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HEY friends, and Happy Friday/Weekend!! Had a good Friday?


It’s Friday Faves time!! Open-mouthed smile


1. Special Friday Breakfast! Katie’s (Chocolate) Banana Bread in a Bowl!DSC00389

I looove it!! I used Ultra-Bran cereal and added cocoa powder, and topped with crunchy sunflower seed butter. Can’t beat that on a Friday morning!!


2. Friday Sweat!! Spin with my FAVE spin teacher was AWESOME!


LOVED every second, even though I was the gimp who couldn’t do any of the standing stuff! Smile with tongue out It is really paying off though!! I haven’t done ANYTHING that might put stress on my shin, and today I was down to a 1/10 on the pain!! YESSS!! Anyway, I also did 15 mins of upper body weights before, and as soon as I left the spin room, I saw Friends was on TV, so obviously I glued my butt to a bike until it finished!


It will NEVER get old. Ever.


3. Recovery smoothies!DSC00409

My usual tropical one, topped with muesli and PB&Co Crunch Time. Tofu in smoothies is just amazing trust me, and makes them so much higher in protein! Tofu love Smile


4. The SUN!! It was out today in London, and it was actually quite hot!!! So I took Buddy out on a nice long walk in a country park.



Hello runner’s feet. I need a pedicure and BADLY, but I don’t want to put any poor beautician through that torture! Smile with tongue out


5. Hummus Obsession. Spicy Sabra hummus to be precise. My lunch involved half a tub of it:DSC00401

Roasted courgette/zucchini, sweet tater with hummus, and a hummus+nooch stuffed mushroom. I may have gone back to top the veggies with hummus…not obsessed at all…


6. Blog work! The BLOGROLL is up friends!!Untitled

I hope I spelt everything right and got the right URLs! Please tell me if there are any mistakes!


I also updated my Emma’s Eats page! I’m loving the Pancakes section personally Winking smile


Bring on Pancake Sunday I say! Open-mouthed smile


6. Dry shampoo. I stopped buying it for a while in an effort to get myself to wash my hair more, but I saw it on sale and caved.DSC00390

Sorry guys but I may never wash my hair again. And dry shampoo I will never again forsake you for the real thing. You are so much better.


What was one of your Friday Faves? Share with me pleeease!


Favourite hummus flavour? Roasted red pepper, and this spicy Piquant one!


Random Q: What is your favourite colour? Green I think! Haha I guess you can tell by my blog colour! Smile with tongue out


Have an AMAZING weekend!! Love you friends!!

51 Responses to FRIDAY FAVES!!

  1. My Friday fave was meeting up with Laura @keepinghealthygettingstylish for a drink and a chat! :) So nice to be able to talk with a bloggy friend about foody stuff that normal people don’t understand!
    Favourite hummus flavour would probably be caramelised onion or garlic!
    My favourite colour is deep purple!
    Ooooh and thankyou for putting me on your blogroll YAY! And I am lovin the updated eats section! xx
    Nicky recently posted..A package and an update

  2. I just bought the sabra spinach and artichoke hummus from costco last night :) good thing I don’t have any crackers because it would be gone!! I’ve already used it in almost every meal though :)

  3. Yay for Friday!! My fave today was a chocolate coconut ice cream bar. Oh. Lawd. Love affair right there. As for hummus, chocolate chip cookie dough ;) But if we’re talking normal hummus, then I usually like the original flavor the best; although roasted red pepper is mighty tasty too. Fave color is a lavenderish/greyish purple. Love you!

  4. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! I’m honored!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..food phases

  5. Love your Friday faves!! WOW, 70 minute spin class?! Mine was 50. You go girl!!!

    My Friday fave=SPINNING. Haha. :D
    Jess recently posted..Getting stronger IS possible!!

  6. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! Favorite color is obviously pinkkkkk! :)
    Holly @ Pink Runner recently posted..BODYPUMP!!!!

  7. I have recently fallen in love with hummus and can’t get enough of it! I am a dry shampoo user too, I love the stuff! Green is my favorite color too, I have to restrain myself from buying all green clothes!

    Thanks for adding me to the blogroll :)
    Sarah recently posted..“Turn-up” – my turn a frown upside down veggie

  8. My friday fav was chocolate. For some reason I had these crazzzzy cravings that carob powder could not satisfy, so I devoured nearly a whole pack of chocolate buttons with yogurt. Bliss.
    Oh my, Buddy is so CUTE ! I just want to steal him ! He is gorgeous , can I borrow him please?
    love this post xo
    Luna Bites Blog recently posted..I have a deep dark secret to confess…

  9. My friday fave was definetely the weather! It’s rained all week, but today it’s hot and sunny. Your meals looks good as always, and I love the pancake section. My favorite color is white. Kind of unusual, but I’ve always liked it the best…maybe because it reminds me of marshmallows.
    logan osterhout recently posted..New Grocery Items-Sign From Above

  10. My Friday Fave was a Trader Joe’s mushroom/truffle flatbread/pizza dinner.

    I love greek olive hummus. Roasted red pepper is second.
    Zo recently posted..excuses- justifications- and suspect math

  11. I got a pedicure after a half marathon one time, and the lady kept cringing her face at my feet. I kinda felt bad that my feet were so gross, but they felt and looked so good afterwards.
    Friday Fave: Killer hill run + making cookies.
    Lauren recently posted..Weekend Food- Coffee &amp Bananas

  12. My favorite colour is either orange or red. I love bright colors. Actually-I changed my mind yellow for me ahaha.

  13. Omg that smoothie!!! I have tofu. I must make it!
    My Friday Favorite was making a new blog!
    My friends were literally just making fun of my ugly toes. I love them. :)
    Emily recently posted..gLee

  14. hahah i really need to get me some dry shampoo cuz right now im not wahing my hair..or dry shampooing aka i’m lookin reaaaaal fresh!

  15. I like lime green a lot like a have a bunch of random lime green things. But I also really like pink and bright blue too. I’ve tried dry shampoo before but gave up on it and just didn’t wash it… haha
    Friday fave was seeing my sister graduate
    P.s. your doggy is SO cute!

  16. I’ve never tried dry shampoo, but I do have quite a bit of trouble washing my hair so maybe I should invest in this stuff. I’ll probably abuse it like mad. I’m so happy your shins are feeling so much better! I can’t wait until I’m all good and recoered. The pain of the rest is better than the pain of the injury!
    Fave hummus flavor = carmelized onion or bay spice!! So good.
    Tara recently posted..A Pirate’s Life for Me

  17. You are seriously too cute! We have such similar personalities, haha! Except I’m not a badass runner like you!

    My fave today would have to be peanut butter. I may / may not have eaten it 3 times in one day. WOO!

    I just got my toes done for the first time the other day. My feet are so ticklish!
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..Meatless Meals and Escapees

  18. I need a pedicure too, but I agree- no one should have to look at runner’s feet, haha! Maybe when my toenail grows back…
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Eat Your Beer

  19. Dry shampoo is the best! It saves my life!

    Loving the chocolate oats! Your oats always look extra voluminous ! Love them!!

    I’m happy for a relaxing weekend!!

  20. Your food always looks so delicious! I love original or lemon hummus. I also like black olive! And my favorite color is PURPLE! :)

  21. Your dog is adorable! My Friday was great has my US goodies arrived! :-)
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Goals for June!

  22. Yay, washing hair is such a bummer, dry shampoo is so much quicker than the regular routine :)
    I worship all te friday faves you posted – sweating, breakfasting, hummus eating etc. are all those things everyone SHOULD enjoy, no matter what the day is:)
    My friday fave was a lunch with my sister (we had bulgur with shiitake mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and beets) and dinner with my roommate which ended with a long night talk about everything and was really pleasant:)
    My fave hummus is the one I make at home. They don´t sell any variations of hummus around here, so you have to be creative :)
    My favourite colour is red, green and I have a weak spot for black :)

  23. Love your Friday Faves! The oatmeal looks delicious, and your dog is so cute :D
    My friday faves would be : The beautiful weather we have now, our cute gym memeber (makes me smaile all day long at work), chocolate and green tea in the morning, and a friend and white wine in the park later today!
    Happy happy weekend Beauty <3
    Ragnhild recently posted..Raw Brownies &lt3

  24. YES for dry shampoo, the sun and sabra spicy!! i got taht flav too! i wna try the pine nuts next ttime too.. the spicy one is SO GOOD tho! not spicy at all. my friday fav.. my run!!!… hummus flava.. roasted red pepper!

  25. My Friday fave was the sun! It was absolutely beautiful out there yesterday, and looks like it will be today too. I have the “dry shampoo or actually wash my hair?” debate most mornings, you’re not alone!

    Your dog is too cute, I awwww’d out loud :D
    Leigh recently posted..I don’t want to be a gooseberry!

  26. I love green too!
    Yay for the pain going from your legs too :)

  27. Your dog is so awesomely cute! I had a really wonderful friday – my fave has to be meeting up with Nicky from Kabocha Fashion, and all the yummy stuff I bought from the market! Have a great weekend!
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..I can’t believe its not M&S

  28. You are totally inspiring me to do spin, which is weird, because it sounds awful!

    Friday fave for me, learning how to use my new MacBook Pro! :)
    AlisonM recently posted..Be your own standard

  29. I loooove dry shampoo too! It is amazing! My favourite houmous flavour are the Teo ones: red pepper and houmous, and the asparagus and mint flavour.mmmm!
    Ffion @ Chocolate & Raspberries recently posted..TILT

  30. Have been reading your blog for a while now and LOVE it! Don’t think I have ever commented before though! Just wanted to say I think friends is amazing too, I watch it when it comes on tv even if I have the episode on dvd ha!

    Your recovery smoothie looks amazing! I don’t have a blender but you have made me want to go out and by one so I can make stuff like that! : )

    Hope you are having an amazing weekend and are enjoying the unusually hot UK weather!

    • THANK YOU!! I love you automatically anyway cos your name is Emma haha! ;)

      I’M THE SAME!! Even though I have the DVDs of most of them, if it’s on the TV, I’ll watch it! :P

      I am LOVING the weather, and I hope you are too!! Love you!! <3

  31. Oh my gosh!! A new pancake tab!! Here’s my idea of a perfect day: I meet up with you. We go running (and you leave me in your dust because you’re so fast, of course). Buddy greets us as we get home. And then you cook me pancakes ;).

    P.S. I am so honored you included me in your blogroll! Sending an email reply soon! :)
    chocolate-katie recently posted..Chocolate-Zucchini Muffins

  32. Thank you for adding me to your blog roll, really appreciate it :)! I was debating whether to add tofu to my oats but after seeing your Smoothie, I’m convinced to give it a shot!
    Khushboo recently posted..23 years wiser

  33. Aah man, blended cereal. It has a firm place in my heart :)
    My FF was my PHYSIO trip! Never gets old! And colour…hmm…pink :)
    Freya recently posted..It’s Friday- Friday- Fridaaaaay

  34. I really need to try dry shampoo, this is crazy. I have awful awful runner’s feet but yours look just fine!
    Stephanie recently posted..Waterworks McGee

  35. What brand of dry shampoo do you use?!?
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..It’s Weeednesday!

  36. [...] sweet tooth runner Emma was teasing me with her banana bread in a bowl. Thank you, Emma! I can tease you back [...]

  37. Wahoo! I feel honored to be on your blog roll ;)
    Sara @ the foodie diaries recently posted..The Best That Never Was

  38. Your sandals are so cute! Love ‘em! Buddy is pretty adorable too. :)

    Haha! I haven’t had a dry shampoo since I lived in China. I need to buy some and see if I still like it.
    Rach recently posted..Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

  39. Hahaha, I always feel for the poor pedicurist who has to do my feet! One time my mum and I went in the nail salan and the difference in the pile of dead skin they shaved off between me and my mum was incredibly embarrasing. :P

    Isn’t Sabra hummus the best? I usually make my own but you can not beat the roasted red pepper!!

    Friday fave- I watched Water For Elephants last night. I’m in looooooooove. :)

    • HAHA that’s hilarious!! I’d be the same, don’t worry! ;)

      And yes Sabra is the bomb.com! SO CREAMY it blows my MIND!

      Oooh I’ve wanted to see that movie for AGES, and I definitely will since you loved it! :D

  40. I like my smoothies in a bowl like that topped with PB too :) they’re the best post workout fuel up!
    My favorite color is purple and I’m with you on the spicy humus girl! Sabra makes a spinach and artichoke one that’s pretty darn good too!
    O.C. recently posted..Trying something new!

  41. Woah your blog roll is INTENSE! So much blog lovin’ going on right thuuur. Thanks for including me!
    My fave humus is either roasted red pepper or tomato basil! Holy yum right there!

  42. Your blog roll is lookin’ good. I feel so honored to be apart of a it :P

    Fav hummus flava is this smoked tomato and basil kind at a little local health food store. It’s so good! Hummus is one of those things I always buy store bought just because I suck really bad at making myself!

    My favorite color is orange! :D
    Megan recently posted..Put the lime in the coconut review recipe

  43. I like Sabra’s Roasted pine nut flavor Hummus. I also had half a tub last night for dinner, so I feel less guilty now :)
    But your eats on this page look sooo yummy! Ahh, sweet potatoes, hummus, pb, oats, smoothies. All my fave things!
    P.s. My favorite color is GREEN, too! Get out of here. WE are so bffs.

    I’m unsure about what dry shampoo is. haha
    And I tried to figure out what Friends episode that is, but I just can’t!
    You’re so lucky you can watch the best show ever while working out! At the gym on campus we have a couple tvs but they’re always on the news, hgtv, the travel channel, etc.. and there’s no sound. There are only subtitles :/

    But yea, I’m surprised there was no date action today with as many as you have now! haha :)
    Haley G recently posted..Again and again

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