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Thirty Day Thursday: My Day

Hellooo lovelies!! Loved hearing yesterday where you guys are going this summer- you DID make me jealous!! Smile with tongue out


So I’ve missed the last few of these, but basically in case you didn’t know, Thursdays are Thirty Day Thursdays on the bloggie, where I do one of these:image21

Day 12- Bullet your whole day


Oh, and I’m on Easter break at the mo- this isn’t a ‘typical’ Thursday! Smile with tongue out


  • Had a nice lie-in and got up to have breakfast at around 8am.DSC09030

Katie’s Banana Bread in a Bowl, but the apple-cinnamon-raisin version.  Yes, I’m still on that kick. Instead of banana, I used 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce, a few ice cubes, 1/4 cup raisins blended in, and lots of cinnamon. DEEELISH! Smile


  • Minor Morning Disaster. Got ready to go take Buddy to the local nature park, because it was HOT and SUNNY in London today!! A first!! Open-mouthed smile  Since the sun had come out, I decided to break out the running sunglasses I got free at the VLM expo on Saturday. But when I say ‘break out’, I mean it…DSC09048


Sad times.


  • Walk time!DSC09054

Sun= bare legs+ sandalsDSC09057

Just be thankful you can’t see my Ugly Runner’s Feet properly! Winking smileDSC09059

I am SO excited to hopefully run here on Saturday!! It’s pretty hilly, but its SO gorgeous (I usually pound pavements in comparison!), and will be worth the journey and inclines!! Buddy enjoyed the sun too:DSC09060

Also saw lots of Easter Egg Hunt signs; apparently there’s one on Saturday. I WILL be there and I WILL push past all the kids to find all that chocolatey goodness first. Watch out children, the Sweet Tooth Runner’s out…DSC09065

  • LUNCH time! Let’s just pretend I DIDN’T have a PB+apple+cinnamon sandwich with raisins on the side…DSC09032
  • (No)Baking time! Variety is the spice of life, which is why I then made No-Bake Apple Cinnamon Raisin energy barsDSC09042DSC09045

This recipe for Homemade Clif Bars with 1/4 cup applesauce, raisins, and more cinnamon. SO QUICK and yummy!


  • Workout time! After working for the afternoon, I then hit the gym in the evening.DSC08667

I hit the tread, but after 2 miles I felt a few twinges in my shin, so I stopped straight away. Not worth risking it y’know? Specially since I’m starting my training plan next week, and want to be 100% okay for that Smile


I ended up doing time on the elliptical, as well as tough High-Cadence Intervals on the bike (workout here from Runner’s World) and then weights. LOVE THE SWEAT!!DSC09070

Count your blessings that that is a blurry photo and you can’t quite see how scary that face is. Endorphins make me crazy.


  • Refuelled afterwards with a Tropical Protein Smoothie.DSC09077

Found a can of this protein powder in the reduced section of a health store yesterday (£5?!), and I LOVE it!! Spriru-tein tropical:l_nt-1940

Protein Tropical Smoothie:

  • 1/2 scoop tropical protein powder
  • A couple of slices of pineapple
  • 1/2 cup soy yoghurt
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk
  • Ice cubes+xanthan gum to thicken
  • 1 tbsp coconut butter (optional)


I loved this smoothie!! So cooling after a workout, and full of protein!! I like my smoothies super-thick, so I added lots of ice and xanthan gum:DSC09083

YUMMY! Open-mouthed smile Also had a choc PB banana for more carby goodness and cos it made the BEST dipper ever…DSC08945


  • Dinner time! Dinner was leftovers, because I am super lazy and making something just wasn’t an option.DSC09002

Leftover roasted cinnamon sweet tater+chickpeas, and leftover lentil stew+brown rice. Followed up by COOKIES!! Open-mouthed smileDSC08979

  • And the best bit of today? You may remember me blogging about this a few weeks back:Run_for_Japan_portrait

The Run for Japan scheme, which I posted about here, is a worldwide initiative to get people to donate through their running mileage. I thought that by hopefully blogging about it, that even if just one person out of the few thousand read it and did it, then that would make a difference. But to know that a number of people did is just AWESOME!! Today alone, I got THREE, yes three emails from readers saying they’d donated their mileage, not to mention other comments and emails I’ve had before. Between the readers I’ve heard from, they’ve raised over £500 for Japan!!  How amazing is that?! It made me SO happy! Open-mouthed smile


HUGS for you all!!DSC08719


What are some things you’ve done today?


Cardio or weights? I think weights IS cardio!! It definitely gets your heart rate up if you lift heavy anyway, and I’m really starting to enjoy it! But running has my heart, so cardio Smile


Do you use protein powders? Do you have a fave one? My favourite is Sun Warrior but it is SO expensive, so until I win the lottery I’ll be using whatever cheaper alternatives I can! Smile with tongue out Spiru-tein seems pretty awesome anyway to be honest, so I’m not complaining!


Love you guys, have a great day!! Open-mouthed smile

30 Responses to Thirty Day Thursday: My Day

  1. Oh gosh all your food looks soooo good! :)
    I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve pretty much lazed in the sun aaaall day! There was a bit of dog walking, cooking and “studying” thrown in too, but mostly just enjoyed this unbelievably nice weather!
    Oh and weights for me deffo! I dread the thought of cardio days, although I love the feeling after :P
    Ellen @ Cinnamonalicious recently posted..Starstruck

  2. What a steal for the protein powder!! I have EAS and ON in my cupboard right now both were on sale so I snagged them up. I have yet to find one that I really LOVE though. Im still on the lookout for the best tasting one!
    And Im allll about the weights girl!! My knees cant handle much running anymore, I did managed 2 miles today but my knees were on FIRE by the end!!
    Congrats on the Japan project!! Thats so wonderful what your doing!
    Kat recently posted..Tough chicks wear pigtails

  3. I like to do both occasionally but I’m def a cardio addict first. Today I haven’t done very much it was test day boo :(

  4. i do that to my glasses ALL th etime..that or i sit on them :/
    and for smoothies, thick delishness is the only way to go!
    I love them both and like to mix them together by doing weights with HITT in between sets

  5. I am dying to try Sun Warrior’s protein powders!! I use Amazing Grass protein powders which I love but are sort of low on protein per scoop (10 grams). Pretty pictures of your walk!!
    Julie (Shining From Within) recently posted..Buzz Buzz Buzz

  6. That path looks gorgeous to run on! I love running on dirt roads or trails, and you never have to stop for a million stoplights.
    Cardio is my love, but I’ve started to really like weights. You’re right – weights get your heart beating!
    Lauren recently posted..Mocha Madness

  7. Oooo the apple version sounds yummy! Must try! As for spirutein… I haven’t had it in a long time, but I used to adore the cookies-n-cream one. Highly recommended. HUGS to you!!!
    chocolate-katie recently posted..Chocolate-Coconut Easter Bunnies

  8. I feel the same way about weights. Lifting can be an AMAZING workout if you do it correctly, but sweating like a madwoman while doing cardio is still the best feeling ever.

  9. The run for Japan idea is awesome :)
    I don’t use protein powders anymore but your pudding looks delicious! :) mm mmm mmmmm
    I like both strength training and cardio. I definitely agree with you that weights can be cardio that’s why I love to do strength training in circuit form :)

  10. I love spirutein!! That stuff is so good, I used to buy the variety packs so I could have a new flavor each time. Is it available in the uk? yay!!
    I also wondered how you did the ice cubes in your oats and what they do? Can’t wait to walk the english countryside next year :D

    • Yeah you can get it here!! In health stores, online, everywhere!

      Haha I didn’t put ice in my oats!! That is Katie’s Banana Bread in a Bowl which is cereal, not oats. I linked to it, and honestly it is the bomb.com you HAVE to try it!! :D

  11. Sad day about your glasses. :( I’ve broken more than one pair of sunglasses over the years so you’re not alone there.

    Love your sandals! So cute! And I am loving all this sunshine too. Makes me happy inside. :D

    Haven’t tried protein powders other than Bob’s Red Mill hemp protein powder (which I wasn’t a fan of) so no real help there.
    Rach recently posted..Meanwhile- back at the villa…

  12. Your dog looks just like mine!

    I lift weights and do cardio. I really love lifting though. It’s relaxing.
    Christy recently posted..Don’t Even Get Me Started

  13. Gorgeous gorgeous! all of it. Bummer about your glasses though, time for some new ones though. YEA!
    I love cardio and weights too! I like the burn. woo!
    lindsay recently posted..High Dosage of “D”

  14. Thats such a shame about your sunglasses. And great news about run for Japan- I put it on my blog after hearing about it on marathon talk- such a great idea.
    You are right- weights do get the heart going- but running is my fave.

  15. I do a lot of cardio but I love weights so much! It’s the one thing I miss about the gym – I’d happily skip out on all the cardio machines (apart from maybe the elliptical) and just hang out on the weight machines/with the free weights and all the scary, sweaty men.

    I don’t use protein powders at the moment but I reaaaally want to. I’ve been trying to find some that don’t cost the earth and are vegetarian, wheat free and not packed with tonnes of rubbish. I’ve found a couple so I reckon I might give one or two of them a go after payday!
    Emily recently posted..Goodbye old friends- hellllo new!

    • Aah you are so BRAVE!! I am WAY too chicken to enter the free weights section with all the scary men normally! Usually I use the machines which other women use too, but NO WOMEN enter the Man Section!! Scary…! :P

  16. I’ve been using and blogging about Spirutein for ages I love it! It is more processed than sun warrior but the range of flavours is just great – you have to try the peanut chocolate swirl one it will be right up your street!

  17. If you’re lifting heavy enough weights, then it definitely gives your heart a workout. I know the new back track in Body Pump gets my heart beating, and when I do the cardio/weights sections of my DVDs back to back, it’s usually the weights element that has me more out of breath.

    I love Sun Warrior, and it’s one of the foods I tend to suck it up and splash out for. Pulsin’s pea protein is pretty good too, though you do have to add other flavours to it. The taste is pretty neutral and it’s not overly expensive.

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..The Art of Self-Destruction

  18. what a lovely day!!!!!! you iknow i LOVE THAT NANNER with pb! :D :D :D :D
    CARDIO!weights are much harder for me!!! i just wasnt born with easy muscles!- so its SO HARD!
    YES i love protein powders!! sun warrior!!
    PS. i eating one of your truffles right after i finish my salad. :D SO GOOD!!!!!

  19. Yayy!!! 500 $ for Japan is so great, and already too! Loved reading your whole Thursday getup…that smoothie +banana dipper look like the PERFECT post workout snackage! Love it! :) Annnd well, if we’re going to be honest here, so does that cookie, and your dinner, and basically everything you eat makes me so hungry! haha
    Olivia recently posted..So Good- You’ll Make it Every Week!

  20. Love reading your posts! I must try that protein powder…..i got some hemp protein on reduced but i think i need something with a nicer flavour!

  21. haha, Buddy is so cute! Looks like you had a gorgeous walk. I definitely do cardio and weights at the gym – and am slowly learning just how important weights and strength stuff is for running and preventing injuries!
    Kelly recently posted..Spring Races

  22. I use Optimum nutrition whey protein powder in cake batter. Go buy it now. No really.

    I loved the bullet your day one. It was my favorite challenge. Sadly, I just broke my favorite shades as well. :( SCHMEEE.
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Sometimes I pretend I’m not the Worlds Best Confuser

  23. I love that you are such a happy smiley person! :)
    I’ve been wanting to buy some Spirutein for awhile now. I’ve never really bought protein powder before, but I figured it would be a good one to start with!
    Ffion @ Chocolate & Raspberries recently posted..What do I do with it

  24. Weights. I LOVE THEM! I agree with you, it feels like cardio once you get your heart goin’ and pump up the amount of weight you lift!
    Alexa @ Simple Eats recently posted..Blog Love

  25. A goal of mine is to do more weights!
    Keri recently posted..What’s Next

  26. Such a fun post! I love getting an insight into people’s lives. Food looks delish!!

  27. Your posts always make me smile cause you are SUCH a positive person!! MEGA inspiring :-D
    I used protein powders occasionally but I buy the individual sachets of Spiru-tein (NOT cost effective)!! I REALLY want to try Sun Warrior, though!
    Have a great weekend Emma :-D
    Flo (Coconut Chronicles) recently posted..What I Ate Friday

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