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Friday FAVES!!

First Friday Fave…and it’s the best one EVER!! No, not breakfast believe it or not, but it was the generous and AMAZING responses to yesterday’s post!


£119 in one day?! That is SO amazing of you all, and seriously your comments and donations made me cry with happiness! Thank you all SO much!! Open-mouthed smile And if you haven’t entered already to win a  Garmin Forerunner or a Vitamix, or if you just want to donate to help Christian Aid help to tackle world poverty, then please see this post for all the details.


2. Katie’s Never Ending Oatmeal Bowl! She posted the recipe yesterday, and the minute I saw it I ran down to my kitchen to make it for this morning! And it was PERFECT Smile (P.S. The photo below I have stolen from Katie, because I was stumbling around at 6am trying to find my camera to no avail. My brain doesn’t switch on until after breakfast sadly! Smile with tongue out)


Anyway, it seriously WAS never-ending!! SO voluminous and SO delicious!! I enjoyed it topped with lots of crunchy peanut butter, and it was HEAVEN Smile


3. Believing that breakfast is perfect for any meal. How can you say no to these toppings?DSC01790

Chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, crunchy PB and PB granola. Perfect oatmeal toppings SmileDSC01786

No shame in dessert for breakfast, or dessert-breakfast for lunch! Open-mouthed smile


4. Being THE most forgetful person in the world. I hope there’s an award for that cos I would SO win it. You may know my amazing track record for forgetting my gym stuff. There was that speedwork treadmill run that had to be done without socks (I still have the blister scars!)…


…the time I forgot my shorts and had to workout in what I was wearing (skinny jeans)…


…and only a few weeks ago when I forgot my top and had to workout in my sports bra which made me SLIGHTLY uncomfortable to say the least…


…but today topped it all. Because I not only forgot my shorts, but also my top. Well done Emma. So at first I panicked. There was no WAY I could work out in the smart black trousers I was wearing, and my gym isn’t close enough to my house for me to just pop back! So I did what all normal people would do in that situation. I ran out to the nearest store to buy the cheapest sweats I could find, and less than 5 minutes later…DSC01806


And because I’m super classy and totally cheap, I left the tag on the sweats so I can return them. Yes, I do want my £5 back thanks.


5. New Rules Of Lifting For Women plan!DSC01811

Did 30 mins of HIITs on the bike today, followed by this, and I am seriously seeing results already, and I’m only two weeks in! It is SO challenging. Should I post progress pics or is that too comparision-y? Anyway, this book is amazing, and I love how the workouts are so balanced so that you work most of your muscles in every workout rather than just a few at a time, which is what I used to do. Someday I’ll look like the woman on the front of that book Winking smile


6. My new fave pre-workout snack:DSC01799

Mashed banana, crunchy PB and honey on toast. Honestly, my new favourite thing in the world.


7. Single-serving Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Cake!! Recipe and photo from here. It seriously blows my mind.


Another AMAZING way to use peanut flour!! This is my new fave dessert and I will be making it pretty much every day until I run out of peanut flour I bet! Smile with tongue out


8. Tomorrow’s TEMPO RUN!! Tempo runs are HARD, but they are my FAVOURITE type of run!! I’ve been calling my physio pretty much every day (I think she hates me now) to make fully sure I’m ok to do it, so I’ve taken it super-easy on the mileage this week in preparation, but I have had NO pain at all since I started running again!! Tomorrow, I’ll be back on the track, looking as cool as ever…


Now THAT is good form. I think the elites seriously need to study me, or at least learn from me how to pose properly for a camera when running.


What are YOUR Friday Faves? Or Saturday Faves if you’re reading this then! Smile with tongue out


Are you a forgetful person? I forget EVERYTHING. I am probably THE most disorganised+forgetful person alive.


And for runners, do you have a favourite ‘type’ of run? Tempos are too much fun! And progressive tempos are even better! Open-mouthed smile


Have an AMAZING weekend friends!! Seriously love you all!! <3

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my charity giveaway if you haven’t already!!

39 Responses to Friday FAVES!!

  1. Omigosh there’s just TOO much goodness in this post! I don’t know where to start! Breakfast for every meal… YES! Although I’ve never tried having pudding oats at any time other than breakfast… I’m not sure why? They just feel like a morning thing, or maybe I’m trying to get more oat variety in ;) And I think you’re completely amazing for going out and buying some sweats :lol: I probably never would have thought of something like that. But you KNOWWWW what I think about NROLFW – I’m so completely obsessed with it, and loving strength training so much more – so that’s one of my Friday Faves… strength training and seeing how much stronger I’m getting :D And yes… I’m completely forgetful… I make shopping lists so that I don’t forget to buy anything, and then I forget the list at home. Hopeless…

  2. those are the best oatmeal toppings- mmm pudding :)

    thankfully im not forgetful but everyone else in my house is.. makes for a funny combination :P


  3. Hahah! I love how you buy pants because you forget them and then returned them. :P
    You are so forgetful.
    I want that lava cake!

  4. I would love to see progress pics! I am going to start the plan shortly…just got the book.

  5. Pudding on oatmeal? That sounds amazing!

    1. Friday faves: knowing I’ve got a job, watching loads of episodes of Charmed, getting BOGO yogurt coupons, yoga. Weekend faves: Runs, yoga, going to Barnes & Noble/Starbucks to “work on my blog” and read books I probably won’t buy, making delicious food. I really want to make doughballs, but I still have stuff frozen from my last two baking adventures!
    2. NO, not at all. I can remember all sorts of random sh!t, on top of the day to day crap. Gets annoying, really.
    3. I am not hip to all the running lingo really, but I like 3-4 miles runs outside with pretty scenery :)

    Happy Weekend friend!

  6. You crack me up that you went to the store to buy clothes to work out in, haha
    Friday faves- Friday ending will be good.. I’m excited to start over again tmr :/
    Forgetful? Yes. My best friend has to remind me of my childhood. Otherwise I think I would not even remember where I grew up! ;P
    Tempo runs are my favorite :)
    I also love long runs.
    Good luck tomorrow, beautiful

  7. I am always such a forgetful person, especially when it comes to going to the gym. I’m loving the new rules of lifting plan too! I especially love how accessible the author makes it to do all the workouts at home!

  8. You’re doing so great!! I hope you reach your goal love :)

  9. Holy moly that is awesome. I seriously only remembered it was Friday because I saw your Friday favs blog. I have been stuck in a car all week so the days have kind of blended together.

  10. Mmm! Peanut butter and banana on toast is my all time favorite snack too

  11. I always looks forward to your friday faves! They are always so cheery and fun!

    Your oatmeal looks so freaking good! You’ve got me craving pudding like crrrrrrazy!

  12. You should totally do progress pictures!!! Show off what you are sweating for girl!

    I’m going to start the new rules workouts next week and I am SOOOO excited :)

  13. That lunch oat bowl looks fabb!! Today it rained on the east coast, so my Friday fave consisted of nothing but baking bread all day :)

  14. I did cross country in high school and we couldn’t skip practices, so I ran 3 miles in pink Converse once. I don’t think my shins have ever recovered!

  15. Oh that is WONDERFUL news about your fundraising!!!

    Also – PB&B is my favourite pre work out snack. Yum – I could eat it for-always :)

  16. you worked out in skinny jeans? now thats impressive!!! I love ya friend.

  17. LOVE THE SNACK!! ioh anddd YESS I NEED THAT BOOK!! iw ill get it here.. HOPEFUlly if i can find it!! im loving my program and college and boys and WOOP!

  18. Hey, I often forget things and do what you did – I go and buy something in the nearest (aka cheapest) shop :) Once I even forgot to put my bra on – yes, such a shame! :))

    My Friday faves? Oatmeal with blended strawberries, baking TWO cakes for my parents, swimming, doing some decorations for my room!

  19. Aj, that lava cake looks so so so GOOD! I love you Friday faves, all of them! Especially that people have been so generous, and already given so much to your charity cause! And your non-pain run, THAT is awesome!

    My faves must be: Chocolate and tea before breakfast, The roasted broccoli pesto I made yesterday (SO good!!), my job (<3),that I have done strenght twice this week (I usually just run+do a bit of yoga), and the super positive mood Ive been in lately :D

    Happy happy weekend Emma <3

  20. Ha, good for you getting those cheapo sweats! I only get forgetful when I’m stressed so I use that as a sign I need to take it easy! I’m so loving that book, did my first modified workout (to take into account body pump and running etc) yesterday and it was great, just the right amount of time and everything, thanks for your review! I guess that workout was my friday fave!

  21. Yes haha I am forgetful! Yesterday I forgot to take my broccoli out of the microwave and drain it… house didn’t smell so good after that. And let’s not even talk about how bad the broccoli tasted.

    You are too funny!!! Oh, and I totally want to move to Hawaii and be roommies with you and drink pineapple frapps all day. With chocolate chips, of course :)

  22. Hahaha so funny you are gonna return the pants! That’s pretty clever though, not gonna lie ;)

  23. Hahaha Emma I love your forgetfulness! Too funny. The worst I’ve ever done is forgot my sports bra and I just ran in a regular bra. My gym is actually really close to my house so even if I did forget stuff, I could just go home really fast!
    That peanut butter lava cake.. I literally tried it 30 seconds after it was published. I had it 3 times that day. I haven’t had it in a while though and that needs to change!!

  24. Woooo I’mma gonna donate as soon as I get home!!!


  25. Are you on Stage 1 of NROLFW? Because I just started Stage 1, and I’m finding it really easy. Maybe I’m just used to doing a lot more weight lifting because my boyfriend (a personal trainer) has already taught me so much…but I’m finding myself intensifying the NROLFW workouts in order to make them somewhat challenging. Are you doing anything to increase the intensity, or are you following the plan exactly?

    • Yes I am! I think it is more aimed at beginners, but you can definitely make it more challenging by skipping to the later workouts or using heavier weights :) I have been following the plan, but I’ve been using heavier weights and sometimes altering the reps slightly.

  26. Haha – your forgetfulness made me chuckle. I also really admire your commitment to working out – I think I would have gone home rather than buying new gear.
    I’m not usually forgetful, but I’m going through a forgetful patch. I forgot to take my contact lenses out the other night – doh!

  27. Breakfast any time of the day. Yes, I’m in! :D and it doesn’t take as much preparation time as other meals would. I’m so trying the never ending oatmeal. It looks awesome! I’ve been having hesitations on what I should eat as a pre-workout snack. Thanks for the idea! It looks delish. I forget things too. A lot. I usually remember about them when there’s no way I can go back home and get them. I like your solution :D I would love to see progress pictures. I’m getting the book this week so it would be great to motivate me.

  28. Oh, please do post before and afters/progress stuffies because I would love to see that. I think anyone that knows the context of your blog would only see such things in a positive way :)

    Favourite runs: LONG runs, the longer the better. If my body wasn’t seemingly made out of glass I’d run a marathon every day. If only it would let me! Seriously, I wish I had the legs of Forrest Gump.

    Goodness that lava cake looks good…and I am very forgetful: I meant to pick up Alpro puddings so I could try the oatmeal combo but got distracted by pea shoots on special offer in Sainsburies and left without the soya puddings. Gah!


    • AAAH how could you do that Jess?! And they’re on offer 2 for £2.50 too?! :P

      I love long runs too!! I love the feeling of just zoning out…so blissful!

      Thanks! I’ll do that then, but the before ones will be pretty embarrassing! I have NO arm muscle! :P

  29. LOL you worked out in the sweats and then returned them!?
    I’m pretty unforgetful actually, which I’m very proud of :-) I always remember appointments, messages etc. My one redeeming feature!
    I think long slow runs are awesome for making you feel that beautiful post-run-zen-tired feeling, but tempo runs are pretty great for making you feel like a rockstar! Have a great one tomorrow :-)

  30. I think I agree with just about all of this post!! I looveee the same pre-workout snack! Mushed bananas and PB is impossible to beat. and Breakfast for every meal of the day? Yes please!!

  31. 1. Saturday faves: Yoga! Two hours with my fave instructor. Relaxed lunches, getting caught up on housework, etc, baking, and of course, sleeping :)

    2. I’m actually not that forgetful. I manage to remember most everything; I always try to think of anything else I could possibly need whenever I leave the house, and I’m constantly writing lists of things to do. My parents however are eternally asking me what my schedule is and “what’s happening today?” Every. Single. Day.

    3. Do downhill runs count? ;P

  32. I eat breakfast foods all day every day. =)
    Lava cake will be made asap!

  33. I am soooo forgetful too :p and I feel like I should be too young for that!
    and I really need to try to do tempo runs more often, they just intimidate me! Any good tips??
    O.C. recently posted..Recap+Chocolat Heaven!!

    • Don’t be intimidated!! They are so easy! Just warm up for a bit with some jogging, then pick up your pace to a ‘comfortably hard’ pace (i.e., a harder-than-easy pace, but one that you can maintain for a couple of miles), then cooldown! Does that make any sense? If not, email me and I’ll tell you more :) They are FUN and great for improving speed!! :D

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