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Wonky Runner

HEY friends!! THANKS so much friends for all the love and encouragement on yesterday’s post! The race was SO much fun, and I had a ridiculously busy day, but tomorrow I plan on parking my butt on the couch all day and doing a whole lot of NOTHING Smile


You know I said how I love my pre-race routine? Well on the advice of a sports nutritionist (who I met with a while back), I changed my pre-race breakfast today! Because I wasn’t going to be ‘racing’ it,  it was ok to experiment a little. I used to be a PB+banana toasted sandwich girl, but after some GI issues in races he suggested this:


Banana oatmeal with honey and dried fruit. Basically he suggested I try eating pre-race without the fat (NO NUT BUTTER!! Surprised smile ) and see if that was possibly causing an issue (it takes longer to digest than carbs or protein) and I had zero problems today! Win! Open-mouthed smile


Then I headed straight off for 3 hours of morning rehearsals in preparation for the later concert, and I went in my running gear, looking totally normal of course. They’re all used to it by now though Winking smile I went to the race straight from there. I LOVE Cancer Research races because the atmosphere is so incredible! Look at all that PINK!DSC01651


In the spirit of pinkness, I even went for pink socks. Um, can someone please teach me how to match colours/be fashionable?


Pink socks+red shoes is definitely a good look Winking smile


What IS cool though is that one of my friends who was also running it was my shorts twin!


And guess who bought her those shorts as a birthday present? Winking smile My friends are seriously lucky people and I am clearly in the process of trying to make them clones of myself. Well I’ve got them running and wearing my favourite shorts, so just the nut butter obsession to go now! Open-mouthed smile


I ran the whole thing with my bestie!270079_10150239403202949_763417948_7534037_5136997_n

That was the world’s dorkiest and wonkiest runner on the right if you hadn’t noticed. Definitely considering changing the blog name to Wonky Runner.


Anyway, she ran the WHOLE thing without stopping, even though she was finding it really tough (especially with the heat- a 2pm race in July?!). We crossed the finish line together in 1.10, and I am so so proud of her!! A few of my other friends ran it too, and it was all of their first races and they did brilliantly SmileDSC01668

I then ran 2 chill miles on my own later at my own pace (7.30 min/mile). The winning woman won in 40mins I think, and I KNOW that I can come back next year and beat that. How cool would it be to win a race with 3000 competitors?! Bring it onnnn 2012!!


Oh, and there was ZERO shin pain today!! Literally none at all!! Probably mostly due to the fact that 90% of those 8.2 miles were run on grass at a slow (for me) pace, but I’m so happy about that! Open-mouthed smile


I then needed all the speed I could get. By the time I got home all sweaty and hungry and tired from the muggy heat, I only had 30 mins before I left for my concert. But I did it, even though it mean wearing a hair turban in the car and stopping off to grab dinner to eat en-route:DSC01671 

But I managed it on time, and it was a successful concert! Open-mouthed smile206707_1972971728099_1357227372_2296200_7296052_n


The only way to recover from a day like this is to eat Single Lady Cupcakes until you explode:


Protein Peanut Butter Single Lady Cupcake topped with almond butter.


An original SLC, topped with DCD peanut butter and stars Smile


This Sunday was DEFINITELY different to my normal one. I mean, where were the pancakes?!


I missed Pancake Sunday!! Maybe I’ll have to have Pancake Monday instead Winking smile


Oh, and I am SO excited because I literally have the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER EVER EVER coming up for you guys!! It’s one to raise money for charity, and basically if I could win this giveaway myself I would be the happiest girl alive!! I can’t WAIT to post it, and I will be on Thursday when I travel away for my competition! Hint: one of the giveaway items can be seen in a photo on this post! That’ll keep ya guessing! Smile with tongue out


How was your Sunday? Got any plans for the July 4th holiday American friends?


How was the last race you ran? So much FUN!! It was weird running a race and finishing feeling like I could run it all again! Usually I finish pretty exhausted! Smile with tongue out


What are your pre-race/run foods? Oatmeal with honey (just like Paula Radcliffe!! The obsession continues…)


Have a GREAT week friends!! Love and hugs!! <3

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43 Responses to Wonky Runner

  1. What the heck. Why are you not having pancakes everyday? I saw on DM that you ran painfree and I got so pumped for you. You will totally the win the race next year. :)

  2. Huzzah for no shin pain! That’s just great. Next year, or even your next race, you will rock it.

  3. Your race sounds awesome and yeah! for no shin pain and for cancer research runs :)
    My sunday was nice and lazy after my run today. Pre race food is an orange always

  4. No pain?!!? YESSSSS! I’ve never run a race before (maybe someday) but I’d totally be down for running one with so much pink – I especially love some people’s pink hair, and of course your pink socks!! Although I have no idea what I’d eat… oats and chocolate would definitely be involved though ;)

    My Sunday’s been amazing because there was ice cream and momma love involved… and the day’s not over yet :D

  5. Wow – what a day! Rehearsals, a race, AND performing in a concert?! What are you, superwoman?? (that’s your new nickname, by the way. Forget wonky runner, haha)

    But seriously, congrats on the race. It’s nice ‘competing’ in a relaxed manner sometimes, especially if you’re with your friends.

    • Awww thank you!! Haha don’t tempt me to change it to Superwoman, because I will do it! :P And too right, I had SO much fun just relaxing and not dying haha!

      Anyway, have a great day girl!! <3

  6. your slow is my fast, haha. Congrats! so excited for you!

  7. Ooh ooh ooh, is it a peter rabbit plate? Or wait, maybe it’s you? I wanna win my very own Emma!

  8. Yay for no shin pain! I’m hoping my shin pain goes away soon…I’m dealing with posterior shin splints at the moment.

    You can SO beat 40 minutes next year! We both have the same 10k goal :p I sometimes wish that XC races were 10k instead of 5k but whatever, I’ll take what I can get! :)

    Awesome race by the way!

  9. Congrats on a pain free race! That is awesome girl!

    I am so excited for the giveaway! I’m gonna guess that you are giving away some running gear….sneakers possibly?

  10. If you’re giving away nike tempo shorts I will die. haha.

    I’m glad you guys had so much fun with the race! It makes me so excited to run with all my teammates during cross country season. You sure got yourself looking spiffy for that concert really fast! If I can get a shower in I call it a good day.

  11. Glad the race went well! Looks like you had quite a jam packed day!

  12. Oh yay! It looks like it was a great time!! And then….you went onto have a busy day afterwards – impressive!!

  13. could it be nike tempo shorts?
    congrats to you and your friends on the race! sounds like it was a wonderful (and busy!) day!

  14. AWW YAY! congrats to ur friend!! and YOU!! looks like a fun one!

    How was your Sunday?GOOD!!!! got some lovely romance goin on o’er hurrr ;)

    How was the last race you ran? a 5k over a year ago!! :O

    What are your pre-race/run foods? oats or taost and nanner with pb!

  15. Yay for no pain! Although I’ve not raced, my pre workout breakfast is most effective when it’s pb & banana on toast. I love oats but it sometimes weighs me down.

  16. Congrats on having such a full, busy day without any pain! :) My Sunday was spent at school from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., so nothing exciting happening here :)
    My fave pre-run food is oatmeal with raisins and carob powder – carbs are the must! :)

  17. Yay congrats to you and your friends for running it! And for running all the way :)
    I find that I cannot have pb before a run, so I have porridge with raisins, and save the pb for after :)
    My Sunday was fun- I went to visit a friend and looked after her little baby while she cleaned her house! Ok it was more fun than it sounds!

  18. Love your pink socks!

    Hehe, when I saw that bowl of porridge the first thing I thought was ‘that’s exactly what Paula Radcliffe would eat.’

    PB messes my insides up pre-run too. I always go with a bar/two bars and a banana, but to be honest anything at all gives me one problem or another. That’s why I always run on an empty stomach, but with a late race that would be torture! We need more races at 5am like in the US…


  19. Well done on your run! I usually run on dates and that’s it because I tend to go out first thing. For the great north run I had banana porridge, I definitely need to experiment with breakfasts and running a little later in the day, I have my 10k coming up so that will be good practice!

  20. WOOHOO for no pain!! Aww well done girly and a huge well done to your friend too!! But BOO for no pancakes!! You definitely need to make up for it next sunday!! And you should make them extra extra special :)
    I wish my sunday had been so much fun..I just went to the gym and did housework hmph! Ahh well such is life haha.

  21. Did I respond to this? If not, who knows why? I amm sooo happy for you! Look how far you have come. YOu are inspiring to me considering I am having a pretty tough time right now.

  22. That sounds like a fun race, and Im so happy you didnt have any shin pain :D
    Your oatmeal almost looks a little sad, I think it misses its nut butter :( But I guess some sacrifices I necessary to get to the top ;)
    Wish you a great week Emma :)

  23. I’m so sorry that we couldn’t meet up in London! Maybe one day :) Today I’m celebrating the fourth with grilled foodies and some beer in honor of finally being back in America!! Weeeeeeeeeee :D

  24. Well done on your run! It looks like you had an amazing time! And its great that you had no pain whilst out running…wohooo!

  25. Hmmmm…it probably doesn’t say much for my own fashion sense…but I kinda like the pink socks. Ha!

  26. So glad you had a pain free run!

    Iv’e looked at the pictures and I’ve concluded that the competition must involve giving away your friends. My room needs cleaning, so I’ll definitely enter! :)

  27. Yay for Nike tempo shorts and your pain free race!! It looks like it was a lot of funn :) But boo for no pancakes! At least you got cupcakes though :)Pre race I like waffles or pancakes with maple syrup and fruit. I cannot eat nutbitter before i run or I get sick :p

  28. Love you! <3 <3 <3 <3 :D

  29. Glad you had a great run with your friends and that you had a great concert afterwards! It’s always great to do something you love with your best buddies! :)

    Have a great week!

  30. Congrats on the race! And the concert of course :] Everything looks like so much fun! Thanks for the encouraging reply to my comment on your previous post by the way :] I really hope so! My Sunday was pretty laid back because I was feeling a bit lazy :D but I had an awesome workout. I think Monday morning I got more things done than all Sunday but that’s ok haha. Seeing those photos makes me want to bake some Single Lady Cupcakes :D what a nice dessert that would be. Excited for your giveaway!

  31. Love the pink, I would so be the one decked out in all pink too ;)

  32. Congrats on the run and a pain free run!!!!

    Im loving the cupcake!!!

    xoxo <3

  33. I have that same problem with morning peanutbutter! It makes my breakfast look so sad without it, but my tummy is much happier at least. Glad it worked for you :)

    I load up on cocoa powder or cinnamon instead sometimes if my breakfast seems boring, makes my oatmeal seem a little more exciting.

  34. I was just looking back through the pictures for a clue to the giveaway and realised where you ran… I used to live about 10 minutes’ drive from there!
    So glad your shins are better and sounds like a great race :-)

  35. u guys were lookin stellar in ur full on pink madness!! luv it!! way to go and HURRAH for no shin pain!! :) that’s so amazing for ur friend and she should be so proud of running the whole way…as for u, i KNO u can beat that time so next year u better go out there, put ur game face on, and win! :)

    ahhh, sunday pancake missing is a bummer BUT u made up for it well with some cupcake action. ;)

  36. Interesting about the nutbutters… I almost always eat pb porridge before training and have been having problems lately… wonder if that is the culprit!

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