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Wanna see me in a bikini?

HEY friends!! Happy *allllmost* Friday/weekend!!

Bet you’re wondering about the post title huh? It’s because I got this question on my Formspring today:


Funniest question EVER!! I Tweeted about it, and I think Amanda hit the nail on the head…


Haha! Open-mouthed smile LOVED reading your comments on that post yesterday! There were so many different opinions! Some of you weren’t “body confident” enough (which you should be, cos you’re all STUNNING) but most of you were with me that you didn’t want to be creeped on!


Anyway, today was LITERALLY the best breakfast ever. Disregard what I have said in every post before this one where I’ve said the same thing, and just drool with me…DSC00598

One of Katie’s amazing pizzerts. A Banana Chocolate Chip one to be precise, drizzled slathered in Dark Chocolate Dreams PB and sliced banana.


I ate the whole thing, and it was AMAZING. Plus it takes a total of 15 mins to make from start to finish. WINNER!!


I’m loving my bananas. I’m also loving my Banana Guard (which many of you also love apparently!! Open-mouthed smile). It doubles as a weapon.DSC00564

My maturity astounds me.


I also remembered my top at the gym today, wooo!! But I still forgot something (my water bottle- I had to buy one for £2!! Surprised smile) but at least it wasn’t my shirt! Someone commented yesterday to say that at least I didn’t forget capris/shorts! Yeah, well that’s happened before! Anyone remember this incident?


That time I ended up having to do my workout in the skinny jeans I wore to the gym! Most uncomfortable experience EVER! Now I always keep a spare pair of shorts in my bag just in case! Smile with tongue out


Today’s workout was literally the hardest bike workout ever!! I basically spoke to my future coach about being sidelined with injury and what the best cross-training thingy is that I can do, and he said the bike was the best, and gave me a bunch of workouts that will not only prevent loss of fitness but actually increase it! Today I did this one:


Runner’s Bike Workout

  • 5 mins hard (90-95% max heart rate) @ ~90 RPM
  • 5 mins easy
  • Repeat at least 4 times


Ok, it might look easy, but it’s kinda like the longest HIIT EVER!! 5 mins of pretty much all out sprinting OWNED me!! Thank goodness I had my trusty dry shampoo for afterwards! Open-mouthed smile

DSC00390_thumb1[1]Don’t judge-I promise I’ll wash my hair tomorrow with REAL shampoo, ok?!


I used the time I wasn’t washing my hair in the most productive way possible. Watching Gilmore Girls reruns on TV…DSC00608

…whilst eating my bodyweight in the cookies I made yesterday. There was a serious Cookie Baby afterwards. I think I ate a few too many! Smile with tongue outDSC00557

See? NOT washing your hair gives you more time to eat cookies and watch quality TV, so I highly recommend it. I’m such a bad influence I know, but I guess if we all have greasy hair it’ll become normal and I won’t look so bad in comparison Winking smile


And I know what you’re all really waiting to hear is the daily Shin Update. Well today I tried 5 mins very very easy on the elliptical, and NO PAIN!! I am going back to the physio on Monday, and I hope she’ll give me the ok to run again, and I KNOW she will agree with me that eating dates means you magically heal.


With some quality nutrients and protein on the side of course…DSC00603

And PB and chocolate help too. Magic healing powers I tell you, MAGIC!!DSC00612


Where is your go-to place to buy bikinis/suits? H&M or Topshop cos they are CHEAP but still awesome!


What is your ‘best breakfast ever’? Pancake Sundays rule all generally. Ooh that reminds me, nearly Sunday and PANCAKE time!! I’m excited already!! Open-mouthed smile


Random Q: Team Peanut Butter or Team Almond Butter? Stole a question the Fitnessista asked on Twitter today that sparked some serious debate! At the mo, I’m TEAM ALMOND BUTTAH!! UNLESS we’re talking DCD or WCW in which case they win of course Winking smile


Have an AMAZING end to the week friends!!


P.S. SO sorry about the bad commenting/replying/emailing! The virus is still there! Apart from post-writing which I can nick my bro’s laptop for, I’m having to do everything else on my iPod, which sure ain’t easy! So if you’ve emailed me or something and I haven’t responded yet, I promise I’ll get to it ASAP! LOVE YOU GUYS!! <3

48 Responses to Wanna see me in a bikini?

  1. I’m not a fan of almond butter straight up, but I love the creaminess that it adds to anything that I add it to. So I’ll have to say PB if it’s straight from the jar or used for dippage, but almond butter if it’s an ingredient in something else (like oats or smoothies).
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..WIAW- Week 20

  2. Wooooooop for broccoli and baked beans together! Such a good combination and I haven’t had it for so long – tomorrow!
    And I bought some dry shampoo today, having seen your recommendations – I hate washing my hair too :-)
    Best breakfast at the moment, still, is strawberries, plain soya yoghurt and granola – and team almond butter (and coconut) all the way!
    Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse recently posted..Buttered up

  3. um I know your having email troubles but I may just have to email you for some bike workouts. Especially if they get you that good!
    Best breakfast ever is a banana with peanut butter and a yogurt mess!! It will never get old to me. And peanut butter because I am team peanut butter. The thing is, peanut butter always tastes good, but when you are craving almond butter and you have it, it’s amazing.
    Tara recently posted..PBBCC Cookies

  4. Mmmmm that pizzert looks out of this world!! I’m going to have to say I’m a switch hitter when it comes to pb or ab! I love AB on oats or toast, but PB is much better with dates in my opinion, and nothing beats a grilled banana and PB sammi!
    Kat recently posted..I love my muffin tops!

  5. I like to change up my nut butters but peanut butter will always be my favorite. That pizzert looks so good! I love them because you don’t have to preheat the oven and I’m the most impatient person ever.
    That bike workout sounds HARD. Sprinting for 2 minutes wears me out!
    Emily recently posted..ABCs

  6. I am team Peanut butter! But almond is a CLOSE second! My fave place to buy bathing suits is either target or delias! And picking a fave breakfast is a tough one!!! Its a three way tie between: overnight oats, pumpkin oats, and siab’s!

  7. LOL. Creeper alert!! :D

    I believe in the healing power of DATES..i can’t wait to try them with nut butter!!
    Jess recently posted..Recent Workouts &amp Eats

  8. why is the first thing I thought to write ” ring ring ring ring bananaguard!!!!!!” wow… i’m uber mature also =) hahahaha! Happy Thursday lovey!
    Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday Link Party 20

  9. You had to do a workout in skinny jeans? Ouch!!!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..grocery shopping blues- summer break style

  10. Lol well I think you know my answer to the AB vs PB question ;) Not much choice in that one for me, but I’m not complaining because I LOOOOVE me some AB. Especially when it’s on my best breakfast ever, which happens to be banana chocolate pudding oats. I like pancakes and waffles just fine, but in the morning, nothing makes me smile like a bowl of chocolate oats :D
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted.. WIAW… round… err… five

  11. That’s some long HIIT intervals, you rock! Hope all those dates heal you fast, so you can run again. I buy swimsuits usually at Victoria’s Secret online – the mix & match ones of various colors usually aren’t too expensive.
    I’m on an almond butter kick these days!
    Lauren recently posted..Finding Old Keepsakes

  12. Oh formspring… lol I finally gave up on mine because the only ppl who ever asked questions were the creepers! They even wanted to know my bra size!

    I think you are the funniest girl on the planet, Emma. Honestly, I think your posts make me crack up more than anyone else’s in the entire blogworld. Maybe it’s all the Friends episodes you watch?

    And your pizzert looks SO freakin good!
    chocolate-katie recently posted..Blueberry Pie Pancakes

  13. Yum! I am making one of those pizzerts soon! And, thanks for the tips on the knee problems! I bought some kinesio tape because all of my symptoms lead to patellar tendonitis. If it gets worse, I will see a physio!
    Katie recently posted..Winner! Foodie ABCs!

  14. That thought of you exercising in skinny jeans literally made me cringe. That sounds sooo painful.

    Another benefit of not washing your hair often is that it’s good for the environment! Think of that next time you use dry shampoo ;)

    Where is your go-to place to buy bikinis/suits?
    You probably don’t have this in England, but Loehmann’s is my cheap go-to place for everything. It has discounted designer and non-designer stuff – everything from clothes to bags to jewelry to shoes. It’s AMAZING.

    What is your ‘best breakfast ever’?
    Katie’s banana walnut pancakes smothered in pb are pretty awesome. I would have to say that and pumpkin oats with 365 pb. Foodgasm.

    Random Q: Team Peanut Butter or Team Almond Butter?
    At heart, I will always be Team Peanut Butter. However, I have been craving drippy smooth almond better ever since I had it again at my aunt’s a few weeks ago…
    Lexi recently posted..Xanthum Gum love

  15. BAHAHA at that question. I haven’t gotten to many crazy ones thank god.

    Pancakes are the best breakfast ever because they take a hot second to make clearly.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..I need my Real Girls Help in Dress Choosing

  16. gah, I want the banana guard. I need it. badly. and holy crap, working out in jeans is dedication. I’d cry and call it a day.
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..This Is How Awesome I am

  17. Oh my gosh your pictures are too cute! I love dry shampoo! What brand do you use?
    Holly @ Pink Runner recently posted..Summer -

  18. Every breakfast i eat leave me saying ‘this is the best breakfast EVER’! To be more specific, today’s breakfast once again blew me away: overnight oatmeal with granola, choc chips, and pb mixed in this morning!

    I am DEF Team Peanut Butter…in fact, i didn’t like almond butter at all the one time i tried it! Go Pb Go!
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  19. Girrrl you’re so funny!
    I always hit up Target for some good deals on swimsuits. Oh wait aren’t you in London? Do they even have Target there? Anyways… peanut butter will always win for me! It’s just so classy and attractive…
    Hannah (tickledtofu) recently posted..A Wonderfully Ordinary Day -

  20. I’ve been converted to team almond butter, and not sure I’m going back! But PB will always have a special place in my heart – especially since it’s still delicious and much less expensive.
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..I thought it was summer!

  21. Oh, every breakast has the right to be the best breakfast ever! I am having those every single morning:)
    H&M is usually my place of choice when buying thing like bikini (or tops/t-shirts), I don´t anything much fancy, just usable :)
    Well, I am really ashamed of myself, but I haven´t tried almond butter yet – they don´t sell it here (only one type with like 2 percent of almonds in it:(, so now I am on the team Crunchy Peanut Butter :)
    Lenna recently posted..Thursday´s loves

  22. Men like the forgetful Emma! Especially when she forgets her t-shirt :P
    Damjana recently posted..Saturday Snickers Oats

  23. Oh, and I’m in team peanut butter. Even though I managed to make very tasty honey roasted almond butter, yum too!
    I buy bikini so rarely that last time I bought it, it was 3 years ago, they still look very new since I’m not much at the sea.. to be changed this year!
    Have a nice day!!
    Damjana recently posted..Saturday Snickers Oats

  24. Team pb for me.
    And yes, I agree the dates have magical powers!

  25. that does sound like a hard core bike workout!!! ahhaahah lols at the formspring q!. PEANUT BUTTER TEAM!! and i honestly do not know where to buy bikinis.. i have small boobs- it sucks.. im hoping they will get BIG! :P… but TOPSHOP always has cute ones!

  26. Oh my, I think that question just almost made my head explode, best breakfast ever? It has to be an epic green smoothie like my pb cup or bounty green smoothies, amazing! As for pb or almond butter, that is such a tough one but I think pb just edges it!
    Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..Joining the party!

  27. I have never worn and will never wear a bikini…the world does not need to see that much of me! When I swim I always wear a Speedo one-piece that covers as much of me as possible. If I could afford it I’d get a wetsuit that covered my legs too! Plus, bikinis are a nightmare because I’m two whole clothing sizes bigger on the bottom than the top.

    Best breakfast ever=any green smoothie. I don’t discriminate :P

    Team PB for me all the way. Although if I ever got to try Barney Butter it might change my mind.

    That biking workout sounds like the toughest spin class I ever took: it was all 5-minute sprints and very little rest. Sadly the instructor that used to take it left shortly after I joined my current gym :(

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Fashionable Failings

  28. Im on totally on Team Almond Butter! Though that spoon of PB and chocolate looks amazing!!
    So happy for you that your legs are healing! You have been so good at waitning for your first run again!
    I usually order bikinis from Victoria Secrets! I LOVE them, so sweet and not too expencive!
    Have a great weekend Emma!
    Ragnhild recently posted..Hi- my name is Bree Van de Camp

  29. That banana guard is super awesome! That’s totally something I would use.

    NUT BUTTER HAS HEALING POWERS! There’s nothing a tub-o-the stuff can’t fix :)
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..An Evening in Annapolis- Maryland

  30. that pizzert looks darn tasty! now, as for PB i’m not a fan. i don’t even like the smell of it. i’m weird like that. :/

    as for breakfast i’ll join team pancakes all the way! when i was younger my dad would make us a HUGE stack of choc-chip pancakes every sunday. we’d then drown them in syrup and top with sprinkles and powdered sugar….De.Lish!!
    Cait’s a Runnerchick recently posted..A Cheeky Debate – To Bun or Not to Bun

  31. As always, good workout & good eats! My fav place to get bikinis is Old Navy or Macy’s. It really just depends though. Also, I haven’t had almond butter in so many years that I’m not sure which I prefer. I guess I’ll have to say peanut, though I think I know what my next purchase will be!

  32. I have never used dry shampoo but it seems to be popping up everywhere! I go to Target for really cheap bathing suits!

  33. that formspring Q literally made me LOL! Target has pretty cute suits for cheap if you don’t mind going to the beach and seeing a million other girls in the same ones = twin strangers haha. And I like victorias secret ones, especially when they are on sale, heck yes! PB or AB…. hmmm so tough to decide, but today def PB since I made PB pancakes with crunchy and smooth “frosting”, heaven for breakfast! Your pizzert looks to die for, I may just have one after lunch today! Hope your virus problem gets fixed soon, major bummer!

  34. PEANUT BUTTER, hands down! I don’t care for almond butter that much (which is probably a sin in blog world).
    Best breakfast??? Ohmygohs, there’s too many! I’m like you, forever saying THIS one is the best ever, then it’s THIS one and so on…alas.
    That pizzert does look good though….
    Freya recently posted..When to say nein

  35. oooo are they The Beans ;) not some supermarket knock-off?!!! i love them straight from the can… is that wrong? not even warmed up…

    vivoir recently posted..Everything’s chickpea-chy!

  36. Dates heal all. I refuse to believe otherwise.
    & H&M’s so awesome for bikinis cos they’re dirt-cheap! Also, ASOS are great for choice! x
    Sara MM recently posted..The Best Things in Life are Free

  37. ohmygosh. Wanna make breakfast for me sometime?? :P

  38. When you made the pizzert did you use the whole wheat pastry flour? I don’t have any in my house and was wondering if you had a good substitute?

  39. I love gillmore girls and I need to try one of Katie’s pizzerts asap because it seems like everyone is talking about them!

  40. gilmore girls is so awesome :) im team all nut butters. lol. i do have moods where i favor more than others but i love them all. i dont really have a special place to buy bikinis. just whatever i find that is cute :)

  41. Team Almond Butter!(: Maranatha no stir or Justin’s maple almond butter , OMG heaven!(:

    How do you make the pizzert? It looks amazing minus the dark choc pb I’m not a fan haven’t tried wcw though I need too!

    Also I agree on pancake Sunday’s , always the best !

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