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Confession Time

Howdy guys!! Hope you’re having a good day!! Thank you all so much for the comments on yesterday’s post!! I loved hearing what you are thankful for, and your kind words meant a lot!! It’s taking a lot of patience and self-discipline not to go straight back into in but I know I have to go slow. I’m just going to be thankful for every moment Smile


A couple of weeks ago (fashionably late?), the beautiful Chelsey tagged me in this award!



YAAAY thank you Chelsey! I’m sposed to give you 7 things about myself, but since I’ve already done that (on my Fave Posts page!), I’ll give you 7 Confessions from today…


1. I had pudding for breakfast. And I probably will now every day until I die.DSC01052

I seriously cannot thank Amanda enough for introducing me to this amazing idea. Caramel pudding as an oatmeal topping= best idea EVER!! I made more of Julie’s peanut butter granola specially for the occasion Winking smileDSC01051


2. I am addicted to stuffed dates. I had such strong stuffed-date cravings this morning that I went out and bought Medjool dates specially. I had run out and it had been WAY too long (like, 3 days!! Surprised smile)


Stuffed with crunchy PB mmmmm….


3. Whenever a killer upbeat TUNE comes on I can’t help but dance. Wherever I am, I just break into it. RAISE YOUR GLASS!DSC01056


4. I am seriously starting to LOVE the weights!! Even though it can leave me in pain…


…it really kicks my butt and I LOVE seeing results!! I CAN SEE MUSCLES WOOOO! Open-mouthed smile My morning date with the weights was AWESOME! And an amazing weight training book that has been raved about recently by everyone (any guesses?!) is winging its way to me as I type…


5. I sweat more than anyone else in the universe. Thank goodness I had my Bondi Band for evening spin is all I can say!DSC00782

BUT as my spin instructor always says, more sweat is a GOOD thing and means you’re fitter! Thanks, but I’d still take the non-sweaty look any day! Smile with tongue out


6. My ‘snacks’ are basically meals. Tropical Protein Oatmeal was one of my afternooon snacks:


1/2 cup oats, soy milk and 1/2 scoop tropical protein powder, topped with the last of my PB&Co Crunch Time! BUT guess what tomorrow’s breakfast will be in…? Open-mouthed smile


7. I sneak into newsagents and read their running magazines without buying them. I DO always buy Runner’s World, but otherwise it just gets too expensive. So I do it my (illegal?) way!DSC01054

They’ll never see me if I hide behind it…right? Winking smile


‘Fess up people! Give me a confession please!


What is your favourite bit about strength training? So much!! The results (obviously!), the way it works me REALLY hard when I lift heavy, and the way my appetite increases a TON! And that’s seriously saying something! Smile with tongue out


Favourite magazine/s? Runner’s World all the way! *Almost* worth the fiver it costs… I also like Running Fitness!


P.S. I’ll tag some commenters in tomorrows post to  get this award!


Have an AMAZING rest of the week friends!! <3

53 Responses to Confession Time

  1. ahhh I just love weights girl!! I agree, results are alwayyyys way quicker with weights, and my digestion and metabolism is more regulated, and I just love feeling strong and being able to lift a train! haha well, I feel like I can at least. :D You’re so cute Emmma!

  2. I love that invincable BA feeling I get from strength training! I just feel so hardcore (I know I’m a total dork! :))
    I am also addicted to stuffed dates! They’re awesome anytime with any nut butter (coconut and cashew are my faves!) and for cconfession no2 I sometimes get into breakfast ruts (oats!) :P

  3. Ahh your oatmeal looks amazing!! Confession: I had oatbran for dinner for the like, millionth night in a row now. And i topped it with coconut milk ice cream. Do it, it’s so good!!
    Way to have self control with your running! That’s hard to do!

  4. Confession: I went to the store for ketchup, bananas, and almond milk. That no grocery challenge is hard.

  5. My snacks are basically meals too! :D I absolutely love strength training as well. The results are so quick and awesome of course haha. I’ve been dying to get a subscription of Runner’s World but I’m waiting until I finish my 8 weeks of training. It’ll sorta be like a “reward” for all my hard efforts. Can’t wait!

  6. A confession…. hmm… I eat an average of 3 bowls of cereal each night around midnight!

    I love strength training because it makes me sore and I can tell that my hard work is actually paying off.

    I really like Women’s Health and Self magazine.

    And if you like pistachio, you should try pistachio pudding! I love it and every time I make it I eat the full 2 cups worth (4 delicious servings) :)

  7. I LOOOOVE how weights makes me feel strong and how it shows me how I can push myself! The results aren’t too shabby either :)

    I really like Self, Woman’s health and Vegetarian times~ They have the best recipes!

    Confession. I finished a jar of crunchy pb in two days :X eek!

  8. hehee! i often stand in WHSmiths and read mags :-) I really must get into weight training. You always make me laugh :-)

  9. I love anything that works my abs because the next day I can tell that it’s working!
    Runner’s world is awesome. Vegnews is pretty good. And you gotta love brain melting teen magazines with quizzes about which nail color is right for you.
    Confession: I hated spin the first time I took it. But I went back today. O. M. G. ADDICTED.

  10. this post just confirmed for the 1000000th time why i LOVE YOU!

  11. I’ve been loving strength training lately too, and reading the mags in the store without buying them is a technique I learned from my dad! :)

  12. you are definitely fantastic.

    my confession: i’ve never gone for a run outside. part of me is scared (of injuries) to do so, but I love running (indoors) and walking and biking and being outside

  13. I LOVE the results!! Weight lifting is where it’s at!!
    I’m guessing New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women?! I hope so–it’s SOOO good!! :D Haha.

    Confession: I am obsessed with nut butters. Oh wait, everyone knows that.

  14. I DO THE SAME THING WITH MAGAZINES! I always get the dirtiest looks from the sales people lol! My fav mag is Clean Eating…seriously the best recipes I’ve ever seen! Truly amazing and mouth watering for sure! New issue comes out July 5th and I CANNOT WAIT!

  15. ahh the pudding oats sounds like the most amazing idea EVER!! (I love pouring instant pudding mix on my oats instead of brown sugar..is that weird!? haha) and omg I am SOO addicted to stuffed dates! You totally got me onto that kick. :) ahh I love weight lifting too though, I feel SOO weak after vaccay and doing absolutely NO upper body strengthening! Can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. :) So glad to be back reading your glorious blog!! ahah I always read magz in the store too girl, no shame:)

  16. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE weights… they are the BEST for women and you’re so right- you see results! I love the feeling of pumping up my muscles and feeling my heart jump through my chest. My favourite is feeling sweat drip down my elbows… that’s when you know you’re working hard!!!

    Hahahaha that picture of you reading the magazine is hilarious!!! Okay, okay… I am a celeb news junkie, so my favourite mags are US Weekly and People Style Watch. But health magazine- I love Canadian Running.

    Confession: I ate berries without washing them today :)

  17. BAHAHA. I just laughed so hard for that lady in the background working out while you photoshoot. I love how much strength training makes me feel good. Cardio makes me feel fast but strength training just makes me feel so strong and able.

  18. Thanks to WIAW, I recently discovered your blog! That caramel pudding looks so good!

    Confession: I eat dark chocolate at least once a day. And I’m totally ok with it.

  19. I love a good weight training workout because I LOVE how it makes my muscles shake and my body feel weak by the end of it. You know that feeling where you literally cannot do ONE more pushup or chest press or lunge or anything? That means my body was WORKED OUT and I love that!! Slightly sadistic I suppose, but I enjoy the good kind of pain :)

    Confession: When I go for runs at night (in my neighborhood) “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce always come on for my cool down. Since it’s dark out, and i HOPE nobody is watching me, I often strut down the street as I mouth the words. Haha – can’t believe I just admitted that, but I can’t help it! When that song comes on, I just have to pop my non-existent booty!!

  20. You definitely turned me into a date eating monster.

  21. I always think of you now when i stuff a date. Haha that sounds a bit pushy/borderline violent. But ALWAYS WITH LOVE.

    Confession: I just splurged and bought mango in 3 different forms at trader joes: frozen, fresh, and in bottled mango lassi!! Couldn’t help mahself! MMmmm redundancy

    Fav thing about strength: I sometimes notice interesting insects whilst I’m doing my push ups in the park or admire the blades of grass.

    Yay for runners world!! And reading as much as you can of other mags at newsstands!! You are not alone.

  22. BUSTED! :)! I do the illegal reading all.the.time! In Selfridges, Starbucks used to be right next to the magazine section so I confess to actually taking the mags to read whilst having my coffee and then putting it back! Yes, I’m bad ass!

    I’m also LOVING weights lately- such a different kind of high than running and the soreness hurts so good! And sorry, I think my sweat capacity beats yours ;)

  23. I can relate to soo many of your confessions! :)) Weights, big “meal-like” snacks, even the sweating “problem” :))
    My cofnessions? I can´t eat breakfast without reading blogs at the same time:) I am a total insomniac, I can live on 3-4 hours of sleep daily :) Ok and now one super horrible – I haven´t used a comb since high school!
    I love the results I get from strenght training! I feel like my body looks so much better and fitter after quite a short time!

  24. love it and i think about all of ur confessions peg me too! :) gotta love randomly busting into dance wherever u are!!

    well, i will have to confess i’ve NEVER had a date, so it looks like i’ll have to try and correct that. as for weight lifting, i do it because of how it benefits my bod and i kno it’s important but not gonna lie i would much rather be doing my cardio. lol!

    oh and power to the snackmeals!!

  25. I have to confess that I think about green smoothies about 80% of the time and go to bed dreaming of the breakfast I’m going to have in the morning! ;-) So glad more sweat means your fitter, I don’t feel as bad now!

  26. Emma- you are too cute<3
    I love how sneakysneaky you are with the magazines. I do that too:P
    Lovely meals as always- especially the pudding on the oatmeal and the stuffed dates!
    Have a great day sweetie!

  27. Confession: my meals are more like banquets :P

    I love everything about strength training, but particularly when it allows me to do things that surprise hulking great guys, such as the fact that I can sometimes squat/back track the same amount as some of the weaker ones, and the way that in practical terms I can lift down an entire crate of rice milk from the top shelf in Tescos ;) No-one thinks a hobbit like me will be able to do that.

    I love Runner’s World but have started getting into Women’s Running…and I also like Holland and Barratt’s ‘Healthy’ magazine!


  28. Confessions: I am in love with peanutbutter and dark chocolate. No doubt about it. I look forward to every meal because food is just so YUMMY =)

    And I totally do the same thing with magazines! ;D

    I love strength training because it gives me so much energy and its really fun =)

  29. I’m like you I sweat buckets, somtimes more that the guys in my spinning classes….euuuuugh! It’s not a pretty sight!

  30. My favorite magazine is Vegetarian Times!

    And a confession… hm. I just woke up and ate but I’m probably going back to bed in a minute- oops. The sun just wouldn’t let me sleep as much as I needed!

  31. Confession Ii check my stats on how many people read my blog a million times a day and get sad when people don’t read also my coach calls me the stephinator! Haha

    I have to go through your playlist I lam all over raise your glass but other confession Irish music especially mundys version of Galway girl increases my speed my like a minute

  32. Lol! Yessss I’ve created an addict! But to be honest, I’ll probably be eating pudding in my breakfast more often than not until the day I die. So. darned. tasty. And yesterday, I went grocery shopping and forgot to pick up a jar of salsa, so when I came home and realized this… I went back to the store to get some lol.

    You ordered New Rules of Lifting! Ahhh! You’re going to LOVE it! Seriously… it totally motivates me to work my hiney off with weights. I used to be all about the cardio, and I still like it, but weights are quickly moving into first place… I love the burn, and I love feeling strong :D

  33. Haha illegal reading. Guilty here too. I’ve recently been doing more weight based workouts and I love the afteraffects, even though my arms are sore. It’s a good sore :)

  34. I love weights too! When you start seeing results…that’s the best! It’s so motivating! My boyfriend is a personal trainer, and he trains me once a week. I’m sore from yesterday, and it feels great! You have to LOVE THE PAIN! That’s what I say.

  35. Good confessions! I like the honesty, and I like weights too. My confession? Hmmm… I hate doing ab workouts because they bore me. Yup – hate ‘em.

  36. I confess that I’ve just eaten about half a box of PB puffins…oh god! hahaha!
    I looove strength training! seeing results is the bomb.com! :D

  37. Love the confessions! I like Women’s Running, and Runners world. Strength training is great because it feels so hard, so you know you are working hard. :)

  38. I missed you! Sorry I have been gone :/
    Too much chemistry slash speech, not enough Emma time!!
    But this post makes me really happy :) I also recently found caramel pudding to be amazing in my smoothies and I saw that you added it for the first time literally the next day, so that just adds to our freaky twin powers!! haha
    Umm also you’re a lil nasty for getting me addicted to dates + pb. Umm, yum. So good!!
    I am also loving weights! And swim!! and bike! ahhh, so awesome to cross train :)
    Fave magazine? I used to be obsessed with Seventeen when I was younger. Now I like Runner’s World and Women’s Health. I have a subscription to both :)
    Confession? I haven’t binged in 3 days. Sad that this is great news, but it is for me right now! :) I’m fueling my body, not restricting or binging. Just trying to make it happy!
    Miss & love you!!

    • MISSED YOU TOO!! Silly work getting in the way!! :P

      We are so freaky twins. It’s AWESOME and I am now addicted to caramel pudding!! :D

      YAAAAY your confession is the best EVER I love it!! It IS great news and I’m doing a victory dance for you o’er here!! Miss and love you too!! <3 <3

  39. I love the feeling of getting stronger and improving with every workout. I also really like that my arms look leaner and more defined.

  40. Haha, I do the same thing with magazines! I always buy Heat, Glamour and Runner’s World (my top3) but everything else is just shop read :D I’m not made of £££ after all!
    Ok, I am very curious – how do you always take photos of yourself?! Does someone else do it or do you go self timer?

  41. Oooh and a confession…I oftne pick the nuts out of my mum’s museli :P

  42. My favorite magazines are runner’s world, running times, and triathlete. Trail Runner has some good stuff too.. I only subscribe to runner’s world though. The others are at my gym!
    My favorite thing about strength training: it raises your heart rate but its not as monotonous as cardio. You’re constantly changing the exercises! Oh and the muscle definition ain’t half bad.
    I HAVE BEEN CRAVING STUFFED DATES. I have to wait until I get home on saturday :(

  43. Emmma – pudding on oatmeal!? Yum!

    Sooooo happy to hear that you are loving weights and BodyPump. Makes me SOOOO HAPPY!!!!

    My favorite thing about strength training is definitely the muscle definition and how strong and empowered I feel when I’m doing it! :)

  44. I turn the same colour as my hair when I workout!

  45. I confess: I gave notice at my job today, just because I didn’t like working there.

    My favorite part about strength training is DOMS, haha. And my favorite magazine is Self! :)

  46. Oh girl I know what you mean! If good music is playing, I just can’t contain myself, haha!

    And no worries about the magazines – I totally do that. When we had more time, we used to love to go to Borders (a book store with a great magazine selection and a coffee house) and pick out a stack of magazines to read while sitting in the comfy chairs at the coffee house. ;) Totally legit. :D

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