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My Day in Seven

HEY friends!!


First up, there are FIFTY items you can bid on in Katie’s Vegan Bake Sale for Japan!!

imageI’ve donated cookie dough truffles, and tons of other bloggers you’ll have heard of have donated all sorts of yummy goodies! Check it out and get bidding before it’s too late!! Raising money for charity AND yummy food?! Seriously, this is the best idea EVER!!

So one of my bloggie twins Hollie tagged me in the Versatile Blogger Award!! THANKS girl! Open-mouthed smileversatile_blogger_award

The Versatile Blogger Award Rules

  1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award  to up to 15 new found 5 bloggers who commented last.
  4. Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you’ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it… (I am going to hope they see the trackback).


Hollie’s 7 Random facts are HILARIOUS!! I posted 7 Random facts about me last week, so here is My Day in Seven instead…

Seventeen kilometres covered on the elliptical over the past two days. I passed the time with the help of Runner’s WorldDSC08189

Even if I can’t ACTUALLY run, at least I can imagine I am when I’m on the elliptical and spend the time reading about it! Smile


Had a dilemma though between buying that or the new issue of Women’s Running…specially since WR had an interview with my idol Paula Radcliffe!!!DSC08185

I did what all normal people would do in this situation: I skim read WR on the shelf  (specifically the interview) whilst hiding from the store people, and bought Runner’s World. Win Win.


Six: the number of ‘high-cadence intervals’ I did on the bike. In this issue of RW, it has a page on cross-training, so I saw this workout and hit it up straight away!DSC08215

Wednesday workout:
45 mins elliptical
35 mins ‘high-cadence intervals’ bike (15mins warm up, 2 mins @ high resistance+ 95-100 rpm, 2 mins @ low resistance + 80-90 rpm, repeat)
10 mins stretching+core

Those high-cadence intervals are HARD! Especially since you put the resistance WAY up on them, but still have to up the speed!! Seriously, my quads now are sooo achey!!

Five PB+J toasts consumed today as snackageDSC08190

Best. Combo. Ever.

Four times I’ve had Katie’s delicious Banana Bread in a Bowl for Special Breakfast Mondays, and you can count on making that five next Monday. My Chocolate PB version:DSC08182

With added cocoa powder, peanut butter, peanuts instead of walnuts, and topped with more PB. YUMMY!! Open-mouthed smile

Three cashew cookie fudge babies left from the batch I made today. The other five must’ve been eaten. Don’t ask who by…DSC08206

Well, there were 3 left when I took that photo a few hours ago. And then there was one….! Winking smile

Two weeks (less than…), and an almost empty bucket of peanut butter. I did warn you it wouldn’t be around for long! Smile with tongue outDSC08207

One new pair of shoes that I have my beady eye on…41yYzSYvSfL__SS500_

These bad boys are hopefully gonna be mine soooon!! Aren’t they so pretty, or is it just me and my running shoe obsession? Brooks Adrenaline, you WILL prevent me from ever having shin splints again, and help me get a sub 1.35 half, k?

Now, I have to pass on this award to 15 bloggers. Because I love you ALL too much to decide, I’m picking the last 5 commenters on yesterday’s post, because 15 is too many for lazy me:

Something from your day in numbers? I also had two 9 Bars (YUM) and spent 3 minutes trying to pack before giving up for my tour that I leave for soon…

Are you loyal to one shoe brand? I used to run in Asics, but I have Saucony racing flats, and now I’m getting Brooks. So no!

What are you looking forward to this week? TOUR baby!! Time to remember what little German I once learnt…ja.

Have a great week friends!! And don’t forget to visit the bake sale NOW!! Smile

34 Responses to My Day in Seven

  1. Wow you love your nut butters! (the give away stuff still hasn't arrived :()
    Umm….6 – spoonfuls of wheatgerm I've had today :P
    I'm loyal to Brooks, because they fit me so well and I love them and always will :p
    I'm looking forward to: run tomorrow, beautiful physio on Friday – oooooooooh yes!

  2. hey pretty lady! I have that Peter Rabbit plate too :-)

  3. I used to wear the adrenaline's like it was my job (I still have an old pair for cross training) but I kept having IT band problems in them and got achilles tendinitis in them (HOPEFULLY THIS WON'T HAPPEN FOR YOU!) But I've also had 2 pairs of the saucony hurricanes they may be big a klunky but I love them and never been injured in them :)

  4. I'm loyal to Nikes! They're my faves!

  5. I LOVE u!!!!!!!! And if I didn't have this darned bake sale to run, I'd stay and write you a novel about just how much I love you ;). But luckily for you, I'll spare ya!

    Oh, also, do you use the whole 2 tsp of vanilla in the banana cereal? I just realized the recipe calls for that, even though I only use 1/2 tsp lol!

  6. Lolzthatswim(andRun)

    YAY I'm glad to learn more about you via my stalking ways…I run in Newtons straight up.

  7. L @ Whole Wheat Or Bust!

    Delurking to tell you that I am so so so loyal to Brooks running shoes. They fit my feet like a glove! My 4th pair in a row :)

  8. I love Paula too! Those new shoes are super cute! THANKS for voting!

  9. I must get that new RW! I hope you have a blast in Germany, I so wanna go to Europe!

  10. I ellipticized today too! I miss my running. I'm gonna try to go out tomorrow though, maybe I'll try that bike workout if it hurts to run.
    I'm loyal to brooks sneaks and nike racing spikes. I have hot pink ones for xc season and electric yellow for track. They make me flyyyyyy.
    I'm looking forward to racing (hopefully!) and getting my presentation over with tomorrow. Kind of jealous that you're traveling… only 2 more weeks til spring break WOOT WOOT!

  11. PB&J toast= BEST SNACK EVER! Numbers? Let's see…
    65 minutes on the bike
    4.5 minute plank hold
    2 classes
    1 million spoons of various nut butters

  12. I had about 18 spoonfuls of peanut butter just now :) Have fun in Germany! That's so cool that you get to go there. I stopped there briefly when I was flying from Copenhagen to Rome- I would love to see more!

  13. I like Nike shoes as they are the right shape- I think my feet are wide at the front and other shoes seem to pinch. Hmm, numbers- yesterday I did 60 mins of aerobics and ate 2 cereal bars (nakd bar and clif bar).

  14. Ooo my yesterday in numbers was that I bought 100 plastic wallets, read 5 OFSTED reports for schools I can apply to for my GTP and has my hours at work increased from 26 to 29.5 with a pretty nifty change of pay scale from Grade 2 to Grade 4 :D

  15. celeryandcupcakes

    I loved the sneaky reading you did of Women's Running. I was reading the Paula Radcliffe interview last night on the cross trainer- man she is awesome. I'm really into running mags at the moment since bagging some cheap at the Vitality Show. I think I'm going to have to by Runner's World too. That cadence workout sounds great!

  16. Thanks for the award! Now I have to try and think of 7 random things!

  17. wooho thanks fort he TAG! im SO proud that you have gotten so deep into your pb bucket!>.. i LOVE your workouts!! i wish i had a gym i could get to in the mornings! im looking forward to friday! i have no school… WOO

  18. Allison @ Runs A Latte

    I'm usually an Asics girl, although my last pair were Saucony. I'm curious about Brooks, though. let us know WHEN you try them out!

  19. I love my nikes! I tried to expand my horizons but these babies just fit me like a glove :-) If it aint broke, don't fix it!

    6 = number of magazines in my giant NYC purse (SELF, Shape, Women's Health, Fitness, Runner's World, In Touch)

  20. I love the countdown Emma! So weird that PB and chocolate are in a post of yours! ha ha!!

    Those shoes ARE hawt–not YOUR fire shoes hawt, but they look amazing!

    NEXT week I am looking 4ward to Arizona sun!!

  21. yay for nut butters =]

  22. i LOVE YOUR BLOG! so interesting and inspiring.

    1- 2 cups of yogi tea (and counting)
    2- i had pairs of asics but was craving a change and ended up going with – gasp – nike! i got fitted for them and the experts said they'd be just as good for my feet and they have! thinking about saucony or brooks for my next pair.
    3- i have a 10K this weekend and i'd like to PR!


  23. AHHH love the cute post girl!!!
    have an AMAZING day <3

  24. ahaha. at first I thought that said you ate 9 BARS. I was gonna say, you go giiirl. AND I willll, will will keep you updated on my silly little new shoes plan. it WILL happen. and brooks are certainly a possibility. ;)

  25. Yaay, thanks for the tag! I've had that one before, but I'm sure I can think up 7 more goofy things about myself!

    And I can go through a tub of that pb in less than 2 weeks, no problem!

  26. I had pb and J waffles today, how freaking amazing! Well ok technically it was DCD but for similar purposes I'll say pb I need to make those cashew bites O_O

  27. I have my eye on a new pair of running shoes too!! I'm normally an Asics girl but these ones are Nike :-D
    And I loveee fudge babies… they don't last two minutes when I make a batch :-D

  28. [...] so basics.. I was awarded with the Versatile Blogger Award from Emma and [...]

  29. LOVVVE that 5 pband jelly toasts in one day! Ahhh you sound like me, I've been seriously munching on SUNFLOWER seed butter on ezekiel toast with strawberry jelly…my new HUGE obsession!! :)

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