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Sundays are the BEST!

I. LOVE. SUNDAYS!! It’s my favourite day of the week, hands down. I know I go on about this every Sunday and really I should just repost my post from last Sunday every week instead because lets face it, they’re all the same. But here’s again why I love Sundays…


I love Sundays because it means two breakfasts. First up was the usual pre run breakfast:DSC08884

Mmmm PB+banana+toast…it’ll never get old! Open-mouthed smile


I love Sundays because it’s long run day! I hit the gym for the treadmill because I’ve been banned from running on the road with the shin splints.


Posted that from my Dailymile account (if you don’t have an account yet, GET ONE- it’s so addictive!!) because I’m too lazy to write that twice! Smile with tongue out Nine miles knocked out before church- BOOM! DSC09729

I love Sundays, because it’s PANCAKE SUNDAY!! Open-mouthed smileDSC09731

Katie’s Snickerdoodle Pancakes. As soon as she posted these a few days ago, I KNEW I had to make them this Sunday! And oh boy these are the BEST!! Seriously, you guys HAVE to try them!!


I actually plated these up a few minutes before I had to leave for church, so I scarfed down what I could then bagged up a few to go. I ate the rest sneakily in church, and kept getting glared at by a woman in front of me. Obviously, she was just jealous, and I Tweeted about it and my Twitter buds agreed! Smile with tongue out


I love Sundays, because it’s church time!! I have the BEST church friends EVER!! During our Bible sesh they brought Oreos for themselves, and made some vegan cookies for me!! Awww! Open-mouthed smileuntitled

Hehe I went to TOWN on these bad boys! Winking smile


I love Sundays, because there’s more time to spend in the kitchen.DSC09735

Decadent Date and Pecan brownies. These are SO GOOD, and raw too! Logan send me the link- he obviously knows me too well! Winking smile I added extra almond butter and more chocolate topping obviously, because I’m on a bit of a date+almond butter lovin’ kick at the mo…DSC09716

There were numerous Medjool dates stuffed with almond butter and choc chips consumed today…DSC09744

Too. Darn. Tasty.


Time to make yummy meals too!DSC09692

Curried scrambled tofu with cheezy polenta and tomatoes.


And when I’m too lazy to get up from the couch, I always have a trusty Clif bar with me for Hunger Emergencies SmileDSC09430


Sundays are for YOGA time! I can ALMOST hold the crow- woohoo!!Bakasana_crow_pose

I can hold it for like 5 seconds before faceplanting. Yeah, Tip #1 is have a big cushion in front of you, NOT your mirror. That was just painful.


Sundays are for race planning! My first half is in August, and turns out is not only the hottest race in the universe but also the hilliest…

I spent AGES stalking the course profiles and race reviews and EVERYONE said the hills were killer- and they sure look it!! Yeah that’s gonna be fun! Smile with tongue out BUT the plan is that this tough half is gonna make my main half in October (which is a flat speedy course- wooo!) hopefully my sub 1.35 course! BRING IT OOOOON!!!


What was the highlight of your weekend? ALL of it! The run, church, the pancakes, it was all gooood!!


What do you find harder- hill work or speedwork? Oooh toughie!! For me, it depends, but probably hill work!!


Random Q: What is one food you are craving RIGHT NOW? Tomatoes. Hehe I bet you all thought I’d say chocolate or nut butter! Smile with tongue out


Hope you guys have had an AMAZING weekend! Have a great week friends!! Open-mouthed smile

79 Responses to Sundays are the BEST!

  1. Those pancakes look amazing – I knew there was a pancake recipe I was planning to make soon! Congrats on crow pose as well!
    Little Bookworm recently posted..Long time…No Blog

  2. I love everything about this post! And its funny that you’re craving tomatoes….because I am too! I just bought some actually! I can’ wait to dig in. I really want to try Katie’s pancakes too! They look delish….and your church plan in something I would definitely do. I sneak food in everywhere! Hey, girls gotta eat right?

    For me speed work is definitely harder….but the hills on that course look killer as well! I like doing challenging races like that though! I always feel so accomplished afterwards! You’ll do great!

    I just have a quick Q: How do you get those pics of stuff you have posted on twitter/daily mile??? I can’t figure out how to do it! :)

    • Oooh you HAVE to try the pancakes they are SO GOOD!! With the tomatoes on top! :P Only kidding, that probably wouldn’t taste so good haha!

      P.S. It’s just the Print Screen button then paste :)

  3. Omg I was planning on making those pancakes tomorrow! :) I love how you took them to church with you haha! It’s so cute that they made you cookies :)
    My highlight has been all of it too. I finished uni this week so I could chill out big time this weekend and I could bake, read magazines, go shopping – all the stuff I’ve been wanting to do for ages!!
    I’m craving my ginger cookies – so that’s why I’m eating them right now!! :P
    Nicky recently posted..Got my bake back on!

  4. How sweet of your bible sesh friends!! Those brownies look great, too… The highlight of my week was finishing freshman year of college and coming home last night!! I missed my home, family, friends, and baking! I’ve been craving freshly baked cookies like a mad (wo)man lately, and I can finally fulfill that craving. YAY!
    Lara @ six times the yum recently posted..Checking In Faking Freshly Baked

  5. I love the crow! I can hold it for about 10 seconds. I have weak wrists, so I can only do it for a bit before the feel like they are breaking!!

  6. Ha! I love that you smuggled pancakes to church. But really, as long as you’re not eating a bag of crunchy chips or something, what’s it to anybody else? God doesn’t want you to starve.

    You’re right about the hilly half. You’ll go out and rock that race, and then you fly through your main one in Oct. I know you’ll reach your goal of a sub 1:35. You’re very determined – like me!

  7. Seriously we are twins!! Yoga, 2 bfast and church!! Best day of the weak by far!! Girl, you are SO gorgeous and I want those pancakes right now:) LOVE YOU!!!!
    janae@hungryrunnergirl.com recently posted..I kind of like people

  8. You are ridiculously fast – sub 7 minute run? You amaze me!!!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..food phases

  9. nice treadmill workout lady!! That is super speedy. I don’t know if I can last on a TM for 9 miles. I think speedwork is the hardest for me – never fails to kick my butt
    Kelly recently posted..Healthy Kidney 10K Race Recap

  10. Oh my word. You are too funny! Smuggling pancakes into church? LOL when we were little, my mom brought us cheerios… to keep us quiet, ya know. ;)

    You know what’s the best besides Sundays? You! :)
    chocolate-katie recently posted..Junk Belly

  11. Clif bars are SO good! I haven’t boughten them in a while. I’m definitely going to add them to my shopping list!
    BeautyRun recently posted..Hydrogenated oils- what’s next

  12. I LOVE Sundays! It usually involves a nap ;)
    Matt @ The Athlete’s Plate recently posted..Running On Empty- Book Review and Giveaway

  13. I love your 2 breakfasts a day, those pancakes are calling my name right now ;)And as of now I am craving some serious pb, no surprise there :)
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..We Took The Win

  14. I made those pancakes last too, except had to multiply the recipe a bunch! Thank you CCK!

    I dont know how you eat them without pb though lol. Im glad you liked the recipe. I need to make that once I find someone who sells dates. Looks like you had a good workout too! Have you tried most the cliff bar flavors, or do they not have them in uk? Highlight of my weekend was finally starting my research paper…it was stressing me out…I know exciting huh? Hills are by far the hardest kind of workout out there…hands down. I hate them so much, but they do such great things. I’am craving that scrambled tofu. I’ve never made it before, but I have always wanted to! I order it in restaurants all the time…how do I make it?!

    P.s. What are the top 5 foods you want to buy once your in the states?

    • Hehe I usually have them with nut butter, but I don’t know how you can have pancakes not drenched in syrup?! Madness! :P

      NO we only have Crunchy PB, Choc Chip and Oatmeal Raisin Walnut so when I see all the awesome flavours you guys get I go craaaazy!! But they are so yum though so I shouldn’t complain :)

      Good luck with your paper! My first homemade scrambled tofu was using a CCK recipe (although I usually double/triple it): http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2008/06/20/i-do-not-like-green-eggs-and-ham-i-do-not-like-them-sam-i-am/

      Ohmygosh that is SUCH a hard question!! Off the top of my head: Clif bars in every flavour, Justin nut butters, PB&Co butters, Nuttzo, any other yummy looking nut butters like Sunbutter, all bars like Larabars/Lunas/Pure etc and Vega protein powders! Haha was that more than 5…? ;)

  15. You just became my new hero for being able to last 9 miles on the dreadmill. I start going insane after 15 minutes on that dratted thing, and nevermind that I’m always feeling like I’m going to fly off, so my run ends up being a little wonky.

    Sundays are great though. So relaxing and peaceful. The highlight of my weekend was definitely going to the park for a BBQ with my family. It was a bit windy, but the food and company were to die for, so what else matters? :)
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted.. calories and clean eating

  16. My highlight was blueberry waffle I just ate. Or finally getting to 50 miles again this week. Hollaaa.

    It was a good weekend for real.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..I Be Up In The Gym Just Workin’ On My Fitness

  17. You make me want pancakes! And have I mentioned you got me hooked on that white chocolate peanut butter?!
    Keri recently posted..Jersey Shore

  18. Those pancakes look REDONKKKK!!
    Jess recently posted..What I’m Loving Part II

  19. I am waiting for the right time to try those snickerdoodle pancakes! They sounds amazing. Maybe next weekend? I even bought spelt flour just to make them.:) also, your cheesy polenta looks delicious! How do you cook it?
    Lauren recently posted..Tofu Time

  20. I would SO rather do speed work it makes me feel awesome. Hills for me right now are on nice fast one at the end of each run. Highlight of my weekend… I went for an awesome trail run today it was so fun :)
    Ahh crow pose is the one I’m trying to get to! I’d been doing yoga really good and almost could hold it with out face planting but I’ve been bad and haven’t done yoga in too long now… oops.

  21. I usually hate sundays, but today was awesome. Mostly because there was no homework for me to do! I went out with my grandma (she’s a major foodie too!) and it was wonderful.
    I would say I’m jealous of your long run, but since it was on the treadmill I am not. I can’t imagine going that long on there! You’re amazing my dear!
    Tara recently posted..Oatmeal Raisin Cashew Butter

  22. I love your sundays! i want to come run and go to church with you. sounds perfect!
    lindsay recently posted..Fresh Friday

    • PLEASE do!! We’ll have such an awesome time together!!

      P.S. I got to try KOMBUCHA!! They’re gonna sell it soon at WF here! They had a little sampling table thing and I tried some and it’s very weird tasting but I like it!! :D

  23. Woohoo, this post is full of bests :) amazing! Is it weird that I feel like we are “pen pals” cuz I read your blog like its my job? Oh and those pancakes, geez, send me some? and while your at it send over some of your speed lady, dang girl!

    • Nope not all all!! We practically ARE pen-pals cos we ‘talk’ pretty much every day! :D

      NO I will not send you anything!! That way you’ll have to come to London to run and eat pancakes with me, deal?! ;)

  24. youre hilarious!! AHH i feel so cool with my twitter name up there!! I LOVE SUNDAYS TOO!!!! so glad u had such a great day!
    katie recently posted..Beach Pics!

  25. Girrlll you are a speed demon- fab run! Those pancakes and cookies are well-deserved! When I was younger, I hated Sundays but now I think it’s my favorite day of the week!

    What was the highlight of your weekend? So much! Dinner out on Friday which involved porcini mushroom fettucine with smoked cherry tomatoes, saffron and clams followed by homemade vanilla bean ice cream! I also managed to fit in a lot of grooming (manicure/pedicure and waxing) which is always a plus! Saturday involved a night out with the girls so all in all, it was a great weekend!

    What do you find harder- hill work or speedwork? Both kick my ass in totally different ways but I’ll say hill work because I don’t do it as often.

    Random Q: What is one food you are craving RIGHT NOW? The peach, banana, and apple smoothie that I made to have with lunch! I had a lick and it was deeeelish!!
    Khushboo recently posted..Blondes have more fun

    • Erm, can I have your life please?! That dinner sounds AMAZING and mani/pedi+waxing+girls night out?! Man I NEED that stuff more in my life!! :D

      Oooh that smoothie sounds delish! Haha now I’M craving it! :P

  26. I can’t believe you did 9 miles on a treadmill with a broken TV! Shoot, a few days ago I did three miles with a TV… and even then I had to take a break after every mile because I was going nuts :)
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Nothing Special

  27. That chocolate slice thing looks amazing- is the link on there?
    And I loved my run on Sunday, and the gardening, and the baking …

  28. That hill looks like the one at Burnham near the start coming off the playing field? Is that the one you’re doing? If it is then I promise it’s not as bad as you think it might be – it may be a little undulating (and definitely seems more hilly the second lap round!) but it’s definitely doable. Think I may be doing it this year again :) And those brownies look AMAAAAZING!

    • Haha yes it is!! I can’t believe you recognised it!! Haha that’s good to hear! I thought the reviews might be a bit over-exaggerated! :P I might be doing it too, so maybe I’ll see you there! :D

  29. holy moly i LOVE UR SUNDAYS!!!!! WHAT a great run! wow- seriously impressive girl!
    What was the highlight of your weekend? AFTER prom party! im stilll recovering!

    What do you find harder- hill work or speedwork? ah.. um… hillls!

    Random Q: What is one food you are craving RIGHT NOW? peanut butter…..

    • HAHA I am SO joining you for your next party!! They sound like SO MUCH FUN!! Hehe I might turn up in my PJ’s though, I’m warning you…! ;)

      Peanut butter…and I’m guessing on a banana?! :D

  30. That date stuffed with almond butter is pure food heaven! Your run sounds awesome – well done for managing it on the treadmill, so tough not to get bored. Best thing I ate this weekend was the medjool dates before my run and the huge smoothie after it! I also loved some coconut ginger quinoa I made. Have a great week!

  31. The best thing I ate this weekend would have to be my home made museli. Total yumfest!!! And those cookies look divine!!

  32. I love sundays as well! They are amazing:) For me it means I can go to two zumba classes in a row, spend a couple of hours painting, cook a huge amount of delicious meals and just relax:)
    You can do the “crow” for 5 seconds?! Oh, I am jealous:)) I am able to keep the position for like half a second:)
    I am also on a major tomatoes kick, every day I go through 2 boxes (each is 500 grams) of cherry or plum tomatoes:)
    Lenna recently posted..The post of already done things

  33. DATES AND PB? I must try this! I love sundays too so much free time to do ANYTHINGGGGGG

  34. I adore Sundays as well. They are so rejuvenating! I am also on a date and nut butter kick. I got a huge container of them from Sams Club and have been eating them nonstop…but it still looks like i haven’t even put a dent in the container! I take that as a challenge!!
    kristi (sweet cheeks) recently posted..DONE!!!

  35. I’m totally addicted to dates and nut butter!! Those things are seriously my rocket fuel :D

    Craving right now? Chicken!

  36. How sweet of your friends:) Did you know oreos are vegan though? I mean they are still super processed but they are vegan. I was shocked to find that one out!

    Mmmm I need some dates & pb right now!
    Hannah recently posted..New Theme- Vertigo

    • They’re not over here sadly :( I don’t know why they’re different in America, but over here they have milk powder in them…trust me though, I would be all over them if they were vegan! :P

  37. i love sundays too! it was really rainy this weekend but it was still a good Sunday because i just stayed indoors and played games and watched movies :)

    mm i love stuffing dates with nut butter- altho when i make mine they never look as beautifully presented like yours :P

    yummy eats <3

  38. I love Sundays too! I used to loathe them but now I find them so relaxing and the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming week ahead of me!
    I laughed out loud when you said you hit your head on the mirror – that’s totally something I would do :P
    I’m totally craving everything that is on your post right now, especially those pancakes!! :D
    Megan recently posted..Blog rollin’ &amp a recipe

  39. I ALWAYS crave tomatoes!

  40. You can almost hold crow?!?! THAT’S AWESOME!
    Page recently posted..The Hurting Hip

  41. Ahh, I just love how much you love Sundays. Makes me so happy. I love that your friends made you vegan cookies – how sweet! And those pancakes look divine. I totally take food to church all the time so no worries. I figured I’d rather have something to snack on so I can pay attention instead of just sitting there thinking about how grumbly my tummy is. ;)
    Rach recently posted..Little Sister Graduated!!

  42. I <3 you and your energy!

    I love Sundays too because they are family time. And two breakfasts for me too. Love that! I could eat bfast all day every day.
    Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun recently posted..Winners- Features- &amp Runs

  43. Oohhh my gaaaahh your pancakes are always SO flippin gorgeous and make me so dang hungry!! so sweet that the gals brought you special vegan cookies! adorbs:) and um yea, those brownies…HOLY COW!! I need them in my life pronto! making them sooon! i can hold crow for a good 30 or longer seconds! you’ll get there girl, be persistent!! hahahaha i’ve definitely ran into the mirror (and wall!) a time or two too many though!!
    Olivia recently posted..Some very unfortunate news…

  44. Guess what I made with my new food processor!
    Yes, you are right, those raw pecan date brownies.
    LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And love YOU for sharing the recipe :)

    • AAAH that is SO EXCITING!! I’m so so happy you made them and loved them too!! Seriously, they were gone in a few days and I was the only one to eat them haha! :P

      Anyway, ENJOY!! I think I’ll have to make them again tomorrow now since you’ve reminded me of their deliciousness! ;)

      LOVE YOU!!

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