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ABCs of Emma!

HEY friends, and HAPPY FRIDAY/WEEKEND!! I’ve not had a great one to be honest- I’m sick again! I’ve spoken to someone and we *think* we know what’s wrong, but I’m gonna go see the doc anyway.


In the meantime, I still have no computer (stupid virus!!) so that rocks. Anyway tonight, you can have some ABCs of Emma! Open-mouthed smile


A: is for Avocado- favourite usage?

In…avocado chocolate mousse!! Best thing EVER Smile


B: is for baked goodies. What is your favourite?

Brownies or cookies, brownies or cookies…I think cookies take it! JUST. Probably since I had four Super-Charge Me cookies today! Winking smile


C: is for Coolness. Are you cool?

Very. I mean, I have a Banana Guard. How am I NOT cool?DSC00561

D: is for Dates (of the foodie variety!). What is your fave way to enjoy them?

Straight outta the bag x10000. And stuffed with nut butter of course…



E: is for Emma. Obviously.


F: is for Fashion- tell us about your fashion?

Let’s just say I was very fashionable when I was a kiddo…


…if only they made that outfit in adult sizes…*sigh*

G: is for Groceries- what are your essentials?

Broccoli and chocolate milk.


And obviously the usual nut butter and chocolate! Open-mouthed smile

H: is for Hair. Be honest, why is it so darn long? 

Because I’d rather spend £30 on running books than on a haircut. True story.


I: is for Idol. Who is yours?

Paula Radcliffe baby!! She rules all SmileDSC08848_thumb[1]

J: is for Jam- what do you have it with?

PB obviously!! And in cereal-yoghurt messes…


K: is for Kids. Do you love them?

YES. My cousins are sooo cute and obviously I corrupt them and turn them into mini-Emmas….


L: is for Loooong Runs- love or hate?

Love. Love the time with myself. And love the after effect…


M: is for microwave, what is your favourite microwave meal/snack?

Microwave Single Lady Cupcakes! DSC00577_thumb[1]

N: is for NUT BUTTER! Be honest, how much do you love it?



A lot.

O: is for oatmeal! Fave flavour?

Chocolate oatmeal with cookie dough nut butter. Mmmm…



P: is for PANCAKES! What is your favourite pancake?

Basically all of Katie’s pancake recipes, especially her snickerdoodle and cookie dough ones!!


Drizzled drenched in maple syrup of course Winking smile

Q: is for the Queen. Have you ever met her?

No. But every time I’ve been to the States, I’ve been asked if I have! Smile with tongue out

R: is for racing- do you love it?

YES. Getting race packets in the mail is the most exciting thing EVER:


They are SO fun!! If only they were free…

S: is for sandwich, what’s your favorite filling?

PB&J, PB+banana+honey, and PB and apple. Seeing a theme here?!


T: is for TV. Be honest- how much did you watch today?

A lot. Gilmore Girls x2


And numerous episodes of Friends and Criminal Minds. In my defence, I’m ill, so that’s ok…right?! Smile with tongue out

V: is for vino.

I don’t drink, but I still get excited when I get given it for free:


Really though, the excitement was about the free lollies! Smile with tongue out

W: is for Whole Foods. Favourite ever purchase?


EVERYTHING!! Probably Dark Chocolate Dreams the most though! Soooo addictive!!

X: is for Xylophone. Cos I have a very limited vocabulary and that’s all I can think of. 

Y: is for yoga- yay or nay?


DSC09094_thumb[1]I’m also going to try my first hot yoga class soon- can’t wait!!

Z: is for zzzzzz, cos that’s what I’m off to do now. Gooood night! Smile


Favourite baked goods? That question took me the longest. It’s too hard. Still standing my cookies though, JUST!


Fave sandwich filling? PB&J is the ULTIMATE in my opinion!


Got any good weekend plans? Share with me pleeeease!!


Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!! Much love <3

50 Responses to ABCs of Emma!

  1. Favorite baked goods: Brownies
    Favorite Sandwich filling…I’d say Peanut Butter, but I prefer it right out of the jar.
    Weekend plans…10 mile long run, get together with some old friends, then getting together with more friends…and hopefully some pool time!
    Matt recently posted..Express Your Love- A Special Message from MattRuns4Funds

  2. Oh my muppets. (Emma phrase!)
    I think I laughed a million times at this post. And wanted to leave a comment about every single letter. But I don’t wanna type that much… can you PLEASE just come over here so I can talk your ear off in person, telling you how much fun you are? (I’d go over there, but I’m afraid of flying :(.) Until then, I’ll just pick a few letters to tell you about. Starting with the banana guard… because only you could make a banana guard look cool! And somehow you do! Then the mini Emmas… well, if you won’t come over here, can you at least send one of them?
    And yoga… I wish I liked it! I keep trying! But no luck so far.
    And dates… I’m kinda wishing for one of the not food variety right now. I’ve been single a long time! How am I ever going to have mini Katies? You know, to play with the mini Emmas and corrupt the world? But at least there are single lady cupcakes, right?
    And if you followed this comment without getting confused, you are even more incredible than I previously thought ;).
    chocolate-katie recently posted..Blueberry Pie Pancakes

    • HAHAHA Katie you make me laugh sooo much!! :D

      Of course I’ll come visit you!! So you’re scared of flying…are you a good swimmer then? :P

      And aah we are two single ladies in need of dates (foodie and otherwise!!) but it’ll all be ok because when we’re old we can live together and bake Single Lady Cupcakes all day long. And Buddy and Henry will be best friends too :) But really what is going to happen is that Prince William will meet you, realise he’s married the wrong Kat(i)e, and then marry you instead and you’ll have tons of babies. And that’s cool cos I’ll have tons of FUDGE babies too keep me happy ;)

      Love you!!!

  3. EMMA!!!!!! I’ve missed you SO MUCH!!! I’m so behind on your posts. Why does school always have to get in the way?! ;)
    I think our taste buds are like exactly the same… nut butter sandwiches, nut butter in general, chocolate oatmeal, Katie’s pancakes… I could go on and on! :p
    My weekend plans? ACT. Boohoo :( How about I hop on the next plane to England and visit you instead? ;)

    <3 <3

  4. Baked Goods: Chocolate chip cookies. Classic
    Sandwich filling: Plain peanut butter (or other nut butter)
    I love Gilmore Girls…I have all the dvds and when I lived by myself would just spend weekends watching them wishing I lived in Stars Hollow.
    Zo recently posted..in which I emulate my favorite former real housewife and meet some goals

    • I WISH THAT TOO!! Ohmygosh isn’t Stars Hollow just the best place EVER?! I actually thought it was a real place and Googled it when I was a kid! :P

      And YES chocolate chip cookies all the way!! :D

  5. Favourite baked goods? hmmm…Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookies – CARAMEL APPLE FLAVOR! OMG! SO GOOD!

    Fave sandwich filling? Ham&Swiss never gets old!

    Got any good weekend plans? Taking my Praxis Exams…fun fun! haha, but…I will be relieved when they’re over because the boyfriend is coming over!!!!! YAY!!! :)
    Kelsey recently posted..Cheese on my mind

  6. Great post Emma- as always ! Love to get to know the amazing person you are!!
    Favorit baked goods dor me, need to include chocolate. anything else is a deal breaker!
    Im already having an amax\zing weekend. Started the day with a good run, than made a great brunh for some friends (they where so surprised they liked my vegan food- but I was making Katies pancakes so I knew they would love it), and tonight I have shared wine and strawberries dipped in chocolate with one of my best friends. I good start of the weekend :)
    Enjoy yours :**
    Ragnhild recently posted..Hi- my name is Bree Van de Camp

    • Wow your weekend sounds AWESOME! And I love that you made your friends Katie’s pancakes!! GENIUS :) Plus chocolate strawberries are the BEST! Mmmm…

      ENJOY the rest of your weekened girl!! <3

  7. You can get race packets in the mail?!!? HOW FREAKING EXCITING. I love getting to know fellow bloggers. ;)
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Kick Me Out of the Foodie Club

  8. LOVE THIS! You are so hilarious Emma!

    My fave baked goods are muffins and my fave sandwich filling is humus or cheese with jam! YUMM!

  9. Money spent on running books is money well spent. Money spent on a hair cut… who needs hair cuts…
    Favorite baked good is easy for me — MUFFINS! always and forever.
    My weekend plans stink — studying for finals. EAIFAWJEFWMKef I hate it.
    Tara recently posted..Playing Catch Up

  10. Favorite baked good..hmmm! Probably a warm slice of homemade zucchini bread with a little nut buttah!!
    Jess recently posted..Recent Workouts &amp Eats

  11. 1. You are the cutest.

    2. Avocado chocolate mousse?? I have got to check that out!

    3. I LOVE Gilmore Girls!!
    Rach recently posted..The Miniature Garden

  12. Love this post and learning more about you! Favorite baked good (healthy wise) is vegan banana bread…SO delicious! I’m making those supercharge me cookies this weekend, ill let you know how great of an alternative whole wheat flour is!
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  13. Happy weekend love!!!!!!!

    U rock! Love the abc’s !

    Love that you corupt your cousins, so funny!!

    Love u!!
    Katie recently posted..Casual Cookout attire

  14. Hahaha! Omigosh this post was brilliant, and I loved every one of your questions and answers. Thank you for always making me smile :D

    Favorite baked good? at the moment? Completely obsessed with Banana Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies. Ob-sessed.

    Fave sandwich filling? AB&banana… or avocado and cheese…

    And as for weekend plans, donno yet… I just kinda make them up as I go along :D
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted.. WIAW… round… err… five

    • N’awww YOU always make me smile!! Plus I am TOTALLY gonna spend money that should be spent on that haircut buying coconut flour so I can make those cookies! Mmm every time I see them on your blog I drool…. :)

  15. I could never choose just one baked good- I love them all :)
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Eat Your Beer

  16. There is just wayyy too much good stuff in this post! And how adorable and hilarious are you, loves it! I hope you feel better soon – Gilmore Girls will help I am sure! Super charge me cookies are the best! I loved learning more about you, cuz you are just too darn awesome. Besides PB/ nut butters of course, I love me some hummus on sandwiches or baba ganoush spread.

  17. Happy friday! I hope your weekend turns out better than today…

    I will be breaking in my new running shoes, and hopefully doing some quality lounging and cooking. exciting life, no?
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Who doesn’t love friday

  18. Oh hun, sorry to hear you feel sick, hope it gets better soon! Aren´t Gilmore girls the perfect way how to spend those days when you feel not ok? :)
    Favourite baked goods? Well well, I have not been much of a baker lately, but I like fruit pies. But I prefer un-baked goods:)
    Fave sandwich filling? PB, hummus, baba ganoush, sliced avocado…there are so many, I would put it all into one mega-sandwich:)
    Lenna recently posted..Thursday´s loves

  19. brownies……no cookies…..no brownies :-) I’m having a wildlife weekend! Bats and ducklings tonight….puffins and butterflies too (Phil’s going photographing and taking me too!)

  20. ahhha I LOVE this variety of ABCS!! everything is 100% YOU! i coulda done this survey for you!
    Favourite baked goods? brownies, cookies!!!

    Fave sandwich filling? PB&J is the ULTIMATE in my opinion! (UGREED!)

    Got any good weekend plans? YEAHHH went out last night with friends and plan to again tonight- party weekenddd ow ow!

    • Haha next time I’ll send you it and you can fill it in for me then, deal?! ;)

      And YES for PB&J lovers!! :D

      ENJOY your partay weekend girl!! Can’t wait to read alll about it and see your awesome outfits on your blog! <3

  21. So funny!
    Um, fave baked goods? I think I give this a different answer every time. Today, I think it will be a brownie for me please.

  22. I loved the ABCs of Emma! And I still can’t look at that photo of you and the banana guard without cracking up.

    Favourite baked good would have to be brownies: I just love the ooey-gooey texture. And sandwich filling at the moment is peanut flour and banana all mushed together on rye bread.

    Have a fab weekend :)

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Fashionable Failings

  23. Ahh! My post today has facts about me, too!

    Baked goods? That’s a hard one! Anything chocolate. And cheesecake-flavored. Or maybe ice cream! As far as sandwich fillings go, I’d have to say PB&’nanner! Or tofu salad. Hopefully headed to the farmer’s market tomorrow! Weeeeee!

    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..An Evening in Annapolis- Maryland

  24. So sorry to hear your sick, hope you feel better soon chick! Enjoyed your abc’s!
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..Friday grocery shop round up and GIVEAWAY!!!

  25. I love this post! You are so funny, Emma!
    PS – Your nut butter stash is amazing! I love it!
    The Teenage Taste recently posted..Homemade Quinoa Bread With Honey Butter

  26. AB&J is the BEST sandwich, but I also love tofurky or hummus and avocado!
    Caitlin @ TPL recently posted..Failed Thursday- Fun Friday!

  27. I love how you are literally in almost every picture :) So cute. And I LOVE avocado mousse!! I wish I could grow avocados in my backyard so that I could have them all the time!!
    Kat recently posted..I love my muffin tops!

  28. I’m spending the weekend with my boyfriend, just relaxing! Although, I should be studying for my culinary school finals. Shhh, let’s forget they exist. Let me know how the hot yoga class goes! I’ve been wanting to try hot yoga for a really long time. I’m so addicted to the gym that I can’t even drag my ass to a yoga studio to take a regular class. Maybe if you tell me how amazing hot yoga is, I’ll have to give it a try.

  29. Sorry to hear you’re ill – really hope it gets sorted :-)
    Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse recently posted..Buttered up

  30. I love all your pics! You are so photogenic even when pulling your signature crazy faces hehe

  31. awww, your pix never fail to crack me up, u’re adorable girl! love it! favorite baked good is so hard if u’ve got to pick just one. i’ll go with cinnamon roll with lots of icing maybe? i’d pass on picking cookies because i’d rather eat the dough straight before it’s baked so that works well. :)

    top sandwich pick will be turkey with lots of mustard, lettuce, and tomatoes! :)

    oh, and long runs rule! :)
    Cait’s a Runnerchick recently posted..Im Clearly Making a Fool of Myself and Saturday at the Races

  32. Loved this post about you! you crack me up haha
    I cant wait to hear what you think about hot yoga! its my fav type!

  33. Met the Queen? Obviously. Every Sunday, the whole of the UK population gatecrash the Buckingham Palace dining room and enjoy roast beef with yorkshire puddings, before drinking tea from fine china…
    vivoir recently posted..Everything’s chickpea-chy!

  34. the long hair thing made me laugh because I’m totally the same way

  35. AHH i am so sorry you are sick. Feel better soon missy and pB &J is totally my fav as well!
    Stephanie recently posted..The Day I Fell In Love with Squirrels

  36. omg i love gilmore girls!!!! i have the whole collection. so funny!! we heart alot of the same things!! nut butters, chocolate, i love whole foods. it is my haven :) i also love long runs. very relaxing for the mind. for a while my thing was avacados, carob powder, & vanilla protein powder. :)

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