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Friday Faves!

Hey friends!! Hope you’ve had an AMAZING Friday!! As you may know, every Friday, I post my FAVOURITE things from the day!! So here ya go!! Open-mouthed smile


1. Awesome Friday Breakfast: Coconut Banana Bread In a Bowl !DSC08728

I’ve had this Banana Bread in a Bowl thing SO many times this week, but trust me friends it is SO YUMMY and quick and easy and you HAVE to try it!!


2. Yoga time!!DSC08799

Went to a yoga class today. I learned a) that I am still pretty inflexible, b) that I don’t stretch well enough (HIPS!!) and c) that yoga is HARD. Okay, so I already knew that last one, but seriously my arms and abs are SORE right now!! Yoga is awesome Smile


3. Breakfast for lunch. After reading Chelsea’s post about lunch hating (I agree- lunch is my least favourite meal!) I thought, ‘why CAN’T I have breakfast for lunch?!’. So I did:DSC08795

Sweet potato-raisin oatmeal. (1/2 cup oats, 1 cup vanilla soy milk, 1.25 cups water, 1 small skinned+microwaved sweet tater, raisins and cinnamon). I’m tellin’ ya, breakfast for lunch is AWESOME and highly recommended Smile


4. Another RUN!! In my new shoes and all!DSC08800

That’s the ‘check-out-my-shoes’ dance, FYI.


I was told to do a mile ‘recovery’ run on grass, and so I killed two birds with one stone by walking the dog as well. We walked 2 miles and ran a third. I loved it, but it wasn’t a successful recovery run!! I was told to run it 2-3 mins slower than my average run pace, but kept hitting around the 6 min/mile mark, and having to slow myself down…next time I’ll set my Garmin to bleep at me if I get too fast!! It was fun being with Buddy though! He’s my baby SmileDSC08801

He was exhausted afterwards poor thing! It was his first time running with me! Smile And NO shin pain during the run, but some after. So icing with broccoli, for all that goodness, whilst watching Gilmore Girls and drinking choccie milk is the way to go:DSC08809


5. Chocolate Peanut Butter granola.DSC08736

Enjoyed on top of soy yoghurt. I ate SO MUCH of this today…so darn good!! I just took my favourite granola bar recipe (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip) and used chocolate PB and no choccie chips and made granola out of it!! Tastes AMAZING and granola is possibly THE most addictive substance on the planet!!


6. Brownie batter and brownies.DSC08811

Ooooh yes. I made brownies to take to a friend’s house (Emma Rule #1: Never go anywhere empty-handed), and after much tasting, I couldn’t decide what I preferred, the brownies or the batter…DSC08827

You can see the recipe amongst other things in my GUEST POST on Little Bookworm’s blog!! Please go check it out and leave me some love! Open-mouthed smile


And last but not least…



I still haven’t gotten over meeting her and RUNNING with her yesterday!! I wore my t-shirt all day today and slept in it too. DSC08789What can I say, hygiene is my thing! Winking smile 


AND I have a Paula-related surprise to share tomorrow…can’t wait to share it with you guys!! Open-mouthed smile


What was one of YOUR Friday Faves? Share with me pretty please!!


Brownie batter, or brownie? Cookie dough or cookie? TOUGH choice!! Depends on the brownie, but usually I’m a batter/cookie dough kinda girl. Really, I could be a raw foodie- who needs an oven! Smile with tongue out


Do you have a running buddy, human or dog? I sadly don’t have a human running buddy, but now my dog Buddy is my new running buddy!! I’ll build his stamina and soon he’ll be running marathons,  you see! Watch out Bostoners!! Winking smile


Have a GREAT weekend friends, and don’t forget to check out my guest post!! Smile

37 Responses to Friday Faves!

  1. I took Henry for a walk today… and he almost flew away because it was SOOOO windy!

    But OMG Paula Radcliff?! You got to meet her?!? LOL and here I am, overly excited that the next Harry Potter movie just came out today… I thought THAT was the most exciting HP-related thing… you have that beat! I wanna know your news tomorrow!!

    • Aww I love Henry:)

      Not only did I get to meet her, I got to RUN with her! And by with her, I mean chase after her!! She is SOOO fast!! I posted about it yesterday (although it was more of a long babble about how much I love her…) and WHAT about the next HP movie?!?! It's out already?! I'm going to investigate this NOW!!

  2. mmm do we have to choose brownie batter or cookie dough because I can't, I want both! :)
    I love the look of your banana bread breakfast yum! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  3. Brownie batter > brownies. Cookie dough < cookies.

    I've been DYING to try sweet potato oats!!

    I don't really have a running buddy. I've been meaning to take my dog with me for a run, except I'm scared he'll be too fast for me :P

  4. YES. Please come to London!!! Or I'll come to America. Or both alternating months, k? :)

  5. Isn't Katie's banana bread in a bowl like the best thing ever?! Have you tried her carrot cake in a bowl? I made it this morning and ahhh!!!!! That girl is just such a genius!! You MUST try it! I promise you will love it :D It's officially my Friday fave!!!

    I'm definitely a dough/batter girl too! Cookies – good. Cookie dough – heaven in bowl (or on a spoon ;)

    My running buddy is my doggy! I don't have a human running buddy either. Maybe we can team up together? ;)

    Have an absolutely amazing weekend, darling!!


  6. Omg this post is making me drool! So much breakfast loving, I need to start having breakfast twice a day lol That granola looks delicious! Brownie over brownie batter but i think cookie dough over cookies haha :D

  7. Coconut banana bread oats?! Yum! I love running with my dog when I'm home. I can't wait until I get my own puppy to run with. I run with friends occasionally. Is your surprise that Paula is your new running buddy?!

  8. whatkateiscooking

    I think your oatmeal is smiling at me :)

  9. I'm just so glad it is Friday! That's about it. The weather is terrible here so I am just trying to stay positive.

  10. Yaaay for running! I've never run with my dog before. He would stop at every tree. We can't even walk him because he has to sniff EVERYTHING.
    I'm going over to your guest post right now! I'm excited for the brownie batter, I'm definitely a brownie batter over brownie person, though I prefer cookie over cookie dough.

  11. Hooray for running in new shoes!!! =) and hooray for gorgeous brownies… ahh! that would be my friday fav had I made brownies too!

    hmmm my favs are my Ferrets and kitty! <3 my new amazing skinny jeans that fit PERFECT! and knowing that my BFF will only be out of town for 3 more days! countdownnnn!!!!!

    have a great weekend doll!

  12. ahhh you are sucha little sunshine!!!!! I LOVE THOSE BREAKFASTS! oh my gosh- isnt sweet tater in oats SOOO good too!? i love new shoes! yay! love you! thanks for your ALWAYS so encouraging comments!

  13. Those brownies look fab! My Friday fave was my tofu yoghurt with apples, dead simple but it just tasted so amazing!

  14. I think I have to go with brownies over brownie batter and cookie dough over cookies :)

  15. I need to try banana bread in a bowl asap! And for me, cookie dough > cookie :)

  16. That granola looks like something I could devour! And brownies — nom!

    Hope your shins are ok today :)

  17. For me, brownies over brownie batter (but fudgy brownies rather than cakey ones pls!) but cookie dough over cookies, yum!

    That chocolate peanut butter granola looks amazing…I must make my own granola one day soon! :)

  18. yay for your run!! okay i must check out that banana bread in a bowl- sounds GOOD!!!

    brownies > brownie batter.. but they must be slightly undercooked :D and cookie dough> cookies.. FO SHO!
    my current friday favorite- the fact that I got a legit training schedule for the whole summer up to my half!

  19. Hey hey! I'm still jealous you got to run with Paula!! Eeek!! My friday fave was the 3 hour zumbathon I did yesterday! So fun! Just made naner bread in a bowl.Yum :-)

  20. Stop teasing me! I demand to know what your Paula surprise is right this minute ;)

    I wish I had a running buddy, of the animal variety though. A German Shepherd would protect me, scare off other dogs/runners (hehe) and be able to push me in terms of pace and distance.

    Granola and I have a complex relationship, hence the fact that I can only buy Bear portion packs!

    Have a wonderful week-end.


  21. So many awesome things!! Love the new shoes. And yes – I usually decide the best part of baking the the batter or cookie dough! Once things are baked they're eh; but the bowl clean-up? Ill take that responsibility ;)
    And I love your running buddy! I tried to make my dog my running buddy…but, uh…she didn't think it was as good a plan as I did ;)
    Have a great weekend, Emma!

  22. Allison @ Runs A Latte

    Nope, I don't have a running buddy, but I did try to take my german shepherd for runs, but that didn't work out so well. It turns out not all dogs like to run. In fact, my dog just happened to be the laziest dog on the planet,. He would work hard and slowing down and would constantly veer in the direction of home.

    Can't wait to hear your Paula surprise!!

  23. My dog would LOVE to always be my running buddy, but sometimes I just want to run and he likes stopping SO much. But i know it's good for him :)

  24. Aww Buddy is so cute! My Mum always tells me to take my dogs running with me but they are even smaller than Buddy so I don't think they'd be able to keep up with their little legs.

  25. What a cute puppers!! That is so fun that you ran with him :) I have a maltipoo and she LOVES to run. Shes so fast, its hard for me to keep up with her! She doesnt exactly run in a straight line so it can make running with her kind of difficult, but I love being with her :) And I am totally a batter lover!! Give me a hunk of cookie dough over a cookie any day!

  26. Can I just say I love you and your style of writing/talking? I have spent sooo much time reading your posts the last couple of days <3

  27. Oh, and I think it is awesome you do yoga, even though you find it so hard. You kick ass missy!

  28. omg banana bread in a bowl looks amazing I have got to try that!

  29. I don't have a running partner, but I like having some me time/ quiet time/ just a time to rock out to some music!

  30. Thanks again for the guest post and those brownies are absolutely amazing! :D Love all the Friday Faves. Yay for yoga too! :D

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