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I need rehab.

HELLOOO lovelies!! It is so almost Friday and I get the day off tomorrow so I’m having a little party if you want to join me? It’s gonna involve a TRACK workout, providing my shin feels okay-ish tomorrow morning! We can all run it together and it will be so much FUN!!emma running 2

Not gonna lie, I’m a bit excited. My nearest (real) track is like a thousand miles away from me, so it’s a big deal, k?


Anyway, back to today! I started the day with a biiiig bowl of peach oatmeal, topped with the last of my almond butter *sob*DSC09798

I’ve never had peach oatmeal but it was AWESOME! And peaches+almond butter go SO well together! Breakfast heaven Smile


Lunch was some lentil lovin’!


Lentils in nooch+tomato sauce plus roasted aubergine/eggplant and courgette/zucchini. With PB&J toast on the side of course Winking smile


The nut butter feasting didn’t end there. I got this Tweet in the morning:image

PB+grapes?! Hmmm…well of course I had to try it! Smile with tongue out


Verdict? Amazing. Rebecca you are a GENIUS. Is there ANYTHING peanut butter doesn’t go with?!


There were also many of Katie’s amazing blondies eaten today:DSC09822

Topped with PB of course! Winking smile (FYI that layer of chocolate happens when you put in waaaay more chocolate chips than the recipe calls for, and I highly recommend it! Smile with tongue out)


And all day I was looking forward to my BodyPump class! I haven’t done it in a couple of weeks and I was DYING! I got in an elliptical workout beforehand, but something really weird happened…


WHO DOES THAT?! It was the weirdest thing EVER! She was middle aged and looked deadly serious, so I don’t think it was a joke…weeird!! And a couple of weeks ago some old man stroked my leg. Is it me or do I just live in a creepy town?!


LOVED today’s workout though! That+BodyPump= happy Emma! Open-mouthed smileDSC09814

I think I need to go to Nut Butter Rehab though, because later on…


PB&J stuffed Medjool dates. Oh yum.


What made YOU happy today? Food, workout and your comments and love…the usual! Smile with tongue out


What’s your fave: nut butter and _____? Jam. Always and forever. Oh, and dates! And bananas! Okay, I’m cheating here!


Random Q: What are you looking forward to tomorrow/the weekend? I’m embarrassed to say it, but shopping becuase I am now out of cashew and almond butter. I know, I really do need Nut Butter Rehab!!


Love you guys, have an amazing day!! Open-mouthed smile

73 Responses to I need rehab.

  1. ooh yum!! I’ve tried nut butter on just about everything. I tried it with kale today. Don’t knock it until you try it!

  2. I’m looking forward to celebrating my 20th birthday this weekend!
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..Fitness

  3. What a creeper!! You should move to a safer town, like LA ;) can I bribe you to come if I supply you with never ending homemade nutbutters? You can pick the flavors as long as you share :)

  4. Must have amazing blondie, yum!! Blogging, cereal and oatmeal made my day today ;D
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Grab A Cup Of Joe

  5. I need nut butter rehab, too! I’ve been finding ways to incorporate it into everything I’m eating lately, haha! I love nut butter in my oats or with bananas!
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..A Weekend of Firsts

  6. i think she just wanted to stroke your hair because it looks all wavy and purty! i kinda wanna stroke it too – it’s so soft-looking!

  7. hmmm I think I will be getting some grapes soon to try that out! I have never met anything that peanut butter does NOT go with so I’m sure it will be a success.

    I want to try body pump so bad! They offer it at my gym and I have a friend who wants to do it with me..I just need to find out when it is! I know it’s a strength workout, but what exactly does it entail??
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..Wordless WIAW

  8. I understand someone complimenting your hair at the gym, but stroking it is a bit too far! I was happy today because I had a free day pass to a gym, and they had spin bikes. I made up my own sweaty workout on the super nice spin bikes – they had monitors with videos attached to them!
    Lauren recently posted..Traffic Photoshoot

  9. Okay, I really hope you can do your track workout! I ran yesterday in the first time in months, and realized that no other workout gives you that great feeling like running does. Make me some of the blondies and send them to Oregon please. In return I will make you pancakes. PS that is really creepy about the gym thing…and no…nobody does that haha. When you go to nut butter rehab, let me know and I might tag along…the whole 1/2 jar every day is getting kind of old. Nut butter and banana sandwich is my favorite, but they are a must on my pancakes. The weather made me happy today even though it’s my rest day and I sat inside all day and did nothing. I feel so lazy ={
    Tomorrow Iam looking forward to the NBA playoffs! And working out lol
    logan osterhout recently posted..What I Wolfed Down-Worked Out Wednesday

    • Definitely!! That’s part of the reason I LOVE running so much!! Hello runner’s high! :D

      That is so a deal!! I want me some pancakes Logan-style! And I’m proud of your half-a-jar a day habit!! :P

      You are probably the LEAST lazy person I know!! But rest days make the next workout even better right, so ENJOY! :)

  10. hahahaha thats the funnies/creepiest thing ever!I’m not even sure how I would have responded
    nut butter +oats, banana,and bagel!

  11. Here is my ‘saw this and thought of you’ link:


    You can buy it by the case! :)

    And you need to eat it with apples!

  12. Rehab is for quitters.

    Peanut butter and bananas.. or oatmeal.. or ANYTHING! :)
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..food phases

  13. seriously. I hear you. I finish a peanut butter jar (32 tablespoons) in 2 days!! Eeeeeeeeeeek

  14. Oh come on, Emma. You know the answer is “and CHOCOLATE!”

    Love from your mower-men-flasher friend,
    Katie ;)
    chocolate-katie recently posted..Chocolate-Chip Blondies… they’re good for you!

  15. LOVE your blog! i need nut butter rehab too for sure. pb is the best with dates or oatmeal or banana. or EVERYTHING :)

  16. Nut butter and banana. Always always always the best combo. But I definitely want to try letting my grapes swim in pools of peanut butter next time I have them!
    I hope your workout goes well, and you deserve some new nut butter as your reward!! I’m looking forward to the fact that it’s finally the weekend and it’s a prerace day tomorrow, so super chill run and pumping myself up is on the agenda.
    Tara recently posted..Food ABC’s

  17. Almond butter on grapes? Whaaaaat? I’ve gotta try that. In fact, I think I’ll just start putting almond butter on anything and everything. It can do no wrong, if you ask me.

    Seeing all your delicious nut butter loving made me happy, because it makes me feel like less of an addict for my own consumption of it. Oh, and nut butter aaaaand…. everything :D
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted.. a pain in the… foot

  18. Going for an easy run with my dad for the first time sense last July! We used to run together all the time but then I got faster than him so we usually don’t but today we did and it was great :)

    Nut butter and banana or pears mmmm so good!

    I’m looking forward to so many things! Tomorrow I only work 1/2 day then going to watch my sister’s soccer game (state championship game!!) then Saturday I have my first race since Sep. and I don’t have to work :) Good luck with your track work out! Love those they are so fun!

  19. I’m driving home tomorrow!! (well and Saturday too). 12 hours of good times! Then on Sunday I’m running a half marathon! YAY.

    I love how much nut butter you have…then I don’t feel cray cray for all my greek yogurt. :)
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Part 2- Staying Active in College

  20. I agree with chelsey. Rehab is for quitters. I refuse to go to nut butter rehab.

    What made me happy today?
    Riding my bike .5 miles in the rain to get to spin. Call me crazy, I was soaking wet but I thought it was the funnest .5 mile bike ride ever! and then my spin class kicked butt too :D

    Nut butter and … jam! like you said! Preferably on oat bran or on a slice of toast!

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow because it’s my last FULL DAY OF SCHOOL. can i get a woot woot!
    Megan recently posted..WIAW 2

  21. Peach oatmeal sounds soooo good right now! I love eating peaches with cottage cheese so maybe I’ll make some peach cottage cheese oatmeal! YUM! Right now thinking about the weekend is making me happy!

  22. Mmmmhhh, oatmeal plus peaches, lentils plus nooch-tomato sauce…are you trying to make me hungry right after my breakfast or what?! :)I have to say that I am a bit envious of your hair, it is so pretty!!
    What made me happy? Sunshine, overnight oatmeal smoothie in my fridge and a google reading morning session :)
    Nut butter and oats? Or apples? Or another nut butter? :)
    Oh, nut butter rehab! So funny :) It would be overcrowded with food bloggers, it would be like a blogger meet-up :)

    • Haha thank you!! All those healthy nut butter fats go straight to my hair (I hope! :P) And that’s HILARIOUS- it so would be!!

      ALL those things make me happy too! And haha nut butter and nut butter! I like the way you think! :D

  23. Oh that is a little creepy about that lady!
    I suppose the traditional pb and j is with grape jam/jelly, so it makes sense they would go.
    I am looking forward to the cinema- I actually have time to go! :)

  24. Haha that lady sounds like such a creeper! Love how into nut butter u are. My kinda girl!

    What made YOU happy today? Making homemade granola for my friend and a great run!

    What’s your fave: nut butter and _____? Chocolate…or bananas…or both together ;)!

    Random Q: What are you looking forward to tomorrow/the weekend? Sushi lunch with my friend who’s birthday it is! Also I have an interview/meeting for a potential job so hopefully that goes well!
    Khushboo recently posted..Blondes have more fun

  25. BAHAHA That lady is hilarious! and wow elliptcal AND body pump!! thats crazy! i LOVE UR NUT BUTTER OBSESSION.. mine is just as bad if not.. worse! i rly wnt to make katies blondies!! if i can muster up some non laziness~! i just hate cleaning!

    • YEAH nut butters are the BEST! It makes me happy to have a nut butter twinnie :)

      Aaaah you HAVE to make them!! It only involves ONE bowl (the food processor one) and it is SO worth it I promise!! :D

  26. Oh I love nut butter with anything. Your so right that it just goes with every darn thing. It’s so addictive!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..A lil’ appreciation

  27. just wanna tell you that cashew butter taste soooooooo nice to cook spaghetti! i see you sooooooo love nut butter, haven’t you try coconut butter?
    qq:) recently posted..bake apple and cocoa soymilk

    • Oooh really?! I am SO trying that!! And ohmygosh I LOVE coconut butter!! I only have part of a jar of Artisana left though, so I’m trying to make it last until I hit the States in 2 months time and can get more! It’s SO addictive! :D

  28. I love eating almond butter with porridge or pancakes. :)
    Little Bookworm recently posted..Snicker-what

  29. You know what? Yesterday I tried dates with nutella (homemade one). And I was pretty much in HEAVEN! Thank you SO much for the idea!!
    Damjana recently posted..Loving GNTM

  30. I need some nut butter rehab too. Right now my pantry is stocked with sunbutter, crunch pb, and a mix of “almond, cashew, and peanut buter” from Target. I mixed raisins, cinnamon, all spice, chia seeds, and maple extract into the multi-nut mix jar, and OMG it’s too good to be true…

    I really want to try Katie’s blondies too! They look amazing (especially with pb on top :)!
    McKayla @ Green Groats recently posted..Wholesome and Hearty Quinoa Cakes

  31. I had seen that pb and grape combo in the leon cookbook on rye toast and had wondered how good it would be! For me it has to be nut butter and apple or nut butter and strawberries, NOM!
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..Another cookbook

  32. I can’t wait to go grocery shopping either. Friday is my favorite day because it’s grocery shopping day, haha.
    Hannah recently posted..Now More Than Ever- Just Write

  33. Ahh! WHO does that!? What a creepy lady!? hahahahahahahaha I love that you had such a strange experience at the gym though, my gym literallynever has more then 2 people there at the same time as me! and call me up when you go to nut butter rehab! I think we can all agree that such a place is extremely neccessary for like 90% of all bloggers! hehe oh my gosh i picked up some dates at WF yesterday and stuffed them with almond butter + chocolate chips and it was seriously the BEST THING EVER EVER EVER!!!! I don’t know how i ever survived withOUT them!!
    Olivia recently posted..Some Wonderful Eats- and the “Crack Wrap!”

    • Haha my gym is often PACKED!! Gym swap? I’ll take the emptiness and lack of crazies, and you can have my busy gym full of insane people! :P

      YAAAY ohmygosh I’m soooo happy you’ve done that!! Seriously, the best thing EVER!! I have it every day and its AWESOME! :D

  34. Oh my goodness! That lady would flip me out. Today, my muffins made me happy. Chocolate is best with nut butter (though bananas are a close second), and I’m looking forward to my 5k this weekend. Thanks for asking! :)

  35. Ahh, grapes and pb are a great combo! I’m definitely on board with that.

    She stroked your hair?? That’s… different. Haha!
    Rach recently posted..Goin’ to the Chapel…

  36. mMMM DELICIOUS emma!

    I’m looking forward to my graduation tomorrow! :D
    Ellie@fitforthesoul recently posted..I’m So Cheesy

  37. peanut butter and salmon.

    peanut butter and spaghetti.

    peanut butter and orange juice.

    …you’re welcome. ;)
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..THAT’S How Maryland Does

  38. Oh now i need some grapes to try that grape ad pb combo! Looks amazing!! Sounds like you met a strange person at the gym….just ignore her! She was probably just trying to creep you out…
    Lauren recently posted..My first What I ate Wednesday!

  39. Definitely will! Have an AMAZING weekend to you too!! :D
    Lauren recently posted..My first What I ate Wednesday!

  40. I know I just commented yesterday, but Im at work and Im having too much fun reading your blog :) Really, I smile as I read yor post! And I just love your attitude to rfood and working out! THIS is how I want my life to be! I have such a hard time finding peace with food + fuel it right! Im scared to feed it even though I know I need food to work out and be happy! I like rules :P Or, I totally dont like them, but they make me feel safe!

    I wish you a happy happy saturday! And keep up your healthy attitude to life! You are a great inspiration, and so so beatuful :D

    • Thank you so so much!! This seriously means a lot to me, and I’m smiling reading your lovely comment! :D

      I really hope you find peace with food! The minute I decided to throw out my ‘rules’ and eat what I wanted when I wanted, my life seriously changed! It wasn’t easy, and it took me a loooong time to finally get rid of some of my habits, but its so worth it, both physically and mentally! If you ever need anything, I’m here! :)

      Love you beautiful girl <3

  41. Sad to say that I am just now catching up on all of your amazing blogging! I didn’t have interent this weekend/week :/ horrible! I missed you Em!
    Anyway, this cracks me up about the creeper lady. I can just picture it, the stroking of your hair, bahaha
    Also, I hope your track workout went well! Can’t wait to read the next post to find out ;)
    Annddd yum, your day of eats always looks delish. I’m making Katie’s blondies when I get home next week! <3
    Nut butter and _____ pretzels + light 'n fit vanilla yogurt. Try it. Delish.
    Haley G recently posted..Its okay to be happy with yourself -

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