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Featured Athlete: Laura from Box Run Eat!! (And a Blogroll…)

HEY friends!! Hope your week got off to a great start! You guys made me laugh so much yesterday in the comments! We are DEFINITELY having that blogger slumber party!! Open-mouthed smile


For those of you who don’t know, every Monday I feature someone who volunteered to be a Featured Athlete, and this week is the turn of Laura from Box, Run, Eat! She is not only an awesome runner but a BOXER too!! How cool is that?! Anyway, I’ll hand over to the beautiful Laura to tell you more…


1. Tell us about yourself!

Hey guys, I’m Laura, I blog at Box, run, eat.. My blog has evolved to be mostly about running but it does include boxing and eating too! I’m vegetarian and have been since I was 13 so all my recipes are veggie friendly and some vegan friendly… Currently I work in dementia care but I have a masters in Music and do a little music teaching on the side so who knows what the future brings!

2. Share with us a random fact about you!
I won the women’s section of a strongman/woman competition when I was at university! Our university almost came top too which would have meant prize money but sadly we were pipped to the post by the last uni to take part!

3. What would be the five items you would choose to have with you if stranded on a desert island?

  1. My clarinet and sheet music
  2. My animals
  3. ipod + headphones (it will magically charge itself right…)
  4. garmin… again it will charge itself by magic right..
  5. punch bag and gloves


4. So you’re an athlete then? Are you a runer/swimmer/cyclist/gym fanatic?
Runner mainly, then wannabe amateur boxer, in between gyms, but after my half marathon on Sunday I’m hoping to start back at a gym. It’s been too long!

My last race, a hill race, it’s horrible but wonderful all at the same time recap can be found here

Me at my first boxing gym

5. Why do you workout/run/cycle?
I started training about 4 years ago. I was in recovery from an eating disorder which had controlled my life completely for 7 years and I needed a healthy focus. I wasn’t training for anything in particular back then. I mainly used workouts from Ross Enamait’s books and trained with my sadly now ex partner, Mike. We did lots of different strength and conditioning routines and I believe finding exercise helped my recovery a great deal. I slowly started to focus my attentions on gaining strength and slowly became less worried about the number on the scale and the food I was eating. I’m not saying exercise cured me, I had to see a psychotherapist weekly for CBT and other treatment, I attended two self help groups organised by Seed and had a huge amount of support from Mike… That boy put up with a lot! But the exercise gave me another reason to eat enough because when I didn’t eat enough I couldn’t work out properly.
I’ve been in recovery for nearly 3 years now, I was ok almost all of the time until Mike and I split recently.. I’m hoping I will manage to get things back on track soon and perhaps getting back in the boxing gym might be just what I need! I’m very careful to maintain a healthy weight and fuel my workouts properly both before and after, so while I’ve been having problems eating lately I’ve not been exercising as much in an attempt to keep some weight on… But anyway… that’s going a little off point… If you already read my blog you will know that happens rather a lot.. I’m a good rambler :-p
I initially started boxing for fitness but I soon realised I wanted to compete.. My competitive streak is just too strong! I wrote a post on why I box, you can read it here if you’re interested. After I’d been boxing a few months I discovered how useful running was for fitness and begun running once or twice a week. I started to really love it, especially when I could beat my old times and really see improvement. When I started I struggled to run 1 mile in 9 minutes, now I can run 1 mile in under 7 minutes and it’s a goal of mine to get it under 6.30. Mike and I decided in January 2010 that we would like to do some fundraising for Seed since they helped me so much in my recovery. Despite both being novice runners we decided we would like to run a half marathon and give our sponsors to Seed.

We completed this in June last year recap here. I’m running my second half marathon on Sunday and was hoping to get my sub 2hr time goal but with my life being as it is right now my training and eating have suffered and I’m not sure if that is possible any more. I will get to the finish though!

6. Have you always been active?
No, in fact in school I would do anything to get out of cross country, I especially hated running. I did play netball and hockey but I was never very good and never motivated enough to really work on getting better I guess… Fitness is definitely something which I’ve developed a late interest in! My first gym membership when I was about 17 sat about getting dusty and unused! But I think that’s because I had it for the wrong reasons.. back then I wanted to exercise to lose weight, now I want to exercise to be fit, healthy and strong!

7. How do you stay motivated? Do you have any motivational tips to share?
I struggle to be honest. Working full time shift work really diminishes my energy! The best thing that motivates me is making my running times better, competing against myself.. And hopefully getting back in a boxing gym will be motivation in itself too. I want to be stronger, faster, fitter and generally better prepared than my opponents. If I lose I don’t want it to be through lack of hard work on my part.


Thank you so much for sharing Laura! So sorry to hear about your split and I know your recovery will get back on track soon-stay strong girl!!


Hope you guys enjoyed Laura’s post as much as I did! Don’t forget to leave her love on her blog and in the comments pleease! Smile


What was YOUR last race like? Awesome! Well, I had serious GI issues at the end haha and because of the shin I wasn’t allowed to ‘race’, but it was so much fun and the awesome goody bag (VEGAN GUMMY BEARS!!) made it sooo worth it!


Are YOU competitive? Um yes. When I was a kid there were tantrums if I lost a game, so my big brother always let me win to avoid it! Smile with tongue out


Random Q: What are you looking forward to this week? I’m meeting an old friend over coffee tomorrow to catch up, and I’m so excited cos I haven’t seen her in AGES! I’m also looking forward to taking some new classes this week as part of my cross-training thang! Oh, any exercise class recommendations by the way?


P.S. A quick little notice! Sweet Tooth Runner is getting a blogroll! Open-mouthed smileUntitledA month or so ago, I asked in a post if anyone wanted to be on a blogroll I was going to make, but I changed commenting systems and sadly they were all lost! But recently I’ve had some comments to remind me, so I’m going to start again! If you would like to be on my blogroll, then please leave your blog address in my comments! Don’t be shy- it’s a great way for other bloggers to find you! I’ve found SO MANY of the blogs I love through people’s blogrolls! I don’t want to pick people because I love so many blogs, and because I don’t want anyone to feel hurt if they aren’t on it! So please if you would like to be on it, leave me a comment! Thanks friends!! <3


Have an amazing week you guys!! Love you all!!

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  1. I’d love to be on your blogroll!
    I’m back at work this week so not good. But on the exercise front, if you haven’t tried Body Balance classes, I did for the first time this week and loved it :-)
    Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse recently posted..Plans made…

  2. I would be so honored to be on your blogroll! I’m a new blogger but i have been reading your blog for a while and you’re on mine :)
    O.C. recently posted..Happy Memorial Day! It’s cookout time -

  3. Oooh oooh pick me pick me! :P hehe, I’d like to be on your blogroll too :)
    Great post – thankyou Laura!
    I haven’t done any races yet but I get competitive in the gym haha! Sometimes I try to to a harder intensity and for longer than someone and it makes me feel good when they give up and I keep going :)
    Umm this week I’m looking forward to hopefully some foodie parcels coming YAY. And probably going shopping :P
    As for exercise classes, I don’t really know many apart from BodyPump, Yoga, and spinning but I’ve been recommended Boxfit and Zumba!
    Nicky recently posted..Got some cookies

  4. I would love to box!! That’s the one exercise I’ve never tried but really want to. I love being rough and working hard, so I think boxing is right up my alley!
    And I’d love to be on your blogroll!!

  5. http://logan-osterhout.blogspot.com

    Have fun at coffee tomorrow, and enjoy that cross training!
    logan osterhout recently posted..GIVEAWAY!

  6. This is inspiring. I’m finding that exercise sure does help with recovery!! I’m now off to read your website!!
    my web address is
    It would be an honor to be added Emma!

  7. I would LOVE to be on your blogroll! Laura sounds like such a cool girl…thanks for introducing her to us Emma!

  8. Wooo! Id love it if I could be on your blog roll :)
    Julie (Shining From Within) recently posted..What I’ve Been Eating

  9. Hiya sweetie! Great post Laura! Emm – I’d be honoured to be on your blogroll. You’re already on mine coz I love ya!!! :-)

  10. I would also love to be on your wonderful blogroll!

    Have a good night girlie!!
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..The Importance of Rest

  11. I would love to be on your blog roll! Enjoy catching up with your friend!
    Keri recently posted..Happy Memorial Day!

  12. I would love to be on your blogroll!

    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..Memorial Day Weekend

  13. I would love to be on your blog roll! I love finding new blogs/readers!
    I hope your half marathon goes well Laura!
    Ffion @ Chocolate & Raspberries recently posted..Fashion Friday

  14. I’m super competitive….I hate losing! I would love to be on your blog roll! http://littlecollegevegan.wordpress.com/
    Hannah recently posted..Now More Than Ever- Just Write

  15. I would love to be on your blog roll – I will add you to mine too if I’ve got your permission?

    I just started blogging, but I am loving it so far !


    Luna Bites Blog recently posted..Running In The Real World

  16. I don’t have a blogroll myself, but I would still love to be on yours if you don’t mind :) You KNOW you’d be on mine fer sureeeeee.
    Laura’s story is so cool and inspiring! Winning a strong woman competition and boxing is hardcore. I wish I was that intense!
    My last race.. well it might be the last of my season because I jammed my toe. Which would be really disappointing because it wasn’t that great because I was expecting to have another go. Lesson learned: race every race like it’s your last!!
    Tara recently posted..Featured Food Friday- Carrots!

  17. I would love to be on your blogroll! So nice of you to do this!
    Lauren recently posted..Feelin’ the Breeze

  18. Wow, what an interesting post, Laura! It’s nice to see someone on the blog-o-sphere who does something different from the usual running, yoga, or gym workouts.

    My last race? The Wharf to Wharf in Santa Cruz, California last summer, and it was awesome! I run it every summer now with my dad who has been running it religiously for over 30 years! Wowzers, right?

    I shaved about 30 minutes off my last time (when I ‘trained’ about 10 minutes a day running up and down my street!) and was super pleased – I even beat my uncle who is all into skiing, running, and mountain biking (that being said, he is about 40 years older than me, haha.)

    I’m just re-establishing my blog after much neglect, but I would love to be on your blog-roll!
    Lexi recently posted..The Alexander McQueen show

  19. That’s really cool that you box! I’d love to be on your blogroll (runyogarepeat.wordpress.com). This week, I’m excited to start working for the summer, so I can pay for food & the new gym I’m going to join. They have Body Pump classes that I’m so excited to try!
    Lauren recently posted..Weekend Food- Coffee &amp Bananas

  20. I love boxing – not that I do it, but I would love to!! I have boxing gloves and a set of those flat mitts that someone else wears so you can punch at them. My husband refuses to put them on – haha. I tell him it would be good for our relationship :)
    I would love to be on your blogroll! (www.livinglindsay.com) Thanks in advance!!
    Lindsay@LivingLindsay recently posted..Let’s Rewind

  21. Psshaaaa! Of COURSE I wanna be on your blogroll. Silly girl! http://runwithspoons.wordpress.com/

    Love you!
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  22. I am looking forward to this weekend because it’s my birthday (Saturday)!! As cliché as it sounds, I can’t believe how fast the year has flown! As much I love reading your blog, I would love to be on your blog-roll if that’s ok with you. The address is http://kthadani.wordpress.com

    Have a great day with your friend! Can’t think of anything better for the soul than coffee with an old friend!
    Khushboo recently posted..Pro-tein versus Con-tein

  23. That was a great guest post! I know for sure how emotions can effect both eating habbits and work outs! Hope you are doing better soon Laura!

    I would love to be on your blogroll Emma! You are (of course) on mine :) http://www.veganaphrodite.wordpress.com

    Wish you a good Thuesday :*
    Ragnhild recently posted..Raw Brownies &lt3

  24. I woiuld love to be on your blog roll Emma…www.celeryandcupcakes.com.

    I’m supposed to be catching up with some old friends fromm school in a few weeks and I can’t wait!!! :)

  25. Ooh, I’d love to be on your blogroll :) I just found your blog and subscribed via Google Reader, and I put you on my blogroll.
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  26. nice to meet ur laura!!! i too would NEED my garmin on an island!!! oo I would love to be on your blogrolll :) :)

  27. I love this guest post! And I always love to see people who love music AND moving! We have to improve all parts of out being :))
    I always thought I was not competitive at all, but then I found I was! Imagine my horror:)) But I think it is important, it motivates you and helps you move forward :)
    This week I am looking forward to meeting a man of my dreams! Oh, I am just kidding!! :)) But wouldn´t it be nice? :) Actually I am loking forward to seeing my sister for brithday dinner :)
    I´d love to be on your blogroll if you would be so nice and add me:)) http://czechvegan.wordpress.com
    Lenna recently posted..Super oatmeal ain´t only for supermen!

  28. Thanks for having me on your blogroll!!

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  29. Great guest post I LOVE Laura! She’s awesome! I would love to be in your blog roll – http://www.keepinghealthygettingstylish.com :-)
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..Achieving what I never thought possible

  30. Oh my gosh! The comments to this are overwhelming, thanks guys :-)

    I’d love to be on your blogroll too :-) http://boxruneat.blogspot.com/
    Laura @ box run eat recently posted..Win a George Foreman Grill

  31. heheh, I always admire bloggers who just ask if anyone would like to be on a blogroll – I can imagine you’d get thooousands of emails! So what’s one more ay? I’d love to be on it :-)

    Love this athlete! Boxing is hardcore :)
    Freya recently posted..That’s Sick- Man!

  32. I really enjoyed reading more about you Laura — it was cool to hear about how you got into boxing and running, and also to hear more about the relationship between your ED and exercise. I know this has been a problem for you recently, and I admire you for talking openly about it. Hopefully it will help others too.
    AlisonM recently posted..I dont want to go running

  33. I would love to be on your blogroll :)
    Holly @ Pink Runner recently posted..Saturday Run

  34. We would love to be on your blogroll =) you are on ours also!!!

    Jenn recently posted..A Fit Feasting Friends original recipe!Jenn

  35. I would love to be on your blogroll – runforfun-stephanie.blogspot.com

    Also I would love to be interviewed at some point for your monday edition (if you will have me) and would love for you to do a guest post (if you would like to be on my blog…)

    ps – two weeks almost there!
    Stephanie recently posted..Race Recap- So You Had A Bad Day

    • Of course you’ll be on my blogroll! And sure thang! Email me girl (sweet_tooth_runner@hotmail.co.uk) and I can give you the details and interview thingy! :)

      I knoooww!! My physio did say it might be up to a month, but for now I’m focusing on the short-term for my sanity’s sake! :P

  36. I’d love to be on your blogroll. :)
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  37. baby booooo I would always love to be on your blogroll!!!

    Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn recently posted..Senior Weekend Part I!

  38. Ah boxing is on my list of fitness to-dos!!!
    I’d love to be on your blogroll!!


    Have a great day!!!!
    Alyssa recently posted..Muffin Lovin

  39. I really like this featured athlete idea and loved learning more about Laura!
    Christine (Merf) recently posted..Weekend Recap GIVEAWAY WINNER!

  40. I would love to be on your blogroll lolzthatswim.wordpress.com.

    That is so inspirational about boxing and running Laura. I had always wanted to try it but I’m honestly a little bit scared ha.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..I’ll Be Back Eventually Blogging Besties&lt3

  41. You’re such a sweet blogger for actually asking people if they’d like to be on your blogroll! I’ll take a spot, girl! my website is pinchesofjen.com.

    And Laura, I stay motivated by competing against myself too. I think that’s a great strategy. I’m my own biggest competition. I love having a goal to beat!

  42. I love boxing!!! Such a great way to release tension and stress. Id love to be part of your blogroll http://www.pickyeatingrd.com !
    Allison recently posted..Memorial Day Minus The BBQ

  43. I’d be honoured to be on the sweetest runner’s blogroll!


    Have a nice day!!
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  44. I’d love to be on your blogroll! :) http://fitnessfanatic007.blogspot.com :)
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  45. I would love to be on your blogroll!! http://elleeatsvegan.wordpress.com/

  46. uh duuuh, I’d love to be on the bloggity rollity. http://lifeofblyss.com ;)

    p.s. UH, can I be a boxer? tomorrow? please? that sounds so badass.
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..Beachin’ It for Memorial Day

  47. ahh my last race was anything BUT enjoyable and fun… blah. But I’m going to redeem myself so it’s all good.

    Enjoy coffee with your friend! I’m looking forward to a lot this week… seeing Something Borrowed Thursday & then going to an amusement park on Friday & a friend is visiting this weekend–perfect!!

    I’d love to be on your blogroll. always looking for new readers & new blogs to follow myself. :)
    Karla recently posted..A Perfect Weekend

  48. I love this series! It’s a great way to discover other bloggers :) And, on that note, I’d be honored to be on your blogroll, if you’re so inclined! I blog over at lovelyascharged.com!

  49. thank you for this. enormously. mainly for the comment about focussing more on gaining strength, rather than fixating on numbers…

    also, for the clarinet appreciation!!! i’m relocating soon and my biggest fear? not my clarinet as i’ll just take it with me, but the piano! know what i did? walked into the nearest piano shop and wangled half-an-hour every saturday to sit and play… haha! spontaneous, confident moment :s
    vivoir recently posted..AWOL…

  50. Hello! I just found your blog, it’s so good to read some UK blogs! I just read back to page 7. I did the run 10k last year too, am disappointed that they aren’t doing them this year. I started a blog last week and am getting quite in to it, I’d love to be on your blog roll if at all possible :) http://peanutbutternutter.wordpress.com

    I love this featured athlete series, very interesting!
    Leigh recently posted..Beans and greens

  51. Great post from Laura :)
    My last race, well , it was only a few days ago and you will have to wait until I do my recap :)
    Thanks for the shout out in your post the other day too- I am sure the wishes helped my legs!
    And can I be on your blogroll please??

  52. Ohh I would be delighted if you would add me to your bloggyroll sweetie!

    You have a place on mine <3


  53. I’d lurrve to be on your bloggy roll. You’re on mine of course.
    http://www.myveganstory.wordpress.com (but I go by Simply Megan now if you wanna make my name that instead of myveganstory :P

    Awesome guest post. Gonna go check her blog out riiiight now :)
    Megan recently posted..I did it

  54. I would be HONORED to be on your blogroll girlfriend :) Especially since you’re (obviously) already on mine!! Hope your doctors appt went well, only a week and two days until I’m off to LONDON!!! EEEEEKS!! :D
    Sara @ the foodie diaries recently posted..Memorial Day Weekend Recap

  55. I bet your going to have a lot of people wanting to be on your blogroll, since your inviting us :) I would love to be apart http://www.feeedingbrainandbody.wordpress.com (no that is not a typo it is supposed to be THREE e’s)

    P.S – I have you on my blogroll :)
    Sarah recently posted..Tuesday’s Tub of Tastiness

  56. I’d love to be on your blogroll if you’ll have me! I read your blog all the time but am not sure if I’ve commented before. Anyway, you crack me up and your food looks delish!

  57. Great guest post, I want to try some new sports/exercises to find more that interest me :)

    And I would love to be on your blog roll please, you are of course on mine!
    Thanks! :)

  58. [...] If you want to be on the Blogroll and haven’t commented yet, leave your blog URL on this post please! I’m writing it [...]

  59. Hi
    I like this post, it’s great to learn more about people though I am very sorry about the split.
    I’d love to be on your blog roll – http://www.embracenutrition.blogspot.com


  60. Cool! I’d love to be on your blogroll. My blog is http://annsdiabetes.blogspot.com

    Ann @ Day By Day recently posted..Mississippi Girl

  61. I’d love to be on your blogroll!


    Thanks, love!
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  62. If it’s not too full already, I’d be honored to be on your blog roll… thanks for asking!
    Tiff recently posted..Asparagus Veggie Bowl with Basil

  63. I would be honored to be added to your blog roll!
    Thank you so much!
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  64. ps I would Lovvvve to be on you blogroll sweets! :) http://littlehealthjunkie.wordpress.com You ‘da best! :)
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  65. I’d be honored to be on your blogroll!! :D
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  66. I have recently really wanted to start boxing and this post made me want to start it even more!

    I’d love to be on your blogroll!
    Trisha recently posted..My Ironic National Running Day

  67. Can I have the honour of being in your blogroll too?!

    Love your “Crazy Excited Face” by the way!
    (I mean it!)

  68. Hi! I don’t know if it’s too late to be on your blogroll, but hello! I’m Sarah, I love XC and blogging is my new hobby, second only to running. I’m checking out some of the blogs on your blog roll to expand my repetoire. THANKS!

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