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What I Ate Wednesday

Howdy friends!! Happy Hump Day! Smile


I’m doing it people.



I’ve been reading about this What I Ate Wednesday for the past few weeks on the amazing Lindsay’s blog, and this week, I’m gonna join the fun! Yesterday I asked your opinion on posting my eats for a whole day, after a number of requests, and y’all said DO IT! So I am! Open-mouthed smile




Choc-PB Banana Bread in a Bowl. 1 cup Ultra-Bran cereal, 1 cup vanilla soy milk, 1 frozen banana, 2 tbsp PB, 1 tbsp cocoa powder and xanthan gum (to thicken), topped with more PB and cacoa nibs.


Morning snack:DSC08691

A 9 Bar. Such love for these Smile



Sweet tater, aduki beans in a tomato ‘cheeze’ sauce (just tomato sauce+nooch) and 2 mushrooms stuffed with spinach and more nooch. Followed by:DSC08698

Soy yogurt topped with morello cherry spread.


I then made the first batch of raw vegan cookie dough truffles for Carrie, the (VERY generous!!) highest bidder for them in Katie’s vegan bakesale for Japan. I, of course, had to taste-test two of them. You know, to check they weren’t poisonous or anything… Winking smileDSC08717

The chocolate chips also suffered heavy losses.dsc07295


Afternoon snackage:


A green monster, and Marmite on crackers x 10000.


Freya was right- those CRACKers are like crack! Smile with tongue out




Another microwave banana oat cake topped with PB (I have these pretty much daily!), and PB+apple on toast:


Oh, and you may have seen on my Dailymile  but I did a 5 MINUTE RUN on grass with NO SHIN PAIN!! I went a bit faster than was advised because I got so excited (avg 6.24 min/mile) but it felt fine! Although it was on grass, and I know that on pavement it will be different, but still! Baby steps! Smile My full workout today was an hour of Power Yoga + weights.


Post workout: The usual recovery stuff (chocolate milk+broccoli)DSC07475

And I bonded a lot with my dried fruit and trail mix throughout the day…


It’s okay- washing my hair more regularly was last month’s goal…! Smile with tongue out




A BIG plate of WW pasta with tofu-cheeze-spinach sauce (a whole block of silken tofu blended, then combined with 4 tbsp nooch+spinach+spices in a saucepan over a low heat). So filling, and SO full of protein! The sauce alone has about 40g! BAM! Open-mouthed smile



A PB+J stuffed Medjool date…AND my new faveDSC08683

Oh yes! Dark chocolate stuffed Medjool date!! Just melt some dark chocolate, put it in your date, and stick it in the fridge for a bit, and ENJOY!! Bliss Smile


So I think I solved a number of ‘mysteries’ for you:

  • How I managed to get through a whole bucket of PB in 2 weeks.
  • Why I am constantly on a sugar high.
  • Why my blog tagline is ‘Fuelled by chocolate’.


Hope y’all enjoyed seeing my eats today! Please note that I do NOT think my diet is perfect in any way (ahem…sugar intake! Smile with tongue out), and I’m not suggesting you should eat the same way! What I DO think is that it is SO important for us to eat ENOUGH to fuel our bodies!! I have seen HUGE changes in myself performance-wise, physically and mentally since I started eating the right amount for me, and I really FEEL the difference! Personally, I have stopped reading food blogs that I know have a negative effect on me, as I don’t want to be influenced adversely, y’know? I am totally comfortable with how I eat now, and although sometimes I feel a bit weird for eating so much more than my friends, both volume and calorie wise, I just remind myself that I NEED it, and just roll with it! Smile Phew, that topic is tough and so taboo!!


And I am SO SO excited about tomorrow!! It’s a surprise, which you can (hopefully!) read about in tomorrow’s post! Open-mouthed smile


Share one thing you ate today! Make me jealous!!


What are your thoughts on this calorie intake/food blogger thing? I think that although it is obvious that some bloggers AREN’T eating enough, most food bloggers don’t post EVERYTHING, so I guess you don’t really see the whole picture. And everyone is different, so what is enough for one person will be too much/little for another…


What are you excited about for this week? I’m excited about my ‘surprise’ thing tomorrow and about this weekend…it’s gonna be a good’un! Open-mouthed smile


Don’t forget, if you have any questions or anything, you can always leave it in the comment section, email me or ask me anonymously on Formspring.


Have a great week friends! Smile


P.S.  I REALLY recommend you read Jenny’s amazing post on self-love. LOVE YOURSELF friends! I love you too!!

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s masterpiece

51 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Interesting style post. Love marmite – never had it on crackers though! One thing I ate today = banana porridge with chocolate almond butter. :) Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  2. You have an awesome diet! It's so FUN!
    I ate….chocolate!? A lot of :)
    I sometimes look at bloggers' meal sizes and think 'eh??' cos they look so tiny.But like you say – we don't see the whole picture. I spend a huuuge amount of my day sittin' on my butt revising, and I'm not running any more so my intake has gone down – but I never, ever post all of what I eat. There's a limit to how many times you could take a picture of a PB finger or a handful of cashews :p
    I'm excted about….um….ooh! My Raw Food class on Saturday! And the LONDON MARATHON! Yaaay!

  3. whatkateiscooking

    There's no way I could make you jealous with anything I ate today- your eats look AMAZING! Mine pale in comparison :) I did have some chocolate peanut butter though, so it was a pretty good day :)

  4. Great post sweetie! I think I'll do a WIAW post soon :-) It's fun!

  5. I ate the best kiwi in the woooorld today! so ripe and delish! =)

    Congrats on your first WIAW! Looks like it was a total success! <3 I have got to hear more about your silken tofu cheeze sauce and PB+J dates? GENIUS! I will never use just PB again!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. Lolzthatswim(andRun)

    I had creme brulee bread pudding and it was the bomb.com. Seriously I want to just eat more and more and more. That alone motivates me to actually go to the gym. I'm glad to know someone in the blogging community who eats like I do. Twinnies to the max!

  7. I'm loving the date + dark chocolate combo! The best thing I had today was chocolate, doughy overnight oats.
    I don't post all my food exactly for that reason. I only post meals/recipes that were really good/special. It really frustrates me to see bloggers eat such small portions for their lunch, then hear about their intense workouts.

  8. This is a great post. Not only because your eats look YUM but because you pay attention to the fact that people eat different things and need different things. You should feel free to post whatever you want to post if it makes you feel good without having to compare to others. Thank you for being so open about this and for eating the right amount for your body. It saddens me to see people engage in physically taxing activities and then fail to fuel adequately. I'm in recovery from anorexia and seeing you eat (and enjoy!) your food is so inspiring :)

  9. I don’t really read food blogs either, just because I’m not a foodie and get bored! LOL people always find that hard to believe, but I just don’t care to read about food or watch cooking shows…and I hate to cook! I just like the creativity of creating recipes and the artistic-ness of photographing them!

    That being said, I love the creativity of YOUR blog. I’m definitely jotting down the recipe for that sauce. And speaking of jealous, I WANT YOUR CURLS!

    Can I chop them off and glue them to my head? :)

  10. Whats marmite? Never head of it!
    That cheeze sauce looks so good! I love cheeze sauces. I love them more than I've ever loved any "real" cheese. To me they have a flavor all their own.
    I have to stay away from bloggers who count calories. Because I don't think our bodies need a specific number of X calories. I don't think a lot of people see how much food our bodies really need when you areactive! (I used to be one of them) thank goodness I learned.

  11. Oh and I'm eating a pb & j stuffed date right now!! Thinking of you love :)

  12. I love your WIAW! I made mine too and the best thing I ate was my bloob oatmeal :) I don't post everything I eat just because most of my food is pretty dull. I wonder if most people think I eat oats all day lol

  13. Your lunch looked delicious.
    Some blogs post what they eat and the portion size is so small. They have like two pieces of broccoli and a small piece of fish. It's ridiculous.

  14. ok you eat heaps…and i just want to say yay! i love seeing that because i eat about EXACTLY the same amount! it always make me feel like a pig when i see what other bloggers eat and i eat heaps more but i just have to keep in mind that i am active and if i am hungry i should eat. thanks for keeping it real!

  15. I've never thought to use xanthan gum to thicken my oats. That's a really good idea!
    I baked and ate Kat's Almond Joy Dessert Bars. It was heavenly.
    This week is going to be awesome! Tomorrow I MIGHT race, then on friday I have a super crazy awesome thing that might happen and I will blog about it hence the reason I'm not specifying what it is. Then on Saturday I leave for California! Wow, that's a lot for the next few days..

  16. Thank you so much for the link love, I am so glad that you like the Self Love post.

    It means so much to me to hear from wonderful bloggers like you! :)

  17. Your pasta looks delicious. I must replicate! By the way, I love how you eat broccoli with chocolate milk. You’re an interesting eater…and I mean that in the best way! Odd eaters eat the best food!

  18. you KNOW i love this!!! AMEN TO FUELING!! I am soo thankful that you fuel your body properly girl!! AMEN!! love you! you rock!

  19. I love 9 Bars too! I am going to have one today after swimming, it’s that thick layer of choco, amazing. Looks like a good food day for you. I did finish my bag of raw chocolate last night, so I guess it was a good day for me too! :D Betty xxx

  20. [...] off I want to thank Jordan, Carolyn, and Emma for the lovely comments on their blogs regarding my ‘Self Love‘ post. It means so much [...]

  21. Thanks for that great post! You have just given me two ideas for some very tasty meals! It is a difficult one on the food blogging side of things. When my goal was to lose weight I was posting my daily eats like a food diary and I think that was fine and really helped me. I did get some comments with regards to me not eating enough and I took them on board and now I feel I get a better balance. Now that I'm looking to maintain my weight I've stopped posting everything I eat and just post the tastiest stuff! I guess either way we need to be accountable for what we post but everyone is different and people eat different amounts that are right for them. Personally I feel that daily eats blogs are good for me but I know thats not true for everyone :-)

  22. OMG i wnt to live with you- not only are your snacks so good but your MEALS TOO! that cheezy sauce looks amazeballs!!! well i JUST finished my oats and they werE SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!

  23. Thanks for this post Emma :) I admit I still struggle a lot with how much I *should* be eating and I do worry that I eat too much every day… I've not quite reached that place where I'm truely comfortable to rely on my body's own hunger signals. I mean, I'll bring a bag of trail mix to work as a snack and then find myself sitting at my office desk all day trying to resist eating it because it's extra calories that my body doesn't 'need'… eurgh, it's so silly. I totally wish I could borrow your brain for the day and be more Emma-like in my approach to eating, haha. Your post is really inspiring, I love that a) you eat all the delicious foods that you love and b) you're not afraid to eat for fuel and energy. I'm really going to work on achieving this Emma-like level of awesomeness :)

  24. Girl I loveeee your attitude on not comparing and eating what is right for YOU! You go gal! It's great that you are fueling yourself well and I have to honestly say that you are probably about only the 2nd other blogger whom I think fuels yourself properly with enough calories and proper sized meals! The better the fuel, the better your metabolism works + the more energy you have = better workouts = happy body = happy mind! Win win situation :p xoxox

  25. Oh my gosh…I really need a day in your life of food: everything looks just delicious and I'm so impressed that you fuel yourself so healthily and well at your age. I didn't have a clue and my Mum cooked everything for me! Your cheezy pasta looks particularly droolworthy but really I'd like to snaffle everything straight off the screen.

    I'm excited for watching the London Marathon this weekend! And dreaming about running it.

    I'm so grateful that you did decide to put together this post because I think it gives everyone some perspective that you can look slim, healthy and strong without leaving bites on plates, sabotaging food or constantly moaning about 'overindulging' on two biccies instead of one. You're such a fantastic role model for everyone, including me :)


  26. oh PS.. i could not be more excited for my bake sale goodies- holy dang those look GOOD

  27. celeryandcupcakes

    Everything look so good. I've got to get me some of those huge dates! I'm addicted to dates, but never stuffed them before.

  28. Allison @ Runs A Latte

    Like you, I find that unless I eat basically all day long, I go hungry. I know it's because I work out intensely each morning, so I need to refuel, but sometimes I feel self-conscious about how much food I have to eat to stay satisfied. But I run a lot, so I eat a lot! I'm dying to try using tofu in a creamy sauce! I have a weakness for cream sauces, and this could be the answer! :)

  29. AHHH I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!!! I am SO SO happy that you had NO shin pain for five minutes on the grass…really that makes my day!! I am praying for your speedy recovery. Thank you SO SO MUCH for the hugs….I could feel you give me a hug and I am so so grateful for you!!! Your eats look amazing and I WANT those mushrooms right now. I just had a delicious apple with PB and I think you are so right about food bloggers, they don't post everything so it is hard to judge ya know?!?! I am just so thankful for your picture!! LOVE YOU!

  30. Stacey @ The Habit of Healthy

    Thanks for this post, it was great! It's so refreshing to see a female blogger who, well, eats quite a bit (I mean that in the nicest possible way obviously!). :)

  31. Thanks for posting your eats – they look delicious and I’ve got a few ideas for jazzing up my snacks (I’m bored of my usual snacks at the moment). How much I eat varies quite a bit. If I’ve done a hard workout my appetite goes up a lot and I’ve realised now that I need to feed that hunger.

    The best thing I ate today? Quinoa and feta cheese, topped with veggies in pesto, followed by hot summer fruits, yoghurt and all-bran. Sooo good for refueling after hitting the gym.

  32. Love this post, and I love how you arent afraid to eat what your body is wanting! Psh if my body asked for chocolate chips I would be like sorry body not today, but I am really trying to get out of that habit! I know my body needs SO much more than I am giving it, and I am really trying to work on it! Im a huge snacker, I mean I literally am putting food in my mouth every 2 hours lol People make fun of me for it so it can get hard, but I just try and remind myself that I am FUELING my body. Im an athlete, I need the energy!!
    Your eats are SOOO fabulous and healthy! I love that tofu sauce. Talk about some protein! Im going to need to try that one for sure!

  33. I love this post! Apart from the pasta and crackers, it could have been a list of my favourite things – I LOVE plain soya yoghurt with jam on it :-)
    I never post everything I eat because I'd get bored, let alone anyone else! I like your take on the fuelling too and the sugar you eat's the healthiest type of sugar :-)

  34. I love this post! I used to worry that I ate so much more than other bloggers, and occasionally I still do, but i'm pretty much at a place now where I can accept that I do eat a lot because my body NEEDS it. I work out and burn calories so I need to replace them. Of course to some people, it might seem like you/me/others do eat a lot, but honestly you are an athlete!! You work out a lot which does burn a lot of energy so OF COURSE you should eat a couple extra snacks if your body (or tastebuds ;-)) are telling you to! And everything you do eat looks SO good. I think you have an amazing balance.

    Re the whole blogger calorie intake/comparison thing, I do totally agree that some bloggers are eating ridiculously little for the amount that they supposedly workout, BUT, that said, I am also getting annoyed by a lot of other bloggers dedicating whole posts to ranting about it! I think that people should just stop reading the blogs in question and let those bloggers get on with it! :-D

    Emma you are truely one of my

  35. I seriously LOVE this post! So much delicious food! Amazing :)

  36. a) you're adorable b) that breakfast has me droooling and it's past dinner time here…

  37. You are absolutely gorgeous, and I love that you have such a healthy relationship with food. I am a Division 1 college runner, and it is so rare to see someone so fit have such little fear over the amount of calories of what goes into her mouth. BEYOND wonderful to see, trust me :)
    P.s. I LOVE peanut butter. Your food looks yummy

  38. Oops, I messed up my website.. I have a blog, too. Apparently I wrote two email addresses, though. ha. :P
    Haley G recently posted..Dealing with Weight Gain

  39. MARMITE!!! WE LOVE IT!! :) Now, how did I miss this amazing day of meals. You can come cook for me now please. hehe.
    lindsay recently posted..Fresh Friday

    • YAAAY a Marmite fan?! I didn’t think you got it in the US, and I thought I was the only one who liked it!! :D

      Haha I want YOU to come and cook for ME!! All your food is AMAZING- I need more Cotterised food in my life! :P

  40. That’s a great point about what bloggers do and don’t post. Your post, on the other hand, was very insightful! I want it all, and I want it now! :)
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, and Beers recently posted..Easy Lower-Calorie Jambalaya

  41. i know this post was written awhile ago, but this is a GREAT post. Knowing what YOUR body needs is the most important thing and I am so glad to read that. That has been something I didn’t get for a very long time. And now I do. It’s refreshing.

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