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What I…Wednesday!!

I’ve been hiding something from you. I’m sorry, but sometimes things are just hard to say, and there’s just never a ‘right’ time. *Deep breath* here goes…I’m going away tomorrow on a residential nutrition course at a university! I’m so excited (mainly because all I needed to get in was the grades- it’s totally free!!!), and it’s only for a couple of days, so I’ll be back by Friday night! But I hate being away from you guys because I’m not at all needy or clingy…! Winking smile Anyway, I have something lined up on the blog, so I won’t be totally AWOL Smile


ANYWAYS lets move on to the usual PARTY!! Jenn, you know it. It’s time for me to get my butt to the WIAW party!! Open-mouthed smile

As always, I pretend Tuesday is Wednesday because of the time differences, and it makes life that much more fun.


What I Ate Wednesday!

Started the day in the PERFECT way:DSC01501

Banana oatmeal (1/2 cup oats, 1/2 banana, 1 cup water, 1 cup soy milk) topped with caramel pudding, almond butter, and JAM too this time!DSC01504

I swear breakfast is THE best thing ever!! I have no idea how on earth I skipped it in the past. Crazy.


I was actually up and some ridiculous hour in the morning because my postman loves to drop round when I’m still in bed because he loves to see my grin when he gives me a package and that lights up his day. Or it’s me in my PJs and bed head that makes him happy:DSC01508

Definitely the bed head that does it Winking smile


Anyway it was from the wonderful Jess at Almost Over Now. She is a seriously beautiful and talented person, and look what she sent me!DSC01518


My bad photos do them no justice, but they are SO awesome!! In her oh-so-sweet note, she said that the cheetahs reminded her of me running in my fire shoes! Awww!! I’m putting these up over my desk this weekend! Open-mouthed smile


And not ONLY that, but this stuff too!DSC01511

DSC01515Moo free chocolate which is new to me, Sea Salt chocolate which is my favourite chocolate EVER, and PEANUT FLOUR!! I’ve wanted to try this stuff FOREVER, and I know it will heal my shins as Jess said!! Thank you so so much Jess!! I am seriously SO thankful and blessed to have so many amazing and wonderful people in my life Smile


Hanging around isn’t my thing. You can bet I busted STRAIGHT into that peanut flour and got to work!! (Whilst eating the chocolate…)DSC01526

Mama Pea’s energy bars, made with peanut flour instead of WW flour. These bars are SO delicious!! It has all my fave things in: oats, peanut butter, chocolate chips, dates, and now PEANUT FLOUR! Open-mouthed smile


Aaaand…a Double Peanut Butter Single Lady Cupcake!! SO yummy, and with around 18g of protein, it makes the PERFECT post-lifting snack in my opinion Winking smileDSC01550

Ok, well I topped it with White Chocolate Wonderful PB to make it Triple Peanut Butter hehe! This recipe is adapted from Katie’s Original Single Lady Cupcake recipe, and I don’t normally repost recipes, but I have changed a few things here so I hope you don’t mind Katie!!


Protein Peanut Butter Single Lady Cupcake (lightly adapted from CCK’s recipe)

  • 3T peanut flour (1/4 cup or 30g) 
  • heaping 1/8th tsp salt (I liked it slightly salty, like salty peanut butter, but use half if you want it normal)
  • 1T peanut butter (crunchy is AMAZING in this!!) 
  • 1T + 1 tsp agave nectar 
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • drop almond extract
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder

Combine all ingredients, and place in a greased muffin cup (I just put a muffin case in a small ramekin) and microwave for about 75 seconds depending on your microwave. Or use Katie’s oven version.


Other eats from today:DSC01542

Lentil stew and brown rice with (unpictured) brocc on the side for dinner.


Stuffed dates warmed in the microwave. Obviously.


Banana with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB.


Just realised that everything except the lentil dinner involves nut butter. How normal! Smile with tongue out


What I Worked Wednesday: 5 miles elliptical+ first EVER workout from New Rules of Lifting for Women! (See tomorrow’s post for deets!)


I did NOT use those weenie dumbbells by the way! That is a old photo because I looked odd enough being the only girl in the scary weights area without whipping out my camera! Smile with tongue out


It was TOUGH and definitely kicked my butt! I sure needed that protein cupcake afterwards! Winking smile I also ate a hummus+avocado+lettuce roll on the way to the gym as my pre-workout snack.DSC01524

Why do people give me funny looks when I eat when walking? I’m sure it’s cos they’re just jealous. Or possibly because I get hummus all over my face, who knows.


What I Danced To Wednesday

I’m sorry, but when the Glee version of Raise Your Glass comes on the radio in the gym changing rooms, I just can’t help it.


Only this time I got caught dancing by the cleaner. I know she was jealous of my moves and wanted to join in the fun despite the look she gave me which told me otherwise. Solo dancing= WAY too much fun Smile


Best thing you ate today? Oh, er, EVERYTHING I posted!! Bit of a cop out I know!


What was your workout today, or was it a chill day? I should be able to do a longer RUN tomorrow weeeee!!


Random Q: What are you like with packing? Um, I’m awful. It’s midnight and I leave early in the morning and I haven’t even gotten my suitcase out yet. And I always pack WAY too much and have to sit on it to zip it up so it’ll close !Smile with tongue out


Hope you guys have an AMAZING day!! LOVE YOU ALL <3

48 Responses to What I…Wednesday!!

  1. The time difference practically gives you TWO WIAWs! =) hollerrrr!

    Congrats x100000000 on your nutrition program!!!!!!! so so so excited for you girl!

    now get back in the kitchen and make me a cupcake =)

  2. That oatmeal looks AMAZING! And love the pb stuffed dates with chocolate chips – genius!

  3. A nutrition class? Eee! Too exciting. That kind of stuff is right up my alley! I hope it’s a blasty-blast :D And don’t worry… I’m absolutely horrible at packing, too. I operate under the “better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it” mentality, so I always take too much stuff and end up not using over half of it.

    Best thing I ate today was my pudding oats ;) No matter how many days I eat them, I always want more… And it was a chill day for me… I needed some rest -.-

  4. yay for the nutrition class! That’ cool! you’ll love the uni thang too :-)

  5. The nutrition class sounds really cool and yay for free things!! I have been wanting to try that sea salt chocolate, I literally almost got it at the grocery store yesterday, I wish I had. Next time I go I for sure will!!

  6. ALL your eats look amazing! Especially all that peanut flour loving! That stuff is AWESOME! I loooove it!

    Congrats on getting into that program! Woo hoo!! That is SO exciting!

  7. That is so exciting about your nutrition class!! Congrats! I am so jealous :)
    My workout today was a 4 mile run followed up by Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown level 1. And for the record I’m pretty awesome at packing! I usually don’t forget anything and I’m good at bringing outfits that match and are versatile. Good luck with it :)

  8. Such an exciting opportunity!!
    Tonight’s dinner was particularly delicious. A Greek salad topped with a turkey burger & raspberry vinaigrette. :D

    My workout was yoga + a shoulder/back workout.

  9. That nutrition thing sounds super fun, can’t wait for the recap.And of course your WIAW/ WIAT has me drooling like a fool :) yummm. I usually pack too much and only use like a quarter of the stuff, but I have gotten better after realizing what a pain it is to have to lug around a bag that weighs more then me. Just don’t forget your toothbrush and clean undies :) ohhh and snacks, mucho important too!

  10. EMMA YOU LITTLE SECRET KEEPER (haha I didn’t know what else to call you) WHY DID YOU KEEP THIS BIT OF EXCITEMENT FROM US!?!!? I’m gonna miss you but you’re gonna learn so much and then share it and make me smarter in return. Yaaay.
    You know I’m obsessed with peanut flour. You should make Healthy Food for Living’s Choclate Peanut Butter Lava Cake. It’s sort of heavenly.

    My workout today was an awesome elliptical one! I posted it on daily mile and I’ll probably share it in my post tomorrow, which you might not see until later because of your nutrition thang but you should still check it out.


  11. You’re too funny – have so much fun at your program!!

    Today I did some heavy lifting! TOmorrow I’m going for a run with a friend!

  12. Congrats on the nutrition class, I’m sure it will be so awesome!!! I hope you get my package soooon, I’m so worried about it arriving in one piece!

  13. Congrats on your program acceptance!!

    Best thing I ate was pistachio pudding :)

    Today I did a weird abs dancing video that made me feel like a loon! Now i’m headed to the gym to RUN!

    I’m pretty good with packing… I always get excited to go places that I start packing a few days in advance. I always overpack though!

  14. best thing I ate today: a fresh, juicy mango

    workout: today was a chill day, just a quick 20 minutes of laps in the pool. planning a killer day tomorrow though :)

    packing: seriously, I am the worst packer EVER. it’s bad. really bad.

  15. Enjoy your course in nutrition, it surelyl will be interesting!
    Best thing I ate today..my breafast oatmeal with melted banana+tahini+carob+raw cacao combo!
    My workout will be probably some DVD or swimming, I haven´t made up my mind yet :)
    I am really horrible at packing, I hate it and I never know what to pack and what not and I always leave with a too heavy pack full of things I don´t need and desperately missing anything useful :)

  16. Congrats about the course, looking forward to reading your recaps! Best thing I ate was probably breakfast: Katie’s voluminous overnight oats topped with peanut butter, fruit preserves, applesauce and granola- can’t get enough of it! Today (Wednesday) was a spur of the moment rest day! I had planned to run but when my alarm went off this morning, my body was begging for more zzz time so I rolled with it! It looks like strength training from yesterday exhausted me more than I thought!

  17. Wow those paintings by Jess are amazing- she is such a talented artist.
    I had a 9 bar yesterday for the first time in ages, so I will choose that.

  18. Aw, Im so happy for you that you are going to the nutrition course!! Youll fit right in :)
    Jess` paintings are really great! What a talente!

    And your eats are to die for, as always! So much nutbutter going on :O I love the triple PB muffin <3
    The best thing I have eaten so far today, is strawberries dipped in hazelnut butter and melted chocolate, mmmhm!

    Good luck on the course Emma!! I cant wait to hear about it on Friday <3

  19. I knew you’d do something wonderful and creative with the peanut flour rather than just mixing it into a sauce or paste, or bunging it into a smoothie like I do! My uncle bought me so many of those bags, it was no trouble at all to send one :) I thought that chocolate might be new to you as it’s only recently appeared in the teeny health food shop in Newcastle I spend so much time in ;) The name reminded me of those meatless burgers on CCK’s blog (Moophrey or something similar?)

    That nutrition course sounds so exciting: I wish there was something similar closer to me that I could do, though I’m not sure if I’d have the right grades. Awesome that it’s free too :)

    I am terrible with packing: I always forget at least one crucial item!


    • Aww you are the BEST for sending me that, seriously! I’m putting up your beautiful paintings tomorrow too :) And I tried the chocolate today and I LOVE it!! I kinda wish I lived in Newcastle now! You seem to have amazing health food stores!! Oh, and don’t worry about the packing thing, because for the last 4 times I’ve been away I’ve forgotten my toothbrush! :P

  20. Hope you enjoy your course! Such lovely gifts from Jessica she’s a wonderful artist and a generally all round lovely person :-) Love the look of all your food today!

  21. The course sounds fab! Jess is so generous and talented! :)

  22. The package you received from Jess is amazing, those paintings are beautiful! Have fun on your nutrition course, I get excited before every single one of my nutrition lectures (geek alert) so a three day course sounds like heaven.

  23. Eeee how exciting about the nutrition course!! You sneaky little thing keeping that a secret!!! :P It would be great if you could teach us all a few things you learnt from it when you get back :)
    Aww the package you got from Jessica is lovely – she is such an amazing artist and she doesn’t even do a course in anything to do with art!! Talent wasted in my opinion!! She could make SOO much money!!
    Best thing I ate today soo far..a pumpkin muffin :P I love me some muffins yum yum yum!
    Todaay I did workout – I did 1hr 15 intervals on cardio machines and 15 mins weights :)
    And omg I am SOO bad at packing. I pack at like midnight like you haha!

  24. WOW I’m jealous of your nutrition course! Which Uni are you studying at? I would lovelovelove to take part in something like that!

  25. oh my gosh…have a BLAST at the nutrition course!! u’ll have so much fun, don’t sweat the packing thing, i’m the WORST about that. i always bring way too much, but better safe than sorry right? just make sure u remember to bring ur workout socks…hehe. :)

    can’t wait to hear all about it and also that workout u tried from the book! have so much fun emma and looking forward to hearing about all the things you learn and fun stuff u get up to! :)

  26. The nutrition course sounds like a lot of fun! I’m hoping to sneak one in during grad school in the fall. I love all your eats, all those nut butter (and peanut flour!) foods look delicious! I seriously love those paintings your friend did, I adore cheetahs :)

  27. Yum that energy bar looks scrumptious! Enjoy that nutrition class girl!! <3

  28. I’ve been meaning to stuff dates with something other than cheese (and then wrapping them in bacon…). Thanks for the reminder to just DO it already. :)

    Caramel pudding with breakfast? Yes, please!

  29. That’s my FAVORITE chocolate tooo nom nom nom.

    My workout today: 2 mile incline (treadmill) run, some body weight strength training and YOGA!

  30. GOSH, I’ve wanted to try peanut flour forever, too! that cuppycake looks fab. ;)

  31. That sounds so cool! Have fun at the class!!
    :D Gahh I got my first ever batch of peanut flour the other day too and am dying to bake up a storm! :D

  32. Those paintings are fantastic!
    I’ve just got some peanut flour, so I will be taking inspiration from some of your ideas.

  33. Mmm hummous and avocado sounds like a yummy combo in a roll and perfect workout fuel! I gotta get round to trying that, love hummous so generally love it with everything!

    I suck at packing, I can never be bothered to fold things and properly so just shove things in and get stressed when I can’t fit everything in! : )

    Hope you enjoy your nutrition course, it sounds really interesting!

  34. That class looks so exciting! Hummus and avocado sandwiches are my go-to lunches of late!!! =)

  35. WOW how awesome at the course! Which uni is that? I really want to go on it! Please spill :) And have an amazing time of course!

  36. aha! another peanut flour fiend… i need to get me onto this! pronto! where do you get yours? reckon H&B will stock it?

  37. How do you make your oatmeal? Just mash it all up and microwave? It just looks so…big and fluffy!

    Good luck with your course!


  38. Good luck with the nutrition course – sounds fun! :) Those pictures of the Cheetahs look amazing as well. Best thing I ate today = brownie cupcake!

  39. Wow, have a brilliant time! Sounds like such a good chance to get.
    What a lovely thing for Jess to do, she’s such a good artist – and peanut flour rocks!
    I need to try those caramel puddings too :-)

  40. Triple peanut butter- those words make me swoon :)

    Jessica’s art is absolutely beautiful!

  41. Girl, I can’t wait to hear all about this nutrition class! You will have to fill us in when you get back! :)

    Those paintings are completely amazing! She did a great job. What a precious gift. :)

  42. Yummm!! Everything looks too good. I just love the looks of your warm stuffed dates! I have really got to try those soon.

  43. I love how much nut butter you eat! I eat tons cause I’m addicted!

    Seeing that protein cake recipes makes me so sad my peanut flour stash ran out! I need to buy more ASAP

  44. Oooh I’m so jealous of that peanut flour! Please blog about your nutritional course that sounds really exciting!

  45. I just bought some Dark Chocolate Dreams yesterday, after drooling over it on here all the time! Can’t wait to try it!

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