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What I…Wednesday! Thankful Edition:)

HEY friends, and welcome to another What I…Tuesday Wednesday! Last week this party of Jenn’s got over 100 participants!! Wooo!! Go Jenn! Open-mouthed smile

So this week I thought I’d do a slightly different focus. What I’m THANKFUL for Wednesday! So not WIAW but WITW!! There’s SO much to be thankful for and it’s too easy to just take things for granted, so today I’m going to count my blessings! Smile


What I’m Thankful For…BLOGGER FRIENDS!! Jenn for doing this awesome thang, your comments/emails/friendship, and blogger inspiration! Like Amanda who inspired me to top my oatmeal with caramel pudding…DSC00993

Which seriously was AMAZING. Caramel Pudding Oatmeal is to die for!! Plus then there was the last of Amanda’s yummy banana bread warmed up and topped with almond buttah…DSC00998

What I’m Thankful For…delicious, healthy meals!DSC00996

Marinated tofu, sweet tater fries (it’s been waaaay too long!!), cucumber, and Sabra hummus for dippage Smile


Katie’s Pizzert! A banana-date one!


Haha forgot to grease the pan, so I had to eat it outta the tin! Smile with tongue out


My favourite salad: Get-As-Much-Produce-As-You-Can-Fit-In-Your-Belly salad, topped with more Sabra spicy hummus. (With the obligatory PB&J toast on the side Winking smile )DSC01005

Peanut Butter Crunch oatbran! My banana oatbran pudding topped with PB&Co Crunch Time and the last of the peanut butter granola.


What I’m Thankful For…the reduced aisle in the supermarket!DSC01000

BARGAIN!! And I LOVE cherries!! I may or may not have bought four punnets…! Smile with tongue out I used one punnet to make these:DSC01040

Mama Pea’s AMAZING Double Chocolate and Cherry cookies, but with added pecans! Oh, and the cookie dough is beyond belief by the way Winking smile


What I’m Thankful For…help from Facebook friends for post inspiration!


Workout playlist? OKAY then!! Well I actually have a LOT of playlists! I have long run playlists, speedwork playlists, tempo run playlists, easy run playlists, etc, but I’ll share with you today’s short playlist:


Have I ever mentioned I have the coolest taste in music? This playlist has a mix of everything, from Rock music to Glee, Disney and a Christmas song too. I love being in a Christmassy mood any time of year! Smile with tongue out 


What I am MOST Thankful for today was this moment:DSC01015

I RAN AGAIN!!! COMPLETELY PAIN FREE!! Being reunited with Betty was a sweet sweet moment. DSC01014

There were tears, there was laughter, and I grinned like a crazy person the whole time. I think I forgot that it wasn’t just me and Betty in the room, but I was too happy to care about the very odd looks I was getting from my fellow gym-users. My first mile in over 4 weeks!! Open-mouthed smile


Did 1 mile slow run, 1 mile walk, 1 mile slow run, 1 mile walk, came home and took Buddy for a walk, including a 1 mile run on grass.DSC01027

I’m thankful that my running Buddy (haha!) makes sure I don’t go too fast! He can’t keep up if I go too fast, bless his little legs Smile


So 3 miles run today in a very slow (for me) average 8.30 min/mile, COMPLETELY pain free! I can’t remember the last time I ran pain free!! In many ways I’m actually THANKFUL for my injury, for teaching me so much. More on that in another post, but for now I’m just going to drink up my chocolate soy milk (HEALED me I tell you!!)…

…and try not to burst with happiness!! I’m taking it all out on the poor dog right now because he can’t escape me hehe Winking smileDSC01023

What are you thankful for today? YOU GUYS for sticking with me and being so lovely to me and being my No.1 motivation not to run cos I know you’d all kick my butt! Smile with tongue out


Best thing you ate today? EVERYTHING I posted!!


What is your current favourite song on your playlist? Definitely the Christmas one! I’m excited already- only 185 days to go!! Open-mouthed smile


Have an AMAZING day friends!! SO MUCH LOVE for you all!!

45 Responses to What I…Wednesday! Thankful Edition:)

  1. Reading your blog is such a joy! You are just adorable and so full of positive energy! I haven’t had anything too exciting to eat today – I’m counting on dinner to be the winner in an hour or so. :)

  2. Today I am thankful for all the people in my life. From friends to family to blog buddies, I just feel incredibly blessed.

  3. Congrats on your pain free run!!!!!I’m so happy for you! =) and Happy WIAW my love! =) I’m so so so thankful for your support and friendship <3 and for our entire bloggy community and how awesome it is to be surrounded by such a great group of girls! la la love it!

  4. First off, a huge CONGRATS on your run! I am so happy for your pain free-ness, yay :) Also, even your slow run is soo much faster then most people you crazy girl. so basically you are awesome. Also, your food – geez, they look too delish. Pudding oats, banana bread, cookies, oh yum! I used to have a dog named buddy too, twinsies :) except for the fact he was a huge white pitbull. Your blog always makes me happy, every.single.day! I am so thankful for this amazing sunshine and getting out of summer classes today early & to go to a new vegan soft serve place :) happy summer!

  5. oh and I am so thankful for your joy and delicious eats that make us drool.
    YAY for running.

  6. YAYYYYYY that you could run!! WOOP WOOP!!

    Love how you’re fueling yourself–everything looks delicious!!

  7. So happy for you!!! Today I’m thankful for my parents and how much fun I’ve had this month getting to be at home with them before I go back to school next week! I love this post. I need to focus more on being thankful for right now rather than always trying to figure out my next step.

  8. I’m thankful for YOU for always being able to put a big smile on my face :D And for inspiring me to bake with pudding!! Speaking of which, that’s some mighty fine lookin’ oatmeal you got there ;) You have GOT to try it with almond butter. it’ll blow. your. mind

    And I so love that you have a Disney song on your playlist. Rofl. That was a great movie. I loved that Go the Distance song :D

  9. Okay, I wouldn’t go so far as to hug my treadmill…
    But really, you’re adorable. As is your running Buddy! I have a running buddy (not capital B hehe) too. Maybe our buddies could meet up someday? And then we could too!

  10. Pudding over oatmeal? How amazing!!! And I have always loved that Mr. Brightside song by Killers, it rocks:)
    I am just thankful for being able to enjoy the day – I could wake up, I could have breakfast, I could enjoy all the things coming… ain´t it just great:)
    I ate like 5 pounds bag of cherries yesterday – best thing I ate in a while :))

  11. So happy for your first run in 4EVA on Betty!!!! Way to keep it slow and not go all out with intervals your first day back. That took real self discipline!!
    Your playlist is so fun, girl!! loved the Zero to Hero inclusion! My fav song this week is The police “Bring on the night”…ironic b/c of the summer solstice huh? Love it so much and dont care.
    Best thing i ate was some choc chunk banana bread! Your caramel BB looked guhhh-reat!
    I am thankful for your cheery self bloggin away in the UK!!! aaaand for the first comment on my own blog that one of my personal friends didnt write! I was so shocked and happy.

  12. If there was an award for ‘most positive person’, you would hands down be receiving it! I am thankful for the genius who came up with the idea of overnight oats! Best thing I ate on Tuesday would have been frozen yogurt with choc chips, almonds and pomengranate- first cup since October…wayyy too long for my liking!

  13. CONGRATS ON THE RUN!!!! That is SO awesome! I am so happy you’re FINALLY feeling better! YAYAYAYAY!

    That pizzert you made looks PERFECTO!! I love the walnut chunks sticking out! The best thing I ate today was an amazing salad beast with just about everything I’ve been craving lately on top! It was AWESOME!

  14. Zero To Hero :D That is my favorit Disney song, or at least one of them! I always listen to it when I clean my apartment- makes it so much fun :D
    Congrata with your first run Emma! Must have been the best moment ever! And thank you for sharing all these things to be happy about :)
    Today Im thankful for the Alter Eco Mint chocolate I tasted yesterday (my new favorit), the walking DATER :DDDD Im going on in a few hours, that my legs are strong enough for running even though Im bad at feeding my body well enough, that I get my salary today and Im about to buy new running shoes :D and for the fact that it is WIAW, which is my favorit day of the (blog) week :)

    Happy happy Wednesday Cutie <3

  15. HECK YA!!!! i have to say seeing this made my night, i’m so happy for you that u got that first run in!! :) take care of that shin and keep on healing up girl, and tear betty a new one. :)

    great take on the WIAW and i’ll say my top song on my playlist is ‘the distance’ by Cake.v:)

  16. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! so darn happy for you :-)

  17. You have some diverse taste in music girl! Love it! I have to say I’m loving the GaGa right now :-) I’m thankful that the rain held off long enough this morning for me to get my run in :-)

  18. HAHAA I love the disney music!! Perfect workout music I say!! :)
    Aw girly, you make me smile so much with all your positive energy! And YAYAYAYAY for your run! I am SO happy for you coz being injured SUCKS big time!!
    Um your oatmeal looks AMAZING. Ever since Amanda posted her pudding, I’ve been having them too! It’s been so long since I had them and she reminded me of my love for them..sooo glad to have them back in my life!
    I am thankful for just life in general at the moment. I’m just happy that I’ve finally got to a place where life is just good and I can see how it’s worth living and it’s fun and there’s so much to see and do…and yeah, it’s good :)

  19. This post made me so happy, congrats on being able to run again! and chocolate soymilk is definitely healing!
    I love the reduced aisle, I got 4 whole corn on the cobs for 20pence the other day.

  20. I saw the picture of you running on your Facebook- congrats girl! EEEEE I’m so proud of you!

    I’m so thankful for my amazing family and friends, and this blogger community! Woo!

  21. YESSsSSS i am SOOOO Happy for you. your hard work paid off and you are only getting started!! Remember this feeling on hard runs, remember to honor your body but push it in a healthy and safe way. Congrats again!

  22. omg caramel topping?!?! gotta get that stat!! i love this edition! im thankful forrr happpinesss!

  23. Yay for a pain-free run! That’s so exciting. I’m thankful for my hubby (I know… sooooo cheesey), and I’m loving my lil’ wraps I’ve brought for lunch every day this week.

  24. Wooooo hooooo for getting a run in! That’s awesome :)

  25. Haha you’re so cute! I LOVE the crunch time peanut butter!!! I had dark chocolate dreams tonight!

  26. I love the fact that you have Zero to Hero from Hercules on your playlist. Although I don’t think you’ve ever been a ‘Zero!’ My favourite is still Almost Over Now (Jason Nevins remix of the N.E.R.D song), which my blog is named after. ‘Devour’ by Shinedown would be a close second, along with ‘Gay Bar’ by Electric Six (yep, I’m as immature as a 16 year old boy!) Although I don’t tend to run outside to music, I loathe gym equipment so these songs get me through any TM sessions and the dreaded elliptical :P

    I am thankful for a community of bloggers such as yourself that provide such examples of how I should be, contrasting with all the negative influences of ‘real’ life.


  27. Hooray for running again :)
    Well done for waiting all this time- you will be stronger for it.
    And I love cherries, and those chocolate cherry cookies look amazing!

  28. I’m thankful for my parents for running me around if I need things (since I’m 20 and don’t drive….) and also for my blog friends!!
    Best thing I ate today was def plum and nectarine this morning!! Hooray for summer fruit!
    Current fav song? hm….I don’t exactly know. I used to never listen to Christmas music until the first of December but then some I’d never get to so now I just listen to it whenever. It was dastardly hot the other day so I listened to some- did the trick!

  29. ahh I’m so happy for you!
    I’m also thankful for finally being able to run again! I was out for over 3 months because of really terrible IT Band Syndrome, but as of 2 weeks ago, I’m running again!!! my first run back was along the beach, and the fact of running again + the beauty of the ocean also had me half-laughing, half-crying. needless to say, all the beach-goers were also giving me odd looks, but did I care? NOT A BIT :)

  30. Congrats on the run!! I had my rest day yesterday and today was my running day, so it was awesome to run again! :D I have so many things to be thankful for today I probably can’t even count them, but right now I’m thankful to you for brightening up my day :]

  31. OOOH, I’ve never thought to add pudding to my oats! genius. love you.

  32. I spy Glee and Disney on that playlist! The list of reason I love you just keeps growing longer and longer. ;)

    And girl, I’m so happy you had a pain free run!! :)

  33. I’m loving that playlist :) and the pudding topped oats is such a good idea!
    I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU MY LOVE! It must feel incredible to run again, even if it feels slow. Your muscles will remember really quickly though. You + Betty = True Love. Hahaha.

  34. That looks delicious! Check out my Chinese hot pot post at http://hongkongintern.wordpress.com/2011/06/21/hot-pot/

  35. Hey there! I love love love this post. I’ve been reading for a while, but this one really made me smile. You’ve inspired me to start WIAW and also DL the glee cast soundtrack. It will make running way more fun. :-)

    And I am so glad you can run pain free again! I know the frustrations of injury, ugh.

  36. woop woop on your first run back!

  37. im thankful for my four legged kids :) they put a smile on my face and but me in a better mood :)

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