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What I…Wednesday!!

HEY guys!! It’s time as usual for my What I…Wednesday, which is really my What I…Monday/Tuesday! If you haven’t joined this awesome party yet, well…you should! Smile with tongue out

What I Ate!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk pizzert! Made with peanut flour and chunks of this yummy chocolate, both of which the wonderful Jess sent me:


I highly recommend you add chocolate to your breakfasts. Oh, and I also recommend you remember to grease your pan, or you’ll just have to be classy and eat it straight up like I did:


So pretty in the mornings… Smile with tongue out


Another Best Breakfast Ever:


Oatmeal topped with half chocolate and half vanilla Alpro soya dessert pots and more of Julie’s peanut butter granola.  (I’ve made that granola 3 times in 2 weeks. MAKE IT NOW it’s so darn good!!)


I tried this stuff for the first time, thanks to Lauren!


I tried half straight up and half as dippage with an apple:DSC01740

Ohmygosh it is AMAZING!! I’m actually kinda glad they don’t sell it here though because I am already addicted and at $10 a jar I would definitely become bankrupt! Smile with tongue out


Of course, there were stuffed dates to be had as well:DSC01715

Medjool dates with almond butter, microwaved for 20 seconds until perfection Smile



Vegan shephard’s pie (x2 servings) plus sugar snap peas. I love making big dishes like these and eating the rest as leftovers for lazy lunches later in the week. So easy!


And dessert was AMAZING!!DSC01748

Soy yoghurt with PB granola and a PB chocolate chip cookie! I made Katie’s AMAZING chocolate chip cookies, but with 1/4 cup peanut flour! You HAVE to make these cookies because they are healthy, make just the right amount of cookies (6-8 cookies) and are seriously the BEST cookies I have ever had!! Just don’t ask me why there are only three left right now Winking smile


What I Wore!

I met up with a friend for coffee on Monday, and she complained last time about the fact that I always am wearing workout clothes and never ‘real girl’ clothes! Well I showed her haha!


After coffee, we went shopping! I leave on a music tour in a weeks time, so I had a long list of fun things to get, like adapter plugs and luggage tags. But I ended up not getting ANYTHING I needed to, but loads of even better totally unnecessary stuff! Open-mouthed smile Like this romper (never worn one before!!) but in blue, reduced from £57 to £7!!



And this new Nike workout top which was half price.DSC01710

Goes well with the skirt I know Winking smile I am SUCH a Nike girl! I think I only have one item of workout clothing that ISN’T Nike! Smile with tongue out


What I Worked!

Yesterday I did the new release of BodyPump (I found the squat, chest and lunge tracks harder than normal, and everything else easier) and also 35 minutes on the bike. Check out these new bikes my gym has:DSC01711

It is the X Dream bike: “the first indoor fitness product that accurately simulates the experience of riding outdoors”. I found it kinda like playing a video game whilst exercising…similar to the Wii Fit sort of thing I guess, and in some ways more challenging than using a regular indoor bike! Quite fun Smile


Today was a rest day. I needed it- my legs were achey! So I did 45 mins of yoga to stretch out, and also 7 hours of shoulder/arm workouts. Yeah, I call that viola playing:DSC01744

Sure I rehearse with bare feet…I promise you it’s totally normal…! Winking smile 

Anyway, I had two hours of rehearsals in the morning followed by a two hour concert…215406_1972968808026_1357227372_2296189_3925061_n…and then three hours of rehearsals in the evening for my national competition on Thursday!


Despite the sometimes ridiculous hours like today, it does pay well generally and most importantly I love it! “Do what you love and love what you do” Smile 


And talking of doing what  I love, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do this tomorrow:DSC098982DSC09906

Running again, maybe even on the track!! Open-mouthed smile I was told last week to stick to the treadmill or grass only, but this week I can experiment with other surfaces, and I can’t wait to get out there again yaaay!!


What was your favourite thing you ate/worked today? Breakfasts which are basically dessert, and PB choc chip cookies!! And I think shopping should be a sport really. If you disagree you’ve clearly never seen me whizzing around a grocery store.


Are you loyal to a certain brand? Clothes-wise I am a Nike person! (Possibly because they sponsor Paula Radcliffe… Winking smile ) But with shoes I have Brooks, Asics and Sauconys, so I’m not there!


Do you love your job? YES! Ok, so music is a part-time job for me, and I don’t plan on making it my career, but I definitely love it! Also I play at a lot of weddings and they usually throw in free wedding food which is always a bonus! Open-mouthed smile


Have a GREAT day friends!! <3


P.S. I keep forgetting to do one, but I’ve been getting requests for another Q+A post, so if you have any questions, you can ask me on my Formspring.

P.P.S. Giveaway on Thursday! There were some good guesses from you guys but none of you got it! It’s gonna be a big surprise!!

54 Responses to What I…Wednesday!!

  1. Out of the big fitness companies, I just love Adidas so much! And I think it’s sooo cool when people play music barefoot! Like a friend who’s a flutist, she does some of her stuff playing+dancing barefoot. :D

  2. All your eats look absolutely scrumptious! And I love that skirt you were wearing :)

  3. I have the same kind of sneakers as you! Brooks, asics, and saucony allll the way! All three rock!

    Love all your eats! Especially that pizzert! It looks SO good!

  4. Vegan shepherd’s pie sounds amazinggggg. Is it your own recipe??

  5. Cait @ Beyond Bananas

    I’ve seen those bike before. It looks crazy!! Never used them but a co-worker has and said they were pretty cool!

    Diggin everything about this Wednesday!

  6. ditto, i’m all about my nikes!! :)

    that pizzert looks way too freaking good…yum yum!! glad u were able to get ur stretch on today, it’s SOO good for u and as u kno i’m trying to get better…lol. GOOD LUCK at the concert…u’ll rock their socks of. and enjoy that run 2morrow. :)

  7. I love reading your posts Emma. You just make me smile because you’re always so happy and cheerful and energetic. I agree with your recommendation of chocolate for dessert!

  8. Best thing I ate today = Choc Smoothie I made for brekky this morning.One brand I am certainly loyal to is Aussie designer Alannah Hill :). And yes, I LOVE my job!

    BTW, I love your blog. Your positivity is contagious :).

  9. Holly @pink runner

    I made a career out of music and LOVE it :) I just tried justins for the first time this week and it’s amazing!

  10. That’s great you love what you do – even if it’s just for now. Very cool!

  11. I love my Adidas!! But Nike’s not bad either ;) I really am not partial to any!!

    ADORE your eats..holy yum!!

  12. Ha…barefoot rehearsing is perfect!! My favorite bass playing senior always plays barefoot. She’s tiny but doesn’t wear shoes. so funny!! Can’t wait for your giveaway! Is that ever a bad thing? ;) Do I have too many exclamation points? Woops….

  13. Have sooooo much fun my musical fashionista! <3 haha! And eating from the skillet is the only way I roll! Then I have to soak it forever to un-do my goof ;) lol!

    Happy WIAW darling!!!!!!! <3 love ya girl!

  14. Favorite thing I ate today.. pecan crusted chicken salad.(dinner out, sadly I can’t claim this Awesome recipe)

    I love that you Have an interest in music. I’m a nerd! I loveeee Mozart.

  15. Love the oats…and all of the food! Oh, and I really like that Nike top too! :)

    I really hope you can run on the track tomorrow! Lately I’ve been running in the water, which is interesting haha

  16. I love everything about your day, can you adopt me and we can do things together? Except I can’t play an instrument, so I’ll just bake while you do that. I want to be able to enjoy that awesome pudding and cookies and those cool bikes! Oh and body pump. I’ve never done that!

    I’m all over the place with brands — I love under armour heat/cold gear, nike tempo shorts, asics socks, and champion sports bras. Otherwise I pretty much just wear old race shirts — I’m so proud of them, I want EVERYONE to see them, and the best way to do that is run around town!

  17. i had sugar snap peas too! oh how I have missed those! and I think i need you to make my breakfast.

  18. Your meals are always so drool worthy :P

  19. U r so so so so sweet! Haha… just one question: why are there only three cookies left? ;) ;)

    And you are definitely classy. I mean, you eat off of Peter Rabbit plates!

    I pretty much only trust Nike. I used to buy shoes based on color, but then I learned I have weird feet and need to be picky ’bout shoes. Plus, Nike makes really awesome shirts that are super-lightweight… ya know, for those of us who AREN’T brave enough to run in sports bras!

  20. as usual, your food always looks delicious! I agree about chocolate for breakfast – great way to start the day. best thing I ate today was a a perfect cold cereal mix with fresh berries. Sort of basic eats today, but that was the winner! I’m a cereal monster. :)

  21. Ha! Love the morning photo – trust me, you look prettier than I do when waking up! Im like a gremlin, honestly.

    And – goodluck on Thursday!

  22. oh my god, hazelnut butter is my favorite nut butter EVER, and hazelnut + chocolate is my favorite combo ever. I didn’t even know they made chocolate-hazelnut butter…this could be dangerous haha

    today I went for an amazing run along the beach followed by a dive into the ocean in sports bra and shorts. definitely got some looks, but it was GLORIOUS. endorphin rush x155345565757

    as for brands, I’m kind of all over the place. I do love Nike tempo shorts though!

  23. Chocolate for breakfast… YES! Best advice EVER. I do this almost every morning, which is probably why breakfast is usually the best thing I eat everyday… unless I have sweet and savory oats, ’cause I have a soft spot for those as well ;) And chocolate chip cookie dough balls… Basically, chocolate anything :D

  24. I love my job :)

    And I also love Justin’s nut butter! woohoo!

  25. Your eats look AMAZING!! Chocolate + breakie definitely = heaven! I must get that shepherd’s pie recipe – it looks awesome.

  26. you would LOVE the nike factory store I went to this past weekend! Everything marked down, there were even sales on sale items :-)

    As far as brands go for me, I’m not partial to any specific ones when it comes to workout clothes – I like having variety, including cute, cheap workout tops from H&M sport (these are awesome btw)

  27. Oh my! That looks awesome…Peanut flour..how have I not tried this yet?? Have the best of luck at your competition! I remember getting huge callouses on my hands when I was playing (sax/clarinet) more regularly. Nasty hands, but I do really miss it..

  28. LOVEE your din!! i wnt vegan shepards pie!! LOVE th new top- -HOT STUFF!
    What was your favourite thing you ate/worked today? my booty on the dance floor…. clubbinnn da night away :)

    Are you loyal to a certain brand? nope!! just watevr looks awesome and unique!

    Do you love your job? hummmm skl sucks :P

  29. you should be a nike model! its perfect for you/ you for them – i have decided… you are going to be the new face of nike, end of story :) and is it weird that I have been obsessed with sugar snap peas, I don’t know what it is about them but I need a daily does of the peas errday, I’m so odd obviously, it’s fine.

  30. Best thing I worked was def a body pump class! I hadn’t attended one in a year as none in Mumbai but as I’m visiting in Dubai, I had to seize the opportunity and boy the burn felt good!

  31. I love that romper!! And all your food of course! Especially that shephards pie- I used to love that but I havent had it in ages :(
    I always use Nike when I work out, and my Nike shoes are the best :)
    I lovelove my job in the reception at the gym. It must be the best job ever!! :D
    The only thing Ive eaten so far today is my favorit goji- mango smoothie- so addictive :)
    Have a great day <3

  32. I love Nike tops too, but then for other stuff I have a range of ronhill, thoosa, stuff like that :)

  33. You’re making so many great recipes with the peanut flour! I’d never have thought to include it in a pizzert so that’s a brilliant idea :)

    I used to eat double choc/vanilla Alpro desserts as snacks, one of each…your oatmeal reminded me of them. I attempted to make yin/yang signs every time with the brown/white but was always too impatient to eat them to get teh pattern exactly right :P

    I just buy whichever brands fit at the time, but it does tend to be Nike in terms of clothing. Asics all the way for shoes though.


  34. I love my job but I’m really looking forward to following my passions more around healthy living in the future! All that food looks amazing! I have to agree that I’m a nike fan for sports wear too, mostly because they tend not to be over branded like some other brands. I’m also fairly loyal to shock absorber run bras and M&S underware!

  35. So exicted for you to be able to run on some other surfaces now! Our gym also has one of those bikes but I’ve never tried it before.. although I have seen people on it and they get really into it!
    All of your eats look amazing :D

  36. Your outfits are so cute, love them lady!
    I am so glad you included what you are doing with the peanut flour. I recently bought some, but need some new ideas
    Oh and of course all of your eats are looking quite delicious :D

  37. I’m so a Nike person also.. but with shoes too! I swear by my NIKE Pegasus’s and refuse to change :) – I swear I probably have had a pair in every color by now…

    and I love love my job – even though I generally work 8-10 hours a day (I work at an investing company) the company I work at has such an amazing atmosphere. I’m also a nerd who really likes stocks/investing..

    Also how’d u make that shepard’s pie?!

  38. Your food looks so delish!! And I love that “we run ldn” shirt!

  39. I love pizzerts! I need to make one again soon!!! Katie has the best recipes ever!!!

    Love the outfits, the one with the skirt is very cute on u!

    Have a great day love!! xoxo <3

  40. Stuffed dates=my faveee!!
    And as for shoes I am totally in love with my vibram Five fingers :)

  41. How in love with Justins Hazelnut butter are you now??? That stuff is so addicting I cant ever get enough!

  42. I am such a deal finder too. That might be why I refuse to spend a decent amount on clothes these days. HA. But anywho your eats look so good. nomtastic.

  43. i haven’t done the new bodypump yet – we’re not launching it until the end of july. i can’t wait!!! i have listened to the music though and i love it!

  44. a 7 euro romper?! duuuude. what a steal!


  45. I love Nike too! :D Favorite thing I ate.. it’s hard to choose because I really liked my breakfast of overnight oats (my breakfasts are like desserts as well haha), but then I liked my pita bread sandwich for lunch too. So I had two best eats today I guess :D And I so agree! Shopping should definitely be a sport. Especially if it’s a grocery store haha.

  46. Aah I am a Nike girl too! Their tops fit SO well – I live in my little blue running one :-)
    I wish I had a job to love…one day eh? Unless my current job of unemployed counts…in which case, I HATE my job!
    BTW, you look very pretty in ‘real girl’ clothes!

  47. My workout today was: 3.18 mile run, 3 mile walk and 1.5 hours of vinyasa flow. I was especially pleased with my run, as I did 3 miles in 26:40, which for ME is crazy fast.

    I have brand loyalty to: The North Face, Banana Republic, JCrew jeans, Stonyfield yogurt (random) haha.

    I love my job at school back home and my barista job back home. I don’t have a job in Asheville yet, but since I’m just looking for a summer thing, no I probably won’t love it :)

  48. Emma. I just love you. Enough said :P You’re just so happy, smiley, fun and not mention one sexy chic!! Look at you rockin’ that gorgeous blue Nike top!! I want!! Oh and can I just come and live with you so we can eat loads of sweet stuff together?! :) please?! :)
    My favorite thing I atewas definitely my cookies..which are going by the second! :P

  49. Ooh that shepards pie looks so good!
    I’m not really loyal to any brands I just wear whatever fits goood :D
    and I’m currently unemployed but when i do get a job, i’m hoping I will love it!

  50. Awesome bargain on the romper – well done :-)

    I *always* forget to grease the tray when I’m making oven-based things, so I always end up eating it out of the tray!

  51. I love Justin’s! I have so many of their PB at my house right now, it’s getting pretty embarrassing.


  52. the vanilla/chocolate alpro oatmeal looks de.li.cious!

  53. fave thing i ate today…..sunspire semi-sweet chocolate chips that i put in the freezer for a few hrs. & roasted peanuts :)

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