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Howdy chicas!! I LOVED hearing your workout accomplishments and upcoming race plans yesterday! Y’all ROCK! Interesting thoughts on the whole bagel/bagel thin thing too…and I’ve got an email about it actually that I want to share with you guys! I’ll have to check first if the sender doesn’t mind, but prepare for a slightly controversial post coming up…!


Anyway, it’s What I…Wednesday! I LOVE seeing everyone’s posts on this!! Jen you are a genius Smile


What I Worked:


25 mins upper body weights *cue recycled scary Emma photo*:DSC08117

…then an hour long spin class. I love spin SO MUCH!! Open-mouthed smile


And today’s instructor was the BEST!! She’s psychic I swear. Whenever I started to die and let up (SUPER-LONG HILL SPRINTS) she would sense it and yell at me to push harder! Love. Her.


What I Ate:


Just a few highlights for ya!


Breakfast #1 (pre-workout):DSC09247

Sweet Tater-Raisin oatmeal, with tons of cinnamon Smile


Breakfast #2 (post-workout):DSC09270

Tropical Banana Bread in a Bowl. 1 cup cereal, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup banana soy milk, 1/2 scoop Tropical protein powder, xanthan gum, 1 tbsp coconut butter + shredded coconut. No kidding people you HAVE to try this recipe of Katie’s!! It is SO YUMMY! Open-mouthed smile



Polenta cooked with vegan butter and nooch, leftover vegan shepherd’s pie (yesterday’s dinner), broccoli and red pepper. This was my first ever time trying polenta…I like!! Especially all buttery and noochey…mmm…



Stuffed peppers (stuffed with brown rice in a spicy sauce+ chopped veggies) served with baked tofu and Brussels sprouts Smile


Foodie highlight:DSC09187

Finished my dark chocolate Easter Egg! Best way to eat it I discovered is by breaking off bits and dipping it in PB. How normal…! Smile with tongue out


What I Got So Excited About I Wanted To Cry:DSC09292


That isn’t just any copy of Runner’s World my friends. That is the special Paula Radcliffe issue!! (If you don’t know, I am obsessed with her and she is my idol!)DSC09293

The woman who saw me taking this photo had the FUNNIEST look on her face!! I wanted to take a photo of HER but I think that would’ve pushed her to call the crazy institute to take me away, because judging from her expression she was clearly considering it already.


Anyways, I’m off to spend some quality time with Paula. Well, I’ve already read it (of course!) but I haven’t finished memorising it word-for-word yet, so I’d better get back to it! Smile with tongue out


Best thing you ate today? Dark chocolate egg dipped in PB…heaven!


What was your Wednesday Workout? Or was it a glorious rest day? Tellll me please!!


What was the most exciting thing to happen to you today/this week? Der, Paula Radcliffe issue of RW!! Open-mouthed smile


Have an AMAZING rest of the week friends!! Love you guys SO much!!


P.S. Almost your last chance to email your Friday Fave (sweet_tooth_runner@hotmail.co.uk) if you want to be featured this Friday! See here for details if you’re interested!! And I’ve been asked this twice and just to let everyone know that you DON’T have to be a blogger! If you’re a reader and want to be featured then I’d love to hear from you too!!

35 Responses to What I…Wednesday

  1. OMG chocolate egg dipped in pb= BLISS! that sounds perfect! best thing I ate.. YOUR TRUFFLES! only 1 left!! EEK! and its been.. umm less than a week- WOOHOO. now thats how i do it!
    workout today was a 5 mile runnnn!

    • Haha well you lasted longer than me! Seriously, I was gonna post about how impressed at your self-control…seriously I want some of that!! :P And thanks so much for making me so happy by telling me how much you love them!! Love YOU :D

  2. Best thing I ate today was one of my mum’s chocolate chip muffins :) yum!
    I had a dark chocolate easter egg but I never got to eat it. It wouldn’t fit in my bag when I was packing so it’s still at home…I’m gonna have to wait till AUGUST to eat it now! Boooo! :(
    My Wednesday workout was a Jillian Michaels DVD. I think I’m a little bit obsessed with her lately :P
    The most exciting thing today was my that my friends just turned up at my door as I was writing this, with dessert from a restaurant they were just at! Aww! Enjoy the magazine! :)
    Ellen @ Cinnamonalicious recently posted..The Cycle of Laziness

  3. Did you say banana soy milk?!?! I have never heard of such a thing!

  4. Yayy, glad you had a great spin class! Great spin instructors are awesome! I can’t wait to go to my favorite spin class tomorrow since I missed last week. I need to check out the new RW – I wonder if the American version still features Paula, hopefully!
    Lauren recently posted..Show off your Smiles

  5. Easter egg dipped in pb – that’s the best thing I think I’ve ever heard… there’s some egg left in my cupboard just crying out for this :-)
    And the most exciting bit about my day was finding out I’m going to Bruges on Friday for a pre-birthday celebration, can’t wait!
    Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse recently posted..I’m so excited…

  6. Omg that egg dipped in chocolate sounds AMAZING!! I want to try a spin class so badly, but I dont belong to a gym :( Ive heard great things about the classes though!
    Kat recently posted..New member of the family

  7. Mmm sweet tatter raisin oatmeal. I have yet to make that. Hmm must try asap.
    I feel so left out for never having tried polenta before! It looks really good I gotta say. And yes I am jealous of ur enormous Easter egg :( I want some.
    Best thing I ate today were my overnight oats and my workout was awesome. I bench pressed and did push ups woot woot :D

  8. Ahh that is the best way to eat chocolate!!! Well pretty much anything dipped in PB is delicious.

    Spin is awesome especially when the instructor is good I feel like the instructor and music is what makes the class good or bad.

    Best thing I ate today hmmm apple with melted butterscotch and chocolate chips drizzled over it. SO GOOD.

  9. Best thing I ate today was a panini for lunch! Oh ALSO I was gonna comment but forgot to about the bagel situation. I have NEVER touched a “bagel thin” and don’t plan to. A good whole wheat bagel is full of good stuff for you, there’s no reason to shy away from eating a whole one! We all need carbs, and we all need whole grains. Just my opinion, wanted to share…cuz I don’t understand the whole bagel thin craze…but I don’t judge against people who only eat those, I guess they have their reasons!
    Lauren recently posted..Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

  10. Ahh! I need that issue of Runner’s World! I never usually buy it as I’m pretty skint most of the time (or splurging in health food stores…) but I think I may have to make an exception to my ‘no buying magazines’ rule.

    I’d be very intrigued to see your controversial post: I’m always impressed when people are willing to stick their neck out and highlight elephants in the room etc.

    I gave up trying to decide which of your breakfasts looked the most appealing and concluded that I’d just eat both at once :P

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..No- No- No

  11. Best thing I ate today was a blueberry smoothie. It was HUGE and amazingly creamy and delicious.
    My workout today was 3 x 800 (2:55 – 3:00), 1 x 1200 (4:26), and then 6 x 200 (:35 – :40) but it started thundering after my second 200, so I’m doing 4 more tomorrow. The workout wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but it was good to get my legs moving faster.
    I actually know almost nothing about Paula Radcliffe. I want to read her biography (I think I discovered it on your blog? Did you read it?) after I finish my book!
    Tara recently posted..Spring Break Day 1 – Berkeley

  12. can i just come live with you????
    all your food looks ridiculously good!!!
    I especially love the chocolate egg and that you have two breakfasts(i do the exact same thing most days)

    best thing I ate was my morning oats

  13. I had cake batter ice-cream my fav! I also had some delicious seafood which was the bomb.com.

    The weather was beautiful and I got a 9 mile run does that count?
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Big Birthdays Ahead

  14. Haha Kara Goucher is my running idol :). I adored the issue where they were pregnant at the same time. They were SO freakin cute… just like u :).
    chocolate-katie recently posted..World’s Healthiest Chocolate-Chip Cookies

  15. P.S. sending u an email tomorrow!
    chocolate-katie recently posted..World’s Healthiest Chocolate-Chip Cookies

  16. oh wow, i want those peppers! so pretty. Wish I could help you finish off that easter chocolate.
    lindsay recently posted..High Dosage of “D”

  17. Best thing I ate today was a delicious mini pizza. Best lunch ever.

    I did an arm and core workout, it felt good! I don’t want to neglect my arms now that I’m running so much.

    Today was laundry day…thus about as boring as boring gets :/

  18. Girl you worked it! =) I missed spinning today b/c i had a home inspection for my rental. booo! I love it so so much!

    Your eats look great! I want your lunch like NOW! <3 ahhhh polenta sounds fantastic right now! esp with broc! =)

    I'm not a genius! you're genius for participating! <3 mwah!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons
    jenn recently posted..Where to find Modular Storage Cubes

  19. Those peppers look sooo good! Have fun with Paula :)
    Page recently posted..2011 Goals in Review

  20. 1. Enormous salad with lot of avocado and garlic

    2. Hour long hot vinyasa class (my addiction)

    3. I finished finals today!!!

  21. I had a glorious rest day today :) I lifted weights before spinning once and it made me feel so dead, but if I did it after, I would have no energy!!
    Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Modesto Half Marathon Recap

  22. Your eats sound delicious! My Wednesday workout was an awesome 30 minute treadmill run, 30 minutes of intervals and my abs and core!

  23. Delicious looking eats! My workou consisted of a 1 hr interval workout and some ab work. :D
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Thai Taste Review

  24. I KNEW RW was meant to be out! Darn my crap country shop.
    Best thing you ate today? Hummus tofu :)

    What was your Wednesday Workout? 3mile run, Jillian Level 2! My favourite combo :)

    What was the most exciting thing to happen to you today/this week? Um…..Chika kneeling down today! I taught her a trick :P
    Freya recently posted..The Best Bit

  25. Ah chocolate + PB = wonderful :)

    Looking forward to the bagel/bagel thin conversation…

    And by the way, your lunch photo looks like it came straight from a magazine!
    Rach recently posted..Let’s Get Together- Yeah Yeah Yeah…

  26. You are just awesome :)
    I love seeing your goofy pics! The one with the magazine cracks me up :D
    And I <3 choc + pb. Best combo ever? Yes!

    Yesterday I just did 40 mins easy.
    I did a 20 min shakeout this morning. Then I'll do a 15 min warmup before my 5k race tonight & a 15 min cooldown. Hopefully I'll do well!

    P.s. Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog.
    Haley G recently posted..Seeking for Progress- Not Perfection

  27. Yay for pb dippage for the easter egg- fab idea indeed!
    My wednesday workout was a gentle-ish 5.7 mile run after work. Bes thing I ate yesterday was my last carrot cake cookie- they were so yum! :)

  28. What a fantastic Wednesday Emma! You got in amazing workouts and a plethora of healthy eats!! You have to be the picture of health (and Chocolate and PB! ha ha!!)

    Have a great day beautiful! Loving your facial expressions!! hahahah!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..BIC Band WINNERS

  29. mmm dark chocolate egg dipped in PB.. glad I have some easter egg left to try that out!
    Laura @ Box run eat recently posted..Good Friday Hill Race 2011

  30. Your eats look so freaking delicious! I’ve never tried polenta either, but yours looks really good! So fluffy and moist!
    PB & Chocolate is amazing! Love it!

  31. ohh I love the look of that bread pudding! mmm mmm :)

    Kate does look lovely, that dress was a wonderful choice.

    I’m always eating as well! I can’t wait to rest up tomorrow, hopefully enjoy some sun, and go to this huge whole foods that is like a foodie’s Disney World! :)

    Have a great four day weekend!

  32. I love that you are so excited for the paula issue!! (she is amazing though!) and I even MORE love that you have oats preworkout and oats (well, cereal is sorta like oats!) post workout! GOTTA get in the oaty goodness baby:) And you had such yummy eats for today, I love that too! You are totally coming here and making me all of your amazeballs food..yum!
    Olivia recently posted..Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnut Muffins!

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