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What I…Wednesday!!

HEY friends!! Have I confused you? Kay, so I admit it, I’ve published this post a few hours early, but it’ll be Wednesday soon! Smile with tongue out 


I LOVE WIAW’s!! Love seeing everyone else’s contributions…so FUN!! Open-mouthed smile

What I Ate Wednesday

There has been some SERIOUS almond butter lovin’ ever since I rediscovered it a couple of days ago…


CCK’s Banana Bread in a Bowl, but my tropical version (made with coconut milk, coconut butter, shredded coconut and tropical protein powder) and topped with almond butter:


Cocoa-Nut Almond Butter stuffed medool dates x a billion:DSC09429

And my Banana Oatbran Pudding topped with Cocoa-Nut Almond Butter and strawberry jam, heavy on the toppings! Winking smile


I think I DID have a meal that DIDN’T involve almond butter (sweet tater with vegan cheese, cannellini beans in tomato+nooch sauce and mushrooms):DSC09425

But I may have had this on the side to make up for it:


Apples with almond butter. Obssessed.


Last night really fancied a take-out, which is rare cos I love making my own food! I haven’t had one in probably a year!! You can tell when someone is beyond lazy when they ARE (half) Indian and yet get an Indian takeout that they could easily make themselves…hmmm…! Twas good though! I had dal (lentils) and rice:dal-rice-01

AND got given free wine and lollipops by the lovely guys at the restuarant!! I’m guessing they didn’t know I was underage…? Smile with tongue outDSC09461

It’s okay, I don’t drink and I was much more excited about the lollipops anyways! Winking smile


What I Made Wednesday

I did what all cool young people do. I got up early with the urge to bake, and did.DSC09466

Don’t think I was kidding when I said I lived in my PJ’s and workout clothes (er…every photo in this post!!!) Smile with tongue out


I made some MUFFINS!!DSC09492

I’m not gonna lie. These are the best muffins I have ever made. They may or may not involve almond butter and a ‘surprise’…DSC09498…anyway, recipe to come!! Open-mouthed smile


What I Loved Wednesday

I LOVED getting post!! Brace yourselves for another Emma-hugging-the-mail-in-her-workout clothes-or-PJ’s picture…DSC09503 Especially when it was a package addressed to me (there are usually tears if it’s for someone else) with a cute little heart drawn on too! Aww!DSC09476

The BEAUTIFUL Emma sent me a box of vegan choccies that she made!!DSC09478DSC09480I tried one of each. Emma you are SO TALENTED these are AMAZING!!DSC09483Aren’t they so professional looking?DSC09487I was in HEAVEN!! Emma you are a GENIUS and I love you so much!! Seriously girl, you need to SELL these- I would sure buy them!!

What I Read Wednesday

Runner’s World whilst on gym machines!DSC09439

The PAULA RADCLIFFE edition!! Oh YEAH!! Open-mouthed smile


What I Made A Fool Out Of Myself Doing Wednesday

After my workout, I spent 15 minutes trying to get into Gym Locker #48. I couldn’t get in, so I found someone (er…the manager…!!) and asked him why I couldn’t get into it.

He then pointed out that I had Locker Key #49, aka the one next to it. He looked at me as though I had no brain, and I think I agree with him…!DSC09451


What did YOU…Wednesday? Tell me about your Wednesday!! Or if you’re reading  this on Tuesday, tell me about your Tuesday! Smile with tongue out


What is your current food obsession? Almond buttah!! I do feel guilty though. It’s like I’m cheating on my beloved PB…don’t worry peanuts, I will return to you always!!


Random Q: Books or Magazines? I love both, but I’m gonna say BOOKS! Mainly cos magazines are overpriced (at least the ones I get are anyway!)

72 Responses to What I…Wednesday!!

  1. omg that chocolate looks to die for !!!!!!

    My current food obsession is seaweed snacks!

    Loving your oat bran bowls too! U have some yummy eats here girl! Love it!
    katie recently posted..True True Tuesday

  2. Those chocolates sound and look amazing! Books or magazines = books! :D
    Little Bookworm recently posted..A Breakfast Theme

  3. Haha sounds like an interesting day!! I totally understand the almond butter lovin’, no judgement from me!! Im having that same issue with Nutella. I swear it goes on everything now!
    Current food obsession is PEACH jelly!! Sooo yummy. I made a pb&j sammi using it and threw some raisins on there. Its so dang delicious :)
    Kat recently posted..I’m Baaaaaack!

  4. Today i studied aaaall day, it SUCKED!!!Current food obsession is still chocolate PB…just can’t get enough! :P
    CAN’T WAIT for that muffin recipe!! you sure are a hugger aren’t you?!haha! :D
    Ellen @ Cinnamonalicious recently posted..7 Things

  5. :-D your post has made me so happy! Love u! ;-) xx

  6. P.s you’re the best!

  7. BAHAHA. This post is hilarious. There was one time that I couldn’t figure out why the self checkouts weren’t taking my cash. I literally stood there for about 5 minutes until a worker came over and pressed the accept cash button. It was a good time.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..What I did the 46 hours this weekend I was not racing

  8. I’m so excited about the recipe for those muffins. They look amazing, I love almond butter, and that “surprise” ingredient looks yum. Therefore, I know I’ll love those muffins if I make them. :) My current food obsession are bars with peanut butter, esp Clif bars. :)
    Lara @ six times the yum recently posted..Friday Favorites- April 29

  9. I’ve gotta say books hands down although when I’m at the gym oftentimes magazines are easier to hold up :)
    I love how you had 2 bowls of oats today. Love it!!
    Ilove getting mail too, I was known as the “crazy about mail girl” when I was at camp as a child haha

    • True about the magazines!! Although you should see my book trick! I take a big stretchy headband and that holds it to the machine! I look like such a geek but it’s SO worth it! :P

      Oats are the BEST! And haha that’s hilarious!! I think I am a definitely a crazy mail girl!! :D

  10. i love your WIAW! Its so full of good food and good love!! Your oatbran looks delicious. And don’t worry, I’ll drink your wine for you. hehe!
    lindsay recently posted..Fresh Friday

  11. My current food obsession is Sesame Oil! I love adding it to salads lately. It’s such a fun, nutty flavor!
    I’m so excited for those muffins. Best type of pastry ever. Especially if it’s spiked with almond butter.
    What did the bee pollen chocolate taste like? I’ve always wanted to try bee pollen but I never bought it because I have no idea what it might taste like!
    Tara recently posted..Q&A Part 2

    • Oh it tastes SO GOOD!! I’ve never seen it before, and hadn’t tried it before today, but it’s LAVELY!! Kinda crunchy and a bit like honeycomb I guess…? Anyways it is DEEEELISH and you should totally buy some!! :D

  12. Yum, those vegan treats look SO delicious & such interesting flavors! Books! Once exams are over, I have a whole list of books I’d love to read, pretty much tons of running books.
    Lauren recently posted..Crunch Time

  13. I simply cannot get enough of you, this post is amazing! Every time I read your blog (ummm, daily!) it makes me hungry, I love all your eats! Those muffins look to die for too! Books trump mags, except runners world – it is worth the price so I splurge. Twinsies again on the choice in clothes, I am basically in workout gear all day every day haha :D

    • Awww Lilly you are seriously the SWEETEST girl, and I can’t get enough of your comments!! :D

      That is SO true- you can’t beat RW!! And YES workout clothes are the COOL thing!! I think we need to teach that message to the rest of the world! :P

  14. On Tuesday, I struggled to get my brain back into work mode after having racing an amazing 3:08 marathon in Eugene. It sucked…I just wanted to be running ;)

  15. I am obsessed with almond butta!! It is sooo addicting and soooo amazing!!
    Lauren @ Hungry Dancer recently posted..Goodbye April- Hello May

  16. Emma did a great job with those vegan goodies!
    i love all of your food always…your WIAW are just so much fun to see!
    i am always in my workout clothes too..i swear the grocery store cashier doesnt think i have any other clothes

  17. BAHAHAHAHHAHA NICE with the locker situation.. love it!!… oh i know i got some of emmas stuff too! she is SOOOOO TALENTED!! she should open up a shop or online shop- id totally buy her stuff!!
    YAYYAYAY for almond butter.. wow im seriously lovin it all!

  18. I cannot resist magazines usually! :)

  19. Ooooooooooooooo if you LOVE almond butter then go get you some cashew butter! Serious, serious nommage!

    vivoir recently posted..Island Fever

  20. I just had almond butter sauce on top of my smoothie for breakie this morning – so good! I need to buy a new jar now though as I’m all out! Those muffins look good, looking forward to the recipe!
    Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..Shopping date and tasty bake

  21. Waaait, you have coconut butter?? When did that happen!? I want some!
    What did YOU…Wednesday? Tell me about your Wednesday!!
    Well, it;s only 10.46, but I’ve already ran 4miles, and done a 3mile revision walk! Very productive :) Oh, nd paid a bloke £44 to fix the washing machine :/

    What is your current food obsession? Green monsters parsnips kabocha. As usual…

    Random Q: Books or Magazines? Both! I could never pick.
    Freya recently posted..Number Two- Number Two

  22. You totally did confuse me… although in all honesty that probably says more about me than you! Those chocs look delish, so jealous of those haha, off to check out her blog now!
    Laura @ box run eat recently posted..Good Friday Hill Race 2011

  23. Bless! I’ve nearly done that with lockers so many times…panicked like anything only to realise once I’ve calmed down that it was a different number locker.

    Those chocolate treats look absolutely divine: definitely think she should make them professionally.

    What brand of vegan cheese do you use? It always looks lovely but all the types I’ve tried have been pretty bleh and upset my tum. Perhaps it’s because the only cheese I liked before being vegan was mozarella…and feta or halloumi, so non ‘cheesy’ cheeses?

    Food obsession: frozen cherries and fresh blueberries. Oh, and raw cashews! I’ll be up to half a packet a day of the latter soon…

    Books over magazines for sure. I actually don’t read any mags as they tend to be quite repetitive in content.

    I live in workout clothes too: it’s what I’m comfortable in and I hate anything that restricts my movement.

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Slow Seventeen

    • I used mozarella style Cheezely I think…? I didn’t like it much though, sorry! :P

      I have to try frozen cherries!! I LOVE cherries and since you rate them so much, they must be good! :) And haha don’t worry I go through SO MANY cashews!! They’re my fave nut, and SO addictive!! :D

  24. I agree, magazines are totally overpriced. £4 a go, what the… !?

    I’m like you with almond butter too — if I have it in the house I have to eat it with everything until it’s all gone. Usually in about 3 days!
    AlisonM recently posted..Recovering from an antibiotics assault

  25. SoSo much almond butter!! You got me cravin’ the stuff!!

    That’s so cool that you got some idian in you by the way :) I love indian food.

    I say both magazines and books! Because I check them out at the library then it’s FREE! :)
    Megan recently posted..First WIAW &amp WINNER!

  26. The Banana Bread in a Bowl sounds and looks so tasty!!! I cannot wait for the muffin recipe they good! YUM!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Just call me SUPERWOMAN

  27. I completely agree with you on the almond butter, I can’t seem to get enough and love how much it is benefiting my body :)
    I am a big fan of books, and getting lost in a story is a truly great experience
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..Dear Bathroom Scale part 2-

  28. Love this cute new trend in the blog world! If I had to choose books or magazines I would definitely have to go books, but I love both :)

  29. Your pictures of you always make my day!! GORGEOUS!!! I would be more happy about the suckers too!! I LOVE ALMOND BUTTER….I need to go get some more. Enjoy the Paula (your real life bff) edition!!!!! Thanks for sharing with me your experience in the comments today!
    janae@hungryrunnergirl.com recently posted..Salad Mountain and Nike Free!!!!!

  30. Those apples with almond butter look amazing…going to go cut up an apple now…too bad I don’t have almond butter…

  31. I lovvvveeeeeeee this post!! I just opened up a brand new jar of almond butter and it is seriously FANTASTICALLY AMAZING!!! It’s roasted sea salt and SOo flippin good!! So I’m obsessed with that, sunflower seed butter, 72% chocolate squares and hummus right now…HUGE LOVES!! and the bites from emma look FANTASTIC! so jealous:)
    Olivia recently posted..Exciting News x2!

  32. STUFFED DATES. Dang, they look delicious!

    Those muffies look amazing, can’t wait for the recipe!!
    Kayla (Little Miss Healthify) recently posted..Just Do It

  33. Hahaha, Emma… I love that face you’re making in the last pic.

    And those chocolates look so good. I’m intrigued. Dear Emma, send Alyssa chocolates. Love you.
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..Nobody likes a Mr Sniffles

  34. I LOVE your obsession with pb and almond butter. :) It makes me seriously so happy to see your crazy consumption! And partially jealous! Cuz as you know I only allow myself that stuff at certain times :/
    But I’m working on it!
    Oh and also I am sorry I haven’t been commenting lately, but I HAVE been reading! Promise! I’ve just been busy out of town :/
    Anyway, you were the one who introduced me to stuffed dates + pb and umm, yum! Thank you! so good.

    What I did Wednesday- drove back to college from home (Connor’s granddad’s funeral), a 8×800 meter workout, grocery shopping, dinner cooking, and cleaning. Not too much!
    Food obsession? Hmm.. right now I’m craving some pita chips + Sabra roasted pine nut hummus!
    I like books AND magazines, but books better. Right now I’m reading Water for Elephants. I really like it :) And I just got the new Runner’s World. I flipped through it, but I haven’t read it in detail yet!

    Thanks for always putting a smile on my face Emma!
    Haley G recently posted..Olive Garden now posts calories! Eek

    • Aww love you SO MUCH Haley!! Seriously, your lovely comments always make me SO HAPPY!!

      Wow busy Wednesday!! Oh no!! So sorry to hear about Connor’s granddad! But at least he’s with Jesus now so I guess really he’s blessed :) My thoughts and prayers are with you and Connor and his family.

      Oooh Water for Elephants?! I HAVE to read that!! And you always put a smile on MY face girl!! I hope you’ve posted, cos I wanna hear all about your trip, and your race….!!! I’ll save reading it till tomorrow morning over breakfast- I know it’ll make my morning!! :D

  35. Whoa girl simmer down on all that food porn!! So much chocolate I love it! :D
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Linking Up WIAW Style

  36. Ok I am SOOOO loving your canelli beans in the tomato and nutritional yeast sauce – I am making that ASAP! The nut butter filled date is also awesome – perfect for a nice sweet treat!

    Haha that’s hilarious that the people at the restaurant gave you free wine (seeing you are underage) SCORE haha!

    Luckyyyy – your package for emma is greattt! YUM! I am drooling hehe :)
    Ally (oatsandspice) recently posted..Pictures Say 1000 Words

  37. The muffins look fabulous! So moist and delicious! Can’t wait for the recipe!

    I love your hugging-the-post pic! You are just the cutest, Emma!

    Sorry about the locker confusion. That is most definitely something I would do, haha!
    Rach recently posted..Fair Trade led to a Whole Foods Trip

  38. Hahaha wait I love you. You are amking The Face. I do that ten times a day every day, usually at myself. Anyways, I NEED TO REKINDLE MY LOVE FOR OAT BRAN. Seriously that looks so delicious and fluffy, I miss it. Those chocolates look so good!

    p.s. I wouldn’t mind if you sent me some of that free wine!
    Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn recently posted..Three-Ingredient Heaven Magic Toast!

  39. Can’t wait for the muffin recipe!

    I wish I had a bit more time in the morning so I could be cool like you and bake – seriously! :)

    I had quite the tasty Greek chickpea salad for lunch! Thank you cute grocery store ladies for handing out free samples and recipe cards!

  40. This post is full of so much amazingness!!! (As ALWAYS!! :D )
    I completely understand your addiction to almond butter!! I love it on waffles! (And everything else ;) )
    My Wednesday was spent studying, studying, and more studying… grrr. I would have much rather flown to England and spent the day with you ;)

    Have a fabulous rest of the week, Emma!!


  41. Sounds like a great day of eats and otherwise! Almond butter is the best, but I am currently out of it at the moment. I go through a jar almost every week! :-P
    The Teenage Taste recently posted..Triple Chocolate Nutella Cookies

  42. Your post covered all the bases! =) love it! From the almond butter-a-thon to those delish chocolates! sounds like a fabulous day to me!!!! Do you have a dal recipe that you use when you’re not getting takeout (which is what i’d have to get b/c i’ve never mad dal!)? I need to learn how! LOVE THAT STUFF!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons
    jenn recently posted..Cooking Lessons with Mackey Madness

  43. hey girl! this was sucha fun post to read!!!! oh my goodness i am a total nut butter addict too… i love it though.. i love just eating straight from the jar! haha. those muffins you made look delicious as do those homemade CHOCOLATES, wow! so impressive =)

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