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Friday Faves!

Hey friends!! HAPPY FRIDAY!! (Or Happy Saturday if you’re reading this then! Smile with tongue out) Hope you guys have had an awesome week! As usual, here are my Friday Faves!!


1. Your responses to The Bagel Thin Post!



I LOVED reading all your opinions!! Seriously, you guys brought up so many points I hadn’t thought of, and I loved the discussions! Like 90% of you said you think they’re awesome cos then you can have more PB/fillings, and I totally see that PB > bread any day!! Smile with tongue out


2. The sickness has GONE finally!! I felt good again today (I did yesterday as well), so deemed myself RECOVERED and so I went straight back into my ‘normal’ life! Bring back the real food!!DSC09650

OIAJ!! I’d been saving this jar for a special occasion, and this was the PERFECT one!! Not all my oats could fit in there, but I stuffed as much in as I could, and it was AMAZE Smile


3. NUT BUTTER!! After eating toast non-stop since Monday and throwing everything else up, it was time to be reunited with my nut butters!


That’s what I look like when I haven’t had nut butter for 5 days.

I’m still in my jammies (old race shirt…) cos I got up early and ran straight to my kitchen specially for this moment. Just be thankful I didn’t post a photo of my reunification with chocolate. Actually, I do have an after shot…DSC09645

That questionable-looking stuff is melted chocolate on my carpet. I got a little overzealous there…!!


4. My first proper sweat sesh in days…a RUUUN!! Whilst rereading the RW Paula Radcliffe issue of course! Winking smile


Didn’t want to push it my first day back so did an easy 4 miles on the treadmill set at an 8.30 min/mile pace and it was FUUUN!! 30 mins of yoga afterwards to stretch out, and boy did I need it after staying in bed for days on end- SO stiff!!


5. Operation Gain Weight Back. It starts with chocolate chip cookies, and let’s just say there’s only 1 out of 5 left now…! Smile with tongue outDSC09654

These are Katie’s World’s Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookies, and they are SO quick and simple and are literally the best vegan chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. I’m in love with both Katie and these Smile


6. Real meals!! I know it looks like I just eat chocolate and nut butter on here, but believe it or not there are a few other components in my diet, like veggies…DSC09666

A biig salad! With brocc, carrot, cauliflower and brussel sprouts (all cooked in coconut oil) and brown rice, topped with leftover soy mince stuff for protein goodness…DSC09668

Heaven Smile


7. Getting my Race For Life packet in the post! I am running a 10k one with one of my besties in July, and it’s her first ever run! We’re gonna have a BLAST and raise much mula for Cancer Research!


Everyone else better watch their backs cos number 1395 is gonna getcha!! Open-mouthed smile


Give me some of YOUR Friday Faves!


Best race experience? The Cancer Research race I did last year was AWESOME because of the amazing crowd support- makes all the difference!!


Favourite roasted veggie? Broccoli all the way!! Then brussel sprouts and squash Smile


Have an AMAZING weekend lovelies!! Big HUGS from me!!


P.S. Good luck to those racing!! Haley, Jess, The Cotter HubsTara, Lauren and everyone else!!


P.P.S. If you live in the UK, check out Laura’s awesome giveaway!!

65 Responses to Friday Faves!

  1. Yay for feeling better!! Isnt gaining the weight you lost back so much fun?? I always go a bit overboard on the pb&j sammi’s. They tend to help put the pounds back on quickly! Or it could just be the huge amount of nut butter in the middle. Btw, my hubs would MURDER me if I spilled on the carpet like that! Not even kidding. I think he would kick me out of the house lol

  2. YAYAYAY! umm love the oats in a jar!! love the run! love everything!! ive only run TWO races.. two 5ks.. ages ago!! im hoping the half mary will be my fav experience!! oh no did you lose some weight? obvs i missed that- cuz i nvr knew that! but cookies cure EVERYTHING :)

    • The half WILL BE ohmygeez I am SO EXCITED we will have such a rave together!! :D

      Haha just a few pounds from my ‘crash diet’ from the last week I think! I’ve been able to keep so little down!! But too right cookies do cure everything! ;)

  3. so glad you are feeling better!!! :)
    Kelsey recently posted..Ive gotta get something off my chest

  4. ditto cancer research :) but i have to say, i entered it with ‘oooh it’s a charity, fun run’ before elbowing my way to the front of the pack and racing my heart out!! ;p

    i tweet-replied you earlier, re yoga! follow me? it’ll be easier to keep in contact then :D
    vivoir recently posted..Treats- Time-out and Training

  5. Great Friday favs!! Ha I love how you threw in the bagel thins way too funny. I’m glad your not sicky poo anymore!! I’m on operation gain weight too, I guess those cookies are the way to go ;)
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Sushi Date WIAW

  6. Glad you are feeling better! :D Great Friday Faves as usual. Favourite roast vegetable = tie between parsnips and brussel sprouts. :)
    Little Bookworm recently posted..A Photo Essay of Sorts

  7. So glad that you’re finally feeling better babe!
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..Great Combinations

  8. I love love love roasted brussel sprouts…holy nom are they delicious.

    I’m glad to hear you are finally feeling better!
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Guest Blog de Chef Katelyn

  9. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! It must have been quite sad to go a few days without running, chocolate, and nut butter!
    Best race experience: my first half marathon with my mom, and hopefully my half marathon tomorrow will be just as great!!!
    Lauren recently posted..To my Mama

  10. So glad you are feeling yourself again. Being sick is soooo no bueno, ewww! I have been doing our “30 day yoga challenge thing” and going strong. Today was “happy baby pose” haha it always makes me laugh so much but I really needed a hip opener, they have been feeling tight after a run. Your food looks yum-tastic as usual :) I think I love almost every veggie roasted, I am a little obsessed with roasted veggies and garlic!

    • OH YAAAAY I love that we’re doing it together!! Hehe that is one of my FAVOURITE poses and it always make me lol! :D

      P.S. Covering roasted veggies in garlic is the only way to go, although I’m pretty sure my friends and fam hate me for it ;)

  11. Hi! I love your blog! I am so glad you are feeling better! I am a teenage girl and have just started my own blog! If you get a chance to check it out, that would be wonderful and I would be so honored! Thank you for being an inspiration for me to start a blog! -Lauren teeneatlive.wordpress.com

  12. Yay! I’m so glad you are feeling better and got to eat real food and run!
    My fave roasted veggies are squash and zucchini soo delicious.
    Fave for Friday would be that I started making my plan for marathon training! If only it started sooner than 5 weeks awaay :( haha

  13. I ADORE broc, brussels, and bnut squash roasted!!
    Jess recently posted..What I’m Loving Part II

  14. Yay for feeling better! I’m glad to hear it :) And there’s NOTHING better than eating real food after being sick for a long time. Especially when that food is oats, chocolate, nut butter, and veggiessss. My fave roasted veggie is broccoli, as well… followed up by b-nut squash.

    And I’m still a baby runner, so I haven’t had any race experiences so far, but maybe someday :)

  15. Great you are feeling healthy again and your body has recovered from the bad stuff! The salad with roasted veggies looks delish, aren´t veggies just awesome when roasted in cocnut oil?:) My favourite are roasted brussel sprouts, I love the bit of sweetenes they have:)My Friday Fave was probably a nice sweaty yoga class and my roommate visiting her parents and leaving me with an empty room:))

  16. Yay for feeling better!

    My favorite roasted veggie is definitely squash, but I LOVE broccoli when it’s roasted too. I don’t like it raw or steamed, but it’s SO tasty roasted!
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Why I’m Running the Chicago Marathon

  17. Glad you’re feeling like yourself again! I got food poisining for the first time ever a couple of months back and it was MIZ. I wasn’t right for a week…and it was SO strange not craving my usual foods (I totally remember starring at a can of PB thinking it looked gross?!?!)

    I honestly could never pick just one fave veggie – but right now i’m loving kale, bell peppers, brussels…I could go on and on ;)
    Cara @ EAT.PRAY.RUN. recently posted..Desert Vs Dessert – There is a Difference

  18. WOo you’re feeling better :)! I like the looks of your oiaj and sound of operation weight gain…cookies are the way to go! I’m signing up for race for life this year, first ‘race’ and am super excited! As it’s 5k, just going to have fun with it! Fave roast veggies are butternut squash and cauliflower!
    Khushboo recently posted..Rock-bottom motivation

  19. My best race was a Thanksgiving “Turkey Trot” 5K I did awhile back but we’ve since made it a tradition! So fun. And I actually just ate some roasted brocc and must agree it is the besttt :)
    megan @ the oatmeal diaries recently posted..first flashback friday!

  20. Glad you are feeling better, and yay for getting your race number- so exciting!
    I love all the races I do- race for lifes are always so emotional because of all the messages that people have on their backs.

  21. Yayyy for finally feeling better!! And for your race packet. Doing the race with your friend sounds like a ton of fun :)
    Favorite roasted veggie is definitely sweet potatoes!
    Jess@HealthyExposures recently posted..My Very First WIAW!

  22. glad your feeling better chick – I wish they made bigger almond butter jars like the ones from the US – then we could fit all our oats in! My friday fave was my cacoa coconut frappe – amazeballs :-)

  23. Best race experience = 2010 Great North Run. I don’t think I’ll ever top it: the atmosphere, the sense of achievement, the feeling of peace with myself and my body. It was amazing.

    Courgettes are my favourite roasted veggie…they’re so good I don’t even need to dip them in ketchup ;)

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..A Pain In The

  24. Glad you are feeling better. I know I go crazy when all I can eat are toast and crackers. I miss my nut butters, baked goods, and veggies too much!
    As for the weight gain…good luck girlie! Chocolate chip cookies are the best for that kind of stuff! Haha! ;-)
    The Teenage Taste recently posted..Erika’s Favorite Green Monster

  25. Friday faves included mountain biking, sushi and shopping!

  26. omg you two are going to have SO much fun in that 10k!! I LOVE running races with people who’ve never done them before; their spirit is so contagious!! (as if i’m not already ridiculously excited!!) well I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE roasted brussel sprouts…olive oil, sea salt, and sometimes a little coconut butter…omg heaven on earth, i swear! glad you’re feeling better and can stomach amazing chocolate, peanutbuttery, oaty cookie goodness!! :)
    Olivia recently posted..Week of Workouts Ice Cream!!

  27. I am so glad you are feeling better! :) hope you have an awesome weekend!!

  28. Yippeee for feeling better! great job on the run!

  29. YAY for finally being able to eat real food!! :D
    hahah i love that picture of you with the nut butter!lol
    Get those cookies INTO YOU GIRL!! you’ll be back to normal in no time :D
    fave roasted veggie….carrots..no parsnips…no peppers…can I choose them all?! :P
    Ellen @ Cinnamonalicious recently posted..Freakin Friday

  30. Glad you’re finally able to engorge on nut butter again! :)

    Running, Paula Radcliff – sounds like you’re in heaven! Have a great weekend!

  31. I LOVED your bagel thin post! And I completely agreed with everything you said! To me a diet food is a diet food….and I am all about whole food in its most natural state. The more “thin” you try and make foods the more processed they are! And I personally don’t even like sandwich thins cause they are way to sweeeet for me! I like my bread nutty and wheaty!

    I love this post too! Your friday faves are wonderful!

  32. Im so glad to hear you are finally feeling better!! I am also glad to hear you say you are focusing on gaining weight back, so many bloggers have become so obsessed with weight instead of just being healhty!! Plus Katies cookes are super tasty!! I love your hilarious photos as well :)

    • Thanks girl!! Health over weight every time :) And ohmygosh they SO ARE!! I’m in love with them and since I finished the whole batch already I guess I’ll have to make more… *sigh*! ;)

      Have an AMAZING weekend friend! <3

  33. I know I’m a little late on this (crazy weekend) but thanks so much for the shout out!!
    Tara recently posted..Oatmeal Raisin Cashew Butter

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