast! :P

      • There’s a place not far from my house that actually owns an acai berry farm and gets them from there :) They’re bowls range from $6.50-$10 (not sure how much that is in Euros). Its a rare treat for sure!

  44. luna protein aren’t vegan! :( tofu sandwich looks soooooo good. ob.SESSED with white chocolate wonderful <3 lasted 3 1/2 days :)

  45. [...] Hawaii part of my trip! If you want to see what I ate when I was in Hawaii, you can check out my WIAW Hawaii edition post. I loved all the food I had [...]

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