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Friday Faves!!

HAPPY DAY! It’s Friday+the weekend wooo!! LOVED the comments on yesterday’s post! As a few of you said, if Nut Butter Rehab DID exist, it would be like one big blogger meet-up! Smile with tongue out


Sooo time for my weekly Friday Faves!! Open-mouthed smile


1. Postman arrival. He has seen me in my PJ’s and with bed head three times this week (the lucky guy) but its his fault for coming so early. But I forgive him because he brought me goodies!!DSC08732

Reader Jess emailed me a few weeks back asking for my address, saying she had a surprise for me, and I received the surprise today! In her note that came with the package, she explained that she has family who worked with the Kashi company, so she gets loads of their products for free and sent me some for fun! Like Go Lean cereal:DSC09834

13g of protein?! Wowzers! And tons of Kashi bars too! These dark mocha almond ones are calling my name…Kashi_

AND she threw in something else! In her note, Jess said she threw this in because she knew I’d love it:DSC09833

AAAAH!! This Scary-Excited face should show you how much I love it Jess!DSC09832

Oh so attractive in the mornings…! Smile with tongue out


I tried out the Kashi cereal with some canned peach slices as a snack later on:DSC09852

YUM!! Seriously, I love it! THANK YOU so so so much Jess!! Open-mouthed smile


2. Triple Chocolate Banana Oatbran. You can’t beat starting the day with chocolate, oats and peanut butter!DSC09827

Banana oatbran pudding, made with chocolate milk and with added cocoa powder and White Chocolate Wonderful. Oh YUM.DSC09824

I have a new nut butter addiction!! This stuff is AMAZING and I can’t wait till I go to the States so I can try all the other crazy nut butter flavours!! Open-mouthed smile


3. Sunflower Seed Butter! Last night I decided I was going to try to do a whole post today without mentioning nut butter once, but obviously fate had it in for me with that arrival in the morning, and so I gave up that idea pretty fast haha! Anyway, I found this new arrival in my health food store!DSC09858

I literally spent 5 minutes debating crunchy or smooth, but decided on crunchy after much deliberation. Oh, and I couldn’t resist getting cashew butter too…DSC09857

NOT my fault- I had no choice. I could hear the voices of the nut butters calling to me…yep, I definitely need that rehab! Smile with tongue out


4. Peanut Butter, Banana and Honey toasted sandwich.DSC09840

These are Jen’s favourite, and since she raves about them so much, I knew I had to try it. And it is so yummy!! I am never having a PB+banana sandwich without honey again!! This was the perfect pre-run fuel for…


5. My RUN!DSC09849

That’s how red, sweaty and slightly insane you look after spending over an hour on a treadmill with no air conditioning and a man next to you the whole time who had clearly never heard of the words ‘deodorant’ or ‘shower’ in his life…! I thought I smelled bad but today I got some perspective and more motivation to shower.


I managed to nab my favourite treadmill next to the open window though:DSC09841

(Posted from my Dailymile account):image

So yeah I switched my usual Sunday longer run to today and will hopefully, shins allowing, do the track workout on Sunday! EXCITING! Open-mouthed smile


6. Avocados!! I picked up a couple today, and decided to make Angela’s avocado pasta sauce, which I’ve been eyeing for aaaages!DSC09855

It is the best pasta sauce I have EVER had!! I loooove avocados!! Smile


7. Playing with my food. I am an five-year old at heart.DSC09859

SMILEY FACE! Pecans, chocolate chips and a banana with half cashew butter+half sunflower seed butter made that beautiful creation you see. I know you all do that with your food too and that it is perfectly normal.


Give me one of YOUR Friday Faves! It’ll make me HAPPY Smile


Are you a smooth or crunchy person? I’ve been having smooth nut butters for ages but I’ve yet to find a normal PB that beats PB&Co’s Crunch Time!


Avocados: yay or nay? Er, yay!! Specially in chocolate avocado mousse form…mmm….


Hope you friends have an AMAZING weekend!! Love you!!

61 Responses to Friday Faves!!

  1. You always get the best goodies in the mail! So jealous :(
    I have never had a pb, nanner, honey sammie before :o Must try

  2. One of my Friday Faves is that I totally rocked my Spanish quiz today.

    I’m definitely a crunchy person, but you can’t beat the drippyness that you get with smooth nut butter.

    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..Fitness

  3. Love your FRiday Faves!
    I may actually need a nut butter rehab, but I dont want to :P Nut butter and I are having too much fun!
    I so want to tri the WCW Peanut butter- sounds awesome!!
    Im more of a creamy nut butter type, bur everything goes :)
    Have a great weekend :)

  4. I WUV UR NANNER! OMG WCW IS SOOOOOOO GOOOD!!! THE BEST EVER!! recreate it please?!!?!? :D… NICE RUN! i could not a) run that fast on a treadmill and b) run that far on treadmill.. i gots the attention span of a goldfish

    • Haha me too! I was getting so bored, but thankfully I had Criminal Minds to entertain me for part of it at least! :P

      And every time I have a nanner with PB, I think of you :) Oh, and I’ll DEFINITELY try to recreate it! Now I have the real thing so I’ll know what it should taste like!!

  5. This pasta looks awesome. I have never had the White Chocolate PB – is that what it is?

    Nice run. Kudos for hanging on that long on the treadmill. I used to do really long runs on the treadmill but ugh, it is so dreadful..

  6. I love honey and peanut butter together. They go great on top of oats too :) avocados are one of my favorite healthy fats! I loooove guac and always ask for avocado on my subs at subway!

  7. Yayyyyy for Criminal Minds!

    I’m all about crunchy pb, but I like smooth for dunking things into! Definitely a YAY for avocado!
    Errign recently posted..Kombucha Hand

  8. Oh avocados are a definite yay! They are fantastic and I especially love them in the summer….in guacamole form!! YUM YUM! I totally make faces with my food to….I can’t resist! Banana’s make the perfect smiles ;)

  9. I love your banana smiley face! I eat mostly smooth, but I love a good crunchy PB. Avocados are always a big yes! Friday Fave: Picked up dates again & had a great job interview :)
    Lauren recently posted..Winning Eats

  10. hahaha love your smiley face I still pretend that peas are “worlds” and that I am eating the world:)
    my friday fave is my strength workout this morning at titus
    and last but not least I am both crunchy and smooth..all depends on the brand my friend

  11. I just bought Kashi go lean yesterday from trader joes! It’s my favorite mixed with milk and protein powder. Not a big fan of PB and CO. but like I said…cinnamon raisin swirl is pretty good because of the raisins. Playing with food makes it taste better so it’s all good. You’d be surprised how many different faces Ive made with oatmeal. My friday fave: My PB came in the mail! Check it out on my blog. Im both crunchy and smooth. I havent had pb and co crunch time, but Krema has a really good crunchy. The best smooth is of course justins, but there pb is more of a grainy texture which is amazing. I love avocado pancakes! and avocado banana bread!
    logan osterhout recently posted..Peanut Butter At Last

  12. Smooth all the way!!! The crunchy nut butters weird me out for some reason :P
    Picky Nicky recently posted..A Daily Post

  13. The chocolate TLC bars are great- I’ve had them once or twice. Super yum-o!

    And we DO have some nutty nut butter flavors in the states now that you mention it..
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..A Weekend of Firsts

  14. sunflower butter! thats good stuff. I like the crunchy too. I dip figs in mine.
    lindsay recently posted..Fresh Friday

  15. Aw sorry about that track workout. At least you got in an awesome longer run! My friday fave was a really awesome breakfast. It was light, but really delicious!
    If you haven’t tried pbco’s mighty maple, I would highly recommend it. It’s definitely my favorite!
    Avocados = yay. I love them in salads, mousse, or in the form of guac.
    Tara recently posted..Featured Food Fridays

  16. I love smooth peanut butters for oatmeal, but i like crunchy right off the spoon (dont judge).

    Who doesnt like avocados? For reals.
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..food phases

  17. Goodness man, I need to try that avocado sauce over pasta soon! I keep seeing it everywhere!

    Love your blog, you’re such an inspiration to me when it comes to running – speedy woman! Hope you have an amazing weekend!
    Nicole recently posted..Heaven Gained an Angel

  18. Um… I want to be friends with Reader Jess too! :P Seriously, though, that was so sweet of her! What great goodies!

    No worries, I totally play with my food. And I am so a smoooth nut butter girl!
    Rach recently posted..Goin’ to the Chapel…

  19. I LOVE that kashi cereal!! I have it for breakfast (amongst other thangsss) like 4-5 times a week :D
    Jess recently posted..Update Progress Pictures!!

  20. i like crunchy and smooth nut butters. i don’t discriminate. ;)

    WCW is AMAZING, i love that stuff! i’m super addicted to the cinnamon raisin kind right now though.
    Elle recently posted..It’s All Over

  21. Ack! I love your banana smiley face! Totally brought a smile to MY face. And for the record, I always play with my food too :)

    Something that made me happy today was definitely getting a kick butt workout in this morning, and then relaxing in the sun in the afternoon.

    And definitely yay on the avocados… and smooth nut butter :D
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted.. feel good friday

  22. White chocolate wonderful sounds great! And you are a lucky girl for seeing your postman soo often :) Mine comes like once in a year :))
    I like crunchy butters a bit more, I just love “crunching”, that´s one of the reasons you can often see me eating carrots like they were coming out of the fashion :)
    My friday FAVES? Woody Allen movies night. The funniest talk with my roommate. Reading Oliver Sacks´ Musicophilia (don´t worry, not a serious diagnosis :)), eating a huge bowl of roasted eggplant+parsnips+carrots AKA lazy girl´s lasagnas :)
    My first experience with avocados was “OMG why would anyone eat this????”, but then I tried them again and now I love it. Great add to salads, sandwiches, wraps or sweet desserts… one of the tastiest fats :)

  23. Wowie! Your speeds never fail to amaze me! I’m dying to try oat bran- can’t wait to be back in London so I can get my hands on some!

    Give me one of YOUR Friday Faves! Pulling a sickie from work *insert guilty face*

    Are you a smooth or crunchy person? Smooth for sure although I wouldn’t turn down a lil crunch every now and then

    Avocados: yay or nay? Hell to the yes- especially ripened in sandwiches!…or sushi..or salads…heck avocado is amaz with anything
    Khushboo recently posted..Blondes have more fun

  24. Definitely yay for avocado – guacamole and chocolate mousse. :) Smooth nut butter, not crunchy. Friday Fave = Indian food for dinner. :)
    Little Bookworm recently posted..Snicker-what

  25. Wow that box of goodies looked amazing!
    I love smooth and crunchy, and at the mo meridian smooth is my fave as it still has some bits in it (as the peanuts are skins on I think before being blended).
    Friday fave, hmm. I made some wholemeal sundried tomato bread for dinner and it was yummy :)

  26. ooh WCW Pb is awesome isn’t it! Have you tried Mighty Maple? That’s probably my favourite :)
    Friday Faves…oh boy. OH, a 10minute long cuddle with Chika :) She has her head resting over my shoulder and we had a full on hug for so long. It was ace! Then she saw a pheasant in the distance and galloped off…
    Yay to avocados! But only in restaurants – every single time I’ve bought one myself, it’s been skanky :(
    Freya recently posted..P is for…

  27. Love all the food in this post! The WCW is amazing (I tried it for the first time yesterday so that would be my Friday fave!) and I’m already planning on having a socca wrap with sunflower butter for lunch, yum!
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..Another cookbook

  28. Normally I am a smooth person ,but sometimes its nice to mix it up ;) LOVE avocados! So delicious! Hmmmm…..Friday fave? Pea hummus. sounds gross but tastes great!
    Lauren recently posted..My first What I ate Wednesday!

  29. I lurrvee smooth pb except on waffles…then I enjoy crunchy pb. So delicious. I enjoy chocolately peanut butter though as my number one choice.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..QUICHE FOR BREAKFAST!

  30. I love Kashi! It’s the best.
    Christy recently posted..Good Monday

  31. You are so funny! Nut butter should be mentioned in every post or I would know something was wrong with you! :)

    You had a fantastic run Emma. Speedy pace…you are well on your way to a HM!!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..Lessons Learned from Marathon 2 Race Photos

  32. love love love the food face at the end its so cute haha. Do they not have kashi or PB&co. in London? if not that is quite sad :( The whitchocolate wonderfall is so delicious and if you get the chance def try the cinnamon raisin swirl its amazing.

    Can I give you a Saturday Fav since I’m a day late?? I had a fantastic time at the race today and realized how much I missed racing!

    • No they don’t! Well WF do sell the basic PB&Co flavours, but nothing else! But when I hit the States in a couple of months time I will DEFINITELY be getting it! :D

      Oooh YAAAY! Racing is SO MUCH FUN and I’m so happy you had a great time!!

  33. ISN’T WHITE CHOCOLATE WONDERFUL JUST THE BEST!? Fo realz, though. I go through that stuff like it’s going out of style. :P

    Yum, thanks for sharing that recipe! Angela has some of THE best recipes ever. period. Good thing mom just bought a gazillion avocadoes! :)

  34. oh my GAWD! white chocolate wonderful is my absolute FAVORITE ever ever ever!! I’m so glad that you got to try it!! AND sunflower seed butter is my OTHER huge huge favorite!! omg isn’t it freakin’ BOMB!! congrats on the 8 miler too btw! and I can’t decide, I usually switch between smooth + creamy with every jar! too dang good, I lOVE nut buttas!
    Olivia recently posted..Some Wonderful Eats- and the “Crack Wrap!”

  35. Friday faves… Hrmm well even though today is saturday we can pretend I ate this yesterday :P I went to one of my fav mexican restaurants and they have the BEST quacomole ever. (which also answers the question that YES I love avocados):D

    I’m only a crunchy gal when it comes to peanut butter – all other nut butters are required to be smoooth!
    Megan recently posted..WIAW 2

  36. I’m a crunchy nut all the way! :)
    Ffion @ Chocolate & Raspberries recently posted..Thoughts On My Weight Loss Journey So Far

  37. [...] got inspired by Emma’s post to try Angela’s avocado [...]

  38. I knew you’d love sunflower seed butter! And WCW=delish. Not as good as Mighty Maple in my opinion, though :)
    I like smooth AND crunchy. Can’t decide.. Crunchy on my burgers, though. Yep, I said BURGERS! You have to come visit me in Mississippi and try it at my fave burger joint. You could even try it on a blackbean burger! Vegan! haha :)
    Anywayyy, that long run is studly! So proud of you for 7:30 pace for the last 4 miles! Wow!
    Oh, and my fave crunchy pb is Whole Foods 365 brand. Soo good!
    Haley G recently posted..Its okay to be happy with yourself -

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