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Almond butter lovin’ and Awesome April

Helloooo lovelies!! Having a good weekend? Quick warning: This is the longest post in the history of the world, so get comfy! Smile with tongue out


By the way, I LOVED hearing your thoughts on commenting and and on my Friend’s Friday Faves yesterday! But, being me (aka brainless), I FORGOT a Friday Fave! Surprised smile But luckily for you that just means ANOTHER one for you today!


Little Bookworm’s Friday Fave:

‘One of my faves is this Frozen Hot Chocolate from Chocolate-Covered Katie’s blog with a brownie (Emma’s recipe). It tastes like an amazing ice-cream sundae (especially made with coconut milk)!’img_0613

Frozen hot chocolate + brownie?! That sounds like HEAVEN!! Thank you Little Bookworm for making me drool on my keyboard! Smile with tongue out


This morning, I was raiding my nut butter cupboard (they need their own special space of course) and I came across, right at the back…DSC07391

ALMOND BUTTER!! It has been ages, and so I tried it again spread on a microwave banana oat cake:DSC09364

Oh. My. Muppets. I had TOTALLY forgotten how much I LOVE almond butter!


I had it in my breakfast:


Katie’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal (with 2 tbsp almond butter) which is SO YUMMY!!


I then had it as part of my lunch:


Apples and almond butter with tofu on toast. Tofu on toast ROCKS by the way! Open-mouthed smile


And then I went a little mad…I had almonds on the brain…DSC0937111

I know you’re jealous of my photoshopping skills. And of the fact that I managed to score two bags of organic almonds for £2!! Open-mouthed smile


So what’s a chocolate-and-almond-butter-loving girl to do? Make Ashley’s Cocoa-nut Almond Butter of course!DSC09387

It is AMAZING!! It’s dark chocolate almond butter with coconut butter in. Amaze. Licking out the bowl and spatula was the highlight of my life day.DSC09389


It’s the end of April today. Okay, this may be stating the obvious for you, but I literally JUST realised this!! April has been a GREAT month for me, and has gone so fast!! Time flies when you’re having fun…


I went on my music tour to Germany and had a BRILLIANT time…DSC08507_thumb


I posted everything I ate in a day and got some AMAZING responses…DSC07475_thumb

I had my dreams come true when I got to meet and run with my idol Paula Radcliffe!!DSC08768_thumb

And then 2 days later I met her again and got her autograph…DSC08848_thumb

I ran a 5k race without racing (because of my injury) but still PR’d and loved it!!DSC08890_thumb

I started recovering from my shin splints and got some amazing (and SWEATY) runs in…DSC09139


Oh, and I started and finished not just one, but TWO peanut butter buckets.DSC09192_thumb


And YOU FRIENDS have made this month an amazing one!! My readership has grown SO MUCH this month and I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support and lovely comments you leave me that make my day! LOVE YOU GUYS so much!!!


So this month is officially AWESOME APRIL!! Open-mouthed smile


What have been YOUR April highlights? Tell me por favor!!


What’s your favourite nut butter? It’s now officially Cocoa-nut Almond Butter!!


Random Q: Favourite vegetable? Broccoli, hands down!! Followed by Brussels sprouts, spinach and squash Smile


ENJOY the rest of your weekend friends!! Love y’all!!

66 Responses to Almond butter lovin’ and Awesome April

  1. Favourite vegetable = probably tied between broccoli and brussel sprouts. Favourite nut butter = almond butter (and chocolate almond butter). Love the sound of that Cocoa-nut almond butter though!
    Little Bookworm recently posted..Drinking Your Greens

  2. Getting into the NWM half! I was so excited to get picked!

    My favorite nut butter is maple almond butter. oh my stars for the love of eliza, it’s soooooooo good.

    Mmmm I’d have to say kale, then broccoli, spinach, squash, and finally carrots. Plus pretty much all other veggies, haha. I love em’
    Hannah recently posted..New Theme- Linen

  3. WOOO what an awesome month!! :D May’s gonna be even BETTER!!
    Oh. MY. GAWWWWD that nut butter looks too good. I don’t think I can make it cos it’d be gone in a day! :O
    Peppers are my fave veggie I think!! especially roasted! yum!!
    Ellen @ Cinnamonalicious recently posted..Royally Stuffed

  4. Congratulations on the pb mission – that’s dedication :-)
    April’s been amazing for the beautiful weather, because I’ve started jumping my horse again after too long and because work’s going really well.
    Favourite nut butter’s a toss-up between almond and coconut and favourite veg definitely broccoli, followed by butternut, spinach, mushrooms and red cabbage :-)
    Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse recently posted..Yesterday

  5. The best part of making your own nut butters is licking the food processor clean.
    I haven’t had almond butter in a while! I’ve been on a cashew butter kick. THinkin’ it’s time to bring back the almonds!

    Love your little almond head picture by the way. I think mine would be a brussel sprout :P

    How crazy is it that it’s almost may! May is my last month month of school! EEEK excitement!!
    Megan recently posted..GoMacro review 2nd Giveaway!!

  6. I LOVE peanut butter, but hazelnut butter is probably a close second, followed by almond butter. I love it all :D

  7. You are seriously adorable and I love reading your blog everyday. I love peanut butter-small addiction I have.

    Thanks for all your well wishes and Ps I thought we already adopted you into the family to be our running sistahh from a different mistaah.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Guest Post- Becca@I Heart Eggs

    • I love YOUR blog and stop tempting me because soon I will break and drop everything to come out and live in NY with you. We’ll run and eat pancakes ALL DAY with your fam and it will be AWESOME :)

  8. That chocolate chip cookie dough baked oatmeal looks ah-may-zing!!! My favorite ‘pure’ nut butter is creamy PB. My favorite ‘flavored’ nut butter is chocolate hazelnut butter. Yum! Favorite veggie? Hmm, I don’t think I have one. Today I had some steamed baby carrots, which were super delicious (and slightly sweet). I also love roasted broccoli. :)
    Lara @ six times the yum recently posted..Friday Favorites- April 29

    • Ahh you HAVE to try the baked oatmeal!! It is SOO yummy and filling, and so quick to make too! :D

      Oooh man chocolate hazelnut butter sounds AMAZING!! I definitely have to try that soon!!

      Have a great day girl! :)

  9. Janae@hungryrunnergirl

    I love almond butter so so much!!!!! Girl, you are so so beautiful!!! I still can’t get over the fact you got to meet Paula! You have had an amazing month because you are an amazing girl! Love ya!

    • YOU are so beautiful Janae!! And I wish you could’ve been here to meet and run with her, then I would’ve been running with TWO of my running idols :)

      Hope you have an amazing May too, and I’m still praying for you and your leg!! Love you, have a great day! :D

  10. I love almond butter too! April has been wonderful hasn’t it?! Especially your Paula meeting! So exciting!

    • April HAS been wonderful, and YOU have made it even more so for me!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments that you leave me- they make me so happy, and I can’t WAIT for the package to arrive! :D

  11. I like to ‘snack’ on almonds rather than almond butter. Almond butters are a bit gritty IMO; I prefer smoother nut-butters like sunflowerseed butter (oh I suggest you DON’T buy it cuz it’s way TOO addictive)
    Stephanie recently posted..Sighbut wishing to get better

  12. Oh my geez, your eats look too amazing for words! I am the worst at choosing favorites, they are always changing but I have been on a major broccoli and roasted brussels sprouts kick for a while now. And carob PB that I made, tho you inspired me to be break out my almond buttah stash I forgot about too!

  13. You seriously had an amazing April!!

    I finally bought a cute little ramekin to make all those baked breakfast goods I keep seeing on your blog and Katie’s! Can’t wait to bust it out!

  14. Almond butter needs to stay at the front of your cupboard lady!!! I can’t last a day without that stuff ;) Nice job on the PR too!

  15. I love how you said “OH. MY. MUPPETS.” Is that a phrase that everyone over there uses or did you make that up? I love it.
    My April Faves were spring break in California and a new PR in the 1600! Good times.
    My favorite veggie is eggplant. I have eaten a whole eggplant in one sitting. De-freaking-licious.
    Tara recently posted..Spring Break 2011 – Los Angeles and San Diego-Race Recap

  16. Ah Emma, you’re so sweet! Highlight of my April has been my first 20 mile run, my awesome Easter weekend of runing and cycling, and starting pilates!

    My favourite green is brocolli but favourite veg is mushroom, I put them in everything!!

  17. April highlights = I turned 22, I got a job!!! :), and I just graduated from college yesterday (ahhhh!) .. April has been a good month :)

  18. YOUR APRIL ROCKED!!! abahahha “Oh. My. Muppets.”// LOVE IT.. i shall be using the phrase from now on!.. my april was good- i thnk!? YES it was! i improved my running.. the weather got SO SUNNY.. and im that much closer to summer :) doesn’t almond butter rock!!? that cocoa one sounds BEYOND amazing!

    • Haha I encourage it- let’s spread the Muppet love, k? :D

      YEAAAH it was an amazing month for your running!! Obvs I know that cos I stalk you and all ;) And ohmygeez you HAVE to try this almond butter Carrie- you will LOVE it!!

  19. That is definitely an amazing month by anyone’s standards. While my April certainly can’t compare to meeting Paula, the Conniston 14+ was the highlight for me, and finally getting a place trophy!

    Favourite nut butter = Skippy Natural Creamy PB…which is now impossible to come by in the UK. Trust me to be awkward.

    Veggie-wise, it has to be peas, the common old frozen variety. Even when I was a veggie-shunning teen, I still ate peas.

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Back in the Grut – Marathon Mindset

    • YES getting placed was SO AMAZING!! I really hope to follow in your footsteps and do the same someday :)

      And that used to be my FAVE nut butter when I was in America!! I’m sure I’ve seen it around over here…I’ll let you know if I find it somewhere! :D

  20. You are HILARIOUS!! And so pretty :) And I love that you fuel your body properly unlike a lot of other bloggers- your a great influenece! :)

  21. I can’t believe its may already!! This year is FLYING by! Oh my lanta!! And I agree that almond butter is incredible!! I make a homemade batch every week :)highlight of my april would have to be moving and getting my mom to adopt a puppers!! She’s so happy now, and we are too in our new place! Praise God for all the blessings as well. He makes every month incredible :)

    • I know right? Scary how time flies!! Reese is ADORABLE and he is totally one of MY April highlights too! :D

      And TRUE THAT girl!! Without Him we would have NOTHING to be thankful for! I love you so much!!!

  22. Wow! You had such an eventful month. I love your upbeat attitude and expressions (oh my muppets?!). Your facial expressions are so cute!

    I haven’t tried almond butter yet.. (I know, a SIN!) but I want to buy some next time I’m at the store, as well as pick up a bag of chia seeds! Right now my favorite is peanut butter all the way <3

    I really enjoy your blog (: I'll definitely be stopping by more often! (;
    Vivianne recently posted..Becoming a foodie

    • Haha thank you so much friend!! That is so SWEET of you to say!! And you TOTALLY need to try almond butter!! Honestly, you’ll never look back!! But I am with you on the PB love of course! :D

      Have a great day girl! :)

  23. I love baked tofu on toast! I haven’t had it in so long. I use silken tofu instead of eggs sometimes in my pancake batter though, it’s really good! That baked oatmeal also looks really good. My favorite nut butter is hands down Justins Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. My last post was all about peanut butter if you want to check it out. My favorite veggie is definetely a tie between roasted brussel sprouts, baby carrots, and steamed broccoli. I buy the frozen bags and just heat em up!
    logan osterhout recently posted..Peanut Butter AND WINNERS OF THE GIVEAWAY

    • I have wanted to try Justin’s Hazelnut Butter for SO LONG but sadly they don’t sell it in the UK I don’t think…but trust me, when I go to the US, I will DEFINITELY be getting some! :D

      Haha and I love those frozen bags too!! Couldn’t live without them! :P

      Oooh a PB post?! I’ll check it out right now- thanks!!

      • I LOVED your post!! Seriously, I am making a list of those butters to try for my next US trip!! By the way, is there a way I can comment on your blog? I couldn’t seem to find a way…?

  24. Your April has been awesome, especially meeting Paula! So cool! My April favs were all my long runs & the spring weather. Fav veggies: broccoli & carrots – I could munch on carrots all day long!
    Lauren recently posted..Chickpea Day

  25. My favorite nut butter has to be good old fashioned peanut butter!! Glad you had a great April! May will be even better!
    Sophia @ Raven Waves recently posted..Grilled Spinach- Roasted Red Pepper and Sun-Dried Tomato Sandwich

  26. my April highlight has gotta be my birthday!!! and taking a trip to stockholm with my friends (we stayed on a boat!!)

    And im with you on the Brocolli, i CANNOT get enough! i especially love the stalk, to give you that chewy slightly tougher veggie munch. YUM…
    after the wonderful broc, itd be mange-tout/sugersnaps for snackage, asparagus and baby corn. im not fussed tho, i love them all! (escept brussels sprouts… i just dont know what to do with them! (tips please) :-)
    clemmy recently posted..quicktime

    • HAPPY (belated!) BIRTHDAY!! That sounds like an awesome one!! :D

      Ooh brussels!! I love roasting them best, especially roasted in coconut oil or butter…SO darn good!! You have to try it- it’ll change your LIFE :)

  27. What have been YOUR April highlights? Tell me por favor!!

    What’s your favourite nut butter? It’s now officially Cocoa-nut Almond Butter!!

    Random Q: Favourite vegetable? Broccoli, hands down!! Followed by Brussels sprouts, spinach and squash

  28. WHOOPS! Sent before I was ready.

    In april i started half-marathon training.

    Nut Butter – I Love all of the PB&Co. flavors of course, but I think White chocolate wonderful is my favorite if not the cinnamon raisin swirl

    Favorite veg is probably broccoli, but there are lots of close seconds
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..April Wrap-Up

    • Haha!! I think we are twins! I started half mary training in April too, and broccoli’s my fave!! I want to try those flavours SO BAD but we don’t get them in the UK :( But when I go to the US though, I am DEFINITELY gonna stock up cos they sound AMAZING! :D

  29. I got selected for my college’s cheerleading team!! And I LOVE Justin’s maple almond butter. I just wish it weren’t so expensive! My favorite veggie is carrots, but only raw ones! :)
    Courtney recently posted..Shopping!

  30. Your april totally rocked! I would have to say that pb is my fave nut butter but I do love almond, cashew and sunflower seed butter too!
    Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..3-2-1 workout!

  31. Oh. My. Muppets!!! I love some of your phrases. Although your Aunt Flo term is my personal favoutite. You had an amazing April girl…I hope May is just as awesome for you!!!

  32. My April highlights are I started running again and I got new running shoes.(:

    No worries. I eat nut butters like there is no tomorrow. My favorite is maple.
    Christy recently posted..Bipolar Running

    • I HAVE to try this maple nut butter everyone raves about!! Trust me, when I go to the States, it’ll be the first thing I hunt down!! :P

      And YAAAAY for starting running again+new shoes!! Same as me!! Twinsies :)

  33. Aren’t Averie’s banana oat cakes like the best thing ever?! Once I made it I was hooked!! So yummy I love adding bloobs in it. And cinnamon raisin pb will own me for life :)
    Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie) recently posted..Friday Favorites

  34. Seriously lol’d at the photo of you as an almond head! Hahahaha, definitely something I would do. Having a special spot for all my nut butters = excellent idea!

    Sounds like an amazing April for sure! I can totally understand why your readership has grown. Your blog is pretty much the bomb.com. :)

    April was awesome for me because I got a job(!!!) and started running more!

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