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What I…Wednesday!

I know I know, it’s Tuesday today, but it’s Wednesday in an hour (in London anyway! Smile with tongue out) so let’s roll with it!

What I Ate Wednesday: Breakfast and Post-Workout Snack Edition!


I got asked to do more breakfast and post-workout snack pics, so here you go! Open-mouthed smile


Yesterday I tried my first ever Dough Boy Smoothie, ala Kath!DSC09745

It was SO GOOD! I think this’ll definitely be my breakfast-on-the-go of choice now! Hot oats still win on the filling factor though….DSC09761

Today I had my beloved banana oatbran pudding, with raisins and almond buttah Smile


Post workout yesterday, I had a tropical protein smooooothie!DSC09758

1/2 block tofu, 1/2 scoop tropical protein powder, milk, xanthan gum, pineapple and strawbs. SO good! I then added lots of raw oats which you HAVE to do to your smoothies, cos it makes it all doughy and mmmm….


Post-workout today (short run+exercise class), I wanted something quick! So chocolate soy milk of course…DSC09441…and then when I got home, I had some leftover tofu and veggies:DSC09741

Random, but that’s what I was feeling! Smile with tongue out


Best eat today though?


HH’s single serving brownie with extra PB and choc chips. HEAVEN Smile


What I Worked Wednesday- Abs Edition!


Today I have an AB workout for you! Seriously, it’s a toughie! I’ve linked to the moves in case you don’t know what they are


15 minute Ab/Core Workout

Repeat twice more!


Seriously, if your abs aren’t BURNING after this, then you’re either doing it wrong or you have abs of STEEL! Smile with tongue out I don’t work my abs/core much except for the abs track in BodyPump, so this reaaally hurt! Feel free to collapse afterwards like I did!


P.S. That’s a recycled photo. I didn’t do my ab workout in the park- people think I’m crazy enough as it is! Winking smile


And today I went to my first ever Body Balance class! Going to a new class each month was one of my goals for 2011, and I think I’m on track! So far, I’ve  done spin, BodyCombat, yoga, Triple Challenge and now BodyBalance!


I LOVED it, but there was an abs section…OUCH!! I was in pain from yesterday’s workout beforehand, but now it hurts to breathe haha! Smile with tongue out


So now I’ve got abs down, it’s bicep time…DSC09718

Bicep curls with a 1kg pack of raisins. Curl, munch, repeat. Make that your next strength training workout and thank me later when you have guns to rival Jillian’s, because she doesn’t know about this killer move.


Overnight Oats or Hot Oats? Overnight oats are nice after a hot workout, but hot oats are just so filling…so hot oats!!


Did you make any 2011 goals? How’re they going? Achieved some already woo! But really I’m just thankful I made the decision not to add ‘regularly wash hair’ to the list because I would’ve failed big time already.


Random Q: What is your weakest muscle group? Triceps. I don’t have any.


Have an AMAZING rest of the week friends!!

54 Responses to What I…Wednesday!

  1. BAHAHH bicep curls with raisins. i prefer doing them with craisins but WHATEVA
    LOVE ur eats – always so sweet- thats perfect fo me!
    Overnight Oats or Hot Oats? HOT HOT HOT BABY!

    Did you make any 2011 goals? How’re they going? awkward.. i cnt even rmbr what they are…

    Random Q: What is your weakest muscle group? ARMS- ALL ARMS

  2. Hooray for your WIAW! I still gotta wait 7 more hours ;)
    Love the Dough Boy smoothie but I’d never make it because it wouldn’t keep me full long enough lol I love overnight oats because it’s more like cereal but hot oats have lasting power in my belly. My weakest muscle group are prob my triceps too but I’m working on it!! :D
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Rest Up

  3. I love hot oats! Overnight oats can be good, but I’m not a fan of really cold things in the morning. Hot and fluffy is the way I like them! :)
    Lauren recently posted..Kind of a Bust

  4. The tofu you make looks so good! What kind do you get? I usually buy Mori-nu silken tofu for pancakes, but I think trader joes has some good kinds too! Hot oats during the winter, and overnight oats during the summer. I am so jealous of your core workout…I used to do like 90 minutes of core a day, and now I haven’t done core in like 6 months! It’s over-rated right? P.S.-I think during the holidays we should get a ton of people to do some kind of “secret santa blog thing.” I was just thinking about it today, and wouldn’t that be fun? 1 or 2 people could be in charge..and everyone would send them their address…then those 1-2 people would give each person an address and person to send to. I know that’s really random, but I’m always thinking about the holidays.

    Ps again. I stole your what I ate Wednesday thing, except mines gonna be called “What I wolfed down and worked out Wednesday”
    Logan recently posted..First Post- Peanut Butter- Cross Country- Duck Fan- Nutrition

    • It’s just extra firm tofu, and it’s AWESOME marinated and then baked/fried!

      WOAH 90 mins of core a day?!?! What?! Haha I think I’d DIE- you must have abs of steel! :P

      I love the Secret Santa idea! I actually think there was one last year (Tina from Faith Fitness Fun) did one I think…? But yeah love the idea, and if there’s on this year then I’ll definitely do it! :D

  5. Love your eats!
    Id definitely say hot oats!
    Alexis recently posted..Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal

  6. Haha you are a goofball. I can totally see those muscles getting stronger and stronger with each bicep curl :P

    I’m going to have to go with HOT OATS. I haven’t been able to get back into overnight oats yet..

    My weakest muscle group is my abs.. Used to be legs but that changed pretty quick once I started running :P My arms are my strongest – which is weird because I don’t do many arm exercises? They have just always been the easiest for me.

    Body balance sounds awesome!
    Megan recently posted..Plants &amp Pancakes

  7. I think overnight oats with Katie’s voluminous oats trick makes it more filling than regular hot oats!!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..food phases

  8. I’m a hot oats kinda girl! It’s just such a comforting dish when it’s all warm and toasty, and I’m one of those strange people who can eat warm things no matter how hot it is outside!

    I’ve accomplished part of my 2011 goal, which was to run at least 2 marathon and a tri. I still need to plan that tri…

    I’m also working on my upper body so I can look great in my wedding dress. Bodypump is taking care of that. I love BP so much!!

  9. I think I prefer hot oats, but overnight oats are good too, especially in the summer when I still want my oats without sweating! Haha LOVE the ab work! I’m going to do that while watching tv tonight-thats when I always do my ab work :)

  10. I could live off of post workouts snacks and breakfast, so good! Love your pretty oats.
    And nice abs workout, I will have to steal that!
    lindsay recently posted..Fresh Friday

  11. Oh I’ve goten some good workouts in the kitchen. The gym’s got nothing on all those bags of produce and canned goodies I have to put away. My arms should be beefed up by now! (sadly, they’re not… my arms are probably the weakest part of me)

    Between hot and cold oats, I definitely prefer hot… but I let them get cold before eating them, so does that still count?
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted.. a pain in the… foot

  12. YAY for WIAW!! :D That dough smoothie looks SO good!!
    AWESOME abs routine. I’ll have to try it!!
    Jess recently posted..Update Progress Pictures!!

  13. I am totally stealing your bicep move…yummy! And speaking of yummy…your eats ROCK! I love that single serve brownie….it looks to die for! YUM YUM!

    Hahaha, people at my local park probably think I’m a freak to! I am not shy about weird workouts in public :p!

    If I had to choose hot over cold oats I would probably choose hot…but its a close call cause neither fill me up really, but I love the taste of both!

  14. I like hot oats best, but I need to try the doughboy smoothie. It looks fab! That ab routine sounds pretty hardcore (literally, haha). I did intense abs all winter long in preparation for track season. We do them 4 – 5 days a week. I wish I had access to cool classes like that to cross train with!! The only class I’ve ever taken is bikram yoga, but I really want to try spinning.
    Tara recently posted..Oatmeal Raisin Cashew Butter

    • You HAVE to try spinning Tara you will LOVE it!! Seriously, not much (other than running) gets my heart rate up but this sure does!! Please come to London so we can spin together?!

      P.S. Abs 4-5 days a week?! Wowzers girl you must look BUFF! :D

  15. BAHAHA. I just laughed so fierce about the bicep curls. You are hilarious mkay thanks.

    I want to try this doughboy smoothie it sounds delicious!
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Part 2- Staying Active in College

  16. YUM! That brownie looks amazing! I want a bite :)
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..A Weekend of Firsts

  17. hahaha i love your bicep curl style!!!
    i will ALWAYS love hot oats–put that to the tune of I will always love you. How much oats do you put in your smoothie?

  18. I just tried the dough boy smoothie this morning and loved it, but hot oats are definitely more filling and my all-time fav! Wowzas your ab workout does sound killer, especially the plank variations. I love abs though!
    Lauren recently posted..Traffic Photoshoot

  19. Snap! I had the dough boy smoothie for breakfast too and loved it- reminded me of cake batter! Although time will tell how it stands in its fullness factor.

    Overnight Oats or Hot Oats? That’s like asking me to choose between my kids- love them both and u can’t make me chose :)!

    Did you make any 2011 goals? How’re they going? Unfortuantely I haven’t but it’s not too late to start!

    Random Q: What is your weakest muscle group? My arm strength is pathetic, and triceps are at the bottom of the barrel.
    Khushboo recently posted..Blondes have more fun

  20. Oh, I love your killer “raisins-biceps-curl” :)) I hope it works with almonds as well :))
    I can´t decide between overnight and hot oats! I´ve always loved my hot oats and couldn´t imagine eating them cold, but ever since I´ve tried the overnight version just out of the curiosity, I like it so much!
    My weakest muscle group? Well, probably my arms in general, I just don´t have “arms” :))

  21. hee hee! raisin curls! love it! :-)

  22. Triceps for me too! I went running yesterday for the first time in over 4 weeks and my triceps hurt on the uphills. What’s that about!?
    AlisonM recently posted..If I had a Twitter account

  23. I’m afraid my triceps are weak too. I’ve been trying to work them much harder though. Hopefully it all pays off soon.

  24. cold oats taste nice!

  25. That abs workout looks awesome – thanks for sharing! My triceps are probably my weakest too but they aren’t that bad – I use the same weights in body pump as I do for my chest and they seem to cope with that!

  26. that sounds like a great (and tough!) workout. I have to say, I’m partial to overnight oats lately – so delicious. My upper body is definitely the weakest, though I’m trying to work on it!
    Kelly recently posted..The Week and On Being Normal

  27. I had never thought about adding tofu to my smoothie until I saw it on your post a few days ago. I bought some yesterday, and am so excited to try it in my next smoothie! I’ll be sure to try oats tooo! :)

  28. That brownie with peanut butter looks so good. I also have trouble with my triceps I feel like no matter what exercise I do I have trouble targeting them.

  29. Depends on the weather for oats – if it’s winter in New England, then definitely hot, and summer is usually overnight or smoothies. I didn’t love the dough boy smoothie though, because I missed the oaty texture :)

    I think my weakest muscle group are my abs and my right arm – it always craps out before my left!
    Errign recently posted..My Favorite Strength Routine

  30. Haha, love the biceps curl photo :) And your single serving brownie looks soo good!
    For 2011 I made the goal that I want to start listening to my body and show it respect! Such a biggie, and I work SO hard on it everyday! Not easy at all!
    Ragnhild recently posted..WIAW and thoughts on my relationship with food

  31. Heaven is choco brownie too! Abs workout is the most painful for me but it also is the best. I always feel good when it all gets hard after some abs workout.

    Visit my site: Temporary Custody

  32. I took a picture of myself for my last post and realized when I uploaded it that it reminded me so much of your classic thumbs-up pose! Haha!

    Here it is: http://freshfruition.com/2011/05/18/yoga-and-trader-joes-impressions/

    Great minds think alike! Hahahahah
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..A Weekend of Firsts

  33. Hot oats please :)
    Love me my porridge.
    I would have said tricps, but since doing body pump it turns out my shoulders are the worst by far!
    That around the world abs thing is a hard core move and I am impressed you did that 3 times- woah!

    • Haha I knew you’d say that! :P And YES definitely shoulders are my second weakest!! SO HARD!! The around-the-world thing is MUCH easier when you only have to do it for a one-minute period. Still killer though! :P

  34. I love your bicep curls! Best exercise ever. Hehe.

  35. that tropical protein smoothie?! gimmeeee! looks so so good. and you go girl with the abdominals :) i’m obsessed with working my core!
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..THAT’S How Maryland Does

  36. OOooohh heck that smoothie looks good! You’ve totally reminded me I have a block of silken tofufu needing eating!
    I love love lov o/n oats. In the winter, maybe hot win..but atm, all I want is cool, creamy oats :)
    Muscle group – arms! I have stick arms, they’re pathetic!
    Freya recently posted..It’s not you- it’s me

  37. Ooh that banana oatbran pudding is callin’ my name!

    Hehe… made me laugh to think of you doing your ab workout in the park… ;)

    Also, definitely loving your earrings in that last shot! :)
    Rach recently posted..The mail never fails!

  38. I do my biceps curls with raisins too :) haha love it! Your single serving brownie looks awwwwesome! I love that its just one and I wouldnt ahve to worry about eating an entire pan! <3

    Happy WIAW sweets!
    jenn recently posted..A Little Bit of Thisand a Little Bit of Veggies!

  39. My last comment was long enough, so on this one I’ll just say that you crack me up :D And I’m working on some abs, too. So I’m excited for us to have super six packs as we shred the clothes on the beach this summer! ;)
    Haley G recently posted..Harry Potter &gt ED thoughts -

  40. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with oats in whatever capacity. I don’t know that I’ve ever had them overnight….what do you do except just let them soak overnight? I do mine overnight in a mini crockpot!
    I’m loving on tofu right now. I made pudding with it and I’m thinking of having it like a yogurt for breakfast sometime this week!

  41. that single-serving brownie looks so good!

    i also must try that ab workout… so that i can GET SOME!! haha

  42. Hi Emma,
    Your blog is so inspiring to eat healthy and to stay fit.I really need to be serious about these two things.I followed you on twitter

  43. Love this post! I think hot oats are my favorite breakfast, but on busy days, I’d much rather have overnight oats or a dough smoothie than rush to make something hot I’ll have to eat really quickly.
    Jess recently posted..Cobra-Eating Honey Badger

  44. [...] helped me out with that one and her May Abs Challenge!  I also did some moves posted by Emma in this post-They were [...]

  45. [...] 1. I did Emma of Sweet Tooth Runner’s AB circuit (+ my own ab moves) and WOW, I loved it! Definitely felt the burn. Love the around the world [...]

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