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Things you should know about me (travel edition)

HEY guys!! I’m back from tour, and I missed you all SO much!! Thanks for all the love- I appreciate every comment/Tweet/email SO much!! I had an amazing time! Oh, and the lack of postage was because I am a technical idiot, and somehow managed to mess up my scheduling thing, so most of my posts didn’t post! I’ve no idea what I did wrong, but at least now I have a ton of posts that I can randomly post whenever! Smile with tongue out


You guys probably know me pretty well by now. I basically share most of my life/weird habits on the blog. But here are a few more things about me you should know (tour+travel edition!)


I try to sneak liquids in my hand luggage through customs hoping that they’ll turn a blind eye to me because I don’t look like a terrorist.DSC02521

My peanut butter and puddings were confiscated. No amount of “I’ll let you have a pudding if you let me keep the rest” would persuade Heartless Security Man otherwise. This made me very sad on the plane.DSC02542

What a lovely sad face. And what delightful Plane Hair.


Thankfully I had more peanut butter in my suitcase, or that would’ve been a DISASTER!! And guess what I found in the local supermarket?DSC02155


EXPENSIVE but so darn worth it Smile


I am officially in love with rompers. They are the comfiest thing EVER.285165_2254907056306_1357227372_2640262_2756896_n


I love a good photo opportunity, and I don’t care if other people don’t want to be in it- they have no choice.285575_2254869575369_1357227372_2640151_3413326_n


I have a natural homing instinct where chocolate is concerned. No matter where I am, I can always find it.



I try to avoid having photos with my smaller friends for this reason:216944_2255047539818_1357227372_2640484_5259356_n

Awkward height differences.


I will pose anywhere, apparently even on top of wheelie bins.267215_10150728004910007_748905006_19445877_2198874_n


I firmly believe that funfairs are for people of all ages. I take Chairplanes very seriously.253909_10150727981435007_748905006_19445526_1520291_n

I dragged my friends to a funfair in Helsinki, and went on Chairplanes four times. Gotta love the five-year-old next to me.


I love hot tubs more than life itself.254662_2255009058856_1357227372_2640388_728426_n3

There was one in the hotel, and basically I lived there.


I am campaigning that the fun cars on the front of shopping trolleys should be made to fit people of all sizes, not just children.250310_2254995338513_1357227372_2640351_7052959_n

I am also campaigning for them to bring these to England. They are too cool, and clearly so am I.


Any memorable customs experiences? I got a frisking last tour for joking that there was a gun in my viola case. Fun times.


How tall are you? I actually don’t know, but pretty tall!!


Catch me up with YOU! What are the best/worst things that have happened to you this week?


Back with a proper post tomorrow, with a recap of my tour and of today Smile




P.S. Check out my post for Fitness Magazine! I was asked to be their Fit Blogger We Love this time, and it’s SUCH an honor! THANK YOU to whoever nominated me!!

33 Responses to Things you should know about me (travel edition)

  1. Haaaa i have been randomly picked to be frisked SO many times!!!! It’s so funny, becuase i feel like I’m pretty dang innocent looking! Oh well :P Love all the random things about you, and glad you had an extra tub of PB

  2. I am so happy you are back! MISSED YOU! and your last Q&A post was fabulous, love your healthy outlook on things, you are a rockstar! And you are to funny girl, lookin gorgeous in all your pics as usual, glad it was a great time and you didn’t have to go pudding-less:) I used to be super tiny until I was like 16 then grew 8 inches in a year and now I’m 5’7″. Congrats of Fitness Mag, you deserve it!!!

  3. I’m so happy that you’re back! I missed your smiley and adorable self! That sucks about the nut butter and pudding, though… I would have cried… so I always stash mine in my bigger suitcase :D At least you found some in the stores, though… I don’t think I could last a day without pudding. Grr. Airport security is the worst. I got frisked last year. Full pat down and everything. They said they just “randomly pick people” and I was lucky enough to be singled out. Maybe it was because I’m so tall? I’m 5’9, so I definitely feel you about posing with shorter friends. And that’s SO cool about writing for Fitness! You deserve it girlie :D
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted... this or that .

  4. Welcome back!
    I just spent the past week in Cali, eating some AMAZING fresh food! Otherwise nothing too exciting. Airports included!
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Fitness in Lists

  5. YAY I’m glad you’re back :)

    Best thing that has happened to me was probably yesterday. I went to a free concert downtown and had a blast.

    Worst thing was probably my crazy stomach problems I experienced on my 8th day of being vegan. it was SO WEIRD and I kind of felt like dying haha… did that ever happen to you when you first became vegan?
    Nicole @sugarcoatedsisters recently posted..For Susan

    • Aww thanks! I LOVE concerts- you’re so lucky!!

      No, I don’t think so! Did you try anything new? Or maybe you ate too much fibre or maybe you’re intolerant to something? When I went vegan I found out I was mildly intolerant to soy. I can have it in small amounts but not lots of it, because that gave me bad stomach cramps. Anyway, I hope you work out what it is! :)

  6. I have gotten my pb confiscated!! My issues with customs always happens with food… I always bring a ton.

    I have to agree with you on the rompers and the chocolate skills. I always find my way to the chocolate aisle, and from there I find myself at the cash register.

    catching up: I’m going to cross country camp tomorrow!! i’ve missed you and now I’m leaving! Boohoo!!
    Tara recently posted..The Human Machine

  7. I am so happy that you are back! Yay! I have missed stalking, er, reading your blog :P How tall am I? A creepy 5’7 1/2. I am all specific about my height because there is a competition because my sisters for who can reach the most awkward height. Currently, I am winning! :)

  8. My PB got confiscated, too :(

    LOVE the romper–you pull it off!!

  9. I missed ya so much emma!!! Congrats on that fitness magazine thing! HOW AWESOME!!!
    I always get randomly checked at the airport too! In china the customs agents stopped me for a half hour saying I didn’t look like mt passport pic! CRAZY!
    kaila @ healthy helper! recently posted..A Little Birdie Told Me…

  10. That´s great you are back! I am looking forward to reading your lovely posts again :)
    Those pictures are all amazing, you look very pretty and relaxed in them – well, except for the airport picture :)) I am really sad for your jar of nut butter to be confiscated – bad airport people! :)
    That is awesome you are featured on the Fitness mag – you deserve it!
    Lenna recently posted..Lenna in a box

  11. i bet the guy who took your PB is eating PB on toast right about…..now…….welcome back!
    emma recently posted..Market Monday

  12. I always get frisked or my bag gets searched … I think that I must look suspicious!
    It is so sad about the PB and puddings :-( That story broke my heart!
    Sarah (everydaysapicnic) recently posted..The Power of the Smoothie

  13. How exciting for you to be in the magazine :)
    I hate getting the pat downs at the airport as they are always a little bit too handsy for me! I don’t like it! I did have my shoes x-rayed once!
    And I am super short- 5f2, so you would tower over me for sure!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Rude Health Oaty Thins!

  14. Aw, Its so good to have you back! I have been missing your posts, smile, good mood and nut butters! Cant wait to hear all about your tour!
    “I’ll let you have a pudding if you let me keep the rest”- Love that :D Cant believe that he passed on the pudding :O
    I love your curly plane hair!! You always look stunning!

    Ive had a good time lately :D Ive been challenging myself and my fear for food! And just the other day, I ate lentils for the first time in like forever :D
    I also was in my friends wedding last weekend- amazing!

    A not so good thing, or a horrible thing to be honest, is the terror attack we had in Norway yesterday! Its aweful, and over 90 people are killed. Mostly kids- which is even worse! :(((

    Welcome home sweetie <3
    Ragnhild recently posted..22.07

    • Aww thank you!! You say the SWEETEST things as always, and I’m so happy you’re challenging your fear foods! It isn’t easy but it is SO worth it :)

      I am so sorry about whats happening! I was watching it on the news this morning and thinking of you! Glad you’re ok though <3

  15. Welcome back girly! :)
    That would definitely make me want to cry, PB & Co nut butter?! that stuff is expensive!
    One time going through customs a sniffer dog took more time at my bag than anyone elses, so they had to do a search! I was so embarassed!!
    I’m 5′ 7″, not very tall but I think a bit above average. I always feel like a GIANT when I’m posing with shorter people…makes it worse that most of my best friends are short!

  16. MISSED you LOVE! Glad you had fun, which I knew you would!

    Sucks about the PB and pudding being taken, but yeah , make sure you always keep it in your checked bag from now on!

    Congrats on the fitness feature!! Awesome girl!!

    Happy Weekend !!! xoxoxo <3
    katie recently posted..Random { 5 }

  17. Yayy happy you are back and it looks like a fab trip! So many adorable outfits!!!
    Keri recently posted..Getting Younger?

  18. Haha, you took your PB on the plane (or at least tried to)!? That is so classic :D
    I’m 5ft9 and not very proud…weird customs experiences – having to go in some full body scan thing – that was weird. And best things this week have been TWO trips to South Ken Whole Foods! Worst = a crap job interview!
    Nice to have you back :)
    Freya recently posted..In Reply

  19. MY PB GOT CONFISCATED TOO ONCE@!!! i was so pissed!!! i was ready to eat it in front of them just to prove it had NOT BEEN TAMPERED WITH!!
    looks like a blast!!
    im 5’4 ish!! a wee bit under but i round up!
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..Vegaaa!!

  20. Yay you’re back. Awkward height differences? So true. I’ll need to stand on a chair to take a picture with you. I’m 5 feet tall only… its in the genes! :D

    Hey, do you like plane food? Was the vegan meal good? Juuussst wondering… (Sorry I just love plane food!… or the height that comes with it anyway)
    Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking recently posted..Guilt-free Tangzhong Choco-Cinnamon buns (with vegan option)

  21. Back when liquids on planes first became an issue, airport security was even taking semi-solids (like make up). I had my only lip balm confiscated and did not feel right until I could buy more once I got to my destination.
    Zo recently posted..total cheesefest

  22. 1. Customs coming in and out of Asia are always my least favorite as far as my experiences – they take foreeeevvver and they don’t speak any English.
    2. I’m 5 foot 1 inches. Shortie!
    3. Best thing this week? Started work & ran 4 miles outside today (that’s my distance pdr for Asheville…blahhh)
    Worst thing? Started work, haha.
    Errign recently posted..Things I’m Loving Today

  23. Looks like you had a great time! The last time I visited NYC we flew into Newark and at passport control they took us off to this little waiting area for an hour, took my hubbys passport and didn’t tell us what was going on then just sent us on our way! Scary experience!
    Laura Agar Wilson recently posted..Feeling Raw!

  24. noooooooo never joke! it is a well known fact that customs officials don’t do ‘humour’… probably just as well given that i quite prefer the safe-not-sorry approach to relying on wings to keep me in the air! also got frisked at gatwick recently… not fun at any time, esp. pre-6am!
    vivoir recently posted..Music, Muscles and Munch

  25. I can’t believe they counted peanut butter as a liquid – what’s all that about?? And even if it was, they should have realised no one would waste pb by using it for anything other than eating!
    Glad you had a good time :-)
    Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse recently posted..Better late than never!

  26. oh wow that is so cool that you are in Fitness mag! You rock girl!!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. xoox
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..My Fridge Staples

  27. Ha I don’t have any good customs stories sadly because I was just a wee girl when I went through. Well under year 7 and going into 6th grade.

    I’m 5’7 so I’m pretty much pretty tall. HA. So sad they took your peanut butter too. I have been able to sneak liquids in a few times but not very often. I normally get frisked in normal airports because of my nalgene. Go figure.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..My Life Just Continues to Get Stranger

  28. awww i love this post, you look so adorable and not to mention your smiley face just tells me how much fun you are having :D
    Gosh customs are so horrible right, I havent ever had anything confiscated just because I dont bother even trying, its always the same answer with them. NO. :(
    I did walk through the detectors once though and as I walked through i said to the officer gosh i get so nervous walking through these things, thinking i was being nice and friendly with my small talk. Oh no the officer just glared at me and proceeded to get his hand detector on me. Opps now i dont utter a sound.
    I’m fairly tall, Im 5foot 7 inches I wish I was slightly taller though haha
    Love Jess xx

  29. Welcome back! I’m 5’3 so I’m pretty short. If we ever get our picture taken together, be sure to bring a box to make up the difference :)
    Ffion @ Chocolate & Raspberries recently posted..TILT: Things I Love Thursday

  30. Damn those peanut butter police!!!! Glad you made up for it and found some chocolate along the way :)
    Page recently posted..The Best Day of My Life: Our Wedding

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