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Overuse of the word AWESOME.

HEY friends!! And HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to you all!! Hope you had a very special day with your loved ones Smile


Father’s Day is a VERY special day for me. Because I love my dad so so much and he is AWESOME!! 


He is my biggest fan (I swear half my blog hits are his doing), supporting my running and encouraging me every step of the way in my journey.DSC08890

I also love him because we are twinsies. And I didn’t realise this until combing my photos two days ago. Now let’s play Who’s Who!


Our Signature Move:




Crazy Excited Face:










LOVE YOU DAD!!! Open-mouthed smile


Ok, now I’ve done a Lindsay Sappy Sunday, it’s time for something less sappy but *almost* as AWESOME as my dad: PANCAKES.DSC00939

And you know I tried these for the first time yesterday?


Well I figured, why not combine the two? Open-mouthed smile


Caramel Pancakes

Vegan, Serves 1

  • 1/2 cup wholegrain spelt flour (most flours should work fine)
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup non-dairy milk (more or less to get desired pancake batter thickness)
  • Pinch salt
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 pot Soya Caramel Flavoured Dessert (is about 5 tbsp of dessert)
  • Sweetener, if desired (I didn’t use any more, but you might like to add some brown sugar or maple syrup)
  1. Combine dry ingredients and mix. Add in wet and mix well. Make your pancakes, and ENJOY!!


Obviously, I enjoyed them as I always do- drizzled with maple syrup and choc chips:DSC00938

Next time, I think I’ll add some diced apple for Caramel-Apple Pancakes! Open-mouthed smile


After an AWESOME church service about listening to what God is trying to tell us (I need to work on this!!), I popped out to the shops to stock up on essentials (dates, broccoli, chocolate chips, and more peanut butter- not kidding!!), and I found my FAVOURITE flavour of Nakd bars being sold!! I’d only seen  these in WF before!!DSC00958

These taste like brownies and are soooo good!!


I also made Julie’s Peanut Butter Granola, which I’d had my eye on since I first saw her post the recipe!DSC00969

This granola is AWESOME. To me, granola is only granola if there are big clusters. Otherwise it’s just baked muesli. And check out these clusters!!DSC00976

I am a granola MONSTER and there was literally only a handful left once I had finished munching. SO DARN GOOD! And it’s like four ingredients or something and takes about 10 mins form start to finish!! Gotta love short ingredients lists and speed! Open-mouthed smile


And I had the best afternoon snack EVER!! Check this awesome snack out…DSC00961

Oatmeal with chopped apple and apricot jam! Just the usual 1/2 cup cooked in the microwave this time, and it was SO good! Afternoons are definitely when I get hungriest (I eat a pretty late dinner- usually around 8-9pm!) so I always have a lot to eat inbetween. I went back and put some PB granola in there too for good measure Winking smile


Dinner was pretty awesome too. Quinoa in hummus/nooch sauce, marinated tofu and cucumber…DSC00980

…but the best bit was (obviously!) dessert. This was something Katie suggested to me in the comments of her Cookie Sandwiches post, and it sent me into a state of pure bliss.DSC00987

Two of my peanut butter cookies sandwiched together with strawberry jam. PB&J is literally THE most awesome food combo in the world. I’d never had a cookie sandwich before now, but now I don’t think I’ll be eating anything else. Ever.


I realise I have used the word awesome about a thousand times, but in my defence it’s late and that really just describes LIFE anyway! Smile And I know this week is going to be BEYOND awesome for me, and here’s a clue in case you haven’t guessed already…


What made your day awesome? Tell meee!!


Are you a granola fan? Yes, it is one of THE most addictive substances on the planet in my opinion. I need Granola Rehab.


What time of day do you get hungriest? Definitely the afternoons! It used to be right before I went to sleep, but nothing some late night snacking couldn’t solve Winking smile


Hope you guys have an AMAZING week!! Love you all!! <3

51 Responses to Overuse of the word AWESOME.

  1. Seeing the PB granola in 2 places is just tempting me to make it now! I hate packing, but my day has been awesome from preparing lots of snacks to take on my trip this week.
    I get so snacky late afternoon right before dinnertime. Hope your dad had a great day!

  2. I’m loving the idea of those puddings. Going to have to pick them up in the fall. Is it bad that I’m almost the most excited for food? I love anything alpro- esp their plain yogurt!! mmmm
    That’s seriously the cutest of you and your Dad. And he didn’t do those poses on purpose? You are twinnies!
    I get hungry before dinner. I end up snacking right before dinner because it takes forever to sit down here. Honestly sometimes I have to stand with a whip and crack it….just kidding :)

  3. Love the pics of you and your dad. So funny!

    I’m a granola fan. I’m guilty of eating it straight from the packet when I want a quick snack.

  4. I love that you and your dad are twinsies! So cute!
    Getting to bake some muffins as a break from my homework lectures was what made today awesome for me.
    And I’m most definitely a granola fan. In fact, I just had some buckwheat granola before sitting down at my computer :)
    Have an awesome week!!

  5. Your cookie sandwich looks so good!! Love the pics of you and your dad, they’re so cute!
    I am a granola fan for sure. The stuff is amazing.
    My day was awesome because I went hung out and went swimming with my fam :)

  6. still love that dad photo. too funny! and that sermon, can you tell me what Gods telling you too? I need that!

    • I thought of you!! It’s SO hard for me to listen sometimes, especially when I think I know what I want or what’s best for me! My issue is with prioritisation. I’m trying to juggle too many things and spreading myself too thin to pay quality time to any one thing. I need to LISTEN to God and understand what things I need to focus on and what things I should let go of :)

      God bless Lindsay! <3

  7. :shock: Caramel pudding pancakes?!?! Girl, you’re a genius! I mean, I knew that already, but this just confirms it even more. I’m hoppin’ on the next flight and ocming over for breakfast. Save me a spot at the table, and don’t eat all the pancakes before I get there!

    My day was awesome because I got to spend it with my daddddyyyy. Love him to bits. ANd my appetite definitely hits me the hardest in the afternoon. By the time dinner rolls around I’m ready to chew my arm off, no matter how much I snack!

  8. Granola is take it or leave it for me–I don’t eat it very often because I could eat 4 bowls of it and still not be full. I do LOVE cereal, though, and I would include granola in the cereal category.

    I’m definitely hungriest in the morning between breakfast and lunch. I don’t get too hungry in the afternoon, but for some reason, no matter what I eat, I feel like I get hungry again within an hour after breakfast! Crazy!

  9. I need to they your recipes. What csramel did you use? Do you have any good blueberry pancake recipes? Also what is the deal with spelt whole wheat flour and the nectar foe the cookies?

    • I used Alpro soya caramel pudding! No I’ve actually never made blueberry pancakes!! Definitely need to get on that! Chocolate Covered Katie has a GREAT one though :)

      And those ingredients can be substituted for similar things if you need to! <3

  10. Today my day was awesome because I got to spend it with both sides of the family!

    I always get hungry mid morning!

  11. You and your dad are so adorable! Love the side-by-side photos!

  12. You and your dad are too stinkin cute! Love those pics!

    And I use the word awesome WAAAY to much too! It just habit I guess!

    Wow 8 or 9 definitely is a late dinner! Thats when I am eating my nighttime snack usually LOL!

  13. one of the best things about today – reading this! you always make me laugh with your “thumbs up”

  14. Awesome post haha! I love Nak’d bars, especially the Coco Loco, Cashew Cookie, and Pecan Pie flavors!

    Am I a granola fan- hells to the yes, the more clusters the better!

  15. I love this awesomely awesome post! :) Your dad must be very proud to have a daughter like that :)
    My day was awesome because of my breakfast (have you ever tried blendind overnight banana oats with frozen raspberries? awesome! :)
    I am the hungriest in the morning, so breakfast is my fave meal of the day, because it is of life-saving importance :)

  16. I love the father-daughter twinnie pics! They’re so funny. And those pancakes — ahhh that is such a good idea! I need to make them! I’m bookmarking right now.
    My day was awesome because I got to see the grand canyon for reals, I went to a restaurant where I could get pickles on a stick, and I had the best greek salad EVER!

  17. the pics of you are your pops are too funny, it’s adorable! I am totally guilty of over using awesome, it’s awesome… andddd so is granola. I got sent a huge package of Love Grown granola and holy moly was is amazzzing… I mean, awesome! The pancakes look to die for, esp. cuz I am still on a huge pancake kick. Loves it :)

  18. AHHA u and ur pop are SO CUTE! and I LOVE these pancakess!!!!!! gahh i saw awesome ALL THE TIME too- because well, its awesome!
    What made your day awesome? erm.. woke up at 6am after gettting home at 1:30am last night.. so yeaj…ima sleep on the plane!

    Are you a granola fan? YEAH! not love but like!

    What time of day do you get hungriest? first thing morning!

  19. Love those pics of you and your Dad.
    Yeah granola is sooo good if it has big chunks in it.
    I am hungriest in the morning when I wake up- I need my breakfast asap!

  20. Yey, you can run again :D Have an awesome (:p) first run! Cant wait to hear about it!!
    And everything looks good as always. Putting caramel pudding in the pancakes sounds so so yummy. I bet they ended up being super moist and lovely!
    You and your dad is so cute! No wonder you ended up as the fantasic girl you are!!
    And also, the cookie sandwich is a great idea- looks delicious!
    Happy happy week :) And happy happy running :**

  21. Today was awesome because we had a yummy bbq with all my friends and the boys did all the cooking! So we just got to sit and gossip :)
    I LOVE granola. I seriously have to make a conscious effort to restrict how much I eat of it or I just go through bags and bags of the stuff. nawww glad you had a good day with your dad – mine is the same with regards to running – he runs with me, does races with me (he’s catching up on my pbs as has been doing some serious gym work with a personal trainer) and if he doesn’t run them with me, he comes to watch and holds my bags! (And presents me with yummy post race snacks)
    Bet you are SO excited to run! I’ve had 1 week off so far (should do 1-2 more) and all I want to do is run! Especially when the sun is shining and I see other people running :(

    • Yeah it is hard! But stay strong girl because before you know it you’ll be back out there kicking your dad’s butt again!! :)

      And I’m so jealous!! I LOVE bbq’s!! Can’t wait for summer and more of them! :D

  22. OMG OMG I think I just DIED at seeing those pancakes – I am SO making those tomorrow!! You are a GENIUS! :) I had pancakes today in your honor by the way ;)
    Baking muffins made my day awesome of course :) YUM.
    I am hungriest at nighttime before I go to bed..I love my nighttime snacking!!

  23. OMG you made my dreams come true!
    Also, I am jealous of that caramel pudding… they used to sell it here, but then they discontinued it in the US. (I actually called and asked what happened!) Your pancakes sound–dare I say it?– awesome!

  24. Haha, I think I’ve started to use awesome quite a lot but I can’t help it when so many things are so awesome! I usually get hungriest in the morning after my workouts and then again at 6-7pm which is when I eat dinner. I try not to eat after 7 as I can’t sleep properly (my bed time is 10 as I’m up at 6!) Love the pb&j sandwich cookie!

  25. Adorable! I love your dad’s crazy excited face. And yes… granola is pretty freakin awesome.

  26. You and your dad are like twins! :D I’m a big granola fan. Although, two weeks ago I wouldn’t even touch it. It’s one of my favorite things now! I get really hungry around 11 in the morning. I guess the mid-morning snack time. Oh and have an awesome run! :]

  27. Those comparison pics of you and your dad are priceless. And am with you on the big cluster loving.

  28. ahh that PB granola looks amazing. I’ve been munchin on granola like crazy especially on rest days. I might have to make some of that :) Those pancakes also look AWESOME. I still have yet to hop on the Sunday pancake train

  29. vegan baked goods = instant awesome day.

  30. Those pancakes look yummy! I dont think we have that caramel pudding in the US though…..:( I am dying to make that granola but I just ran out of oats. How in the world did that happen?! ;)

  31. That granola baked museli comment thing – NOW I get why everyone bangs on about clusters! I never got it before!!
    Annnnd on the subject of you being genius (cos we were, kinda…) – the yogurt stuff in pancakes; genius! Why have I never thought of that!? I can only imagine how good it’d taste with the chocolate one….oh boy.

  32. HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE the pic of you and your dad with crazy excited face!!!!! That is so adorable :)
    Is your whole family vegetarian/vegan? Your food is to die for… I wish we lived closer so I could come over and have you cook for me :)

    • Haha my dad didn’t know I was posting those photos so I got a very funny text from him! :P

      No they’re not! I’ve converted my brother to vegetarianism hehe, but everyone else eats meat. And MOVE PLEASE!! We could run together and you could teach me yoga in exchange for meals! :D

  33. Happy Father’s Day to your dad! I love the shots of you guys as “twins”… too cute! Now we know where you get it all from!

  34. You and your dad look so much alike- especially your facial expressions :)

    I am in desperate need of caramel flavored yogurt! I’ve never seen it here. Boo!

  35. [...] 1 pot (½ cup) caramel pudding (I use Belsoy) – (inspiration from Emma!) [...]

  36. I overuse the word AWESOME all the time! Haha. It’s a good one. I love granola. One of my favorite is Love Grown Foods because it’s gluten-free. I get hungriest at the end of my work day right before dinner…or after a really intense morning workout.

  37. i love, love, love the photo comparison of you and your dad. TOO CUTE!

    and yum to your PB cookie sandwich idea.

  38. You and your Dad look alike! I also love the idea of caramel pancakes!
    I just tried that flavour of Nakd bar the other day! They don’t seem to sell it anywhere!

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