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Frog Pose and Summer Reading List

HEY friends!! How y’all doing? I hope your Sunday was filled with pancakes Smile


Yep, it’s Sunday, and that generally means THREE AWESOME THINGS for me.


1. Long Run

Well today’s longer run was a bit rubbish actually.


Doing the frog pose on the pavement’s verges was definitely the highlight. If you think you get a lot of honks just running in shorts, then try doing this:


This was seriously tough mentally, and having to stop a lot to try to stretch out the pain was zapping my motivation and energy. I had to really slow the run down to try to stop the pain, but it was pretty persistent. It felt SO GOOD to be done though, AND with no shin pain!

This is yet another reminder that listening to your body is SO important! I KNEW I shouldn’t have run when I felt my hip being funky when I woke up, but I ignored that and paid for it! I think it’s fine now after proper stretching and icing, but it definitely taught me an important lesson!


2. Pancake Sunday

The thing that really got me through those painful miles was this:DSC01890

Chocolate Chip Peanut Flour Pancakes! You just use Katie’s recipe for Snickerdoodle Pancakes, but sub the flour for peanut flour, omit the cinnamon, and add chocolate chips! Open-mouthed smile


3. Church

Seriously, I love my church group buddies so much and they know me too freakin well. It was our last group meet before we all go away (I go on Wednesday!!) so there was a lot of food to celebrate. They bought Pringles specially for me cos they’re vegan, (they are my CRACK!!)…


….vegan cookies, AND a not-very-empty jar of peanut butter for me to take for my OIAJ!!DSC01896

Now if that isn’t love I don’t know what is Smile 


And I’m sure not one to waste time. I had the most RANDOM but the most amazing dinner EVER thanks to this jar!DSC01900

OIAJ topped with strawberry jam, and tofu topped with hummus and peas on the side. EVERYTHING that I was craving in one delicious meal. Well, not quite everything…DSC01893

Sorted Smile 


Inbetween all that foodie goodness, I went SHOPPING! DSC00337

More sale buys!! Love cheap stuff!! I bought some beautiful shoes which you’ll see later too. I also got started on buying up my Summer Reading List, as recommended by YOU!


Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen.

Water for Elephants: a Novel

Room by Emma Donoghue


And Book 2 of the Hunger Games Series: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire (Hunger Games, Book 2)

I’m getting a couple more too (I’m a fast reader!) so if you have any more recommendations, then I’d love to hear!


What was the highlight of your Sunday? Actually, it was seeing all the amazing donations and comments on my fundraising post! I want to thank you all SO MUCH for your kindness and generosity, and if you haven’t already donated, then please do! It’s to raise money for Christian Aid, and you can win a Garmin Forerunner or a Vitamix in the process! Details here.


What gets you through mentally tough runs? Dreaming about pancakes got me through today’s! Smile with tongue out


What’s on your summer reading list?


I’m off to bed now! HUGS <3

39 Responses to Frog Pose and Summer Reading List

  1. Woah. I need to find me some peanut flour. ASAP!

    And ya gotta love those funny yoga poses… Henry is partial to downward dog ;).
    chocolate-katie recently posted..My “go-to” chocolate cupcake recipe

  2. When I was in London, one of my favorite things was listening to the words everyone used. Rubbish was my favorite!!! :)
    Sara @ the foodie diaries recently posted..Don’t forget the sunscreen.

  3. I actually had pancakes today! but I didn’t make them…
    The more I see you write about peanut flour, the more I want to find it! I hate that NONE trader joes near me carry it :(
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Adventures and Cuffins

  4. I’m reading the second in the Hunger Games series too! I’m already 1/3 of the way through and LOVE IT

    My highlight was going to the opening of my town’s farmer’s market this morning and by participating in a 2-mile walk beforehand got a $5 off coupon for the vendors.

    The scenery and the fact that I time when I get to drink and eat gels gets me from point A to point B.
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..[...]

  5. Those pancakes look so good! I haven’t made any with peanut flour yet…!ut I reeeeeally want to cause they look delicious! Good job on getting through the run even though it was a tough one!

    That was so sweet of your church group!!! What a nice group of people!
    kaila @ healthy helper! recently posted..Better than Superman

  6. Those are 3 fantastic books. I’ve read them all this summer, and loved every one :D I also recommend The Help and The Kite Runner. Oh, and if you like The Hunger Games series, I recommend checking out Divergent… It’s kind of along the same lines, and I really liked that one as well.

    Was a pretty low-key Sunday for me, but then again that’s what makes Sunday’s so fantastic :D Just church and time with the fam, and although I didn’t have any pancakes, I DID enjoy 3 breakfasts ;) And your OIAJ with tofu, hummus, and peas on the side totally looks like something I’d make.

    Love ya girlie!
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted... it’s my diet, and i’ll eat what i want to .

    • You’ve read them all?! Yaay a reader too! I’ve read both the Kite Runner and The Help and I loved them both SO much!! Brilliant books! Have you read A Thousand Splendid Suns by the author of The Kite Runner? Love that book too :)

      LOVE YOU MORE <3

  7. Frog pose is so great! Hurts so good. I haven’t read any of those books, but hear great things about Water for Elephants and Hunger Games. I am reading some books from the lululemon library this summer…but I haven’t gotten very far. I’m just not a great reader! I always find something I’d rather be doing. :) Best part of my day was morning yoga and an afternoon bike ride with Billy.
    Dorry recently posted..Inspiration Series: Julie Wright

  8. Sounds like you had a great Sunday! Your church friends are awesome haha. What a great summer reading list.
    Sarah Joy – Feeeding Brain and Body recently posted..Weeekend E’s

  9. I adore frog pose!! I did it today in fact :D

    Sorry about the hip pain though!

    Your church friends sound so fantastic :)
    Jess recently posted..Warriors Workout + Nut Butter Addict

  10. Great great great summer reading list! Have read water for elephants and heard nothing but awesome things on the other too.

    Your pancakes are the best!! holy high stack!

    So sorry your run was icky….heal Emma!!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..Where do you purchase your shoes? An Onlineshoes.com + Brooks Review

  11. Peanut Flour pancakes are my favorites. Seriously nom.com in my belly. I have a really hard time doing the frog pose seriously. I’m not flexible at all. True life.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..All You Need for Travel is Coffee.

  12. I’m being sent the latest Janet Evanovich (Smokin’ Seventeen) and can’t wait to read it. I have some travel coming up the next few weeks so I need to go through my paperbacks for some “light” reads.
    Zo recently posted..lazy daisy

  13. A million and five congrats on that run! Even though you had to do awkward stretches, you did it, and you got pancakes as your sweet reward! I get through those runs by thinking of finding nemo — just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.. haha!
    Girl you are a fast reader!! It depends on how good the book is, but usually I’m super slow. I want to read every running book on the face of the planet and the hunger games! Oh and Paula Radcliffe’s “My story so far” which I didn’t know existed until I saw it on your blog!
    Tara recently posted..Following the Rules?

  14. I have yet to dabble in the world of peanut flour…but if it makes those delicious pancakes gluten-free…then I’m on board! By the way, I never knew Pringles are vegan! Back when I was vegan, I looked up a list of “accidentally vegan” treats. Oreos, Swedish Fish, etc. You should look it up if you haven’t already!

    • We don’t get Swedish Fish here, and Oreos aren’t vegan! Or at least over here Oreos have milk in or something like that! I check every time :( YES though Original Pringles are vegan!! :D And you HAVE to try peanut flour! It is SO awesome!!

  15. Hey Beautiful :)
    Im sorry you didnt have the best run ever! But those pancakes looks like something that can heal every pain:)Peanut flour and chocolate chips- sounds heavenly!
    As Amanda also says, you should read The Kite Runner. And A Thousand Splendid Suns, by the same author. Those two books are the best ever!
    I did a lot of thinking on my Sunday, not the best day ever, but not too bad either :P And I got in a nice run, and worked at the gym which I lovelovelove!

    Wish you a wonderful week friend <3

    • I’ve read those two books and I LOVED them!! I really hope Khaled Hosseni (sp?) writes another book soon because they were AMAZING I totally agree!!

      Yaay your Sunday sounds awesome!! Hope you have a GREAT week!! <3

  16. If I have a tough run it is the thought of a lovely shower and then lunch when I get home :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Silverstone weekend

  17. I like the frog pose, but I can´t imagine doing it on the pavement :)) Your Sunday sounds really good! Mine wasn´t bad either – yoga, swimming, some fruit picking, grandma visiting…
    I think that the thought of pancakes or overnight oats waiting for me gets me pretty well through any morning activity :)
    Lenna recently posted..Finding your inner cartographer while honoring your sugar cravings

  18. Oh he-LLO pancakes! They look seriously yummy.

    It’s only the original flavoured pringles that are vegan, isn’t it? I got really excited at first when I realised I could still eat them, cos they use whey powder in flavouring for some reason. Now I’m just bored of only ever eating boring flavoured crisps! grrr, stupid food companies putting whey powder in eeeverything.

    I read Room while I was on holiday! Found it a bit annoying during the first couple of chapters, as it’s written from the perspective of a five-year-old so the style is pretty simple. But then I got maaassively involved in it and couldn’t put it down! Really want to read the other two as well (although I might just be slightly biased to read a book with Robert Pattinson’s face on the front…)
    Alex @ fightcancerwithfood recently posted..Cinnamon Banana Latte…Porridge. Yum.

  19. ooh annnd… I read When God was a Rabbit on holiday as well – soo good. Would deffs recommend that :)
    Alex @ fightcancerwithfood recently posted..Cinnamon Banana Latte…Porridge. Yum.

    • Oooh haven’t heard of that one!! Thanks I’ll look it up! :) And so happy to hear you loved Room!!

      And yes sadly Original IS the only vegan one I think, but actually it’s always been my fave so I’m not complaining! :P

      Have an AMAZING week!! <3

  20. The frog pose looks hardcore. I recently finished Water for Elephants and found it to be a nice easy read. I’m currently reading Eat Pray Love and I love it so far.

  21. YAAAY for pancake Sundayy!! And oh. my. god, yours look SO GOOD!! Hehe I would have loved to have passed you in the street doing frog pose!! :P
    I am so lovin’ your random dinner! It’s really good that you just have whatever you’re craving and throw it all together!
    Hmm highlight of my Sunday was probably baking banana choc chip loaf :) Baking always makes my day anyday! Love you girly!!
    Nicky recently posted..Facing fears

  22. Hey Girl!! Great eats on Sunday.. yum!! Quick question cause I can never remember–how old are you again? Are you looking at colleges or universities for next year?

  23. Dinner of champs right there!!! I love how your nut butter jar is more on the not-so-empty side than empty, hehehe. Thata girl!

    I am reading Water for Elephants right now. It is good!! Especially when I picture Rob Pattinson as the main character, like in the movie. Hottie!!! I am thinking about reading the Hunger Games next…what did you think of it?
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..Dreadmill workout and Nitrean Protein Review!

  24. I would recommend buying the third hunger games book now because as soon as you finish the second you’re going to want to keep reading! I read the second one in a day and the third in 2 days!
    Jenn recently posted..Playing favorites~Jenn

  25. You are officially awesome for doing frog pose on the pavement mid-run!! :P
    And aww your church group sound so sweet, i love that they brought you the OIAJ jar!
    As for books I would recommend books by Kate Morton; The Forgotten Garden (THE BEST!), The House at Riverton & her new one The Distant Hours (about to start reading this but i love her other two so i have high hopes!) and also Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go & When We Were Orphans :)

  26. I’ve been having some hip pain too. How weird.. I usually get it earlier in the morning so it could be because of the way I sleep. After I run for a couple of minutes it goes away though. I’m sorry to hear your run wasn’t the best but at least there was no shin pain :] I started listening to music to get me through tough runs and it actually works! Something motivational is the best. I have got to join pancake Sunday! Those pancakes look so good.
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..Perfect Run

  27. Water for elephants is an AMAZING book! I could not put it down :) and your post reminded me that it’s been wayyy too long since I last had pancakes. Totally making some for dinner tonight :)
    O.C. recently posted..My past: part 2

  28. I am always in need of some new good reads! As for the run.. Hey at least you made it that far! I was set for a four miler today and I only got a mile and a half. It was so hot that I was literally getting a sunburn and I got really dizzy. I came back, looked at the weather and saw it was 90 degrees. I hadn’t hydrated. Oh well! Either way good job!
    Bella recently posted..Confidence through a blogging rutt.

  29. I laughed a bit thinking of doing frog on the side of the road, but you gotta do whatcha got do! :) I had pancakes for Pancake Sunday as well, but yours look way better. I want some peanut flour! I get through mentally tough runs by playing games with myself (I’ll just run to “there”, and then I’ll get there and “run for five more minutes”) and by thinking about food and how good I’ll feel when it’s over! :)
    Errign recently posted..Already Monday?

  30. Love! How are you?! Popping in to see how you are doing and seeing that you are still as beautiful and awesome as ever~~~~~~

    LOVE the pancakes, those are thick! Love!

    Room was a FAB book, I just got done reading it! u will love!

    happy tuesday! xoxo <3
    katie recently posted..Maui { 2 } Luau fun and more

  31. while i have busted out more than my fair of down dogs on the sidewalk (including DURING the marine corps marathon), you are my hero for your public display of frog.

    Jen recently posted..Kat’s First Sprint Triathlon

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