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Trying new things.

HEY friends!! Had a good weekend so far? Mine has been GREAT- I just got some awesome news that I can’t WAIT to share tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile


There are many foods out there I haven’t tried. But there are so many more that I have tried since becoming a blogger.


Like nut butter.DSC09551

Can you believe I’d never tried nut butter before I was a blogger just 7 months ago? And now I’m ADDICTED.DSC09716

That’s a pack of dates in my other hand. Another thing I’d never tried before that I couldn’t live without now! Like today as a post-lunch dessert:DSC09874

Dates with White Chocolate Wonderful for dippage Smile


Very obsessed. I even spent my evening emptying out my nut butter cupboard because I couldn’t find my Dark Chocolate Dreams…DSC09884

…but I still couldn’t find it!! It’s cool, because I guess that just means I’ll have to make another Whole Foods trip soon…*sigh* Yeah I just hate those so much and it’s not like I save up so I can spend all my money there or anything…


I’d never heard of Whole Foods before blogging, and now it’s my heaven.


I’d never heard of quinoa or nutritional yeast, but I have them all the time now!!


Quinoa, hummus and nooch stuffed mushrooms with red pepper.


Today, I tried another new thing that was blogger inspired. Carrot cake!DSC09869

Okay, yes that isn’t carrot cake exactly, but it IS Katie’s Carrot Cake in a bowl topped with crunchy sunflower seed butter! And it is so GOOD! I thought carrots in sweet things would taste nasty, but I LOVED it!! Expect to see many more carrot cake themed things soon, starting with…

vegan carrot cupcake

Katie’s Single Lady Carrot Cake!! That’s definitely on the menu for tomorrow Winking smile (And that’s Katie’s beautiful photo too FYI)


It’s not just food. I’d never done SO many things, like spinning, BodyPump, or yoga, all of which I now LOVE and rarely go a week without doing! I did yoga today as it was a rest day and I needed to stretch out SO BAD. Seriously, I do not advise you up your weights for the leg tracks in BodyPump after not having gone for two weeks and then do a long run the next day. It doesn’t end well. But nothing yoga can’t fix! Open-mouthed smile


I know you’re jealous of my braids-I’m still rolling with the child-at-heart thing at the moment! Smile with tongue out Oh, and I got given a free fitness magazine at yoga. WIN!!


I’m SO looking forward to tomorrow! I get to tell you friends about my exciting thing, I get to eat pancakes, go to church, and RUN at the track! Seriously, could it get any better?!


Sunday/Runner’s HIGH! Open-mouthed smile


What are some things you’ve tried since blogging/blog reading?


Are you a carrot cake fan? I sure am now! Although I’m yet to have the real thing! Smile with tongue out


What are you looking forward to on your Sunday? Everything!!!


ENJOY the rest of your weekend friends!! LOVE you!!

64 Responses to Trying new things.

  1. Naw, I don’t like carrot cake at all. Just like I don’t like you at all ;).

    Or peanut butter. Hate that too.

    Happy Saturday, favorite bloggie friend!
    chocolate-katie recently posted..Calling all Taste-Testers!

  2. I can’t believe you hadn’t tried nut butters before this!! I hadn’t really gotten as into them as I am now and to be honest, I was afraid of them. Blogging has contributed so positively to my recovery. And I have nut butters to thank, among all of you :) OIAJ I’ve tried, as well as different oats. I’m more experimental with my things I try as well.
    Love carrot cake- I’m tellin’ ya, make those carrot cake pancakes- they’re so tasty!
    I like sunday because I like the sales circulars in the newspaper….haha I know, but it’s the only thing that makes up for the lack of sunday post!

  3. Ahh there are so many things I have tried since blogging! Nut butters (beyond peanuts!, Chia seeds, flax seeds, almond milk, overnight oatmeal, oats in a jar, the fact there are 2085380 different possibilities for oatmeal, green monsters, several new kinds of cereals, kale chips, baked sweet potato fries, plyometric workouts, so many more that I will probably think of right after I post this :)
    I used to hate carrot cake when I was younger, oh how things have changed for the best. I love it now!
    I am looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!
    Have a wonderful Sunday too!
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..Prepping a Family Gathering

    • Haha seriously, EVERYTHING you just said was new to me too! Specially Green Monsters! Er, spinach in a smoothie?! :P

      Aah enjoy your rest day and I hope you’re having an awesome day!! :D

  4. I always think about how blogging has had such an impact on what I eat! If someone asked me a year ago to eat some noochy socca, I would think they were crazy. Now it sounds completely normal and delicious.
    I love me some carrot cake! Especially carrot cake clif bars :) It’s so interesting to see what people in the UK eat. I am pretty sure every American child has eaten peanut butter since the age of 4.
    P.S. Your braids are adorable!

    • Haha that is SO true!! Lol if someone had said the words ‘noochy socca’ to me, I would’ve thought they were totally insane too! :P

      Ohmygosh you get carrot cake Clif Bars over there?! I am SO getting that when I go there! And haha true! PB isn’t that big over here, specially not compared to the US! We’re mad ;)

  5. Next time you got to whole foods, try their vegan carrot cake. It is heavenly! I’ve always loved carrot cake, ever since I was a little girl.
    The blog world introduced me to so many things I can’t even count… but I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to treat my body well. I don’t think I would be eating intuitively or listening to my needs if I hadn’t discovered the healthy living blogs community! Oh and running too… that’s pretty darn significant!
    Tara recently posted..Featured Food Fridays

    • All SO true!! I’ve definitely learned SO much about listening to myself and running! And I DEFINITELY will try that cake when I go! Not sure if they’ll have it here, but when I visit the States you can bet I’ll be having it! :D

  6. I can’t believe you didn’t eat peanut butter until just recently. I don’t know a lot of people (besides those who have allergies to peanuts) who don’t eat it at least a few times a week. I still haven’t tried dates={, but since blogging I have tried so a lot of new things too. Coconut butter and hummus I eat almost everyday now. I think at some point we need to make a trade during the holidays or something. Ill send you any kind of American PB you want, and you send me some of that meridian stuff because I’m pretty sure they don’t sell that in the U.S. but I could be wrong. I love carrot cake, but I don’t like the cream cheese frosting it usually has, so I make my own frosting!
    logan osterhout recently posted..Peanut Butter At Last

    • Haha believe it or not, PB isn’t such a huge thing over here! Most places sell one or two brands, but that’s it haha! And put dates on your grocery list NOW!! :P

      That’s a great idea!! Meridian stuff is awesome cos there’s no added anything but it tastes amaazing! Plus it comes in bucket size which is what I use hehe ;)

  7. I had never tried the oatmeal/cottage cheese pancake mix before becoming a blogger and now it is one of my favorite types. Overnight oats as well. I still eat more pancakes then the entire realm of bloggers though for real.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..QUICHE FOR BREAKFAST!

  8. Blogging is SO helpful with trying new foods :D LOVE your LOVE of nut butters!!
    Jess recently posted..Update Progress Pictures!!

  9. OMG YES TO ALL OF THESE!! I hadn’t heard of all those fancy nut butter, nooch,, jillians dvds! the whole loot! esp kale and spinach in smoothies! even oats! I LOVEEE what ive learnt! carrot cake FTW!

  10. I never saw that nut butter brand! Yummy!!!

    U are so cute!

    I hope your weekend is fabulous!!

    xoxo <3
    katie recently posted..Thank you…

  11. I can’t believe you’ve been blogging for only seven months! You have so many readers!!!! I have tried a lot of new stuff too since I started blogging….my love for whole foods and trader joes has grown tremendously and I learned what body pump was just like you! Not to mention all the wonderful recipes I have been able to try!

    • Thank you!! YOU have a lot of readers, especially me your stalker ;)

      And so true to all of that!! I’m exactly the same! SO many new foods, places and recipes! The blogworld is AWESOME! :D

  12. I’m loving the tub o’ nut butter you have going on there! Too awesome. I’d never liked nut butter before I started blogging, either! And guess who just bought dates today and is about to try them for THE FIRST TIME EVER! Me!

    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..A Weekend of Firsts

  13. Aww! I can’t wait to hear your exciting news!

    Blogging has blown. my. mind in terms of trying new things, or just old things in different combinations. Nut butter, hummus, quinoa, bulgur, nooch, Greek yogurt, pumpkin… Oh geez, I could go on and on…
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted.. feel good friday

    • SO TRUE!! Seriously, I’d never even HEARD of some of those things before blogging (er…canned pumpkin…???) but now I LOVE them all!! The blogworld is the BEST (cos you’re in it of course ;) )

  14. I don’t even really remember LBB (life before blogging). It’s all a blur! :)

    You never even had peanut butter before blogging? I feel bad for you.
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..food phases

    • I know! I mean, what did I read over breakfast when I didn’t know what blogs where? :P

      Yeah, believe it or not nut butter isn’t that big over here! I know, we Brits are craaaazy! Don’t worry, Carrie, Freya and I will show them all haha! ;)

  15. YOU NEVER HAD NUT BUTTER UNTIL YOU STARTED BLOGGING? Like not even regular old peanut butter? That’s crazy! I used to have PB&J’s with the crust cut off all the time when I was a young one. ;)

    quinoa, nutritional yeast, carrot cake, figs, dates, those were all new to me too. A LOT of foods are new to me. Like millet, hummus, green monsters, kale chips(garbanzo beans in general actually!) I could go on and on ;) And there are still so many new foods out there I need to try. It’s exciting!

    Can’t wait to hear your news!!
    Megan recently posted..WIAW 2

  16. Blogging has taught me so much! Nut butter on oats, oats in a jar, overnight oats , green monsters, chia seeds, kashi products, lindt sea salt, a gajillion recipes, and so much more! I’m forever grateful to all the bloggers out there, including you :)
    Khushboo recently posted..Blondes have more fun

  17. Nice post, you have really learned a lot of important stuff! :) What I´ve tried? Well, I´ve certainly tried a bunch of variations on my oatmeal – overnight oats, oats with parsnip, zucchini-cocoa oatmeal and other crazy variations :) I have learned to care more for my nutrition and for balancing my workout routine and relaxation… and many other things that I can´t remember in the early morning hours :)
    I love carrot cake made with millet and prunes, that I got in my fave restaurant. That is THE carrot cake :)
    And today I am really looking forward some sleep, because there was that BIG party yesterday that i attended and I haven´t closed my eyes since friday morning :)

  18. God, seriously I wouldn’t know where to start! The world of blogging has introduced me to a whole new wonderful world of food that can be delicious and healthy! The first blog that really made me realise that was CCK of course. I wouldn’t have tried quinoa, nutritional yeast, kabocha squash, green smoothies (the horror of not having these in my life!) Gotta love blogging :-) Looking forward to hearing your big news!
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..Another cookbook

  19. I was a nut butter virgin too until i started blogging. Now I’m hooked!

  20. I had only had peanut butter and also we used to have mixed nut butter when we were little, but since reading blogs I have tried all sorts and loved them all. Snap with the quinoa and nutritional yeast, green smoothies (very new to these), oats in a jar (yum), peanut butter in porridge (used to only have raisins in porridge), non dairy milks, raw chocolate….. so many things!
    And I love carrot cake- real carrot cake, so I bet the carrot cake in a bowl thing would go down a treat :)
    And no I have not heard from Jess in a while, maybe a week? I think she was going to take a break for a bit, but I tried today and I can’t get on her blog either.

    • SAME to all those things!! Hehe defintely the green smoothies- they’re definitely a blogging thing! :P

      Yeah I thought she might be taking a break…I just hope she’s ok!! Thanks for letting me know :)

  21. Nooch, nut butters other than PB, xanthan gum, green monsters, pumpkin puree, frozen banana, maca powder, lucuma powder….the list goes on!
    Hmm I’m not really a carrot cake fan :/ I like carrot cake PANCAKES but not plain old cakes so much!
    Can’t wait for the news ;)
    Freya recently posted..H is for…

  22. I just tried chicken parm for the first time. So good! And I have to try your nut butters for sure. I have also been feeling like i really need to try yoga. I am so sore and stiff and things usually hurt too much but I have a half marathon next weekend and I feel like I should not try something so new before it.
    Stephanie recently posted..Go Forth Grasshopper- A Runners Dream Night

  23. I love you- you happy, happy, beautiful girl :)
    I have only been blogging for a few weeks, but I have JUST started (like yesterday :P) to make meals with a mix of what I crave. I have always been a “one dish a meal”-girl, since combinding foods makes me comfused! But Im so motivated to eat what I crave, that I have decided to mix as much as I want :D
    Also, I have eaten nut butters before, but lately it has been out of control :) I dont mind, Im totally in love!

    Sounds like you are up for a great sunday! Enjoy :) I just look forward to fianally have a day off work! Ill just relax, run, and relax some more :)
    Ragnhild recently posted..Happy Saturday -

    • And btw, I just gave you this Smile- you are beatiful award on my blog. Im sure you have recived a ton of them already, but I just had to give it to you :)
      Ragnhild recently posted..Happy Saturday -

    • Aww I love YOU!! You always leave me such sweet comments that make me smile SO MUCH!! :D

      I’m so happy you’re eating what you want, and hey, nut butters are the BEST so it’s perfectly ok :)

      And that is SO SWEET of you to give me an award!! LOVE YOU!!

  24. The biggest thing I’ve tried since starting to blog is running! I was pretty fit before I started blogging, but something about running really scared me. Reading about running bloggers who aren’t superwomen encouraged me to go for it. I’m doing my first 10k in a month’s time and training is going really well :-)
    Sarah recently posted..Runners–Some Advice Please

  25. Looking forward to hearing the news! :) Things I’ve tried since blogging/blog reading = nut butter, dates, pancakes (and liked them!). Love carrot cake. :)
    Little Bookworm recently posted..What is in a Salad

  26. I can’t believe you hadn’t tried nut butters before you started blogging! I actually used to not like pb though… that changed in high school, but I only became addicted when I became vegan and discovered nut butters that didn’t have all the added sugar :)
    nutritional yeast, green monsters, kale chips, all that kind of stuff is new to me since blogging. I love it all though!
    I love how happy this post is too!! You’re so cute :) btw, katie’s carrot cake is SO GOOD! you’ll be happy you made it.
    Elle recently posted..Farmer’s Market and Gardening

  27. Prepare yourself… before blogging I was afraid of greek yogurt. Especially CHOBANI. I know thats practically a sin! I also picked up eating red/green peppers as a snack and adding chia seeds to yogurts, smoothies, and oats. :)
    Karla recently posted..Things I’d Do on My “Last Day”

  28. Ahhhh I can’t wait to hear this awesome news! You’re leaving me in suspense! ;) P.S. I’m landing in London on the 10th at 9 am so my sister and I have time to kill until we can check in at 2 if you and Carrie are free!? Let me know if it works with your schedule :)
    Sara @ the foodie diaries recently posted..Dealing with the Grumpies

  29. Do you have a recipe for the Quinoa, hummus and nooch stuffed mushrooms? Sounds amazing!!!!!

    • No I don’t, but it was SO simple! I just cooked a portion of quinoa, stirred in hummus afterwards, stuffed them in large (destalked) mushrooms, sprinkled with nooch then grilled for 5 mins! :)

  30. Most of the things I eat, I ate before I started blogging, but I’ve definitely found new ways to combine them and make ‘em. I do like the flavor of carrot cake (and cream cheese frosting), but I hate when it has nut or fruit chunks in it…blegh.

    Dates & peanut butter for the win. :)
    Errign recently posted..Kombucha Hand

  31. I ALWAAAAYS see dates on your blog and every time I’m like “hmm I bet I’d like those” well today I bought dates for the first time…I wil be trying them lata :)
    Caitlin recently posted..senior status- Paul Bunyan furniture and baseball games

  32. I hadn’t tried nut butter, dates or nutritional yeast before and I couldn’t live without now!
    And I LOVE carrot cake – it’s up there with coconut and chocolate for my favourites. I made some carrot/coconut flapjacks last weekend (link below)… not self-promoting, just know you like an oat or two :-)
    And I may not know what your exciting thing is yet – but I’m excited too!

    Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse recently posted..Sugar- oooh- honey honey

    • Aww don’t worry I know you aren’t self-promoting and I LOVE it when people leave me links to stuff they think I’ll like! From the sounds of it you know me too well hehe ;) I’ll check it out NOW- they sound DELICIOUS!! :D

  33. That’s crazy that you hadn’t even tried PB before blogging!!! I’ve tried so many new foods because of blogging – kale, other nut butters besides PB, quinoa, and so many food combos. I love how blogging has introduced me to these new & amazing foods & workouts! I’ve read so much about Body Pump on blogs but still haven’t tried it yet – must try that soon!
    Lauren recently posted..Winning Eats

  34. I’m a die-hard carrot cake fan! I almost made it my wedding cake…until I tasted red velvet for the first time!

    I just purchased nutritional yeast yesterday because I can’t find a recipe without it these days! I’m dying to make your cheezy quinoa stuffed mushrooms! They look awesome!

  35. I cannot believe you’ve only been with pb for 7 months!! Whaaat!
    Good thing you eat so much! You’ve gotta make up for a lifetime without it! ha
    But I had never tried dates, either :) You introduced them to me, actually. :) <3
    Haley G recently posted..Its okay to be happy with yourself -

  36. i love carrot cake! i think its super delicious. and my dog really loves carrots :)

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