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Doing an Emma

HEY friends!! Happy Wednesday!! Hope ya had a good one!


Sorry for the lack of comment replies/blog commenting etc friends! I have spent most of the day battling a computer virus. It sure ain’t pretty.DSC00582

So I’m currently blogging from my brother’s laptop! I’ve had to install WLW and set things up, and I’m slowly going insane. But it’s all good, because I have some Super Charge-Me cookies that I baked today to keep me happy Smile DSC00557

These are my FAVE cookies! I made them this time with all my favourite things: White Chocolate Wonderful PB, chocolate chips and chopped dates. I’m in love! Open-mouthed smile


That’s called ‘Doing an Emma’. Having a technical meltdown and comforting self with cookies. Well, I’ve already given ya one, and here are a couple more examples of ‘Doing an Emma’…


‘Doing an Emma’ is waking up, and spending 10 minutes lying there mulling over what to have for breakfast…


Hello bedhead.

Decided eventually on Blackberry Oatmeal!DSC00547

Purple oats!! Found a punnet of blackberries in ma fridge, so just threw a ton in whilst cooking the oats, and topped with more blackberries and Morello Cherry conserve.


‘Doing an Emma’ is being really cool and using a Banana Guard to prevent your banana getting bruised in your bag.


I know I’m cool, you don’t have to tell me.


Creeping on the Banana Guard, as you do…


‘Doing an Emma’ means always forgetting something when you go to the gym. ALWAYS. Like this memorable time when I did a 5 mile speed-endurance run on the tread without socks on…


No kidding, that was months ago and I still have the blister scars! Smile with tongue out


Anyway, this time it was my top! (From my DailyMile account):


Yes, for the first time ever, I went shirtless. There was no WAY I could wear a long sleeved cotton top in a spin class! I was very freaked out about just wearing a sports bra…DSC00572

After spin, when I was too sweaty to care any more, I did 30 mins of the Fitnessista’s circuits that I did yesterday. It included a total of 36 incline pushups, and I almost died. ‘Twas awesome! Open-mouthed smile


‘Doing an Emma’ is believing that nut butter can solve all problems. When the virus first hit, I knew exactly what to do. Leave the house and restock on nut butter. That’ll solve it, right?!DSC00585

Er, wrong. But it DID solve my dilemma that I had run out of PB and AB, which is almost as serious as the virus in my book Winking smile


‘Doing an Emma’ is taking a perfectly normal and awesome recipe like Katie’s Single Lady Cupcake and adding lots and lots of nut butter to it. Made with White Chocolate Wonderful PB…DSC00577

Let’s not forget the WCW frosting and chocolate chips. 2 minutes prep+80 secs microwaving= pure bliss Smile


Do you put a lot of thought into your meals? Breakfast, YES always!! I love breakfast too much to not think about it every morning beforehand!


Are you a forgetful person? Very. I forget everything and am not so good with organisation either…! Smile with tongue out


(Girls!) What’s your opinion on just wearing a sports bra and no top? I’ve thought about doing it on runs before when it’s really hot, but to be honest I wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe. I get enough honks and catcalls where I live wearing a tank top and shorts! I think I live in a dodgy area haha!


Have a GREAT day you guys!! Eat lots of nut butter and chocolate for me! Open-mouthed smile

65 Responses to Doing an Emma

  1. I don’t run without a shirt. My sports bras aren’t padded so I would feel way too exposed, although with this 95deg heat it makes me want to reconsider… :-P
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..WIAW- Week 20

  2. logan osterhout

    I want to taste the meridian brand of pb so bad!!! And it looks like you got the same virus I had a couple weeks ago, Im sorry. At least you have another computer to use! I need to start baking because all the stuff you make always looks so good. Speaking of baking, Im going home just for the weekend and am baking these tomorrow for my fam. http://ohsheglows.com/2010/10/01/pumpkin-pie-brownie-cupcakes/

    How good do those look? She has the best recipes Ive seen.
    Have a good day Emma!

    • I’VE MADE THOSE!! Just a heads up, DON’T taste test the batter, because you will go into a craze and end up with only 2 cupcakes…yeah, it happened! :P Yeah I LOVE OhSheGlow’s recipes!! I’ve made a ton of them and they’ve never let me down! Specially her PB chocolate chip cookies…mmm… :)

      Hope you’re doing good Logan!!

  3. Ugh!! on the virus. I think your nut butter solution is as good as any!
    I wouldn’t feel comfortable just exercising in a sports bra (although I’ve been tempted). I’ve seen one woman at our gym wearing one, but otherwise, I think it’s generally “not done.”
    Zo recently posted..once a bridesmaid- but never a movie star

  4. I’ve only run without a shirt once – and I was so so so super uncomfortable. I don’t mind when others do it though! If you got it, flaunt it!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..grocery shopping blues- summer break style

  5. Ooooh….I couldn’t do the sports bra only thing. I’d feel weird! Saying that, I stripped down to my sports bra when I did bikram…..i was disgusting in that class!

  6. That cupcake sure does look like PURE bliss!! I don’t think I could do the sports bra thing..well, maybe. PROPS to you for doing it, girl! I’m impressed. :D
    Jess recently posted..Recent Workouts &amp Eats

  7. LOVE the banana guard! You are so awesome Emma!

    And that stinks about the virus! Jeesh….looks like you have one heck of a mess to deal with! GOOD LUCK! But like ya said…nothing a few cookies and some nut butter can’t fix!

  8. Love the banana pics! your facial expressions kill me! Love u!

    I put so much thought into breakfast, its my favorite meal EVER! Lunch and dinner, I just throw together like it last years news : p lol!

    I hope your computer gets fixed!!!! xoxo <3
    katie recently posted..Laptop lunch day

  9. I fall asleep dreaming up delicious breakfasts!
    I once forgot shoes so I did a barefoot run on the track. It was so much fun! I have always wanted to get into barefoot running, but vibrams would probably be better for running through town.
    I don’t mind when others run in a sportsbra but I just feel weird. Sometimes I cut the sleeves amd sides off of my shirt though when it’s hot.
    And those cookies sound SOOO good. I haven’t tried the White Chocolate pb yet.
    Emily recently posted..ABCs

    • I once forgot shoes too!! Except I wasn’t brave enough to run barefoot, so I bought some new ones in a shop on the way there, and then accidentally left them at the gym afterwards and never got them back! :P

      You haven’t tried White Chocolate Wonderful yet?! Aaah GET ON THAT girl!! You’ll thank me later I promise ;)

  10. Sorry to hear about the computer issues!! My computers usually only last 2 years and then they die, and I don’t get why. So frustrating losing all my stuff though!!

  11. Whoa banana guard :D But don’t bananas come in different shapes?

  12. I’d never just wear a bra because I have a terrible habit of washing all my workout stuff in the same load. When you have a white bra and mostly black clothes the bra ends up a nasty grey colour which I could never wear in public!

  13. oh i am so intrigued by that banana guard. haha. too funny. and the sports bra thing, I love doing it but only at the beach. Just can’t bare it all the gym. Just my opinion though,

  14. I used to run outside in a sports bra when I was 15 and about 50 pounds lighter- I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it now!
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Eat Your Beer

  15. Haha and this is why we love you :D I’m super forgetful. I write shopping lists so that I don’t forget anything when I go grocery shopping, and then I forget the lists at home. Happens every time. I don’t even know why I bother writing them in the first place.

    And I’m not sure if I could work out in just my sports bra. Maybe if I was in an all ladies gym, but out on the street or in my co-ed gym? Lol probably not. I’d feel so uncomfortable that I’d probably lose focus and trip on my feet or fly off the treadmill.

  16. I wear a sports bra only when I really have too. I with you about the honks and calls, and I hate to make more. My gym doesn’t allow just working out in sports bras otherwise my aerobics ladies would be seeing me teach in just that.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Somebody please tell them who the eff I iz

  17. I always always always workout in a sports bra during the late spring, summer, and even early fall. I live in a totally safe area and I’m very comfortable with it though. I probably wouldn’t do that in the gym though… that would feel awkward to me.
    I love all your expressions in these pictures and they totally make my day. You are hilarious. And you’ve inspired me to try blackberry oats.. i’ve never tried – or even thought of – that combo before!
    Tara recently posted..PBBCC Cookies

  18. blackberry oats.. yum! Will have to try that sometime.
    My goal was to have a flat enough stomach to be able to run in a sports bra this summer.. I overheat so easily so I feel like that could help me. Lo & behold… I still got quite a bit of work to do before Im there anyways. If you got it, DO IT is what I say :)
    Karla recently posted..Good Friends- Good Times

    • I’m sure you’d look ROCKIN’ in just a sports bra Karla!! (And I mean that in the most non-creepy way possible lol!) If I was more blessed in the chest area maybe I’d do it more often haha! :P

  19. I do put effort into my meals- it doesn’t mean they all take ages to come together but I try to make it so I look forward to each one! Quick q abt supercharge me cookies: do you know whether the spelt flour can be replaced? if so with what??
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  20. I am sorry to hear your computer is not working right now, those technical things are always so frustrating!! But I hope it will be fine soon :)
    I love the whole “Doing Emma” thing :)) I can really understand most of those points, especially the one about thinking of breakfast for ten minutes while lying in bed :) I like to think about what to prepare for my breakfast, other meals are usually just so-so :))
    I am really a forgetfull girl, I forget everything everywhere! Keys, notebooks, books, clothes…the only thing I have never forgotten is probably food :)
    Wearing only a sports bra might be pretty convenient when doing some highly “sweating” sports! I am not sure if I would be ok with going just like that, but my sister does it and she´s fine with it :)
    Lenna recently posted..Bad things happend … or didn´t they

  21. First off, I need a banana holder! Genius! Secondly, you just reminded me that I need to buy peanut butter tomorrow. I barely have enough to get me through breakfast in the morning. Major problemo! And third of all, I’ve taken my shirt off after workouts before, when my top has been drenched in sweat, but I never exercise in just a sports bra. Although, that’s not to say I wouldn’t! A long time ago, I ran outdoors in just a sports bra (a long-sleeve shirt situation, like you mentioned), and I remember it feeling really liberating!

  22. Hee hee nice banana guard. I like it. Annnd I’ve never felt comfortable running in a sports bra. Lots of girls on my cross country team do, but I always feel like it’s a bit scandalous for my own taste :)
    Hannah (tickledtofu) recently posted..A Wonderfully Ordinary Day -

  23. Oh you are too funny! Don’t even sweat it (okay, bad joke :)) people at my gym wear the funniest stuff and rockin the sports bra is super common, more coverage then a bathing suit and with your bod it’s totally fine! Heck, my gym is filled with half naked people – booty shorts are another common things, even a few guys at my gym have been sportin those = ewwwww not okay! Maybe it’s a Cali thing, idk? haha I am actually not forgetful most of the time, I need to be organized and make tons of lists and plan… wow don’t I sound like a big ball of fun. Oh and that naner guard made me laugh out loud, too fun! Hope your computer gets fixed soon, ughhh I hate when those types of things happen they always stress me out, good call on the PB bucket tho! xoxo

    • Lol GOOD PUN there! :D Eww guys in booty shorts?! NOT cool haha! Yeah at my gym a few people do it, but I’ve only seen a couple of people ever rockin’ just a sports bra! But you’re right, it’s no different I guess to wearing a suit!

      And can you please give me your organisation?! I NEED it haha! :)

  24. Oh no computer viruses! That’s one up side to investing in a mac.

    About the bra thing, as long as you are covered(!!) and comfortable, and the people around you don’t mind, I see no problem there. I personally am not completely comfortable doing so, as I tend to focus more on how I look during the workout and less on pushing myself and having fun.

    Also, how did pilates go?

    • The class I was planning on going to was cancelled, so next week it is! :D

      And YES I’m definitely with you there! I was way more focused on how I looked than I normally am!!

      Yep, next time I’m DEFINITELY getting a Mac haha! :P

      Have a great day!! <3

  25. Haha, reading your blog is the best way to start the day :D Always puts me in a good mood- and it remindes me that girls DO eat! I love you for that!!
    I would not feel good about just wearing my bra at the gym.. but I dont mind that others do it!
    Ragnhild recently posted..Raw Brownies &lt3

  26. oh my goodness…without socks and run?
    so was it painful for you?
    or did your feet sticked onto the shoes?
    qq:) recently posted..wiaw…wonderful workout day

    • It was SO painful!! I linked to the post in case you want to read, but basically my feet rubbed badly for the first few miles, and then these weird metal bits in my shoes (that I never knew existed before!!) started digging in to the soles of my feet! That HURT! Never again! :P

  27. Purple oats are def going on my must try list! :D

  28. I don’t mind others wearing just sports bras, but my stomach is not up for that!
    I love the idea of dates in cookies- like oatmeal raisin I suppose but dates- one to try :)

  29. Hmm… I’ve never worked out in public in just a sports bra before. It might be the California girl in me, but I feel like I’m daring enough to try it. I’m just not sure my neighbors would recover from it ;)
    Lexi recently posted..Xanthum Gum love

  30. YES! well ive never been out without a top.. if i had boobs id do that ;)
    but at home all the time!>.. AHAHA banana guard!! love it!!
    PS>. do u have a british or american accent?!!?

    • HAHA that was my problem!! It wasn’t even a padded one- I wanted to cry! :P

      I have a mixed accent I think! Comes from having half and half family I guess haha! I also lived there for a bit when I was a kiddo :)

  31. I put a lot of thought into my meals, I meal plan to try and save money and make sure things don’t get wasted. I just love thinking about delicious food too! I do quite fancy trying to have a week when I don’t plan at all and just see what I come up with! I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable with just a sports bra as I have some loose skin on my stomach (after being overweight it never tightened up) but someone like you would look fab, and me much cooler!

    • I know! Your meals look SO amazing always!!

      Seriously? Well you always look amazingly slim in your photos, so it’s definitely not bad! Seriously you look so slim and toned and model-esque!! And anyway for me the lack of chest was more of a problem haha! :P

    • Pfft, come on Laura! I’ve seen you running and unless you’re wearing Spandex under there or something your stomach is flat as a (protein) pancake. There are all sorts of people at my gym that wear just sports bras and very few of them are as lean as you are!

      If you’re not comfortable then that’s fine, but personally I think you’d rock a sports bra just like you do every other outfit you wear.
      ~Jessica~ recently posted..Fashionable Failings

  32. I put loads of thought into my breakfast because it’s my obsession, but just wing it for the rest of my meals.

    I am also the most forgetful person in the universe. I write myself notes to try and make myself remember and then forget where I put said notes :P

    I’ve actually done exactly the same thing as you at the gym and ended up doing both spin and Pump in a sports bra (which is ironic as I really don’t need any bra at all owing to a complete absence of, well, boobs!) and I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life. I kept holding my breath to try and suck in my bloaty belly (no matter how much weight I gain or lose my IBS creates rather a pregnant look around my stomach!) and as a result nearly dropped the bar on my head during the Power Press in the back track. Sometimes if it’s REALLY hot I’ll wear one to run in (I did that a few months back when I forgot to do the washing and literally had nothing else to wear!) and again last week, both times when I set off at 5:30am so I assumed no-one would really see me. And both times I bumped into Laura (Keeping Healthy)!!!! So major embarrassment there and I hope poor Laura recovered from the trauma. You’d look fantastic no matter what you wore though.

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Fashionable Failings

    • Haha same! I seriusly think the Wonderbra people need to get on the sports bras thing and help us poor gals out!! And I feel ya on the bloated thing! I’m actually gluten intolerant, so when I eat a fair bit of it, I bloat right up! Thankfully I didn’t have much yesterday, so I didn’t have that problem! But I’m sure you DON’T look pregnant even when you’re bloated!

      Sheesh that would hardly be a ‘trauma’ Jess!! You always look AMAZING and it’s only you that doesn’t think so! But I did LOVE your reply to Laura, and I couldn’t agree more! ‘Flat as a protein pancake’ indeed! :)

  33. I’ve definitely pulled a few “Emmas” lately. Especially the one where you sit in bed mulling over what to have for breakfast. Yup. I do that every single morning. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! :-)
    The Teenage Taste recently posted..Triple Cheese Stuffed Pizza Rolls

  34. I think your bedhead hair is cute! I don’t know if my gym allows us to exercise in sports bras. I would sometimes, but then again…I do feel kinda weird. Not that I am shameful of my body, but because there are probably lots of creepsters at the gym. =P
    Katie recently posted..Winner! Foodie ABCs!

  35. Sorry about the computer virus they can be such a pain! I don’t think I could go out in a just a sports bra, but I sometimes I do that when I’m at home all locked away for no- one to see! :)
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Running tips from an unnatural runner…

  36. Umm banana guard where did these things come from,i want one! You always know of the coolest products! Btw, water heater broke at pt yesterday and I was all sweaty. So my husband ran out and go stay in conditioner and shampoo. You rock, would not have thought of it with out you!
    Stephanie recently posted..To Run like a Squirrel Or a squirrel run

  37. I put lots of thought into breakfast, and I am known to have breakfast-type meals all day =)
    As for the bra and no-shirt thing, I don’t have the confidence to rock the look, but I have no probs with others doin it

  38. it took me FOREVER to actually dare to wear just a sports bra while running and like you i was pretty much forced into it. i grew up in sacto, CA and the summer temps were over 112 and it got so hot i just didn’t care. today i say power to all the people who have the confidence to rock the bra, but usually i’ll only wear one if it’s just too flipping hot/uncomfortable not to. so i do sometimes but for the most part i opt for a shirt.
    and i always like to put thought into my eats because i like to enjoy them! :)
    Cait’s a Runnerchick recently posted..Wanted- Caits Personal Assistant

  39. A banana guard?!? Wow you really are the coolest! I’m jealous :)
    That cuppycake looks soooo good! Love WCW PB.
    O.C. recently posted..WIAW and weighty issues

  40. Whaaaa? Nut butter doesn’t solve problems??? :) I’m bad about forgetting things too. I have extra socks, undies, razor, and bra in the gym bag at all times. However, I still managed to forget my work pants the other day. Doh!

  41. Lol glad I’m not the only who wakes up and thinks about breakfast for a good solid 10 min. :P

    I’ve never ran in my sports bra. I don’t have a problem with others doing it, but I’d just feel awkward I guess. I do however go to hot yoga in my sports bra a lot. Just because it’s SO hot in there!
    Megan recently posted..Wraps &amp Advice

  42. Yes, lots of thought into my meals…always! Not forgetful though & not terribly comfortable with going shirtless myself, but I applaud those who can rock it!

    Mmm supercharge me cookies & WCW…let’s be friends! haha
    Errign recently posted..A week’s worth of pictures

  43. just found your blog :)! love your crazy photos haha

    that banana guard is such a good idea! i hate biting into a brown mushy banana… although and maybe it’s just me but i kinda like it when my banana’s are bruised when im using them in my oats.. it makes them tastier!
    Marissa recently posted..Winner- Winner- Chicken Dinner

    • HELLOOO Marissa!!

      Lol TELL me about it! It gets some funny looks, but really I know they’re just jealous! ;) And DEFINITELY mushy bananas in oats!! They’re sooo much better that way!

      Have a great day girl! <3

  44. i definitely plan out almost all my meals! while i’m laying in bed seeing how many more times i can press snooze, i think about what i can make for breakfast. and every night before i go to bed, i think about and make my lunch for the next day. i like being excited about what i’m eating haha!

    and i’m definitely SO forgetful. if i don’t write something down, i won’t remember it. it’s terrible!

    i went running outside with only my sports bra once because it was so hot…i felt a little naked! i’m a pretty modest person so i feel way more comfortable in my tank top no matter how hot it is!
    Danielle recently posted..WIAW I got mail! Danielle

  45. Girl please, I think about what to have for breakfast when I’m falling asleep at night! I run in my sports bra sometimes when it’s just too hot, never at the gym though just outside. And you get honks cause you’re seeexxxyyy girl!
    Caitlin @ TPL recently posted..First Giveaway!

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