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Dream List

HEY friends!! N’aww I love you guys so much, y’know that?! Just feeling a bit emotional right now- I guess Aunt Flo must be visiting Winking smile


ANYWAYS I’m still sick (doctor on Monday!) so basically I had THE most interesting day of watching endless Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds and Friends…y’know, the usual! Sooo instead of documenting my riveting day which involved far too much toast and NO nut butter (I almost died), I decided to nick Tara’s idea and do a Wish List post! With my birthday coming up (90 DAYS TO GO!! Not that I’ve been counting or anything…) I thought I’d give you some stuff on my Wish List!! Well, Dream List to be more accurate…! Smile with tongue out



An endless supply of Justin’s Nut Butters!


OBVIOUSLY nut butter was gonna be on the list (especially since I couldn’t have any today and am now hallucinating about an oasis of it) and at least 10 readers have told me that I’d LOVE this stuff, so I can’t wait to try! Open-mouthed smile I’m saving up already for my trip to the States in a month and a bit because obviously I am going to blow my life’s savings on 10,000 jars of nut butter and have to smuggle it all past customs




I’ve tried a sample of this before in WF, but honestly don’t really remember…anyway everyone raves about it!! Not gonna lie though, the bacterial stuff scares me a bit…don’t Google Image it or you will have nightmares! Not even kidding.


A waffle iron

I have never had a waffle in my life, and I think this needs to change.




Tempo shorts in EVERY COLOUR.


Especially in red…


…to match my shoes! Open-mouthed smile



And talking of shoes…Nike Frees!


After reading Born To Run, I wanna try this ‘barefoot’ thing! Plus these just LOOK cool right?! Smile with tongue out


A treadmill…

Much as I love running outside, I can’t pound the roads all the time to save my poor joints. Plus, I can watch TV while I run! Win win Smile


Some leg muscles.

Shall we just compare…


Hmmm…tough choice there! Smile with tongue out




The ability to not get food around my face every time I eat.DSC00639

Baby Emma with chocolate mousse all over her. Nothing has changed. Just be thankful there was no after-shot of this moment:



To lose my secret obsession for big hats:DSC00641

Some things never change.



What things are on your Wish/Dream List? My Wish List on Amazon is seriously INSANELY long. And yes there is a treadmill on it in the hope that I someday find a thousand pounds on the street or something.


 Do you have a ‘secret’ obsession for something? I can’t say nut butter collecting, cos y’all know about that one… Well I have a shameless obsession for going into newsagents and reading all the running magazines off the racks because I can’t afford to spend £5 on each running magazine there is. So I just read it there instead! Smile with tongue out


Thoughts on barefoot running? Do you have any barefoot/minimalist shoes? I love the theory behind it! I don’t have any but I WANT some badly!! I’m a bad heel-striker too, so hopefully they would help with that! Plus I already have bought 4 pairs of running shoes in the last 9 months so I might as well make it five hehe!


Have a GREAT rest of the weekend friends!! <3

66 Responses to Dream List

  1. Mmm I had Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups yesterday!!! So good. And it came with a coupon for nut butter. Double win! (The nut butter was still $9.00)

    I also want to try kombucha. And kabocha! I always thought they were the same thing…
    And omg a treadmill and Nike frees are definitely on my list. I would never stop running. Ever.

    Feel better lovely!
    Emily recently posted..The Quiet Storm Restaurant Review

  2. oh my goshhhh…I love the picture of you as a messy baby! baahahhaa so adoraable and hilarious. I think a waffle iron would be so fun too! the other week when I was in San Fran, I ate breakfast at a hotel buffet and they had the coolest thing ever for a hotel! a waffle maker!! they had the mixture and everything ready, and you just plop it on there, and have fun watching it and smelling it cook. btw! you’re going to SF soon right?!
    Ellie@fitforthesoul recently posted..The World is Bright!

    • YES I’m going in less than two months!! Wooo!! It’s only for a few days though cos it’s just a stopover for me en-route to Hawaii, but I can’t WAIT! Especially if they have a waffle maker in the hotel buffet ;)

  3. Aw, I Love Baby Emma! How cute eyes! Youll get beautiful kids one day, thats for sure :)
    I want to try Justins nut butters too- Ive heard so much about them! We dont have them in Norway though, and I always buy Artisana when I order at Iherb. But some day..
    On my dream list, running shoes are high up. I use my running shoes so much, and it is time for a new pair.
    And I would LOVE to find a nice vegan “leather” hand bag. Ive found some on the internett, and hopefull I can order one soon.
    And, please, give me a boyfriend!
    Ragnhild recently posted..Hi- my name is Bree Van de Camp

  4. I want an elliptical and full on weight set :)

  5. I really want a waffle iron too! Pancakes are awesome and all, but I love the divets that waffles have to hold toppings :-)

    I’m now up to 8 jars of nut butters, haha. And still only 3 of them are actually open.

    I want a treadmill too, especially one with a TV on it.
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..Trader Joe’s Recap

  6. Oh girlie, Justin’s Nut Butters are the BEST!!! My fave is the Maple Almond butter. There is nothing better!!

    And I totally just googled the Kombucha and looked at the images. So gross. Why did I just do that?
    Lindsay@LivingLindsay recently posted..Want Some Mojo Giveaway

  7. I totally want a treadmill too! Saves treking alllll the way to the gym in the winter. Those shoes do look totally awesome. I’ve never tried Kombucha, clearly I also need to get on the bandwagon!
    Sarah Joy – Feeeding Brain and Body recently posted..A Big Bowl of Breakfast

  8. have you checked out Nikeid.com? You can customize your own pair of Nike’s if you wanted to. I cant believe you have never had a waffle, that is insane. You might even like them more than pancakes…they are that good. Especially with choc chips and whipped cream. Kombucha is gross…not sure why everyone talks about that stuff all the time lol. Id rather have chocolate milk. My secret obsession is nut butters (duh) but I also am obsessed with oatmeal, Nike stuff, the internet, and zuchinni bread.

  9. Thank you for posting this!!! I needed an idea for a post tonight and this is perfect and SO fun! Love it! OKay now I gotta go start working on my own wish list!

  10. YAY WISHLISTS!!1 Okay so I actually just put your birthday on my calendar so I can send you a present. Not even joking. So I will email you in approximately 80 or so days asking for your address.

    Make sure you get justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter and chocolate almond butter. They’re my favorites! They will be part of your gift package if you don’t! I can’t believe you’ve never had a waffle. It’s like a pancake with pockets. How much fun is that? You’re missing out… I could go on forever with this post. Really. I am in total agreement with everything!
    Tara recently posted..Playing Catch Up

  11. Haha! Oh girl, I don’t even know where to start when it comes to commenting on your posts… there’s just too much I could say! Alright. Nut butter… oooo you know I love it and you’d never hear me complaining about an endless supply :D And kombucha is fabulous as long as you don’t look down… or strain it into a cup and don’t look at the residual snottiness…. And for the record, I think the big hat and food face looks really suit you ;)

    As far as wish lists go… I wouldn’t mind a lifetime supply of anything I wanted from Lululemon, and a toaster that toasted BOTH sides of my toast instead of burning one and not even browning the other. Oh, and my own domain for my bloggie… maybe soon!

    • YAY for runwithspoons.com!! Or just somehow kick the squatter at runningwithspoons.com and make it your own! :D

      And HAHA “don’t look down” in your kombocha!! Too funny!! Plus I’m totally with you on the Lululemon thing!! If only their clothes didn’t cost a gazillion dollars *sigh*

  12. 1. Justin’s nut butter is some of the best I’ve ever had! Peanut Butter and Co. rivals it, though!
    2. I’ve heard great things about that drink-y stuff, but it’s nearly 4 dollars where I can get it! What! I’m going to go google it now…. must…. resist!
    3. WHAT? NEVER HAD A WAFFLE?! I love me some waffles. They taste pretty similar to pancakes, only they have crispy bits since they’re cooked on an iron! And the little craters are perfect for holding delish toppings!
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..An Evening in Annapolis- Maryland

  13. LOVE your wish list. Just know that for peanut butter, they WILL take it from you if it’s in a carry-on. Personal experience–they TOOK my jar of natural PB. I about died. So stock it up in another suitcase ;)

    Nut butter, endless supply of course, and all sorts of gym clothes would have to be on my list!!
    Jess recently posted..Recent Workouts &amp Eats

  14. Love this idea! I was scared to try Kombucha at first too because I heard the taste was kinda weird, but I tried the Trilogy flavor and absolutely LOVED it. Even my 2 year old cousin I was babysitting liked the sip I gave her.
    Born to Run got me interested in barefoot running, and one day for kicks, I ran 1/2 mile on the treadmill barefoot. My calves were so sore the next day! I have Saucony Kinvaras, which are minimalist shoes, very light, and I definitely run more of a midfoot strike instead of heel now. I love them because they in between vibrams & normal running shoes, so I didn’t really have to cut my mileage like you would with real barefoot running.
    Lauren recently posted..Finding Old Keepsakes

  15. LOVE Kombucha! It makes me feel soooo good when I drink it! Except they don’t sell it at my usual grocery store so I have to make a special stop. And I also love Justin’s nut butters….yum-o!
    Feel better soon!
    Carissa recently posted..Woman alone eats chocolate

  16. Justin’s Nut Butters are so good! I’ve never shelled out the money for a whole carton, but I use the squeeze packets a lot. My Amazon wish list is so long too- probably like 20 things in there. And I don’t know anything about barefoot running right now, but my brother just gave me Born to Run. I can’t wait to get a chance to read it!
    Ann @ Day By Day recently posted..Hiking in the Woods

  17. You were such a cute kid! I think you should do a comparison photo today, but naturally with peanut butter all over your face instead…I bet it wouldn’t be too far off from the truth ;)
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  18. Oh wow, I could probs write an essay about this amazing post of yours girlfriend! Let me just say, you need waffles- if you like pancakes then you’ll love waffles- crispier and with pockets to hold ton of good stuff :) They makes awesome “bread” for PB& chocolate chip sandwiches too, or maybe thats just me. If I owned a treadmill, with a tv of course, I’m not sure I would ever get off – well only to eat. And baby Emma pics are to adorbs! About your last response, you are too sweet. I have actually thought about making my own blog but honestly it stresses me out since I am a little bit of a perfectionist and also I don’t have much time or patience to make my food pretty and take pics, but it would be nice to have one so I don’t seem like such a creeper when I comment on blogs and stuff. I swear, I am totally not some weird 40 year old man pretending to a college student names Lilly, pinky promise! Uh-oh it looks like I did write and essay, sorry girl1

  19. Justin’s Nut Butters & kombucha = crack. seriously.

    but anyways, where in the States are you visiting??
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Who doesn’t love friday

  20. I used to love kombucha when I was a child…and then I saw my mom preparing it and never drinked it again :)))
    I also never had a waffle in my whole life :) We can make a waffle-virgin club :))
    I have a major ‘secret’ obsession for earrings, apples, teas, books…oh, I am quite an obsessive girl :)
    Lenna recently posted..Oh- procrastination- why do you have to be so sweet

  21. I have so many things on my wish list, a dehydrator, a vita mix, a new house ;-) haha I could go on and on! My ‘secret’ obbession has to be apples, although I don’t eat as many as I used to and procastinating on pinterest! Hope you feel better soon chick x
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..Friday grocery shop round up and GIVEAWAY!!!

  22. [...] saw Emma’s Dream List and wanted one [...]

  23. I LOVED your dream list and just had to made one too! Hope you don’t mind!http://ibakewhoeats.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/my-dream-list-just-for-fun/
    Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat-free Baking recently posted..MY Dream List– just for fun!

  24. you SO need a treadmill!! i love hvaing one… then i can just run in my undies and no will notice :)… YES justins nut butters GOOD CALL!!! u dnt have a waffle iron!???? i wud add EVERY SINGLE nut butter known to man on my list!

    • YOU ARE SOO LUCKY!! Haha I’d never get off it!! :D (Plus, I could run starkers, which totally trumps running in your underwear hehe! ;) )

      Wait you DO have a waffle iron?! Gah you have EVERYTHING!! A treadmill, a waffle iron and an awesome booty!! WHY CAN’T I BE YOU?! :P

  25. totally agree with you with wanting a treadmill! some days I Just done want to go outside…. or deal with hills haha.. and you can watch TV on it !? but yah I, like you need to find 23948329 dollars before that happens. For now I have to resort to going to the gym to get one one..

    and I think barefoot running is… idk questionable. I see the idea behind it but I really have no desire to try it. Call me crazy but I love my Nike Pegasus’s and can’t imagine running without them :)

    i like you also have an obsession with nike tempo shorts.. i think we all do

    on my wishlist = a tropical vacation. for sure.
    Marissa recently posted..Unexpected

  26. Good choices on your wishlist. I have an insanely long amazon wishlist too that just grows by a couple more items every few days. A treadmill would be nice on those rainy days and when you’re aiming to fit in a favorite show or movie.

  27. I have an obsession with nut butters too! I’m currently out of nut butters at my house and I am freaking out! I love peanut butter and almond butter! Last summer, I got this one jar that was called “Pepita Sun Seed Butter” but I guess that’s a “seed butter”. It was so good…you could taste the nutmeg in it!

    I’ve never tried kombucha, but it looks good!

    I’d have to say my obsession is doing long “adventure” runs. I will do a double digit run out on the trails or on roads that are in the middle of nowhere and I will explore. It keeps me interested, and it makes me even more excited to do my long runs!

    I can’t really think of much that is on my wish list, but I really want an anti-gravity treadmill. But those cost A LOT of money! Maybe if I win the lottery, I will buy one!

    I’ve never tried minimalist running, and I’m not really sure if I will because I’ve had problems with my achilles in the past, and I think that minimalist shoes would aggravate that problem.

  28. Wow those nut butters look amazing! So many flavours. I would too bring back a suitcase full!

  29. Haha, i TOTALLY do the same thing with the shameless magazine reading!!! once i got told off by this weird old man who told me that “this isnt a library y’know”… PAH! silly old man, clearly he was just in a strop cos they were out of “fishermens weekly” or summat!!! :-p

    im tres tempted to try kombucha, im off to the US this summer, so its on my list of things to find!
    clemmy recently posted..Not my best idea!

  30. your list is AWESOME!!! oh, and when i was little we used to have a waffle iron that made them in the shape of snoopy characters! no joke, that thing was awesome, but alas it died somewhere along the line. :(

    oh, and i do the exact same thing with magazines! i feel kinda bad sometimes but there is no way i’m paying all the money to buy them!

    as for barefoot running shoes; if you do get a pair be really careful to gradually work into running in them. they can be good at building up your foot strength/flexibility but if you do too much too fast you’ll get hurt. so start with only a mile or so at a time, and not every day, and gradually build up. :)

    oh, and who wouldn’t want their own personal treadmill?!?!
    Cait’s a Runnerchick recently posted..Im Clearly Making a Fool of Myself and Saturday at the Races

  31. Oh, Emma. I just wanted to say ‘You are darn cute!’ Love your wittiness for the each item. Speaking of TV & treadmill, I seem to have better performance when watching serious stuff, rather than some fun stuff. Is that only me?
    Stephanie recently posted..In Doubt

  32. I would totally avoid the Nike Free. I have a pair and I think they messed up my foot.

    I love Justin’s nut butters. So good!
    Christy recently posted..Working Chick

  33. Waffles are sooooo good. Especially with thinly sliced strawberries and maple syrup.
    Stephanie recently posted..Mastering the Art and Science of Texting

  34. I am totally obsessed with magazines – I subscribe to 4 and quite often sneak another one in my shopping basket! Also (a slight odd obsession) with touching things that look like the having an interesting texture – poking jellies, stroking walls, rubbing clothes in shops… yeah…

    My wishlist is suuuper long – it mainly consists of interesting foody bits I’ve seen on blogs and children’s books! Adult books are just so boring :D
    Emily recently posted..Recipe- Curried Quinoa Salad

  35. Hi sweetie! Love this post – might have to steal the idea from you now! :-) I love hats too! More than bags or shoes even. On my wish list…..hmm….I’d like to try Justin’s PB too…and some White choc dreams…and larabars…In fact, I wanna just tour the States and pick up cool stuff along the way! And learn to surf in California :-)
    emma recently posted..World IPv6 Day

  36. Oh….and I also wish that we can have a waffle party when you get your waffle maker :-)
    emma recently posted..World IPv6 Day

  37. I’m sorry you’re still not feeling well :( Hopefully that will change soon!

    Love your wish list! Especially the request for nut butter ;) Coconut butter was a major component of my birthday list :D

    Haha, that picture of you when you were little is priceless! The funny thing is that I have a picture just like that – me sitting in a high chair with food ALL over my face! I was such a messy little girl!

    Have a fabulous rest of the weekend, darling!!

    <3 <3

  38. Oh you would love Justin’s!! Serious, our british AB does not compare AT all to Justin’s!!
    Never had waffles – me neither!
    Treadmill on endlessly long Amazon wishlist – yep!
    My wish list would have to include an endless supply of bars, that NEVER go out of date. That’d be awesome :)
    Freya recently posted..The Planner

  39. I haven’t tried waffles before either, but that is something that I want to change sharpish! I have a very very long wish list. I’m working my way through it very slowly. :)

  40. i’m hoping to get some vibrams very very soon!

    also, WILL YOU STOP PUTTING UP ITEMS I WANT BUT CAN’T ACCESS!!!! :-p just kidding, but seriously your wish-list foods are again things that i’ve heard loads about but can’t find where i live :( Maybe when I’m nearer the Big Smoke… :D
    vivoir recently posted..Everything’s chickpea-chy!

  41. my dad has some of those foot shaped bare running shoes (vibram five fingers) – very funny :D
    SJ recently posted..Body For Life- Week 12 – The Final Post!

  42. Haha, I love the picture of you as a kid with food all over your face! That’s often the way I look after I eat. I went out with my sister this morning and she just sighed and said, “You have chocolate all over your face…” so typical, haha!
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..The Best Nut Butter Yet

  43. I don’t really liking wearing shoes all that much so i love the barefoot running idea! I actually just bought a new pair of fitness shoes from Nike and they are supposed to be super lightweight so I am excited to try them out!

    You are going to go into a nut butter coma with Justin’s…just a forewarning. :D
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..Road Trip

  44. A treadmill would be on my dream list too, along with an elliptical, endless supplies of running shoes so I can alternate them the way Paula Radcliffe does, and a personal coach/nutritionist.

    Vibrams scare me a little because I have such poor form and pronate so badly: I need a lot of support from my shoes. Careful if you do get them because I’ve known a lot of people get injured by running in them too far, too fast, too soon.

    Feel better soon!

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Race Recap Redcar Half Marathon1-33-51

  45. Of course as soon as you said not to google image search Kombucha I just had to go and do it. Ick! Still love drinking the stuff though! :)
    Kelly H. recently posted..Rabid Beaver

  46. I have just started to drink Kombucha and like Lindsay said its an acquired taste and start slowly! I love your animated expressions and agree with an endless supply of nut butters, a rainbow of tempo shorts and Nike Frees. So in love with mine!

    Hope your doc’s appointment went okay. And no one could look more adorable with food smeared all over their face!!!! So cute!~
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..Bringing Ninja Back

  47. I don’t have a treadmill either! I always say I’m going to get one, but I never do.
    I do have a waffle iron though, thank god.
    Loved this post!

  48. I dream of red tempo shorts [maybe I'll by myself a pair for my bday on the 3rd!!] & a treadmill too. <–which is weird because 6 months ago I HATED the treadmill but I would love to stare at Shemar Moore whilst running ;-)

    I literally did dream about a 2-gallon sized BUCKET of pb with berries in it last night…. I am weird & crazy (just like the best of us!)

  49. You are the cutest baby EVER!!!! And I also LOVE big hats- I just bought one today! :)

    I have a treaddy of my own- it was soooo awesome this winter. Now on my wish list is a TV for Eddy the Treaddy.. maybe with a built in DVD player so I can watch Friends! (You know how it is) :)

    I’ve been dreaming about a huge ice cream sundae with double/triple hot fudge on it… and of course, more clothes and shoes.

  50. justins nut butter is the bomb! omg i heart amazon!! 1 of the things on my wish list is a vita mix. i have a ninja blender and it is so awful. ive had to replace it4 times. do not get a ninja!!

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