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Win a Garmin Forerunner or Vitamix FOR CHARITY!

HEY guys!! I just got back from my music competition, which I won by the way!! So thanks for all the good wishes- it clearly worked! Open-mouthed smile And THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the feedback on yesterday’s post! Honestly I was kinda iffy about talking about my disordered eating past, but your responses meant so much to me! I will definitely talk about it more in the future, as requested, so THANKS friends!!


Basically, if you didn’t know, on October 9th this year I will be running The Royal Parks Half Marathon in London as part of Team Poverty for Christian Aid!


“Christian Aid has a vision – an end to poverty – and we believe that vision can become a reality” I  believe that too. One thing I really struggle with actually is suffering in the world. I find it hard to comprehend the level of suffering millions of people around the world face on a daily basis, beyond what I can even comprehend. To be honest, I used to try and ignore it. It depressed me, and still does to an extent, that there is so little I can do to help.

A video about poverty (be warned, it does contain shocking footage).

What I do now recognise is that although I can’t single-handedly end all poverty and suffering, I can STILL make a difference, and I hope to do that by raising money for this amazing charity.


So what does Christian Aid do?christianaid21

Firstly, I’ll just dispel this common belief: Christian Aid does NOT just help Christians! It is a faith based organisation that helps EVERYONE, “regardless of religion, ethnicity or nationality.” I swear I’ve been asked about that at least 3 times already! Smile with tongue out


Christian Aid work on all sorts of projects, from long-term ones such as these…


…to working emergencies like these…


(Screenshots from their website)


For example, Christian Aid are currently working to help with the severe drought in Africa, where over 10 million people are affected, which to put it in perspective, is pretty much the entire population of Greece.


And the biggest worry in my day is usually whether I have any caramel pudding in my fridge to put on my oatmeal! Just can’t imagine!


Ok, so what am I doing to help? Well in running this half I am hoping to raise over £300 for Christian Aid. My JustGiving page:


And to help me get to this amount, I am doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY!! I basically thought about what would be my DREAM giveaway, and this is it! *This giveaway is sponsored by a generous person I know- not a company*


There is one of TWO items up for grabs, and the winner gets to choose which ONE they want!!


You can EITHER win:


The latest Garmin Forerunner! You can read all about it here, but basically the Garmin Forerunner 610 has a touchscreen unlike the others, and provides accurate distance, pace, GPS position, heart rate¹, calories and many other features. I have the Garmin 305 which I LOVE, but is a lot bigger than this and I find it a bit chunky, so this is perfect!


OR the latest Vitamix!vitamix_pro500

That is Vitamix Professional Series 500 (details here). It is a crazy good machine that quite a few bloggers have and I want one so badly!!


And YOU can win ONE of these things!! To win:


  • (Mandatory) Donate to my JustGiving page at least £2, and leave a comment here saying you’ve done so.
  • (Optional) For each extra £2, you get another entry (please leave an EXTRA comment telling me how much). For example, if you donate £10, then leave one comment telling me you donated, and then another comment telling me you donated £10.
  • (Optional) You get an extra entry for following me on Twitter and Tweeting  about the giveaway, linking back to this post.


The winner will be picked randomly on Tuesday 12th at 9pm GMT. And I will be very jealous of whoever wins!! Smile with tongue out


GOOD LUCK you guys, and thanks in advance for helping me to raise money to help beat poverty! LOVE YOU ALL <3


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  1. I follow you and tweeted

  2. I donated!

    MAN. I’ve donated a lot more than I have in any previous years I think, haha. Good thing they’re all for excellent causes or else I might actually feel bad about putting charges on my credit card, lol.

  3. I donated!!

  4. I donated 6 pounds – I have no idea how to type in the pounds symbol – haha :)

  5. I follow you on Twitter and I tweeted about the giveaway

  6. What an amazing organization! I donated.

  7. I donated 16 pounds.

  8. I’m going to tweet right now. :-)

  9. hi emma is this an international giveaway or just the UK?

  10. I donated! I don’t usually go out of my way to donate for these, but since you’re such an awesome amiga and I know you care so much about the cause and running, I whipped out the credit card! You inspire me everyday :)

  11. tweeted!

  12. Honestly you are the sweetest person EVER! You rock for doing this, and it is sooo much more then the giveaway (which is fab) but I am totally doing this for the BIGGER picture, because this is such and important cause and my daily problems have no comparison to so many around the world who are fighting for each day and struggling. — I Donated!!!

  13. donated £6

  14. follow you, and tweeted about it:)

  15. YEY Emma! What a great thing to support! Im so happy you are doing this, and Im so happy Im able to help a tiny bit! I donated £10.
    these are the first 2

  16. 3+4

  17. 5+6

  18. 7+8

  19. 9+10
    Im in desperate need of a Vitamix, so I have my fingers crossed :) In any case Im happy I could be part of this!
    Good luck raising the money<3

  20. I just donated :-)

  21. I donated £10

  22. also, i already follow on twitter, and just tweeted the giveaway.

    I love that you are doing this it makes me realize there really are good people in the world :-)

  23. Hey, my sister and I donated to your charity. We think it is so awesome what you are doing and love all the amazing food you post. We now both eat dates with almond butter by the pound now (so good!)

  24. Oh, and we donated 15 pounds! We hope you reach your goal!

  25. You’re such a love Emma!!

    I donated.

  26. Donated £6 in total.

  27. Hey Emma! I think you’re running for a great cause and really admire your dedication to fundraising. I’m positive you’ll reach your target in no time, especially with awesome incentives such as a garmin or vitamix! I’ve donated the required £2 :) Good luck!

  28. I couldn’t resist donating another £8, so £10 in total. Winning a vitamix would be amazing, but just knowing I’m supporting such a good charity is even better :)

  29. Donated once…

  30. And also donated an extra £10, because I am so astounded by your continuing generosity and selflessness.



  31. Also posted on Twitter (or at least attempted to!)


  32. What an amazing idea lovely!! I donated :)

  33. And I tweeted!! :)

  34. Best giveaway idea ever!! I just donated :)

  35. and I follow you on Twitter now…good luck with this and hope you raise the amount you need :)

  36. Congrats on the music competition that’s amazing a big well done to you. :D

    Wow your give away sounds amazing, I also think its a wonderful charity you are supporting, they help so many people who are unfortunate to suffer. :D

    I’m of to justgiving to donate you right this second, and I shall tweet my followers about your amazing give away.

    Have a wonderful day
    Love Jess

  37. This is an amazing cause and giveaway! I donated!

  38. I donated 5 pounds!

  39. I am going to tweet now! And I already follow you !

  40. BEAUTIFUL idea!

    I donated, happily.

  41. I was already following, so I tweeted!

  42. Donated m’dear :) best of luck! hugs xo

  43. Awesome giveaway!! I donated…

  44. And donated £6 for yoou..

  45. And followed you/tweeted about it! #massivegiveawaygeek

    p.s I love your blog and got hugely excited that you’re in the UK! I get major US blog envy..

  46. Holy heck! Your giveaway craps all over my giveaway prize LOL!
    I don’t need either of them but I’ll donate anyway :-) You’re so generous!

  47. I donated! This is such a great cause :)

  48. I donated 4 pounds!

  49. And I tweeted :)

  50. Hi Emma! I donated :)

  51. I donated £10

  52. I’m now following you on twitter@maria_wright and i posted a description and link back to this page :) Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these wonderful prizes :)

  53. Hey Emma – I just donated (4 pounds / 8 Canadian dollars!). You are doing such an incredible thing here, and I’m so impressed with your fundraising efforts – wow! It helps that you have a very wicked & popular blog :)

    Now onto my tweets – for additional giveaway entries! Yahoo!

  54. I donated 4 pounds. Woo hoo! Emma, you rock!

  55. …and my tweet!

    @SweetToothRunnr is running the Royal Parks 1/2 ‘thon for a great charity, learn more here: sweettoothrunner.com/2011/07/08/win… (link shortened automatically)

    Great giveaway!!

  56. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  57. I never left my extra comment for the extra two pounds I donated! So here it is! :)





  60. Heya Emma
    This is such a great thing that you’re doing, i’ve just donated :)

  61. This is my comment to say that i’ve donated £10. It’s a great cause, so I hope it helps!

  62. Oh, and of course I follow you on twitter, just about to tweet you up :)
    Best of luck on race day! I’m running too, but i’ll probably be trucking in far later than you. It’s my first half and legit race.

  63. I donated :)

  64. I donated 5 pounds girl! Keep up the awesome work for this great cause :)

  65. I follow you on Twitter and tweeted this fundraiser!

  66. Wow, what an amzing cause to be helping, that’s so cool and what you do will make such a difference!
    This has got to be the best giveaway ever too, I’d love to win a Vitamix!
    I donated…

  67. Ha ha, amazing, not amzing! I donated £10 :-)

  68. And I follow you, and Tweeted… :-)

  69. I donated!

  70. I actually donated £10 :D
    Emily recently posted..What I’ve been munching

  71. And of course I follow you on twitter (@inmywindow) and I tweeted too :D x
    Emily recently posted..What I’ve been munching

  72. I donated :)
    Ffion @ Chocolate & Raspberries recently posted..Weigh In, Weekly Wrap Up, June In Review, July goals, and a moan…

  73. I actually donated a £10 because I’m amazing, as are you! (Although I’m almost scared of winning because HOW WOULD I EVER CHOOSE!!!! But I think thats the kind of problem I’d love to have! :)
    Ffion @ Chocolate & Raspberries recently posted..Weigh In, Weekly Wrap Up, June In Review, July goals, and a moan…

  74. I also tweeted! (Cutting it fine I know!)
    Ffion @ Chocolate & Raspberries recently posted..Weigh In, Weekly Wrap Up, June In Review, July goals, and a moan…

  75. I donated £2 :)

  76. Fab cause! Happy to donate :)

    I donated! (I’m Anonymous on your JustGiving by the way)

    All the best with your run!

  77. Donating now, hope i am not too late!!!!! :)

  78. tweeted as well!

  79. Emma, who won? Would the winner have received an email?

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