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You asked, I answered!

HOWDY friends!! Having a good day? Mine was BUSY- just how I like it! Open-mouthed smile Anyways, today is a Q+A post! I’ve had questions submitted anonymously via my Formspring, so if you have any more Q’s after this, feel free to ask away!!


1. I want to start running but don’t know how to go about it. How did you start?

Yaay!! Okay, well I started in the way quite a few people start: the Couch To 5k program! You can see that here. Basically, it’s the idea of running for a minute or so, then walking for a couple of mins, and repeat that. Then gradually you build up your running time, and decrease your walking time and before you know it you can run for AGES, no problemo! And don’t forget to get fitted for running shoes- very important!! It’s not easy starting out, and it can feel uncomfortable and awkward and HARD, but stick with it!! Smile


2. do you plan your meals and snacks?

Nope! I find that too restrictive for ME- how do I know when I’m going to be hungry, or what I’m gonna be craving? Unless I HAVE to plan meals ahead, like if I know I’m going to be out all day and have to pack food, then I usually don’t. The other exception is pre-and-post workouts, when I have my usual foods (PB+banana sandwich before, chocolate milk and oatmeal or something after, etc.). Other than that, I just roll with how I feel!


3. How will you manage your vegan diet on holiday? Also will you still exercise on holiday?

If you read this post, you can see how I managed for a few days on holiday in Germany. Basically, I take a lot of food with me, buy as much fresh produce there as I can to eat, and just eat whatever is vegan that I can! Definitely bringing your own stuff, especially if you’re going to a place which isn’t so vegan/vegetarian friendly (like many parts of Europe!) is a really good idea! And for my sanity’s sake if nothing else, yes I do try to exercise on holiday! BUT I don’t worry about it, and obviously doing ‘holiday stuff’ and spending time with family/friends is WAY more important, so if I don’t get in exercise, that’s okay too! Smile


4. Have you ever had a history of an ED?

Okay, this one is a REALLY long story. In two months time, I am going away on tour again, so I was thinking of doing a mini series of posts that talks about my history…? It’s not gonna be easy though, since I’ve never properly talked about it before!  I definitely couldn’t explain it all in answer to this question, or even in one post, so multiple posts might be needed for this! Smile with tongue out Is that something that would interest you guys?


5. How do you make sure that you eat enough to not lose weight with the exercise that you do?

Easy! I eat lots, and lots of high-calorie foods. I eat before and after every workout, lots during the day, and big meals. High calorie foods are important, which is good cos I LOVE them!! Nut butters, nuts and dried fruit are just a few of my fave energy-dense foods that I have multiple servings of every day! This works well for me, especially on long-run days when I tend not to be as hungry, but need those cals!


6. Do you struggle with rest days? Do you think that you eat less on them?

I definitely used to struggle with them mentally, exercise guilt-wise! But now not at all usually! Okay, so if it’s a gorgeous sunny day or something, then yes I will want to run out there, but I know my body NEEDS the rest, so I roll with it! And no I don’t think I eat any less on rest days! In fact, usually more cos I use the running/workout time for baking instead, and basically eat a ton of cookie dough every time! Smile with tongue out


7. Do you think other bloggers eat enough? Do their eating habits affect yours?

Honestly? From what I see on certain blogs (and I know you never see everything!!) I don’t think many other bloggers eat enough, especially in relation to the amount of exercise they do! BUT like I said, you never REALLY know how much others are eating cos no-one posts everything and anyway, how much they eat is their choice, and I shouldn’t judge them for it. Certain blogs did start to have a negative impact on my food choices though (i.e. made me feel like I was eating too much!) so I stopped reading those blogs, simple! Smile


8. you dont have to be exact but Im just wondering how many calories roughly you aim for each day with all your exercise and such!! love your blog so much x

THANKS!! I don’t actually aim for calories, or do anything by calories really! I just eat what I want to be perfectly honest, which tends to be around 2500- 3000 calories a day from what I’ve calculated with a nutritionist on past occasions. That works for me! Smile


9. what are your thoughts on ‘intuitive eating’?

Oooh this is an interesting one!! Personally, I don’t really believe in ‘intuitive eating’. Shoot me now! Smile with tongue out Sure, when I’m hungry, I eat, and obviously I believe that’s right. HOWEVER, especially as an active person, I’m not always hungry, but I still have to eat! For example, I’m never hungry right when I wake up for early morning spin, but I know I have to eat my First Breakfast to fuel me! Ditto after runs/workouts! I’m never hungry right after, but I know I NEED to refuel! I do listen to my body normally, and feed it when it wants, but sometimes it needs the fuel regardless of whether I feel like it! But hey, I like my food, so I don’t mind! Winking smile


10. Hi Emma! I love your blog! Your really helping me overcome my ED ways! Just a question on fat…how much are you supposed to have? You seem to have quite a high-fat diet if you don’t mind me saying. Is that the right amount? Fat is a bit of a fear food…

Aww thanks friend!! There isn’t a ‘right’ amount to be honest- I’ve heard all sorts of figures before! How much fat you are ‘supposed’ to have depends on YOU, but I believe in the wisdomness of Paula Radcliffe and in her book she recommends a diet of 35% fat. Sports nutritionists also recommend around that figure, so that’s what I shoot for! Yes, my diet is pretty high-fat, but that works for me! ‘Healthy’ fats like those found in nuts and avocados are GOOD for you, and have great appearance benefits too! LOVE your fats girl, don’t fear them!! 


So there are my answers for you! Don’t forget, they’re just my own opinion, and if you have any more Q’s you can ask away here!


Do you struggle with rest days? If not, what are your best tips for people who struggle with them? Mine is to keep busy! My rest day is usually Friday, because that’s my busiest day, and getting in a workout then would be tough anyway!


What is your favourite source of fats? Haha if you’ve been reading my blog for at least a day, I don’t think I really need to answer this! Smile with tongue out But, NUT BUTTER!!


Random Q: What is one food you are dying to try that you’ve never had? Sunflower seed butter. About 1000 people have told me I’d LOVE it, so I really want to try it!!


Happy Sweating…


…and Happy Eating friends! Open-mouthed smile


52 Responses to You asked, I answered!

  1. Awesome post :) I totally agree with you about thinking other bloggers don’t eat very much compared to their activity level…but each to their own i guess!!
    I’ve been dying to try peanut flour, but as you know it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get here!gahhh!
    Ellen @ Cinnamonalicious recently posted..WIAW 1!

  2. Fantastic post! Favourite source of fats = almond butter or ground flaxseed.
    Little Bookworm recently posted..A Breakfast Theme

  3. Yay! I love this Q&A post!
    I probably eat around 2500 cals a day, too. I don’t count anymore, but we’ve gotta eat that much considering we exercise so much!!
    I used to REALLY struggle with rest days. Now, they are not tootoo bad.. But I don’t have many, so I don’t have too much experience, either ;)
    My fave source of fats is also pb! And pita chips and hummus. Yum!
    Something I really want to try? Hmm.. your pb pancakes ;)

    And I LOVE sunflower seed butter! You need to get your hands on a jar! It’s definitely not sweet like pb. Connor doesn’t like it, but I think it’s really good :)
    Haley G recently posted..Olive Garden now posts calories! Eek

    • You HAVE to try the PB pancakes Haley!! They are SO GOOD and one of the many loves of my life (after chocolate and you of course ;) ) And omg pita chips and hummus is the best thing EVER!!!

      And hey, if you love sunflower seed butter, then I will too I bet!! We have good taste :)

  4. I’d definitely be interested in ED posts. I loved learning even more about you! I occasionally struggle with rest days, but most of the time, they’re after my long run days, so I need and embrace the rest.
    Fats: any type/form of nuts and avocados (mmm guac)
    Lauren recently posted..Crunch Time

  5. Great post girl! I would definitely be interested in posts about the history of your ED!
    Sophia @ Raven Waves recently posted..Looking Ahead to the Summer

  6. I’ve recently gotten better at being okay with rest days. Sometimes It’s hard just because I love to mooove ;) but I know it’s unhealthy not to so I take them! more than one day if I need it even.
    all the nut butters/avocado. I love me some fats. What once used to be my biggest fear is now one of my closet friends! (okay maybe not my friend because you don’t eat your friends but STILL) :P

  7. I’ll make you feel better and say I’m not a fan of sunflower seed butter ew. I’d love to hear your ED story girl.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Eating Healthy in College

  8. Seriously, you are my idol gurrrlfrieend! I love your out look on everything, and I totally agree with the whole need enough food for fuel thing. Sometimes I feel like a lot of people try to limit their food, crazies… bring on some nut buttah is what I say :D I am so glad you found your happy balance, since it is key – little food and no rest days = no bueno. I don’t count calories but I met with a nutritionist a while back who calculated my daily intake to be 4500 calories one day, what can I say I love me some food and exercise so I need it! I can’t wait to read more posts like this, you are such an inspiration in more ways than you know- keep it up friend!

    • True THAT girl!!! You are clearly the most awesome person in the world, and YOU inspire me!! Clearly you love your food+exercise as much as I do, and we LOOOVE our nut buttah and all those cals!! :D Love you <3

  9. I would love to hear more about your history! I never did an official post on mine, but I’ve gone over it a bit in Q&A and tidbits throughout my blog.
    I love what you said about intuitive eating. Sometimes I feel like I eat too much because I eat when I’m not hungry, but I have to remind myself how hard I work everyday in running and in order to keep that up, you have to eat more! I am NEVER hungry in the morning but I always eat a hearty breakfast anyway. My appetite usually wakes up once I start!
    Tara recently posted..I’m Souper- Thanks for Asking!

  10. I really liked this post. Ever since I started cross country I’ve strugglef with the whole over training/not eating enough thing/worrying about calories, etc. It’s really really hard for me to take days off…sometimes I only take one every 3 weeks (even if im doing 3 hrs of cardio a day) because I can’t stand just sitting in class all day. However, more recently I’ve been taking a day off once a week (okay this just started two weeks ago lol). What’s really helped me take days off, is talking to elite athletes and people who highly recommend them and explain the benefits. So I say to myself “Hey if they can do it, so can I.” Plus it’s only ONE day and I come back the next week so much stronger. My favorite source of fats is almonds (blue diamond came out with flavored almonds like dark chocolate, cinnamon, BUTTER TOFFEE, vanilla maple, etc.). And of course my number 1 is Justins chocolate hazelnut butter. One thing I keep seeing on your blog is those dates with peanut butter. Never had one of those before so I guess I’d like to try that…or a some kind of vanilla almond butter or vanilla peanut butter. Sorry this was so long! P.S. This is a great tool for those of you who want to get 35% fat in your diet. You just input your daily calories, and what percentage you want to come from carbs, protein, and fat…and it will tell you how many grams of each you need in a day. http://www.freedieting.com/tools/nutrient_calculator.htm
    logan osterhout recently posted..Peanut Butter AND WINNERS OF THE GIVEAWAY

    • EXACTLY. That is what I tell myself- if the elites do it, so should I!! And you’re right, after a rest day I feel so REFRESHED and awesome!! Plus my performance always improves cos I’m so excited to run again! :P

      Those almonds sound AMAZING!! And you totally HAVE to try dates with nut butter they are soooo good!!

      And thank you SO MUCH for that link!! It looks AMAZING and I will totally be using that! :D

  11. Thanks for sharing the Q & A sesh Emma–answered a lot of my Q’s too! You have such a healthy approach. When you are on tour, I will still want to read what YOU have to say, so go for it!

    I admire your steadfastness and dedicated to living vegan and balancing healthy choices!

    Have a fantastic day!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..Marathon 2 Preparations

  12. BEAUTIFUL answers! love them!! you are awesome :)
    katie recently posted..LOTS of pics- few words!

  13. I thought it was just me!! I cant believe how LITTLE some bloggers eat and how MUCH activity they do!! Im glad to see you eat enough and you’re not afraid of fat :) I would love to see a post or posts about your past. I just came across your blog and I think ill keep reading considering you seem to have a healhty outlook on fitnes!! I would love to know more about your past!!

  14. you ROCK!! im so glad you did this- i learned a lot!!.. i totally agree with the last Q.. I get like 35% fat too– and who wudnt want too? fat = DELICIOUS!.. fav source…PEANUT BUTTER HANDS DOWN
    Im same as you with rest days.. I kno I need them! like today is my rest day and im feeling sore so im glad!

    • YEAAAAH we *heart* our fats, specially in nut butter form!! :D

      And I took a rest day too today!! I was sore as well so I defo needed it, and repaired my muscles with plenty of nut butter and chocolate- the best way obvs! :P

  15. Carley’s organic make sunflower seed butter- they are a UK company so it is worth looking out for it :)
    I love my friday rest day as by then I am tired from working all week, plus I have my long run on Saturday so I kind of save energy for that!

  16. Awesome and totally honest post!!! PB or any nut butter is my favourite quick source fat. My fingers are never too far from the PB jar!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Just call me SUPERWOMAN

  17. I agree with you re intuitive eating! Some days, I have zero appetite, or I’ll be full whilst eating – but I also exercise, run, and want to keep doing well and improving, so I KNOW I have to eat more. It’s weird if my mum or something eats 1/2 the amount I do..but then she doesn’t do anything exercise-wise.
    Hmm sunflower butter is weird – I only like it if it has flaxseed in!
    Freya recently posted..Takin’ it easy

  18. Really interesting post. I agree with you about intuitive eating. While I generally think it’s good to listen to hunger signals and cravings, I think our appetites can get so out of whack through things like intensive exercise, stress, tiredness, etc. I know that sometimes I need to take an executive decision about what I am or am not going to eat!

    As for fats, I just ate a tun at lunch. A higher fat diet definitely works for me. Avocados, nuts, olive oil, and in this case, eggs.
    AlisonM recently posted..Recovering from an antibiotics assault

  19. Great post Emma! I’m a long time reader but first time commenter. I’m leaving lurkdom to tell you that you can make your own sunflower seed butter the same way you make almond or peanut butter. Just roast the seeds for a few minutes, let ‘em cool and then whizz whizz whizz em in the processer til a smooth yummy butter appears.

    I used to get annoyed about the lack of availability of all the nice nut and seed butters this side of the pond but now I make all of my own. Seriously, I have a whole shelf devoted to them – almond, halzelnut, pumpkin seed, pistachio, coconut, sunflower seed, brazil nut – you name it, I’ve made a butter out of it!

    Keep up the good work, girl, I love your blog.

  20. love this!!! so helpful! thanks for sharing! xoxo
    Christine recently posted..the weekend playlist

  21. I also dont think other bloggers eat enough but I also dont think they document everything. I really really want to try deep fried ice cream…but I wont, since i like my heart ticking

  22. Loved the Q&A’s Emma! I LOVEE your blog and your outlook on health! Seriously girl, keep it up! You’re the epitome of being able to know how to properly fuel yourself with the amount of activity you do! And yes I’d love to hear about your ed! xoxox

  23. Great post! I really do love that you are such a great role model for other health food bloggers. :)
    Rach recently posted..Fair Trade led to a Whole Foods Trip

    • Aww thank you so much Rach!! Seriously, YOU are the BEST role model!! You show that life isn’t all about food and exercise, and you inspire other people (like ME!) to be better, more caring people :)

  24. Ummm YESSS!! I would absolutely LOVE to hear your “history” regarding EDs and what not…I love reading those stories and I have no idea why.haha but anyway I LOVE all these answers! (and questions too!) I’m still so amazed that you did the couch to 5k program and now look how SPEEDY you are girlie! crazy:) and also I totally agree that I actually eat MORE on days i don’t workout or do anything; exercise is an appetite suppressant for me so not doing anything just leaves me hangggry (especially when baking up delicious chocolatey goods!)

  25. LOVE GETTING TO KNOW YOU BETTER!! YOU REALLY ARE SO SO GORGEOUS!!! I don’t plan my meals either because I eat what I want when I want it:) PB and avocado are my faves!! I would love to read about your past!!
    janae@hungryrunnergirl.com recently posted..Janae the Widow

    • Love YOU Janae, and serously YOU are one of the most GORGEOUS people I know!! PB+avocado are the bomb.com, oh, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Billy!! You are one amazing and beautiful couple, both on the inside and outside, and I hope you have an AWESOME day!! :D

  26. Favourite fat source would be nut butters for me too, easily. Sunflower seed butter is divine, but the only brand I tried was so expensive (Monki) and I could only get it online. It’s very savoury-tasting but also dreamily creamy and wonderful.

    I would love to try Mochi (glutenous rice balls filled with bean paste – usually sweet) as I love stodgy-textured food such as overcooked couscous ;) I think they’re vegan…

    Would love to hear more about your past if you don’t mind sharing.

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Slow Seventeen

    • Yeah I’ve heard of Monki, but it IS expensive!! I might try making it myself…it’d definitely be cheaper! :P

      Mochi? That’s new to me! Sounds nice though- I love stodgy stuff too!! Haha I had some vegan dumplings the other day which were stodgy HEAVEN :)

  27. you are so funny! the towel-hair pic makes me smile
    Katherine: Unemployed recently posted..Rhea

  28. Nut butter is my favorite source of fat too! I actually don’t like a lot of foods that have healthy fats in them, so I meet my quota with nut butter :)
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..OC Half Marathon

  29. This post was so much fun – like a featured athlete post – but you!

    I love to see other bloggers who eat as much as I do. I totally agree that you sometimes gotta eat even when you’re not hungry. I’m never hungry after an intense workout, but I always refuel. It was a really good point!

  30. Great post!! I do think that sometimes bloggers eat too little calories but then again not all of the them post everything they eat, I know I don’t. My foods are really repetitive and kinda boring ;)I think that as a runner you definitely need more calories than me since you’re burning so much. I love how you get plenty of fats into your day, I use to be all about the low fat crap until I learned better. Pass me the pb please :D
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Linking Up WIAW Style

  31. This is an awesome post! I agree with you on most of the answers, especially about intuitive eating, some bloggers not eating enough/maybe influencing eating habits of others in a bad way and the importance of eating a lot especially when you are working out. There are many people who are affraid of fats and still are able to eat junk food like it was comming out of fashion:/ Fats can be healthy, as well as carbs (and proteins of course)!

  32. I really want to thank you, actually. Your comment about eating high calorie foods has really given me extra oomph to keep on the right track. I LOVE working out but don’t always put enough back in… either consciously or not

    It’s a huge hurdle but when you say it with such a matter-of-fact, ‘it’s-necessay’ way, I really feel much easier with it

    i.e. I went and bought a HUGE tub of hummus today (come and look!) in order to pump in extra fuel in an easy way!
    vivoir recently posted..Friday Fun!

    • No, thank YOU! It’s sometimes hard for me to give my opinions so mater-of-fact as you say when I know people might disagree, so THANK YOU for being so lovely and supportive! It is SO NECESSARY and honestly your workouts will improve so much!! And YAAAY I *heart* hummus so much!! :D

  33. Ooh I missed this post yesterday!
    I agree with many of the points you made; for instance about other bloggers and fueling properly for your activity level etc. I appreciate your honesty :)
    Oh, and for your questions, although I ‘do’ feel slightly guilty in my rest days, but I am still pretty busy and I know my metabolism is burning hard.
    I eat so much ‘fat’ that I sometimes get worried if I’m getting enough protein etc; I just had a big scoop of Sunbutter as my late-night snack “dessert.” <– dangerous as you may not be able to stop!!
    Stephanie recently posted..Greetings from Happier Stephanie -

  34. I love that you just try to go with the flow and eat when you are hungry- without planning meals. I really try to start trusting my body again, så this is a big issue for me. Im really into the ide of intuitive eating tho!
    For fats I cant get enouth of nutbutters too! my faves are cashew and almond. And coconut oil!
    Ragnhild recently posted..Food- my good friend and worst enemy

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