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Tough decisions

Big news people.


Today was the first day that I can remember that I have had NO SHIN PAIN ALL DAY!!


Yes, I am rocking a hair turban there. Be jealous.


This is a BIG deal for me! Usually, just walking around has given me pain, and things like climbing stairs weren’t good either. But today? No pain.


And guess what? My TWO WEEKS of not running IS UP TOMORROW. So I can run again!! Open-mouthed smileDSC09906

But…I’m not going to. I know deep down that I am not ready yet, and that if I starting running again now, the shin splints would just return right away. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it’s one that I’m happy with.

I know that only once I’m fully injury-free can I achieve all my running goals. Taking a bit more time off will not harm my running fitness, but going back to it now would almost definitely put me out for much longer. So for the time being at least, I am going to not run, and continue to cross train instead. I will cycle until I actually have some leg muscles, and drink chocolate milk until I burst because I know that stuff has healing powers.DSC09910

Plus, I can strength train (upper body only) so after this you will not want to arm wrestle this girl.


I promise I’m not an alien, and I don’t normally glow like that…


And even though I’m not running, I can still read about it!DSC00467

Started rereading Born To Run again whilst on my long cycle this morning. AWESOME book, and you have to read it if you haven’t already!! So inspiring Smile


Sunday mornings are my long run cycle day, so I glued my butt to the bike for an hour and a half. It was a sweat fest. Then I hit the showers, started to wash my hair, and realised I had forgotten my shampoo+conditioner. Meh who cares, wet greasy hair is the new cool thing anyway.DSC00473

I did wash it again when I got home though, WITH shampoo that time! Smile with tongue out


We all know what’s next. Yes friends. Pancake Sunday.


Apricot and Coconut Pancakes
(Vegan, serves one, can be made gluten-free)

  • 1/2 cup flour (I used wholegrain spelt)
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp apricot puree (I just threw a few canned apricots in a blender and pureed!)
  • 1 tbsp agave
  • 1/2 tbsp brown sugar (more or less as desired!)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4-1/2 cup milk, depending on how thick you want your batter
  1. Combine all ingredients, make your pancakes, and ENJOY!!


All I can say is YUM.DSC00478

But do you know what was even more yummy today? Brownie cupcakes topped with White Chocolate Wonderful PB.DSC00481

I made these to take to my church group, and they were a hit! They’re gluten free too, as one of the girl in my group is a celiac, and this was my first proper gluten-free baking experiment! (recipe to come!) These are SO GOOD! I had four, and I’m not ashamed of it! Smile with tongue out 


I spent a very productive afternoon continuing to be a moron. This game is addictive, but is seriously damaging my self esteem.DSC00431

When the iPod finally ran out of battery as I screamed at the Moron Test after failing for the 1000000th time, I lay on the floor and dreamt of this…sanfrancisco3


Seven weeks. In exactly 7 weeks from today I will be in San Francisco, running across that bridge, shin splint free, and I can’t WAIT. Plus, I hear there’s somewhere that sells vegan donuts right near there. I have my running route mapped out already Winking smile


Have you had any tough decisions to make recently? Yes, but I’m feeling really positive about this, and I know this is the right thing for me Smile


What are you looking forward to in the coming months? Oooh beach running in Hawaii too! But that’s sposed to be pretty difficult I think haha!


Random Q: What place do you want to visit most in the world? New Zealand! Looks SO beautiful!


Hope you all have an awesome week!! LOVE <3

75 Responses to Tough decisions

  1. I think you are making the right decision 100%!! Your body WILL thank you.

    MMM, those pancakes look delightful! :D
    Jess recently posted..Recent Workouts &amp Eats

  2. I’d love to see the Northern Lights in Iceland but the hubby doesn’t understand why you would want to visit anywhere colder than London in this world :D

  3. Tough decision, but I bet you legs will love you for it. Plus, you’ll have more cycling/spinning to do, which is so fun!
    I’d love to visit New Zealand too because I have a friend there that wants to take me hiking all around…and London too of course!
    Lauren recently posted..Weekend Food- Coffee &amp Bananas

  4. I have always wanted to read Born to Run! Now I must.
    Hawaii sounds friggin ahhhmazing. I’m so jealous! I think I would like to go to Africa for some reason.
    Have a good week and good luck with the shins! I had shin problems about 2 months ago and I was soooo nervous to run again because I thought it would come back but I forget it even happened now.

  5. Come to NZ! You’ll love it, full of like minded healthy athletes like yourself :)And your runs will have waaay better scenery. Don’t expect to see any of your nut butters here though!
    Love your blog!
    Are you planning to go to uni in the states?

  6. I’m so proud of you for listening to yourself! You are 100% doing what is best. Once you can run again you are going to kick butt and be stronger than eva! Woot woot.

    You need to make me some pancakes. Mine never look as pretty as yours ;)
    Megan recently posted..Put the lime in the coconut review recipe

  7. Your body is going to thank you when you are running across that bridge, feeling STRONG and pain-free!! It will be oh so worth it! Look on the positive side: you will have plenty of free time to keep inventing amazing pancake concoctions because i am officially declaring you the pancake QUEEN! :D I participated in pancake sunday with sweet potato oat ones this morning!
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..Relaxation Station

  8. Good job twin!! You look so strong!
    Holly @ Pink Runner recently posted..Wedding and Sushi

  9. YAYAYAY!! So happy for you! And yes, you are being very smart, and girl let me tell you from experience that stationary bike WILL give you leg muscles, be prepared lol! AHHHH why does the United States have to be so big?! I want to meet you but I am sooo far from San Fran! COME TO CLEVELAND AND BE MY FRIEND!!! I’ll take you to vegan restaurants and cook you pancakes and eat chocolate and run (or cycle) with you!

  10. I’m so proud of you for making that decision!!! I am totally in the same boat. The only reason I would run would be if my toe feels good enough to run at nationals, and I would only run that one race because it’s like my dream. Plus I don’t know if I can go next year because it will probably fall on the same date as graduation. Just another big decision I have to make.
    San Francisco is sooooo cool! I just went there for the first time ever in April and loved it. Try to run on lombard street when you are there. I didn’t make it. Soooo freaking steep!

  11. Yay for no pain AND for listening to your body! You are awesome. I want to go to Australia!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..grocery shopping blues- summer break style

  12. Yay! That’s so awesome that you didn’t have any pain today. And even MORE awesome that you made the decision to play it safe and allow yourself to heal. Definitely the right thing to do. You still have plenty of life left to enjoy running, and taking a little extra time off to make sure everything is right is bette than being forced to take a LOT of extra time off because you re-injure yourself. Besides, you’re still being active and healthy, so there’s no harm :)

  13. Awww that is awesome about the no pain. You are so amazing, healing up fast and being smart about your injury – when you start back running again you will be so strong and fierce girl. Good for you to listen to your body, it will help so much in the long run even if it is supa hard to fight the urge to run. Oh and your pancakes always look so much prettier then mine, please make me some :) Honestly my choc. coconut butter oat meal bars were an experiment I just randomly did but it turned out amazing, I roughly based it off of Oh she glows oatmeal bars but with dark chocolate & coconut butter swirl in between two layers and then topped with more coconut butter and dark choc frosting & chips… but I WILL be making them again, and hopefully with write down a recipe to share if you would like. And yes, there are tons of vegan places with donuts too in SF – you will have a great time!

  14. You’re making the right decision! It will feel so awesome to run across the Golden Gate Bridge pain free :) I wish I lived closer to San Francisco so we could meet up! I was there in March, but unfortunately I live about 8 hours south.
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Eat Your Beer

  15. It’s really commendable that you are listening to your body and not running- I know how hard it can be to hold off! The Moron Test is SO addictive- I’m waiting for the next one to be released now. Your eats always have me drooling- both the pancakes + cupcake! Next time I come across a vegan hater, I’m sending them to your blog!

    I’m looking forward to my holiday in July- Dubai, Prague and then London! The thought alone makes me SO giddy of excitement!
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

    • Haha thank you!! I’ve yet to come across a vegan hater, but when they eat ma pancakes and cookies and stuff they’ll be sorry! :P

      Aaah that is SO exciting!! So sad that I won’t be here in July though, or we could totally have met up! :(

  16. Those doughnuts are so good! Go for the double chocolate….when I could eat gluten it was my fav!
    Hannah recently posted..3 New Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers from WordPresscom

  17. Emm! Love this – can’t believe you forgot your shampoo – Nooooo!!! I’ve totally done that before too. I’m so jealous that you’re going to San Fran! It’ll be amazing!

  18. i think u are making the mature decision! and u will thank urself in the future!!!!!!!!!! what a GREAT bike ride! and PANCAKS!! alwyas love seeing those on sundays!
    Have you had any tough decisions to make recently? yeah! about what colleges i wna visit and such! i have to think about my future !

    What are you looking forward to in the coming months? IN TWO WEEKS IM GOING TO THE US OF A!

    Random Q: What place do you want to visit most in the world? australia! to visit my best friend!

  19. So glad you can run again!! And brownie cupcakes?! Yes please! Studying abroad was a hard decision for me, but in my heart I knew it was the right choice. if you’re feeling positive about it then go for it! Eat a vegan donut for me!!
    megan @ the oatmeal diaries recently posted..wine- hiking- &amp happiness

  20. Im so happy for you that you had no pain yesterday!! You will be out there running soon! And lucky you, going to San Francsico :D Im love to run when Im traveling! I get to see so much more of the place Im visiting!

    I made a really though decision yesterday! bIm going to try to set myself free from my all-organic lifestyle! This is not easy for me, since I kind of believe in living organic. But for me, this is also a prison. Im so Black or White, so all-organic means ALL-organic. I feel so much guilt when I eat something not-organic.

    So now, Im going to eat “normal” fruits and veggies. This will save me tons of money, and I can eat more with friends. I still have to buy some organic food since Im vegan, and a lot of vegan food is always organic. And my chocolate I want organic too, since Im super-picky on it. It needs to be the best quality :P

    Looks like you had a great Sunday cutie! Brownie muffins is looking GOOD!!
    Enjoy your Mondag <3
    Ragnhild recently posted..Raw Brownies &lt3

  21. I think it’s great that you’re not running yet, such a healthy and positive decision to make! It will be SO worth it to run across the SanFran bridge totally healed and pain-free! I’m already looking forward to the photographic evidence :)

    Also, I tried a couple of your pancake recipes recently and they are now my go-to recipes when I need some pancakey goodness (i.e. way more frequently than I should admit!). I LOVE that you can make the batter really thick and end up with these gorgeous, fluffy (and healthy!) pancakes. SO GOOD!

  22. Tough decisions? Many coming up, but also perhaps looking to truly find myself in the future in a career I actually care about.

    I’d love to visit the US (obviously, NYC!) but New Zealand is indeed stunning: my uncle lived there for three years and the photos he took are fantastic.

    You’re a great role model too for taking care of your precious shins :)

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Minnie

  23. Awesome about the shin pain! I was worried when I read the first line of this post. I though you were going to run again. I should have given you more credit! I love to see posts like this where people really face up to the difficulties and realities of injury. You’re right — even if you are losing a bit of running fitness right now, going back too soon will see you lose even more. So keep on pounding the cross-training and drinking the chocolate milk. And no doubt you’ll be back to it in time for a jaunt over the Golden Gate bridge when you’re in San Fran :D
    Alison recently posted..The fear of gaining weight

  24. Emma, I just have to share with you that at the weekend I made the date & pecan brownies which you posted about last week… OH. HOLY. YUM. I have 3 slices left in my fridge right now. I can pretty much guarantee you that by tomorrow there will be zeroooo.
    Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  25. YAY for no pain!! The way that you aren’t pushing yourself and giving yourself time to heal is truely inspirational because I know how hard it is to do that…I learnt the hard way and just thought ‘hey I’m better now, let’s go!’ and I injured myself yet again and just prolonged the recovery process making me very miserable. Not good!
    Those pancakes sound INCREDIBLE – I know what I’m making tomorrow! And ummm brownie cupcakes?! PLEASE can I have the recipe??
    Place I most want to go in the world is probably NYC right now! Shopping and foodie galore!
    Nicky recently posted..June goals

  26. I am just loving every part of this post! yay for no shin pain, chocolate milk, good books (adding that one to my summer reading list!!), yummy pancakes and SanFrancisco!!!

    also, thanks for sharing your cycling workouts on my last comment! <3
    Jenn recently posted..Running Gear!!!

  27. Yes so proud of you! Way to respect your body and you will reap the benefits!!! And whoopee for no pain YES!!! Tell me more about this book please!
    Stephanie recently posted..Waterworks McGee

  28. I feel like I could have written this post! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I’ve been dealing with shin splints for the past 3 weeks, so I’ve just been using the stationary bike & weights.
    Yesterday was the first day for my legs to be pain free and I’m SO tempted to run today! But, I’m not going to. Like you said, our bodies need to be completely healed before getting back to running. Running too soon will most likely lead to another injury & further setback.
    I’m impressed with your decision…I know it’s a hard one! Hang in there & stay strong. Keep using that stationary bike and you’ll be back to running SO SOON!
    Trisha recently posted..Hugs Heal

  29. Glad to hear that the pain has gone, but as hard as it is I think you have made the right decision. Running straight the way may cause the shin splints to return. Good for you for listening to your body! :)
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Let’s swap!

  30. Oh, that´s great you are shin-pain-free :) And it is even more great that you are listening to your body and not overdoing it, letting your body be perfectly prepared for running again. YOu are a wise girl:)
    San Francisco must be a wonderful place. I have no such exciting plans I think, but I am looking forward my summer holidays very very much :) Hopefully I will manage to visit my dream destinations – Norway and Sweden and if all goes OK, I hope to visit France as well. And if it goes bad..then I will enjoy my hometown:)
    Lenna recently posted..It is perfectly OK to be OK

  31. proud of you for holding back girl i know it took a lot of restraint!!
    I’m looking forward to college and my trip to europe in a couple of days!:)

  32. That is definitely the right choice! Better to wait now and run better later :) Very wise lady indeed :)
    I reaaaally want to go to Japan. Like, SO bad. It looks so crazily different from anything I’ve ever seen, so I’m fascinated!
    I have a difficult decisiion to make today…I need my mamma home so I can talk to her about it lol!
    Freya recently posted..Ten to the Ten

  33. Yay! Pain free’s the way to be! By the way, it would be freaky but pretty darn cool if you actually did glow like that.
    Tiff recently posted..Blog Birthday &amp June Workout

  34. you are being smart – I’m sure your shins will thank you! And if you like running over the Golden Gate Bridge half as much as I did, it will be amazing :)
    Kelly recently posted..On Going Solo in San Fran

  35. So glad your shin pain is gone, but I think you are so smart for waiting a bit longer before you run. Better safe than sorry, right? Your pancakes look so delicious and the brownie cupcakes, too! Mmm. I most want to visit Australia and New Zealand.

  36. I’m so glad you didn’t have any pain! I definitely think you’re doing the smart thing by staying off of it again though! Your pancakes look so yummy!!
    Sophia @ Raven Waves recently posted..Weekend Highlights

  37. Sounds like you are taking the right sensible approach! I’m looking forward to a trip to Brighton next month for a little break and lots of vegan cafe action! I would love to visit san fran, so jealous! You’ll have an amazing time :-)
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..Couscous and cupcakes

  38. I actually just made a toughie in my life a few weeks ago. i think I’m much happier with it but only time will tell.

    Your pancakes look like the bomb.com. Please mail me some. k thanks.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..True Life- I’m a Debbie Downer

  39. youre so smart emma! you know when your body is ready! way to go.

  40. YAY for no pain today! And good for you for listening to your body! In the grand scheme of things….a few more days off from running will not affect you at all! But definitely running before your ready could cause major problems so its so good that you are waiting a bit longer!

    Those pancaked looks amazing btw!!!

  41. Well done for being sensible about getting back to the running.
    I would love to visit New Zealand too, and also South America.
    Yum those pancakes look good :)

  42. WAY to listen to your baaah-daaaay! Your shins will thank you. Did you know pancakes help heal shin-splints? Not many peeps know this! ;)

    Wishing you continued healing and excited to see your running reports this week?!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..A Visit to Starbucks Birthplace lots-o-pics

  43. berrrrrlimey, you’re good listening to your legs! and you won’t regret it- it means that your first run will be pain-free and you’ll be at maximum strength to enjoy it :)
    vivoir recently posted..AWOL…

  44. Glad to hear pain is gone and sounds like a v wise decision to let your body rest a little longer so that you are fully healed : )

    Pancakes look amazing as usual! I must make myself pancakes for brekkie one day, I am vegan so I think I will follow your recipe!

  45. Ahhh bet you can’t wait to be in SF! The rest will be worth it!
    Laura @ box run eat recently posted..Allerthorpe Half Marathon

  46. Yay so happy to hear the pain has gone away!! You must feel like a million bucks! :D Loving the amazing pancakes girl, they look incredible :P

  47. Congratulations on the shin splints subsiding, and good for you for knowing that you’re not ready and listening to your body. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially with injuries!

    Keep kicking’ booty! <3
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..An Evening in Annapolis- Maryland

  48. Yayy for listening to your body! It will thank you in the long run
    Those pancakes look soo yummy! I know what I want for dinner now :)
    O.C. recently posted..Trying something new!

  49. Dang, I feel for ya on the tough decisions. My knees have acting up lately (right under the kneecap) and it’s been putting a damper on my runs. I was supposed to run 3.5 yesterday, but only made 2 miles on the dreadmill. Today was supposed to be 2, but I took it off…they are still achy. Tomorrow is 3.5…hoping I can do it! Do you have any tips for my knee pain? I heard that it could be runner’s knee. I am training for a half-marathon, my first! And, I want to be able to complete it…I want to keep running in my life…I feel like my knees are telling me otherwise. :(
    Katie recently posted..Winner! Foodie ABCs!

    • I’ve never had runner’s knee, and I’m afraid I don’t know anything much about it! But what I advise is to get it checked out ASAP, and not run until you get the all-clear! I carried on running through my injury, and that’s why I’m still injured now and not able to run for weeks! You WILL be able to keep running and do your half, but please please please get it seen to! Its so worth it I promise, and I wish I’d done it sooner!

      Hope your knee gets better soon! :)

  50. My mom and sister have both done the half marathon in SF that goes across the Golden Gate Bridge! They loved it!!! Are you from the Bay Area?

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