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Q&A Round 2!

HEY friends!! I’m not actually here right now, so I’ve posted this ahead! I’m in Finland on a music tour, and I’ll be back on the 22nd. In the meantime, a Q+A post for you!!


1. Do you have certain meals and snacks that you have everyday?

Actually no! I have oatmeal most days, but not usually at the weekend. I LOVE diet variety so I might have the same meal/snack for a bit, but I love finding new foodie obsessions!


2. About how many calories do you eat in a day? Do you alter the number if you’re taking a rest day?

Here’s the truthful answer: I have no idea. I used to count every calorie, but now I don’t count a single one, or even keep track ‘vaguely’, so I genuinely have no idea! However I would shoot for 2500+ calories a day. And that is no different on rest days! On rest days your body helps repair your muscles, and so needs those calories just as much as on active days!


3. Dear Emma, you are beautiful, hilarious, inspiring, FAST & lovely (not that i’ve met you lol but you defs come across as all those things!! :)) My q is: when did you become a Christian? And how does it affect your life?

Aww!! This made me so happy!! Thanks so so much!! I really became a Christian early this year. Until then, I had a ton of doubts and I wasn’t comfortable. I knew I had done SO many terrible things, and still was doing them, and I couldn’t believe that someone could know all these bad things about me and still love me despite that! It has made the BIGGEST difference to my life! Looking back I know that I could not have gotten through my depression without Him, and I know that whatever happens in my life, good or bad, He is always there for me and loves me no matter what Smile Haha I could go on forever here!!


4. do you think a vegan diet is healthier than a non-vegan diet? is this why you are a vegan?

Nope! Please don’t any fellow vegans shoot me down for saying this, but I DON’T necessarily think a vegan diet is healthier. I DO think that a plant-based diet is the healthiest diet, but having non-vegan foods in there wouldn’t detract from this. I’m a vegan mainly for ethical reasons, and was mainly vegan pre-blogging Smile


5. Hi Emma! I seriously love your blog, it always makes me smile :) My question is, how do you stay full and did you ever struggle with feeling satisfied on a vegan diet? Thanks!

Thank YOU!! Hmm, well I get hungry a LOT, and I wouldn’t really put that down to my diet, more to the exercise I do! But the things that leave me satisfied the longest are snacks+meals that combine carbs (fibre!) fats AND protein. So for example: 1/2 cup oatmeal with 2 cups soy milk with nut butter has like 19g protein, plus carbs and fats. And if I’m not satisfied, then I know my body wants more, and that’s ok too.


 6. hey emma! i have recovered from my ed, but i still struggle with body image quite a lot. i was just wondering if you have this too? you always seem so positive and happy and confident on your blog!

Hey! Sorry to hear that you’re struggling! EVERYBODY has times when they tear themselves apart a bit, whether that’s telling themselves that they’re too fat/skinny, or their boobs are too small/big, or whatever, but whenever I have moments like these, and I do, I just brush them aside and tell myself how awesome I am and give myself a big HUG. I try to focus on the things I love most about my body, and then take my mind off my insecurites by doing something else, or just speaking/being with people I love. Yes, most of the time I AM positive and happy and confident, and that is because I CHOOSE to be. I CHOOSE not to dwell on the negatives. So I suggest you give yourself a big hug and tell yourself how amazing and wonderful you really are. Because it’s TRUE Smile


So that’s it for Q+A round 2!! Feel free to ask me any more Q’s on my Formspring, or check out my Q+A page for more questions and answers!


Do you have certain meals and snacks every day?


What is your go-to meal or snack to help you stay satisfied?


What do you do when your body confidence takes a hit?


Back on Thursday!! MISS YOU GUYS!! <3

29 Responses to Q&A Round 2!

  1. I hope you are enjoying your trip Missy! Loved the Q and A!
    Ffion recently posted..WIAW- I’m new to the Party!

  2. we miss you!!!
    lindsay recently posted..WIAW special edition

  3. Hope you’re having a great trip girly, we really miss you!! :) Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!
    I love that you’re so honest in these questions and I love how much you eat because I love to eat loads too YAY! :) And go you for not calorie counting anymore, food is not a number, it is TASTY!
    Love youu!
    Nicky recently posted..WIAW 10

  4. Oh, how I love all your answers – you are the most inspiring person ever! :) Enjoy your stay in Finland, I am going there in a week too :)
    I have oatmeal every day, but I still try to have it a bit different daily. It is also one of those things that helps me stay satisfied :)
    Lenna recently posted..A series of unfortunate (Austrian) events

  5. Miss your crazy excitedness :)

    I don’t really specifically have things every day, but I have some staples that pop up often – pancakes, nut butters, tortilla chips, apples, and yogurt.

    Go to for my body is to load up on protein. For snacks it’s usually greek yogurt and for meals, it’s protein pancakes with pb or tofu, or grassfed beef. My body hearts the protein.

    Hmm, I try really hard to be respectful of my body and it’s accomplishments, so I do my best to ignore things that would affect my body confidence, but it happens! I usually just try to quiet the negative thoughts and go from there. :)
    Errign recently posted..Creepy Discoveries & Bathroom Messages.

  6. YAY! a) SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU and b)… greatQ+A.. love the last answer.. EVERYBODY struggles with that!
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..97 Degrees

  7. I also have to have oatmeal almost every day in some form, except on weekends I usually take a break from it! Smoothies, peanut butter, and apples are all necessities every day, but I try to mix up the eats so I don’t get sick of one thing.
    Love your advice on not being hard on yourself and instead choosing to pick out the positives!
    Haley Q – my sole will be satisfied recently posted..WIAW Noobie

  8. Hurry up and come back!! I miss your posts ♥ :P
    I hope your having a great time though ♥
    Cherie ♥ recently posted..WIAW #2

  9. I really enjoy reading your blog.. I don’t mean to sound as if I don’t appreciate variety, but it’s wonderful that you are not only a vegan (an ethical vegan, at that!) but a Christian. I am both, as well, and I often feel that I am a minority… And it really inspires me and helps me carry on as both to know that there are others out there! God bless you. :)

  10. Hope your enjoying your trip! My go to meal that always leaves me satisfied is a big green smoothie, nothing else can satisfy me like they do!
    Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..WIAW – Holiday edition!

  11. First of all, I miss you so much! Second of all, you inspire me to want to go back to church again. I haven’t gone in years but it’s something that I want to do… maybe not until college, but when the time is right I think I will. Third, I miss you. Fourth, you inspire me to take care of myself more. I just had my sports nutritionist appt. and i have to be eating a lot more… seeing that you eat 2500+ calories per day makes me feel a little better! Fifth, I miss you. Okay i think you get it, you inspire me and I miss you :) hehe.
    Tara recently posted..The issue weighing down the family.

  12. I love your q and a responeses girl! They are always so thoughtful and informative!

  13. “However I would shoot for 2500+ calories a day. And that is no different on rest days! On rest days your body helps repair your muscles, and so needs those calories just as much as on active days!”—> well said!!

    My go-to snack is definitely fruit with yogurt and cereal. I am almost always in the mood for it and I know it is filling. Lately I’ve been switching the yogurt with cottage cheese and am loving the change…and extra protein hit!

  14. Hello! You’re not back? Hope you’re having fun and thanks for taking the time to update us! :D I love this Q&A!

    (Do you have certain meals and snacks every day?)
    I need bread everyday… if I don’t have any, I feel hungry at night! Sounds a little crazy, huh? Working on that problem currently. Guess that answers the next question too :D

    (What do you do when your body confidence takes a hit?)
    That’s quite a problem for me because whenever I feel not confident about my body, my mum just gets mad and accuses me of not eating well and exercising intensely enough. Oh well.

    Eh, come back soon! We miss you! :D and the ‘crazy’ look :D
    Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking recently posted..Fat-Free Raw Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Bites

  15. Omigosh I saw a post pop up and got super excited that you were back, but you’re not! :( I miss youuu! But I can last one more day ;) And I loved your answers to the questions! Here’s mine:

    - I don’t HAVE to have certain meals/snacks everyday, but I crave a lot of the same stuff every day. Oats are a must, and so is my protein smoothie, and yogurt messes, and bananas with AB… and chocolate :D

    - Go to snack is a protein cookie dough ball. Never fails to satisfy, and it’s quick and easy.

    - When I’m starting to get too hard on myself, I take a moment to compare how I feel now to how I felt when I was underweight, and realize that life is SO much better now. I laugh more, I smile more, I have the energy to live more… and then it kind of makes me forget about everything else and appreciate being healthy.

  16. I like all your answers! I’m the same way when I find something new that I love-I obsess over it for days before going to something new/old. Hope your tour continues to go well!
    Rebecca recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday #2

  17. I hope you’re having a great time on your trip! I love Q+A posts. You’re seriously a little sunshine :D I absolutely love your positivism! And I agree 100% that we have the choice of being happy or dwelling on negative things. I try to vary my meals but I’ve noticed I eat tomatoes every single day haha.
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..The Little Things

  18. I loved this post. You’re so happy and inspiring Emma, and I’m so grateful that I found your blog :)

    Do you have certain meals and snacks every day?
    Actually, yes. I almost always have oats for breakie (though occasionally I’ll have cereal or a muffin and a latté from Starbucks) and I always have the same afternoon snack, which I talk about here: http://recoveryruminations.blogspot.com/2011/07/battle-between-tj-european-style-yogurt.html

    What is your go-to meal or snack to help you stay satisfied?
    See above :)

    What do you do when your body confidence takes a hit?
    Ah, this is hard. I usually don’t know what to do when this happens. I usually just feel depressed, and that certainly doesn’t help. I REALLY appreciate your advice on how to deal with body image issues! I’m definitely going to give myself a hug Emma-style next time I feel blah about my body.

    Have a wonderful rest of your trip! Can’t wait to hear about it!! :)
    Lexi recently posted..The battle between TJ’ European style yogurt vs. Fage’s Greek Yogurt. Who will be the victor?

  19. Hope your trip is going well! I really enjoyed reading these q&a’s. Look forward to hearing about your trip soon!
    Leigh recently posted..WIAW – My First Time

  20. :) <– my face right now

    Have a great rest of your trip!
    Stephanie @ Aspiring recently posted..Birds & Pigs

  21. I LOVE YOU!!! Cant wait to have you back tomorrow!
    These answeres are amazing! I actually like the one about you being christian the most! My family is christian, and I really am the black sheep. I believe in God, but I have a hard time letting Him show me the way in my life! I think it is hard to call myself christian, bacause I want to make my own decisions! It is so great that you have found peace with what you believe in!
    I also love all the other answeres! 2500+ cals a day? I love you for that too :D Thanks for showing us all how happy and healthy you get when you fuel yourself! And for being vegan! Lovelovelove it!
    Ragnhild recently posted..21.07: Facing fear-food: Legumes

  22. absolutely- always 3 dates on waking (blood sugar), always carrots and peanut butter late afternoon, always a milk hot chocolate with 4 squares of choc or dates (alternate days) with a 250g (ish) bag of nuts and raisins
    vivoir recently posted..Music, Muscles and Munch

  23. I love your answer to the last question, the body issue one. I have been struggling with that recently and just wrote a post about it and here you have some advice just for me! That is what it feels like anyway. I think God had some perfect timing with your post :)
    I didn’t know you were a Christian before this post and it is great to find someone else who follows Him. I guess I should have known since you are raising money for Christian aid… and you have talked about going to church, but I didn’t want to assume anything! Glad you’ll be back soon!

  24. LOVED this q+a!

    i like to change up my snacks, but i oftentimes get in a rut. for example, i’ve had PB every single night for the past..several months. MY BAD ;)
    Jess recently posted..Picture Overload

  25. Came across your blog through Fitness mag. I like it and was very excited to see you share how Jesus has changed your life. Very encouraging :-)

  26. OH my gosh, how did i miss this post!? YOU ARE AMAZING! Gosh, such a little ball of joy! Thank you for showing the Lords love to so many people through your blog, you rock!!! I love hearing about your sweet, SWEET, heart! PS have you started the book? love you!

  27. I miss you!!
    And love you!
    And I LOVED this post.
    So happy to see God working in and through you.
    You are truly an inspiration to so many, including myself. :)
    I eat 2500ish a day, too :)
    I eat apples to tide me over! Love those things!
    Body image-something I need to work on, but I’m getting there!
    Haley@AllOrNothing recently posted..Questions, anyone?

  28. aww this was lovely to read, its great way of finding out more about a person.
    I hope that you are having a wonderful trip, I cannot wait to hear all about it. :D
    Yay well done for not counting calories, seriously dont you feel like you live life more by not doing that.

    Take care
    Love Jess xx
    Jess recently posted..Can someone pick for me?

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