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Fashion post…?

HOWDY friends!! Having a good weekend?


I actually couldn’t stop laughing this morning. Not just because I had the biggest breakfast fail ever when I experimented with making a microwave oat bake thing…DSC09684

(Still tasted awesome though actually, cos I slathered it in cashew butter and it has tons of choc chips in it, so how could it not?!)


…but because I got an email asking if I could do a fashion post. ME?! The girl who wears old race shirts and sweat pants all the time?DSC09674

Or running clothes of course:



But hey, your wish is my command! Open-mouthed smile


So the only time I ever really wear anything vaguely ‘nice’ is on Sundays for church.DSC08846

Or when it’s sunny (trust me, a big deal in London)…DSC09093

…for concerts (no choice there- the people who pay me don’t seem to appreciate the PJs…)DSC08507_thumb

…or when when I’m going out with friends, some of whom tend to get a little embarrassed when I turn up wearing workout clothes. So instead I throw a sweater on over the top of my Nike vest top and they never know mwah ha ha! Smile with tongue outDSC08836

My fashion advice? Don’t spend all your money on race entry fees… DSC09663

….and on your Nike Tempo shorts obsession…DSC08158

…and then maybe you’ll have the mula to buy nice clothes. Or if you’re like me, you’ll probably just end up spending it on more food.DSC09716

I’m sorry, but being reunited with dates and almond butter after a week without them in my life was just the best thing ever!! Open-mouthed smile


I was a much more fashionable kid though, so if you wanted real advice, you should’ve asked me a long time ago.215696_10150235862554305_507819304_8576242_5051145_n

Jealous of my wardrobe? Winking smile


Do you have a ‘style’? I like pretty dresses and stuff when I actually dress up- probably to make up for the lacking style normally hehe! Smile with tongue out


Favourite item of clothing? Nike Tempo shorts!! Then yoga pants cos they are sooo stretchy and comfy!!  And summer dresses because I <3 summer!!


Random Q: What was the best thing you ate today? Date and pecan brownies, thanks to Logan!! More on that tomorrow… Smile


Have an AMAZING rest of the weekend beautiful people!! <3


P.S. Good luck to those racing this weekend!! Haley, Jess, The Cotter Hubs, Tara, Lauren and everyone else!! Enjoy!!

64 Responses to Fashion post…?

  1. Ooooh date and pecan brownies- more on that story please :)
    I live in jeans a lot! And vest tops with a cardi over that.
    I do quite like a dress and leggings, but I feel uncomfortable in really dressy clothes. I like the casual style. :)
    PJ’s have to be the comfiest clothes though!

  2. I am told I have style, but I don’t think I do! I kinda just wear everything from my work, so it makes me look like I have style, haha. Ohhhh I could live in running shorts or leggings. Loveee em’!

    Hm I had an amazing salad for lunch….but dinner is still coming up, and then there is dessert. Since I have a race tomorrow, I expect lots of carbs in the very near future:)
    Hannah recently posted..New Theme- Vertigo

  3. Awww you look so cutee!! You were definitely a stylish little girl :)
    I kind of have to be ‘in style’ because I’m studying fashion at uni so we’re all competitive. Some days I just want to turn up in my pajamas and not bother though :P
    I live in my leggings. Dresses with leggings, oversized t-shirts with leggings..they’re just so comfy :)
    Looking forward to hearing more on the date and pecan brownies!! Best thing I ate today was probably my protein cookie dough pudding yum yum!
    Nicky recently posted..Moving!

    • Hehe tell me about it! If only I still had style like that! :P

      Yes pleeeease give me all your fashion advice!! I LOVE everything you wear!! And yumm protein cookie dough pudding?! Sounds like HEAVEN :)

  4. I wish I could spend alllll my money on food, but luckily for my wallet, I have some sense of self control ;) I ADORE peanut butter, and I am not afraid to spend some moneyyyyy on that if necessary ;)
    Jess recently posted..What I’m Loving Part II

  5. Someone requested I do a style post too. I really do not have a style though so It makes me laugh. I wish I could live in running gear and I’m constantly complaining about how much I hate wearing makeup/showering :P are we twinsies?
    I have an appreciation for girls with their own unique style I just don’t really have one.

    However, I do have an obsession with boots! I also love summer dresses I just don’t currently own any. I keep putting off going summer clothes shopping!

    When I was a kid I was the fashion diva – weird to think about now.
    Megan recently posted..Blog rollin’ &amp a recipe

  6. YOURE so freaking adorable!! I always love your sweet, sweet comments!!! You have great style girlfrand, youre so gorgeous with your long, dark hair! I love it!! that oat bake still looks good to me! I need to jump on that band wagon!
    katie recently posted..Beach Pics!

  7. hehe, I love this; and your jacket in your church picture! I, uh…have terrible fashion sense. I have nice enough clothes to look put-together at work but that’s about it – I’d way rather put my clothing money towards nice breeches, boots and shirts for riding!
    Jess@HealthyExposures recently posted..My Very First WIAW!

  8. Lol I hate breakfast fails! For me, it’s when I add something new into my pancakes batter and it turns out disgusting.

    I used to dress really nice when I lived in the big city, but now that I’m in college in a very small and cold city I just go with what’s confortable. I probably wore jeans twice during winter term. Lot’s of basketball shorts and sweatpants ha. I also have an obsession with the tempo shorts. I have every color. Theres a store here in Oregon that’s really famous called the employee store…you have to know an employee to be able to get access, so I’ve only been twice. But it’s a huuuge warehouse of Nike stuff just for employees and their friends and family. Everything is 50-80% off. I walked away spending like 500 bucks. Some running shoes there were 30 dollars that are usually 90 here. Favorite thing I ate today is actually going to be tonite (it’s only 4pm here). It will be pumpkin pancakes with coconut butter, flaxseed butter, peanut butter, and chocolate hazelnut butter. Can’t wait to see the brownies!
    logan osterhout recently posted..GIVEAWAY- GIVEAWAY- GIVEAWAY

  9. I like your style! I especially love that dress :)

    My style is pretty basic- just whatever is comfy and clean :)
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Why I’m Running the Chicago Marathon

  10. I love you in that dress, you look so cute. I love wearing shorts, jeans just annoy me lol
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..We Took The Win

  11. Haha you are awesome. I had a best friend in high school who would wear a t-shirt and soccer shorts to school every day. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to look nice, but she didn’t want people to try and judge her as a person based on what she was wearing. So she wore what she was super comfortable in! :) I admire that. My style is classic/a little bohemian when I feel like it. I love clothes!
    Lauren recently posted..First Day of Freedom

    • That is BRILLIANT! I love that spirit!! Heart is totally what matters, and I imagine it would’ve taken a LOT of courage to do that!!

      Oooh your style sounds niiiice! Be my personal sylist please?! ;)

  12. That picture of you in the hat is the cutest thing ever! Oh who am I kidding, you’re just the cutest thing ever in general :)

    I can totally relate to you in this post. I love, love, love wearing sporty clothes most of the time (favorite are my Lulu pants/tank/hoodie), and only usually get dressed up for church or when I’m going out with friends/family. But then sometimes out of nowhere, my girly side will kick in and I’ll actually want to get dressed up O.o

    Best thing I ate today? Banana bread slathered in melted coconut butter.
    Amanda @ Running with Spoons recently posted.. calories and clean eating

    • Haha thanks!! Oh Lulu clothes are the BEST!! I wish so bad they were cheaper and sold over here in the UK!! Hehe we sound the same- twinsies! :D

      Ohmygosh that sounds AMAZING!! I’m drooling…mmm… :)

  13. Wait, tempo shorts aren’t stylish? Haha, I have a simple style for normal clothes and like solid colors with accessories like necklaces and stuff. I really like dresses too. I’m not the most stylish person on a daily basis, but I do know how to make a million outfits out of yoga pants.
    Thanks for the race shout-out!
    Lauren recently posted..Traffic Photoshoot

  14. If it was socially acceptable to wear t-shirts and tempo shorts everywhere I SO would do that hehe. But otherwise my favorite clothing item would be cardigans because they are so versatile I even where them with t-shirts to dress them up its genius haha and I have a ton of them like can’t fit in my drawer… thats okay with me tho :) I love you’re little kid style ;) I followed along those same style lines as a child too hehe

  15. I would laugh if anyone asked me to do a fashion post too! I try to have fashion sense, but would rather wear sweatpants. It’s a shame I don’t live somewhere nice and warm because I would wear sundresses ALL the time!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..food phases

  16. I don’t really have a style either! I try to look “nice” everyday but I also like to wear what is comfortable. Not going to lie, my favorite outfit during the winter is soft leggings with Uggs and a warm pretty, but flowy top! In the summer, dresses really are the best :)
    Best thing I ate today- I went to Whole Foods and they had samples of grilled pineapple available…I kept walking past the table to grab more!
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..Sun Chlorella Review

  17. I have a very similar sense of style. If I could live in yoga pants, I would. I pretty much did in college. But I do love flowy skirts and sun dresses! I think they’re more comfortable than jean shorts.

  18. I am all about leggings. When I can’t get away with running gear I turn to leggings haha they are just too comfy to deny, and with a cute top they can be “dressed up” – or so I like to think. In the summer its all about light and breezy dresses, yay sun! And i have been diggin those loose crop shirts, because they are also super comfy :) I like fashion but def do not obsess over it, I use that time for better things like food :D Love the pics girl, you are gorgeous darling!

  19. Haha hilarious post! When I’m at home, first thing I do is change into pjs- I’m all abt the comfort! To work, I’m more of a shirt girl or a tucked in top w harem pants! Now that the weather is heating up, I’m loving summer dresses: just so easy!

    Haven’t eaten yet today but last thing I ate yesterday was an apple and peanut butter after a night out..so much more appealing than Maccy D’s!!

  20. Haha this is so cute! I really love the white jacket you are wearing too! My favorite clothes are loose tanks or shirts, I cant stand tight clothes that i cant breathe in. Lately I seem to spending all my money on new foods and running stuff that i never have money left over to buy clothes. I dont mind though, my body seems to feel better now anyway. I think the best thing i ate today was a lemon baked salmon with veggies and toasted potatoes!! Makes me hungry just thinking about it!!

  21. I really like you white coat and actually your style is pretty cool and casual :) I like nice clothes as well, but I am a typical jeans + T´Shirt girl. When I am all dressed up, I alway feel uncomfortable, like people are watching me or what :))

  22. I haven’t bought any new clothes in about 6 months, but I have bought new workout gear! I like dresses too though — mainly because they’re easy and you don’t have to think about top and bottom coordination, it’s already done for you!

    Hope you’re still on the up and up :)
    AlisonM recently posted..Things Ive learnt from sitting still food

  23. ahhaha LOVe this post! my style changes so much! id say… its cute and flirty sometimes.. then edgy and grungy at times.. then vintage at times.. i love too many styles! best thing im eating is a big bowl of oatts.. i havent eaten in 15 HOURS! ahhh long night

    • WOOOAH 15 hours?!?! Lol I don’t think I’ve ever gone so long without food!! I would’ve eaten my own arm! :P

      I know I LOVE your style!! And I still want you to be my personal stylist by the way ;)

  24. I would like to think that I have style – I certainly have an interest in fashion and clothes! Best thing I’ve ate so far today was the mega massive chocolate cherry post workout smoothie plus the quick taste I’ve just had of an amazing salad dressing I’ve made!
    Laura@keepinghealthy recently posted..NYC Fashion and Beauty Buys

  25. I looove your style! Comfy is what I am all about to! I think I’d wear work out clothes all the time if I could but when I can’t I love wearing dresses and skirts too!

  26. I do a sports degree so it’s entirely justifiable for us to all rock up looking like we’re going/have been training. Which is good because it means even if I haven’t done anything I can still get away with it! Definite comfort over style – however this fails when I go to my optional french module as no-one else there is on my degree course so they all look nice. pfffft. So then I’m generally a leggings, long top and uggs kinda girl! However now it’s getting warmer I’m moving onto flip flops and summer dresses.

  27. Hey Emma,
    I just wanted to thank you for your incredible kindness to me!!! And so excited you made the cookies!
    chocolate-katie recently posted..Junk Belly

    • ANY day Katie!! You are the sweetest and most caring girl ever and I would make you endless batches of cookies to cheer you up if you lived here (another reason to move! :P)

      LOVE YOU <3

  28. Oh man, I am just like in you in that I rock the runner look eur’ day ;)
    My favorite shorts are the silky ones with the flap, though.. Nike. I don’t know what they’re called, but a;lkdjfalkfj it feels like you’re running in nothing!!
    I want to hear about these date almond butter brownies!
    I just bought a new almond butter w/ flaxseeds from my first visit to Trader Joe’s while I was here at the SEC Championships. So yum!!
    Best thing I ate today? Hmm.. I’ve only had breakfast, but my chocolate hazelnut butter covered banana was pretty darn delicious.
    Thanks for the shoutout :)
    Oh and I am soooo glad you are feeling better! I bet that reunion with your nut butters was the most precious thing ever ;) Is it gone yet? I wouldn’t be surprised ;) haha. Love you!!
    <3 Haley
    Haley G recently posted..ED vs 10k

    • ‘Silky ones with the flap’?! Haha I have NO idea what you are talking about, but it’s fine I’m sure I’ll see them on your blog then go out and buy a thousand of them! :P

      Hehe the sweet reunion will NEVER end! And that almond butter sounds soooo good- I’m jealous!!

      CAN’T WAIT TO READ about your race!! :D

  29. I don’t see myself as having a specific “style”, but I’m known amongst my friends as being the “stylish” one, haha! I do love clothes and putting things together.

    My favorite clothing items change all the time, but right now it’s definitely got to be my Toms! They’re so comfy and versatile.

    I’ve only had breakfast, so I suppose my peanut butter chocolate oats would be my favorite thing I’ve eaten thus far! You can’t go wrong with nut butter. Ever!
    Tori @ Fresh Fruition recently posted..Whole Foods Hot Bar

  30. I wouldn’t like to say if I had style or not. Ha! I just kinda go with what feels right. The best thing I ate so far this weekend would have to be the banana and chocolate pudding I had for brekkie yesterday.
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Friday Feature- A step too far…

  31. Love your style girl!!!!

    U are too cute !

    I also spend way too much money on food! ha!
    katie recently posted..Tell All Thursday

  32. I really like that white jacket!! So stylish! My style is all about fun t-shirts and lots of jeans!
    Sophia @ Raven Waves recently posted..Brownie the Squirrel

  33. My style is not much of a style. I like dark jeans (not super low rise) and pretty shirts & tanks & cardigans. I also love pencil skirts, flip flops and wearing yoga pants on a regular basis. :)
    Errign recently posted..Faux Ireland

  34. It is SO nice seeing some Sainsbury’s packaging in there! Something I can actually find in the UK! Not like the now-disappeared Larabars on lots of USA blogs :( I miss those little’uns!

    Oooo I used to do an oat bake and it was yummo- 2 eggs, sachet of oats, 1 scoop protein powder (choc!!)

    And i do believe that I nearly bought your trench in pale pink ;)
    vivoir recently posted..Treats- Time-out and Training

    • Haha you’re so observant!! I know what you mean though- I still get excited about seeing it on other blogs too! :P

      Mmm your oat bake sounds YUM! Oooh really?! That’s so so cool!! We would’ve been twins!! :D

  35. Emma….you make me smile this much —> :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D !! You look so pretty in your dresses and ready for business in your sports gear!! Woop woop!

  36. Great post. This made me happy, even though I’m a little bummed I’m reading it on a Monday!
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, and Beers recently posted..Easy Lower-Calorie Jambalaya

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