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I am a moron and a party animal.

HOWDY guys!! Having a good weekend I hope, and looking forward to Pancake Sunday, right?!


I started my weekend off with basically the same as yesterday, but with chocolate soy milk instead to make DOUBLE chocolate version! Open-mouthed smileDSC00418

Topped with the last of my PB&Co Crunch Time…sad, but that just means I *have* to go back to WF to get more! What a shame… Winking smile


Then I headed off to a rehearsal. 4.5 hours of fun on a Saturday morning. I know you’re jealous of my crazy musician’s life. Actually, you should be really because in about 40 days, I am leaving to go on tour again!


This time to FINLAND for 9 days!! And for those who asked last time, I’ve been to Paris, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary and Germany before on tour, and loved all of those places! Well actually performing in 100F+ temps in Spain, Croatia and Hungary was not much fun! Smile with tongue out


Anyway, after rehearsals and lunch, I hit the gym whilst chowing down a Clif bar.DSC00427

First up, I did a 15 minute shoulder workout. DSC00435Now anyone that says that weight stuff is boring/isn’t challenging/doesn’t get your heart rate up, is WRONG I tell you! Try this workout and you will be dripping sweat and want to collapse and it will be awesome.


Sweaty Shoulder Workout

You will need dumbbells and a towel to mop up that sweat. The trick is to NOT rest in-between each move- go straight from one to the next!

  1. Squat- Lateral Raises- 1 minute
  2. Reverse Fly- 1  minute
  3. Up-Down Plank- 1 minute
  4. Rotational Lunge And Shoulder Press- 1 minute
  5. Push-ups- 30 seconds
  6. Recover- 30 seconds
    REPEAT as many times as you can! 

I repeated twice more for a 15 minute workout. I’m smiling below because I hadn’t started yet. Trust me, I wasn’t after the 3rd time through! Smile with tongue out


I then did an hour on the bike of High Cadence Intervals and HIITS, with a warm-up and cooldown.DSC00432

Today’s entertainment was a book, and this:DSC00437

The Moron Test app on my iPod. So mature I know! Smile with tongue out The embarrassing thing is that no matter how many times I do these tests, I always get this:DSC00431

I am a moron apparently. Hey I knew that anyway. Especially since I’d forgotten something to clip back my bangs at the gym. So my fringe went from this:


…to this…DSC00442

Hello sweaty mess. What a moron. All I can say is thank goodness I had my trusty dry shampoo! Winking smile


I did my refuelling thang after, with chocolate milk on the way home, and then more food as soon as I got back:DSC00356


What can I say, I get hungry after workouts! Winking smile


And then I did what all cool young people do on Saturday nights. I cooked myself a nice dinner…



Peppers stuffed with lentils+WW couscous in a hummus-nooch sauce, and roasted sprouts with vegan butter, with fresh fruit and chocolate for dessert…DSC00461


…whilst watching Friends…


…and reading about running.


I know, I am SUCH a party animal! Winking smile


Actually, just for the record, I am a total party animal. I am the girl who went to a pizza-making party (best party EVER btw!) all sweaty from doing a tempo run, and with her own vegan cheese…


MORON alert! Thank goodness I have awesome friends who accept me for the crazy runner-vegan-hugger that I am.167859_1822669049071_1310552062_2065457_8380652_n

I know she’s enjoying the hug just as much as I am Winking smile


Are you a party animal? Yes and no! I love parties filled with people I love, but not big impersonal ones, if that makes sense!


How did you/are you spending your Saturday night? In a wild manner like I did I hope! Smile with tongue out


Random Q: What was your favourite TV program as a kid? I was addicted to Scooby-Doo!! I still have all the episodes on video somewhere…


Have a GREAT rest of the weekend friends!! HUGS for you all!!

64 Responses to I am a moron and a party animal.

  1. Hahhahaha I like you. That is what my Saturday night is looking like — I am not digging the idea of going out, which is odd. Have a great Sattyday my dear!
    Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn recently posted..Woahhhhh there horsie

  2. I am not a party animal, unless you consider sitting at home eating good food, and reading a good book a party animal ;) That’s pretty much how my Saturday night is wrapping up…and so far I’ve enjoyed every minute of it :)
    Sarah recently posted..“Turn-up” – my turn a frown upside down veggie

  3. Oh gosh I always forget a clip! I used to do that in highschool and would have to go through a 2 hour soccer practice without one. It drove me insane!!

  4. Sweaty Bangs stink! I have forgotten my headband and ended up with a hot mess of bangs too!!!

    LOVE that you brought your own cheese, I would so do that too!!!

    Yay for you for going on tour again soon! I bet you are really excited!!

    Happy weekend love!!!!! xoxo : )
    katie recently posted..3 is a charm

  5. Your night sounds perfect to me! In fact….your whole day does (except i’d be dancing where you were musician-ing!). We rock!!! :-)

  6. So jealous of all the places you’ve been! There are so so many countries I want to visit!!

    When you do High Cadence Intervals and HIITS on the bike, do you have any specific routine you follow?

    I am so not a party animal! Most weekends I am home being a total bum!!!
    Jenn recently posted..Reunited and it feels so good Danielle

    • You should come travel with me! :)

      Yes! I’ll probably share the HCI workout on my Wednesday post, but I’ll give it to ya now anyway. Basically my physio (who is also a runner+triathlete!) recommended it to help increase running turnover:

      (warm up)
      3 mins @ moderate resistance 80-90 rpm
      1 min @ +1 resistance 90-100 rpm
      1 min @ +2 resistance (should be quite hard!) 100+ rpm

      I usually use resistances 7, 8 and 9 respectively at the moment (not too heavy cos of the shin).

      HIIT’s I usually just do a 30sec sprint followed by 1m30s recovery.

      Haha this was a bit of an essay of a reply- sorry! :P

  7. Strength training gives me a CRAZY workout. I swear, sometimes I think it’s more intense than running for the same amount of time.

    I’m a party animal, like you ;) I used to be really big on going out and having a wild time, but I must be getting old or something, ’cause I no longer enjoy it. These days I prefer either a quiet night at home doing whatever, getting together with some friends, or going out for a bike/walk in the evening.

    And my favorite show when I was a little kid? Probably Care Bears :D
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted.. learn to trust your body

  8. It’s so true – dumbbell workouts get my heart rate up & I always get sweaty. I love that Moron test. I always do it on my ipod while holding my front plank because it makes the time go by so fast.
    Favorite kid show: Boy Meets World!
    Lauren recently posted..Weekend Food- Coffee &amp Bananas

  9. You are as thrilling as me! I buried under a pile of work tonight, looking forward to a long walk, cooking some dinner, more work and bed….just livin’ the life ;) Ps. I LOVE working out shoulders, I want to use your pointers and break a sweat next time!
    Cara @ EAT.PRAY.RUN. recently posted..Garage Sales- Muffins and Boots With Fur

  10. I love staying home and cooking every once in a while. Or inviting people over and cooking for them!
    My favorite show was anything on the foodnetwork. Nerd alert.
    Emily recently posted..gLee

  11. 1. you clean up well =) pretty lady!
    2. omgggg those lentil stuffed peppes! yes please!
    3. be my workout buddy?
    4. I updated my bloggy roll! <3 obvs you're on it

    Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons recently posted..Red Velvet Cupcake Wine

    • N’aww, YOU are a pretty lady!! And of course I’d LOVE to be your workout bud!! We would have SUCH a blast!!

      Thank you so much!! And guess who’s the latest addition to MY blogroll? ;)

  12. I’m being just as big of a party animal as you are today! :)
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..food phases

  13. Oh my goodness twin, I posted a picture with my viola tonight too!! :)
    Holly @ Pink Runner recently posted..Wedding and Sushi

  14. That sounds like a great workout. I’m bookmarking it for the near future ;) Your meal sounds fantastic, nothing wrong with making good food in the kitchen on a Saturday night.

  15. Um. What kind of makeup do you use because it looks so perfect after your workout. That is certainly not fair at all. Jealouzz.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Peacocks- Dresses and Breezy Point Tri

    • Haha thank you!! I actually don’t normally wear make-up, because it all ends up in a sweaty puddle on the floor and cos I’m too lazy! :P If I’m feeling like making a real effort, I might pick up my eyeliner pencil, but that deserves an extra brownie for all that effort ;)

  16. Ahhh I have been away visiting fam and have missed your bloggy so much since I am obsessed with it / you- alright that sounds creepy, but it’s just because you have one of the best blogs basically and it’s too addicting so I don’t even care if I sound like a creeper but I swear I am not haha. I kept up with my yoga challenge tho and I am most def gong back and spending my Saturday night catching up on your blog – wild i know, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Oh and all while i am eating a pan of coconut butter and dark chocolate oatmeal bars :) you are one beastly awesome work out beauty, you are so strong and totally amazing girl friend! Oh annnnd I have had pancakes inspired by you every single day this week and will tomorrow for pancake Sunday as well! Thanks for being my inspiration in so many ways chickadee! Sorry for the long comment rambling- obviously I was having blog withdrawal. Xoxo

    • Aaah I missed you too Lilly!! You should have a blog because then I can stalk YOU! :D

      Wait, WHAT?! Coconut butter and dark chocolate oatmeal bars?! Ok, my mind has just BLOWN. Is there a recipe?! Please say yes!!

      And I LOVE YOU so so much!! You are my inspiration because you’re just plain awesome, and I love that you’ve had pancakes every day!! Basically, I want to be you :)

      <3 <3 <3

  17. I love your saturday night plans! Gym and cooking dinner sounds good to me! I had a pretty low key day too! Still fun though :)

  18. Ahahaha I love your posts. I love parties, but I don’t go out a lot! I love smaller intimate parties, but big impersonal ones are fun on occasion if you get to get all dressed up for it!
    I want to try that 99% chocolate. I’ve never seen it before and I’m gonna be really happy the day that I do!
    Tara recently posted..Featured Food Friday- Bananas!

  19. I’m really not a party animal haha. I like having fun with a few friends. But quite nights in are more my thing. Sometimes I don’t even think I’m a real teenager to be honest :P

    Hrrm fav tv program was Lizzie McGuire. Scooby doo was pretty cool too! I was scooby doo for halloween ;)
    Megan recently posted..Put the lime in the coconut review recipe

  20. It really depends on my mood but usually I prefer smaller gatherings with close friends to large parties!
    I would probably be doing nothing tonight if it wasn’t for graduation!

  21. Wow, you have seen quite a lot of Europe, haven´t you? :) Th at´s great, you have seen maybe even more of the central Europe than me and I am living HERE :)
    Those stuffed peppers look Amazing! As well as the Lindt choco. Maybe next time try to combine them in one meal – 99 % chocolate stuffed peppers:))
    I love parties with funny a friendly people, good music, dancing, (maybe) food…But sometimes I like to be on my own. And some parties really suck. So give me a good party and I´ll go.Give me a bad one and I am more happy with a few episodes of Friends:)
    My Saturday night consisted of watching a movie, eating vast amounts of strawberries and drinking a cup of Caro. Yay, do you see what a party animal I am? :))
    As a child I loved Winnie the Pooh (because of the Eeyore:) and all those Disney programmes (Gummibears, Duck Tales etc.). Actually I still love them :)

  22. 99% cocoa?? You are hardcore, I can max handle 70! Pizza-msking party sounds like my kinda party! I’m a yes & no party animal! I can’t handle alcohol-filled ones too often anymore, eeks signs if getting old!
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  23. haha…don’t feel bad because i’m sure i’d too fail the moron test! that’s okay, morons are more fun! that said, i totally think that a pizza party is my kinda party…sign me up! as for the wild child, i’m a yes and no too. i really love being surrounded by friends i adore and trying new things; but ‘party party’ isn’t really my thing. i don’t really drink…i have enough success at making a fool of myself fully sober. haha
    oh, and fav shows as a kid: clarissa explains it all, ahhhh real monsters!, and scooby also made the list as did a pup named scooby-doo! :)

  24. wow 99% chocolate, you are so hardcore. haha i have my party animal phases and my homebody phases! and i always eat like another whole meal after workouts so no worries, your snack is pretty tame! love the sound of the sweaty shoulder workout- i want to try that!! also finland sounds awesome :)
    megan @ the oatmeal diaries recently posted..hey- its ok

  25. FINLAND!!? WOAH thats awesome!! DANG that is a shweaty workout!! ahahah the moron test! i wna do that! im probs one too- yay!
    shoulder workouts KILL.. ugh i hate them n a good way!

    Are you a party animal? OMG, yes….. perhaps a little too wild…

    How did you/are you spending your Saturday night?Britains got talent and going out with friends!

    Random Q: What was your favourite TV program as a kid? SAVED BY THE BELL!! – obsessed!

  26. Oh yeah weight workouts totally get my heart rate up- it is hard work!
    I bet Finland will be amazing- I have been to Sweden, Denmark and Norway and I love the culture in Scandinavia- so friendly and civil and clean :)
    You are lucky to go to so many places on tour.
    I used to love Thundercats :)

  27. Food looking good as always :)

    Oh, yor going to Finland? How about a short visit to norway as well, when you are in the “neighborhood” anyway ? ;)

    My saturday night was spent in the park with two friends I havent seen in a long long while! It was so nice to see them again, and the weather was so beatiful and sunny! Perfect :)

    Happy Sunday, enjoy your favorit day <3
    Ragnhild recently posted..Raw Brownies &lt3

  28. I used to be a party animal when I was 18 but its a bit been there done that for me now! One of the reasons I grew my fringe out was because it did my head in when I was working out, I think you do brilliantly keeping it looking as good as it does!
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..Simple- fresh and perfect

  29. hahaha, aww so fun! I spent my night babysitting a sweet little two year old! :) we laughed a lot.
    Kelsey recently posted..Summertimeeeeeeee

  30. This moron test – what does that involve!? I’ve never heard of it but I know I’d fail it anyway :p
    I was watching Britain’s Got Talent Sat night – it was surprising, to say the least!
    Fave TV programme…oh ay, I lived off of Friends as a kid, and Buffy and Angel. My top 3 :)
    Freya recently posted..It’s Friday- Friday- Fridaaaaay

  31. Ha ha, my Saturday night was about the same! I like parties; one of my best nights out was my best friend’s wedding, but not clubbing till 7am – I’d much rather go out for dinner or a few drinks and get to bed before silly o’clock, however sad that makes me :-)
    Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse recently posted..Dream a little Rice Dream

  32. Great to see some weights on your blog! Word ;)

    And me, I come not even close to being a party animal. I spent last night watchin tv in sweats and a hoodie. Boom!
    Alison recently posted..The fear of gaining weight

  33. I am about as far removed from a party animal as it’s possible to be. The fact that even the slightest drop of alcohol triggers a terrible reaction from my body probably doesn’t help. It depends on the definition of ‘party’ though. If you were hosting a vegan pizza party then I’d be chomping at the bit to attend.

    I love your hair: I’ve always wanted long, thick, black, shiny hair so suffice to say I’m rather envious.

    If you’re a moron then I dread to think what I am…I very much doubt that a moron would have one iota of the musical talent you do.

    My favourite TV programme was Knightmare. It’s a difficult one to explain. I have http://www.knightmare.com/ bookmarked though so if you fancy taking a look at the kind of 80s TV kid geek that I was/am then that’s the best website to show what it was about. It was very much of the Dungeons and Dragons generation…you’re probably too young even to have heard of it!

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Minnie

  34. which nut butter do you like best?
    i’ve just bought a jar of sunflower butter for my first nut butter try~!
    qq:) recently posted..day out with mom

  35. I am definitely not a party animal – I was home by 11:30 last night and totally fine with it. I enjoy being an old lady :) Your stuffed peppers look delicious!
    Kelly recently posted..On Going Solo in San Fran

  36. Oh my gawwd! I lovde that app heh heh, and fyi I am a moron as well!

  37. One of my dreams is to travel the world so I am definitely in awe of all the places you have been. How fun!!! I will just have to settle for living through you on your travel adventures for now. :D
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..Relaxation Station

  38. Guess who spend two hours playing the moron test on her iPhone…… yup that would be me. That app is so frustrating/addicting!! I MUST beat it!! haha :)
    Sara @ the foodie diaries recently posted..The Best That Never Was

  39. Oh such a pity I didn’t know when you were in Slovenia (my country) on tour! But next time let me know!! ;)
    Damjana recently posted..Saturday Snickers Oats

  40. GIRL!!! I want your life…you have SO many talents and you are incredibly gorgeous!! I am turning into a party animal now that I don’t wake up at 5 a.m. everyday! I can’t wait to try your workout!!!
    janae@hungryrunnergirl.com recently posted..Mixed Feelings About Running

  41. PS I am praying for your shin and will be thinking about you all day tomorrow!
    janae@hungryrunnergirl.com recently posted..Mixed Feelings About Running

  42. yeeeeah friends!! and an hour on the bike… weren;t you bored?!
    vivoir recently posted..AWOL…

  43. Loved that strength workout and nice job on the HIIT intervals on the bike!
    P.s. where are your earrings from.. they are blue and dangly, I love em :)
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..Regarding Relationships

  44. I am a party animal just like you! ;)

    I spent my Saturday evening, when my friend was in town mind you, making pizza, watching 3 movies, doing a jillian michaels ab dvd, and we went to bed at 10 to get up for church.

    we obviously got cray-cray! ;-) at least we know how to have fun AND be healthy and active
    Karla recently posted..National Running Day

  45. My idea of a party is making dinner at home by myself, so by that standard, yes, I’m a party animal :)
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Eat Your Beer

  46. hi! Im new to your blog! Those pancakes look delicious! Ill have to give them a try!
    Hope your shin gets better quickly!
    Im not so much a late night party animal anymore with the babies.
    My favorite show growing up was animaniacs… haha.. everyday after school I would watch that or full house!

  47. Your not a moron.. You just love to have fun.. And you you can cooked that delicious looking dish…
    Abegail recently posted..Pizza coupons

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