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Crazy Saturdays

HELLO friends! Having a good weekend so far?


I woke up SO excited to hit the track and get my tempo run on! So I had my typical fuelling breakfast:DSC01829

 Banana oatmeal topped with more banana, honey and jam Smile 


I then hit the track, which was BUSY today!


Weird, because the previous times I’ve been I’ve had to share with two people max, and usually it’s just me! Well, this is how far I made it into my tempo run:DSC01831

1.53 miles. Wow what a run huh? Smile with tongue out The first mile was a warm up one, and then I hit my first tempo mile grinning like a fool cool person, with an average pace of 6.50 min/mile. But I then felt pain in my lower shin, and stopped straight away. I’ve learnt my lesson! My (future) running coach was there, and he told me to stop and go jog around the park instead and see how it was feeling. So I did (about 4 miles I’m guessing- I left my Garmin) and there was NO pain. He reckons I just wasn’t ready for track speedwork yet, but that I will get there soon- I just have to be patient!


When I first felt pain and had to stop, I was annoyed and frustrated.


But after cooling off around the park with my thoughts, I realised that it’s ok. I’ll get there when I get there, and there’s no point getting frustrated over it. I’m still generally running totally pain-free, and that’s what matters! After the run, that really hit me and I was just SO grateful to be running again after such a long time without it, and I should be thankful for every moment.DSC01843

And THIS is why I never try to attempt those jumping photo thingies:DSC01847



I refuelled with a big ol’ green smoothie! Well, it was more purple than green thanks to the ton of frozen blueberries I added:DSC01850

With Marmite+Tofutti vegan cheese on toast and hummus+cuke on the side:DSC01836

I don’t like most vegan cheeses that I’ve tried, but I actually liked this one!! Or maybe it was the Marmite with it that did it…it never fails me Winking smile


I played in a charity fundraising concert in the afternoon, and there was also a bake sale for which we had to bring stuff for. So guess whose recipes I turned to?


THAT deliciousness is Katie’s Deep Dish Cookie Pie! It was the first thing to sell out at the sale!! Which was awesome of course, but I was secretly annoyed there wasn’t any leftover for me to have! Smile with tongue out It smelled SO good  though!!


Best part of my day really though? Finding my FAVOURITE plain peanut butter in my local supermarket!!DSC01849

YAAAY!! I could only find these jars of heaven in Whole Foods before, so Brit friends you can find these (as well as almond and cashew butters!!) in your local Sainsbury’s too hopefully! I may or may not have gone a little mad and bought 6 jars…on top of those I already have! Smile with tongue out


I had a quick dinner before heading over to the grandparents house:DSC01859

Marinated tofu topped with spicy Sabra hummus (Freya-style!), a sweet tater with vegan cheese and Marmite (my latest obsession clearly!), and tomatoes


Because I was clearly feeling super-inventive with dessert, and all I was really craving was nut butter, this was what I headed for:


Ohmygosh. I am in love. I just ate it straight up (as you do) and it is indescribable!! In a couple of weeks I will be able to buy a WHOLE JAR OF THIS. Or 10 most likely. I think I should bring an extra suitcase specially to contain all the nut butter I’m going to bring back from the States! Smile with tongue out


When we visit the Gpa and Gma, we always play their favourite Killer Scrabble and eat Twiglets. DSC01878

I don’t know if you get Twiglets outside of the UK, but if you don’t, then you are missing OUT! They are total crack to me! Especially dipped in nut butter Winking smile


My family are very competitive, and score-counting is a serious business.


Aaaand guess who won?!DSC01873

My secret to success? Twiglets and nut butter are brain food.


So basically, I had a right party animal Saturday. Up early for running, charity concert, grocery shopping and then over to the grandparents. It’s one crazy life I lead clearly, but I LOVE it!! Open-mouthed smile And we all know that my FAVOURITE day is tomorrow, and since I was deprived of my usual Sunday routine (pancakes!!) last week, I DEFINITELY have to make up for it tomorrow!! Can’t WAIT!!


What did you do with your Saturday? I hope it was as wild as mine! Smile with tongue out


Current favourite nut butter? Is it just me who changes their mind pretty much daily? Well today’s is Justin’s Maple Almond Smile 


Got any good plans for the rest of the weekend? My usual Sunday stuff that I love! A longer run hopefully, PANCAKES, church time, and shopping too because apparently I haven’t spent enough money today (darn nut butter addiction!!)


Hope you all have an AMAZING Sunday!! <3


P.S. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win a Garmin Forerunner or a Vitamix if you haven’t already!! See here for details!

45 Responses to Crazy Saturdays

  1. Mmmmmm I bought a Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup at Whole Foods and it came with a dollar off coupon for their nut butter! I’m going to wait till it goes on sale because I’m still too cheap to spend 9 dollars on it. But I have probably bought 15 of the little packs so I should just splurge!

  2. This looks AWESOME!! I want that cookie pie :) Have you ever heard of a pazookie from BJ’s Brew House?? Look it up… warm cookie pie with ice cream. It’s HEAVENLY

  3. I didn’t get to have pancakes last weekend either because it was a holiday weekend over here in the States. I can’t wait to celebrate it “with” you!

    I had a long run this morning (9 miler), went to the health food store (+1 nut butter jar), hung out with a friend and watched Elf, and then went to the regular grocery store (+1 more nut butter jar, haha)

    Favorite nut butter right now is Maranatha Organic Crunchy peanut butter. SO GOOD! http://bit.ly/ng93To

  4. Woot! I think you should totally celebrate pain free running! And celebrate the fact you are flipping FAST! Woo!
    Must be all that awesome food!
    Oh and hopefully this question isn’t too weird, but how many hours of sleep do you average a night? I’ve recently become more aware of how much a good sleep improves performance (and life in general! :)

    Haha and if you think you have crappy nut butter selections in the UK…in Aus, we have only gotten almond & cashew butter in stores in the past year..flavoured stuff? not a chance!Before that it was only peanut butter!
    But of course i make my own butter so that problem was easily solved :P :)

    I think your blog is awesome, thanks for blogging. I’m starting up a blog, it might be a little similar to yours because i think we’re long lost twins? :P :P

    Have an awesome Sunday! (It’s 10:30 Sunday as im posting this comment from Aus!) :)

    • Haha not a weird question at all! Well I’ve been really bad recently getting 7 or less, but usually I try to get 8+ hours :)

      Oooh I’ll definitely check out your blog!! Love to meet a twinnie of mine- especially and Aussie one cos that is SO cool! :D

      Hope you’re having a great day!! <3

  5. Sorry about the pain, but glad it wasn’t too bad! It’s always good to listen to our bodies, though, so good for you. :) I worked all day today, and now it’s Saturday night and Billy and I are having a date night IN. On the couch. :)

  6. Sounds like you had a great Saturday! That’s such a great attitude you have about the pain with the tempo run, and that’s great it stopped hurting when you were doing the jog in the park.

    I love bored games! My family always date the score cards and leave them with the game so that we can look back and see who won!

  7. I’m not a fan of your pain. Blergy blerg. I haven’t logged onto DM in a couple days but I’ll be thinking of you. :) I’m glad you were able to listen to your body and take it with a grain of salt.

  8. Oh Emma, I am SO SO happy that the cookie pie went to a good cause!!! You are incredible!

    Also, I want you to come to TX and be my personal trainer. I read all about these things like splits and tempo runs and negative repeats… or something like that… and it all goes over my head and I just run. I’d say I wish you could come to TX and be my running buddy, but um… you would run circles around me! I’ll have to stick to Henry ;).

    • YOU are incredible!! I’ll never get over your amazing Bake Sale for Japan, and all the time and effort you put into raising money for them! Inspirational :)

      I’ll gladly come to TX!! Personal trainer pssshf you don’t need one cos you’re an AMAZING runner and I’d have a lot to learn from YOU! Getting to see YOU and run with you and Henry would be the best thing EVER!! And it WILL happen someday! :D

  9. Sounds like your saturday was SO much more exciting than mine!
    Typical ‘chill’ day off work – long workout (while watch my addiction, the tour de france!) doing things around the house, seeing a friend, and a trip to TJ’s! I guess that last bit is sort of exciting…

  10. I LOVE Justin’s maple almond! it’s really great on sweet taters or oats or in mashed pumpkin.
    My Saturday was pretty great, I shopped and waked around Boston all day.

  11. Mmmm that cookie pie looks amazing! Sorry about your run….but atleast you were able to run other wise pain free! Hope you have a lovely pancake sunday!

  12. BOO. Tempo runs are the best and definitely worth the wait. A healthy tempo run later will be much better than a not so great one now. You made a good decision that you will be thankful for later!
    When I got to running camp I bring at least 15 packets of justins — I eat ‘em straight up because I can’t get food in me fast enough!
    My day was spent reading NROLFW :) I took an Emma-style picture last night in the book store too! Loving it so far, thanks for reviewing it and inspiring me!

  13. I literally have two packets of that maple almond butter in my room :D :D YUM I’m sure.

    sorry you couldn’t do what you wanted today at the track–you WILL get there SOON!!

  14. Your Saturday sounds really nice and funny! Mine was probably as wild as yours, maybe even more – reading books, cooking, having dinner with my parents, playing with the cats and sleeping :)
    Wow, 6 jars of nut butter? I am jealous! :) And you are right, marmite just makes things taste better :)
    My Sunday plans include yoga, more cooking, baking, piano and getting some natural vitamin D to my body :)

  15. I run too! I made my own coconut/almond butters the other day and i’ve got about four open containers of peanut butter & co peanut butters in my fridge!

  16. That is awesome you listened to your body, you are so smart lady, and your patience will continue to pay off!
    I agree on you current nut butter of choice :) Also plain old crunchy Barney Butter has been stealing my heart as well

  17. Your Saturday sounds awesome!! I wish you didnt have any pain though, but Im sure youll be better soon! You are doing so great with listening, and taking it easy with running!
    I looove that Justins AB!! I got the same pack from (Living) Lindsay in our food swap, and fell in love. Norways is not a nut butter-y country, to say it the least. So I must order most of my butters at Iherb- and that site totally rocks!! You should try it! Usually I have been ordering Artisanas butters (they are so so good!!), but after trying the Justins pack, I ordered my first jar from them :D Cant wait to recive it :D
    Have a great Sunday beauty <3

  18. I’m loving that Deep Dish Cookie Pie. It looks amazing.

    What did you do with your Saturday? Yoga-ed, blogged, read blogs, took photos for my blog, and when the day was almost out, I finally started doing real life things, haha. Like cleaning my room and going through clothes from when I had my Eating Disorder – something I’m going to blog about tomorrow, actually.

    Current favourite nut butter? Current and eternal. Whole Foods’ 365 Crunchy Peanut Butter. I’ve gone through almost an entire 32 oz jar of it in two weeks. Single-handedly. It. Is. Crack.

    Got any good plans for the rest of the weekend? A five mile run with my daddy-kins (part of the training plan for my upcoming race), PANCAKES afterwards (I swear, we are twinsies!), redecorating my room, and studying for the written part of my Driver’s test!! Ahhhh!!

  19. That’s an impressive scrabble score :) I love how you portray yourself as quite scatty and ditzy on the blog but clearly you’ve got a massive brain: I think it’s just too busy thinking about deeper stuff to bother with things like remembering gym clothes ;)

    Favourite nut butter is still Skippy Natural. Darn Sainsbos for only stocking the crappy sugar-laced one. I’ll be battering down the doors if my local shop starts stocking PB&Co though.

    Hope you finally got to have your pancakes this morning!


  20. Aah speedwork is the killer in shin recovery! When my splints first went, I did a fast 7miles and they came right back the next day. Keep takin’ it easy :-)
    YAY for hummus on tofu! It’s awesome isn’t it!? I always put it on super thick, so it’s more like hummus with tofu, not tofu with hummus :p
    OH and Tesco stock those PBs too! :)

  21. It sounds like you had a really busy day yesterday! I’m sorry that you couldn’t do the track run you wanted to do, but you’ve got a great attitude and as you said, you will get there soon :-)

    I hope you enjoy your pancakes!

  22. That’s a wicked awesome time, love! You’re quite the speedy one, and I’m sorry that you had some pain, but it was good of you to listen to your body and not push too hard… your patience will pay off soon, and before you know it you’ll be up and running like nobody’s business. My Saturday was spent running around and doing a lot of shopping. I finally got out to the mall to buy some clothes as opposed to only going grocery shopping, so that was kinda nice ;) And I’m not sure what’s up for Sunday… probably just church and family time :D

    As for nut butters, my favorite is always the same because I’m kind of limited with how many I can eat (allergies… ick), but at least I love the one I have… roasted almond butter :D

  23. First of all, your Saturday sounds pretty great. Sorry your tempo run didn’t go as planned, but at least you got in a nice job without shin pain. Good for you for respecting where you’re at :)

    My Saturday = a 3+ mile run around my neighborhood ending up in a cemetery, a beginner flow yoga class, “working” at Starbucks, watching a million episodes of Charmed and having socca pizza for dinner.

    Current favorite nut butter = my homemade ones. Current loves are plain pecan and plain peanut, both salted. I think I only like them because I made them, not because they’re anything special :)

    Sunday plans = I had a bit of a lie in with my book this morning, so that was nice. I’m taking the day off from running as I’m going on my very first group run tomorrow (5 miles), and am planning on a walk later and 2 yoga classes (power flow class followed by a gentle class). Trying to decide what’s for breakfast – I think that pancakes should be the obvious choice, but I’m not sure if I’d rather eggs or oatmeal instead!

  24. Hey Emma I just wanted to stop by and say that I love your blog :-). You’re so funny and you have a fantastic attitude to life! I have never properly been able to take up running because of an (as of yet) unidentified hit/back condition but you make me want to try anyway!

  25. So sorry about the pain but gad you listened, great sign that there is no pain or your jog! So what r twiglets? I love scrabble! Yayyyy

  26. Glad you had a good Saturday! I love Barney Butter and TJ’s sunflower seed butter right now =)

  27. Do they honestly not have twiglets in the US?! That’s just crazy. There’s marmite over there, right? A life without marmite is just unthinkable… although I’ve never tried it on sweet potato before, I HAVE to taste that very soon!

  28. Wooohoo for PB and co in sainsburys! They used to do the smooth one in tescos but they stopped. I love meridian smooth the most, but I have not been to H&B for ages so have been liking whole earth stuff. But the PB&co stuff is nic and runny so good for dipping and stuff.
    And I love your attitude to your running- you are right to be careful starting out, and just be happy for the miles that you can now run.

  29. I need to try Justin’s maple almond butter! My current favorite is just plain old almond butter so maple would add an awesome kick to it for sure :D I’m sorry to hear the tempo run didn’t go perfectly smooth but hey just like you said, you are running generally pain free which is most important! Congrats on winning the game! I have a big to-do list for today. Ehh most of it isn’t fun.

  30. Aww I have SO much to say!
    First, I missed you and your posts while I was on vaccay! So I’m glad to be reading again :)
    I’m glad your running is going well! Sorry you had to stop today, but soon you will be able to run completely pain-free! You’re working so hard and soon it will all pay off :D
    My “green” smoothies come out purple so often too! Actually, purple is a good day. A lot of times, they come out a strange brown color which grosses me out, but I still manage to get them down because there’s no way I would throw it away just because of the color. Goal in life: make pleasantly colored smoothies.
    Katie’s deep dish cookie pie is AMAZING!! I took it to a party, but made sure I left some (rephrase: lots) at home for me ;) Sorry you didn’t get to try any, but I guess that just gives you an excuse to make another one! ;)
    I looove Justin’s maple almond butter to death!! I also looove the honey peanut butter and all other Justin’s nut butters! I’m glad you’re going to be able to stock up soon! It’s kind of funny because even though I love them so much, I’ve only ever boughten one jar (and it was plain). I think there’s just something about squeezing it out from a little packet that is just so much fun! :D
    Sorry for the looong comment!!
    Have a fantabulous rest of the weekend girl!
    <3 <3

  31. There are truly few things that make me happier in life than finding nut butters that I love! Even though there’s a Whole Foods close to me, I love being able to find good nut butters at places like Target :)

  32. Glad the shin’s getting there but it must be so hard to be patient!
    I went to a wedding yesterday but my Saturdays are usually about as rock ‘n’ roll as yours – and I love it :-)
    I love that maple almond butter too, got some in my swap parcel and it was sooooo good!

  33. Oooh I like cheese and vegemite on toast with tomatoes! Delish!

  34. holy moly deep dish cookies! :)

    happy to see that u’ve got awesome perspective on ur tempo run. don’t be down, u did the SMART thing and aren’t rushing things. it’s far better to take it a bit easier now and be able to run at all than do too much too fast and be betty deprived. hehe. and don’t even sweat it because u’ll be back to full tempo’s really soon! and u’ll be owning that track. ;)

    ugh, rest of my weekend is unpacking…lol…but i’m super excited to be closer to my family! :)

  35. AHHH after seeing this post, i spent my sunday running around all the sainsbury’s in my local area (4) trying to find Peanut butter & co PB! but nooooooo luck :( I need it in my life… well i need the white chocolate wonderful more… but i will settle for the normal flavaaaahs!
    definalty want to try to make that blondie/cookie cake pie thing too!
    Alice @ bakenbeebz.blogspot.com recently posted..Under the weather in glorious weather…

  36. Hey! new reader here!
    Love the blog, you seem like such an awesome fun person ♥
    And you’ve got me wanting some peanut butter filled dates!
    Cherie ♥ recently posted..tahini love

  37. It’s the way I NEED to get to a Sainos ASAP to see if they’re stocking PB & Co.!!!!!
    But I’m at work. Gutted.

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