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Feeling better with frosting.

HOWDY friends!! I am actually really tempted to do a Dream List Part 2 because all your suggestions were so awesome and I really want even MORE things now, but I guess that’s kinda overkill! Smile with tongue out


Thanks for all of your get-well wishes by the way- they made me feel so much better! You know what really made me feel better this morning? A PACKAGE arrival!! And we all know how much I love those Winking smileDSC00671

I promise I’m just sick, not sick in the head.


It is the George Foreman grill I won in Laura’s giveaway!! Woo!! Open-mouthed smile



Can’t WAIT to use this!! I think I’m gonna be eating toasted sandwiches and grilled veggies for the rest of my life. So long diet variety!


You know what also makes me feel better on a Sunday morning? PANCAKES. No I’m not at all predictable…DSC00668

Katie’s Cookie Dough Pancakes. RUN TO YOUR KITCHENS AND MAKE THEM NOW!! I don’t care if you are reading this at 11pm, any time is a good time to eat Cookie Dough Pancakes! Open-mouthed smile


So I was feeling a LOT better today (healing pancakes) so the appetite came back in full force to make up for the last few days. Food (that isn’t toast!), I missed you…


Oatmeal topped with chopped dates and pecans.


Wholewheat noodles topped with my tofu cheeze sauce and chilli powder (I’m sure this was very smart after being sick…! Smile with tongue out)


And my latest dinner obsession- Lentil Bulgur Pilaf.


I kinda just throw things together, but someday when I actually measure stuff out I’ll give ya a recipe! Anyways it is gooood!! Smile


And dessert was an obvious choice after reading Katie’s post today:


Creamy Dreamy Frosting? Oh yes. I enjoyed a Double CCK dessert: a (chocolate chip) Single Lady Cupcake


…topped with Katie’s frosting and more chocolate chips…


Oh. My. Muppets. That’s really all I can say here. And no I’m not at all obsessed with Katie and her recipes…it’s not like I had 3 CCK recipes today or anything… Winking smile


Other than frosting, a sure fire thang that will make anyone feel better is FAMILY. Especially my cute little cousin. I love her soooo much and I am bringing her up to be a mini-me.25420_109623329064002_100000490057435_173458_4220199_n

We need to work on her camera-shyness though. Using cats to hide behind is NOT ALLOWED. Smile with tongue out


So I did a lot of talking today. To family, to myself (normal, I know), to God, and to my shins. I am taking my shin back to the physio tomorrow. It  has been three whole weeks since I last laced up my running shoes. There have been some serious pep talks but I have given it lots of love.


Left shin, I’m sorry I treated you so bad, and I hope you’ve forgiven me. We will have many good times together in the future I promise.


And I’m sure the fact that I’ve been glued to my bed/couch for the last couple of days and have eaten lots of chocolate chips today will have helped no end. My shin and I are ready. Bring it onnnnn!! Open-mouthed smile


What things make you feel better when you’re ill? Today it was you guys, church, family, and a Single Lady Cupcake with frosting Smile


Your current favourite sweet treat? 5 ingredients and 80 seconds in the microwave to Cupcake perfection.


Random Q: Did you ever go through a camera-shy phase? When I was in my early awkward teens, I HATED photos and would always hide from them! The same definitely can’t be said now, and I’m sure you didn’t already know that or anything…

55 Responses to Feeling better with frosting.

  1. Sleep is pretty much the only thing that makes me feel better when I am ill…I love sleep. Chocolate is always my favorite sweet treat…dark, milk, doesn’t matter. As to cameras, I am a “ham” when it comes to photos…love being in front of, and behind, the camera.

    Good luck running!
    Matt recently posted..Road to Philly- Weeks 3-5- Morons- Roadtrip- and Excessive Heat

  2. Glad you felt better today! That frosting must have magical properties. I’m loving Mama Pea’s chocolate lava cakes lately. My sister just requested me make them for all her friends tonight. Don’t mind if I do!
    Lauren recently posted..Finding Old Keepsakes

  3. those pancakes look to die for! I think I need to start implementing pancake Sunday in my house :) Good luck to you and your shin at the physio!
    Kelly recently posted..NYRR Mini 10K Recap

  4. Oy, once again you have me laughing! Have you ever thought of becoming a comedian? Like maybe the next Ellen? Can I have your autograph now, just in case?

    Your cupcake is SO cute!!
    chocolate-katie recently posted..Creamy Dreamy Frosting

  5. I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow and you are up and RUNNING asap!! :D

    Mmm, all of Katie’s recipes look fantastic..especially those pancakes!!
    Jess recently posted..Recent Workouts &amp Eats

  6. You won a giveaway?? Lucky!!! Really the only thing that makes me feel better when I’m sick is sleeeeeeep. Watching a movie too, cause if I’m sick it puts me to sleep! I wish sweets would make me feel better when I’m ill, but for some reason even when my sickness has nothing to do with digestion I get horrible nausea. My favorite sweet treat is anything lemon or lime, refreshing for summer. Cute blog! :)
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Best Oatmeal Ever and something cute!!!

  7. Ughh I just typed out my entire comment and lost it. So i’m gonna make my new comment snappy!
    1. I’m so happy for you and your shin! 3 weeks confined to the bike and other cross training is hard, but reuniting with running is just that much sweeter. I’m getting used to it, but it’s hard. If you can do it and survive, so can I!
    2. Muffins are my favorite treat. I bought some at the market today AND made some of my own. There is no such thing as too many muffins!

  8. Haha it’s 8 PM and I just had dinner not too long ago, but now you’ve got me craving some pancakes… and cupcakes, but I don’t have a microwave so I can’t whip one up in 80 seconds ;)

    Things that make me feel better when I’m sick? My mum, sleep, movie marathons, and ginger ale. Yeah, I have NO idea about that last one.

    And I definitely went through a camera-shy phase. I didn’t like getting pictures takenin my teen years, and I’m still not that fond of them now, but I’m working on getting over it. Making funny faces and not taking it too seriously definitely helps :D

    • Wait, you DON’T HAVE A MICROWAVE?! Woah that seriously blows my mind!! I couldn’t live without mine I don’t think- cupcakes in 80 seconds multiple times a day! :P I think you should get one JUST for the cupcake thing ;)

  9. Love this! I just got a Foreman for my apartment! Love those things.

    P.S. you’re mentioned in my post tomorrow <3
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..Get to Know Me

  10. All the food on your blog always looks so good! Every time I read it I want to go and make something to eat.
    I loved the oats and tofu sauce in this one.

  11. Aren’t Katie’s recipes the best ever?! Seriously, I think they make up half my diet! And you’ve totally convinced me with her cookie dough pancakes. Pancake Monday anyone? ;)

    So glad you’re feeling better! I’ve been sending you virtual get well hugs :D

    Love you, girl! <3

  12. Pressed sandwiches are the best things ever. I used to have a sandwich press, and I used it practically every day. Paninis = true love. And your pancakes always look incredibly, deliciously, magically thick and well-stacked. You’re turning into the pancake professional.

  13. I love big comfy sweatshirts when i’m sick. Random, maybe but so incredibly cozy! Also, tea, and old tv shows. And probably a cupcake like that one. anything chocolate = magic.
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Who doesn’t love friday

  14. Ohh I’m jealous about that George Foreman grill…you’re going to take sandwiches to the next level :)! Yay you’re feeling better and those pancakes look ah-mazing!

    Cookies definitely make me feel better when I’m ill..and a stack load of magazines and good tv (FRIENDS included ;) )
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  15. when I don’t feel too well: comfy clothes, snuggles with my pup, mi madre, gilmore girls, and some good sleep are musts. And on blah days, reading your blog always makes me feel a million times better, and hungry! So glad you are feeling better girl!!! Jealous of your george foreman, I adore sandwiches grilled, yummm And on photos, I don’t really dig pics of myself and it seems as though I cannot make a normal face -ever, I need to work on that.

  16. I was painfully camera shy for post of my teenage years. I’m still not keen unless it’s me taking the pictures – I have a weird chin that can end up making me look like a fatty!
    Emily recently posted..Recipe- Curried Quinoa Salad

  17. Oh I love sandwiches made in those grill things so much- have fun with it :)
    That cupcake looks so good now. I keep seeing the recipes on there, but have not got around to trying them (although I did make my first fudge babies this weekend so I am getting through the massive list of things to make)
    Fingers crossed for the shin

  18. Yay glad your grill came! I was looking forward to a package hugging pic hehe :p Can’t wait to see what you cook up on it!
    Laura @ box run eat recently posted..Half Marathon Pictures and More Boxing

  19. GEORGE Foreman!! AWESOME! and le duh of course those foods are the bomb.com… esp the pancakers! :) :)…. CCK is incredble- i honestly do not know how she comes up with all her recipes!!
    What things make you feel better when you’re ill? FOOOd and reality tv!

    Your current favourite sweet treat? nannersand pb and chocolate! or oats!

    Random Q: Did you ever go through a camera-shy phase? ABAHHAHAAHAH no… u shud see my old home videos…. im 4 yrs old in Barney pjs dirty dancing to the Barbie Doll song.

  20. Glad that you are feeling better. What things make you feel better when you’re ill? That would have to be a green smoothie, lots of herbal tea, dark chocolate (obvs) and an awesome movie! :)
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..All dressed up with two places to go!

  21. Ah, how I love you and your posts Emma! Always cheers me up and put a huge smile on mye face!
    The cookie dough pancakes looks amazing!! I made Katies Blueberry pie pancakes for my friends the other day, and they loved them!!
    Have a great Monday cutie pie :)

  22. So glad your feeling better! Green smoothies make me feel instantly better! My favourite sweet treat has to be some protein ice cream with lots of toppings or a tasty brownie!

  23. Oh, you have so many things to make you feel better! Good for you girl:)
    A good food (yes, choco oatmeal comes on my mind:), a good company, a good book(s), a long movie night and a generous amounts of tea or hot chocolate are things that make me feel better when I need to cheer up a bit :)
    My current favourite sweet treat? Well, I know, it is nothing spectacular, but lately I have been unable to live without eating at least one honeydew melon a day :)
    About the camera shyness.. I was the same! When I was in my early teenage, I was SCARED of camera,I hated it and always tried to hide behind something/someone..I was actually pretty good at hidding :)
    Lenna recently posted..Let´s talk about the “E” word- shall we

  24. Hehe you are too funny girly! :)
    Soo glad that you’re feeling better – there’s nothing worse than feeling ill and BLAH :(
    I’m seriously jealous of your grill. I was actually eyeing one up yesterday and walked away but now you’ve got me wanting to go back…eeeek.
    I need to make those pancakes still..I’ve been eyeing them up for ages! And YUMMM cupcakes = ah-mazingg.
    When I’m ill sleep, muffins and a giant plate of kabocha squash make me feel better! :) And my fave sweet treat at the moment…GAH so tough, I LOVE all things sweet! Maybe my pumpkin maple muffins!
    Nicky recently posted..Green Monster Cookies

  25. Thats awesome that you won that give away! I want one of those grills for college! It would be perfect for a dorm!

    My favorite sweet treat lately has been apple bowls with frozen blueberries, raisins, carob powder, and creeeeeamy almond milk!

  26. YAY!!!!! Glad to hear you and your shin are feeling better! Frosting cures all! :-P
    The Teenage Taste recently posted..Homemade Quinoa Bread With Honey Butter

  27. Mmm, pancakes! They would definitely make me feel better if I was ill.

    No worries about the CCK recipes: I went through a period where every single lunch/dinner I made was a recipe of Laura (Keeping Healthy)’s and I’d still be making them if I hadn’t become so lazy with cooking/preparing.

    Yes, despite my race pics I am very camera shy and scroll over my race posts quickly so I don’t have to look at the photos (I always hate them, apart from my GNR photos…I stare at those for hours) and have NO pics of myself at all between the ages of 11 and 21 because I was so socially awkward :P

    Good luck with the shin!

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Race Recap Redcar Half Marathon1-33-51

  28. I hate random photos but since I got my blog, I am in love with taking photos of myself. Am I vein? Maybe…bahaha. I was super awkward in my teen years though so I totally understand. Actually-I’m still super awkward.

    That frosting and SLC looks so so so good.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Weekend Ramblings

    • No don’t worry you’re not vain!! I LOVE seeing photos of other bloggers and that’s why I post quite a lot of myself too haha! I feel like I KNOW you so much better and now I feel like a creep hehe! :P

  29. Oh gosh I have been wanting to try the single lady cupcake but haven’t yet!! This weekend was packed full of treats, and since I try to keep sugar at a minimum I am waiting until it can really be considered a “treat” for me and not just another cupcake! lol But to be honest, the frosting is where its at anyway. I could just make a batch of that and smear it all over my face ;)
    Kat recently posted..The early bird gets the worm

  30. So glad you are feeling better!! YAY! And good luck on the doctor’s visit fingers crossed!

  31. YAY You’re feeling better!! :D
    Hard to think you had a period that you camera shy! How could you? You are soooo pretty! :D

    My current favourite sweet treat(s) is(are) CHOCOLATE and pancakes.
    Those are ALWAYS my favourite.

    A warm bowl of porridge or freshly baked bread/buns always make me feel better when I’m sick!
    By the way, your food look sooooo yummy! :D
    Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat-free Baking recently posted..MY Dream List– just for fun!

  32. so glad you are feeling better love!!! I saw that frosting recipe too and need to have it ASAP!

    love ya!
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..Road Trip

  33. YAY for your healthy shins!!!! i hope that appointment went well, even if u were a bit hairy on the legs…hehe. ;)

    congrats on scoring that new grill! i LUV paninis!! umm, and i saw that post from choc-covered katie too and i told her that i would totally eat that frosting straight up! but i think it would be even better on ur cupcake. :)

    my fav sweet treat will be a cupcake, i’m feeling for one now! :)
    Cait’s a Runnerchick recently posted..Confessions of a Flat-chested Runner

  34. Haha. Talking to your shins. Cracks me up.

    Congrats on winning the giveaway. That’s a cool prize!
    Tiff recently posted..Is it Friday yet

  35. Woo woo for shin recovery. So happy that you’re feeling better!

    Congrats on the grill! What a convenience. I would be grilling veggies all. the. time. if I had one of those!

  36. I find that milk, crackers/ crispbreads, and PB toast are awesome when I’m ill – my staples!
    Sweet treat? Chocolate – it always will be!!
    Good luck with the shins and physio – I’ll be thinking of you!

    (Ps – what illness did you have? I feel like I missed a post when it all kicked off!)
    Freya recently posted..The Planner

  37. you got a george forman for freeee!? Lucky!
    I would be making grilled pb banana and honey sandwiches like it was my job ;)

    i used to be far too camera shy. Now I love pictures now matter how I look, it’s all about the memories baby!

  38. Woop! LOVE a George Foreman! Cue, without fail, ‘Ahm just your Lean Mean Fat Reducin’ Grillin’ Machine’, then a point, possibly a twirl, before inevitably remembering to actually plug it in….


    also, it won’t tag with my most recent post!!! any thoughts?
    vivoir recently posted..Everything’s chickpea-chy!

  39. Glad your feeling better… for me its always my friends :)
    I’m totally on a single lady cupcake drive right now, 3 in one day.. yes please! xx

  40. Glad you’re feeling better girl :D Those pancakes and cupcakes look delicious!

  41. Those pancakes look awesome! Glad you’re feeling better :) I’ve always been camera shy! I’m not much of a picture person. My current favorite sweet treat is peanut butter banana with fluffernutter/marshmallow fluff/jet-puffed whatever people call it :D

  42. Frosting always makes me feel better! And pancakes totally have healing powers :)

    I’m still camera shy! I HATE having my picture taken. I’m super unphotogenic and awkward, haha!

  43. your eats always look so good. i never even know where to start saying something looks delicious because it all does! but tofu cheese sauce? yum!

    i’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

  44. SO AWESOME that you won that!!!

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