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Featured Athlete: Lauren from Run Yoga Repeat!!

HAPPY MONDAY friends!! Hope you’ve had a good one!!


As usual, it’s Monday, so it’s Featured Athlete time!! Today is another of my fave bloggers- Lauren from Run Yoga Repeat! She’s an amazing gal, training for her fourth(!!) half marathon and she shares my love of spin and yoga!! Oh, and I want her beautiful hair so badly. So, I’ll hand over to the gorgeous Lauren! Open-mouthed smile


1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hey there! My name’s Lauren, and I blog at Run Yoga RepEAT.


I am a college junior from Vermont studying dietetics & nutrition. I’m always busy, but I thrive off variety and trying to balance college life with healthy eating, exercise, and having a social life.

I love being spontaneous and living life to its fullest, which for me means creating random kitchen concoctions and braving the hardest trail on the mountain while snowboarding. My goal for life is to just keep loving life, spending time with those I love, and to work in the public and international field to improve the nutrition of kids!


2. Share with us a random fact about you!

Last summer, I went checked off something from my bucket – skydiving! It was one of the most thrilling and invigorating experiences I’ve ever had. My boyfriend & I decided we wanted to celebrate our 1 year dating anniversary by skydiving, so that morning, we jumped out of an airplane at 11,000 feet and free-falled for over a minute. I’m already excited to do it again sometime!




3. What would be the five items you would choose to have with you if stranded on a desert island?

Ahh, you’re killing me, only 5 items! I would choose dark chocolate, oats, my ipod for dance parties & entertainment, a continual supply of iced coffee, and sunscreen (I sunburn so easily). I could practice my barefoot running along the island, and I really hope there’s tropical fruit trees there.


4. So you’re an athlete then? Are you a runner/swimmer/cyclist/gym fanatic?

I am mostly a runner, but I love being active in a variety of things: hiking, spinning (total addict), yoga, planks (I rock these and love the burn), snowboarding, and waterskiing & tubing!

Snowboarding in Colorado:



Just being active OUTSIDE makes me happy, and I would much rather get my endorphin fix in the sunshine. I’ve even been known to drag my yoga mat outside in the summer. I am currently training for my fourth half marathon, and I’ve been training on some killer hills, so hopefully, I’ll PR! I am also thinking about a marathon next fall, which makes me nervous but excited!


5. WHY do you workout/run/cycle etc.?

Endorphins! Exercise just makes me so happy, and I love how it makes me feel. There’s nothing like the running high that lasts all day, or the calming yoga glow that focuses and relaxes me. Exercise just gives me a great sense of accomplishment in my life, and the happiness I get from it reflects on the rest of my life. It also gives me a chance to be outside and think through all the random thoughts floating around in my head.


6. Have you always been active?

I’ve always been pretty active because my parents definitely encouraged it When I was younger, we would go hiking as a family, or my sisters and I would make up crazy games outside. I got into running when I was 13 because my mom invited me on a few runs. Pretty soon, I had signed up for a 5K, and later that year, we ran our first half marathon together. It was an awesome experience, and although she’s not a big runner now, I’m trying HARD to convince her to run a marathon with me next year.


My family & I also hiked Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, which is the largest mountain on the east coast, together last year! The views were incredible.




7. How do you stay motivated? Do you have any motivational tips to share?

My motivation has been great lately! My best tips are:

1.) Make a plan. Since I’m training for a half marathon right now, I wrote out a flexible running plan to follow. It really helps to see what runs I planned for the week.

2.) Variety!!!! This is key because if I do one thing too much, I’ll get bored. After trying a bunch of classes at the gym, I’ve found my favorite yoga class and spinning class. I always look forward to those classes because the instructors & music are awesome, and it’s a nice change from running. Find a class or exercise you love, and you’re so much more likely to do it.

3.) Flexibility. I have to be flexible every week with my workout schedule because of school, social commitments, and sleep! Since I have a schedule, I can switch around my days if I need to, or take an extra rest day if I’m just too busy. Another thing I do is bring my notes to the gym when I’m on the elliptical – two things at once!

I struggle with motivation on occasion (everyone does), but if I feel too burnt out, I’ll take an extra rest day. I also like to look through my favorite running quotes and running training journal just to remind myself how much I truly love running and working my body. It makes me feel so good!


8. What is your ideal summer day?

Funny you should ask because I sure am excited for summer, and I love fun, packed summer days. My ideal day would start off with a run first thing in the morning on trails. After exploring the trails, I would come back to my family’s summer cabin, and jump in the lake because the run obviously made me sweaty. I’d then grab iced coffee and a berry-filled bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and sit out by the lake. The afternoon would be filled with a day on the lake, doing fun activities like tubing, waterskiing, canoeing, and swimming.


I’d end the day with a bonfire with friends, then stargazing when it gets dark out. I cannot wait for days like these!



THANKS for sharing Lauren!! I can’t BELIEVE you’ve been skydiving…how cool!! And can I join you in your ideal summer’s day please?! Smile


Hope y’all enjoyed finding out more about Lauren as much as I did!! Go say hi to her on her blog and leave her some nice comments:)


What is YOUR ideal summer? In America, meeting all YOU amazing people!! We’d run together, and eat chocolate. Who’s up for it?!


Were you an active kid? I wasn’t really! Specially not in my early teenage years! I only really became more active aged 15 I guess…?


Random Q: What was your Monday Workout? 50 mins on the elliptical+1 hour BodyPump class. The last one before the new release comes, which is sposed to be super HARD. The ‘theme’ for this release is ‘fatigue’…!!


Have a great day friends!!


Proverbs 15:13 “A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.”


P.S. Don’t forget that Katie’s blogger bakesale to raise money for Japan is tomorrow!! Let’s all support Katie, raise money for Japan, and get yummy food in the process, k? Check out the list of yumminess here Smile

22 Responses to Featured Athlete: Lauren from Run Yoga Repeat!!

  1. Aah skydiving! How superamazing!

    My diea summer is your ideal summer, with the addition of a marathon thrown in :P
    I was a very active kid, ay – riding and just being irritatingly energetic :P
    My workout: level 2 & 3 Jillian + 2 circuits from her other DVD, and a lot of walking with my revision. I get to RUN tomorrow tho!!

  2. cool post! wow…..i can't believe you sky dived!!! scary!

  3. Awesome post! I would loove to go sky diving some day.
    Seems super adventurous!

  4. Thank you so so much, Emma, for spreading the word. I’m so excited to show off your cookie dough truffles tomorrow! (Btw, I so would’ve used them in my post today, but they were blurry when I enlarged ‘em. But I still think they’re gorgeous!)

    And I’m in awe of Lauren’s bravery. I don’t even like getting ON airplanes, let alone jumping out of one lol!

    • That's okay!! I am SO excited for it!! I know, the photos were awful :( I made them when I first started the blog, and had started using my camera for the first time, so my photography skills were even worse than they are now!! :P I wish I had better photos of them…THANKS though:)

  5. Lolzthatswim(andRun)

    I love Laurens blog as well. She is so adorable and I read her blog like it's my job. Skydiving is nutzo though good heavens.

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  7. Lauren’s such a great blogger!! Great pick!

  8. The Teenage Taste

    That is so cool that Lauren went skydiving! I would definitely never do that – I am such a wimp! ;]

  9. No Monday workout for me, I'm still recovering from all the BIRTHDAY CAKE I ate yesterday :) Yay for turning 22!

  10. oh my gosh, my fiance wants to go sky diving for his bachelor party!

  11. I love Lauren! She is absolutely adorable and I love to her commitment to fitness. It seems like she never gets bored because of all the different types of workouts she uses!
    No monday workout for me :( WAAH I HATE INJURIES.
    Can we please make those summer plans a reality? I want to run with you and eat dark chocolate and dates together!

  12. I love this series! Lauren is one of my favorite bloggers :) And I totally agree about her hair- I love it!!

  13. Great post :)
    OOoh enjoy body pump- the next one is hard (but then are they ever easy??) :)

  14. Lovely post! My Monday workout was intervals and a killer spin class – oh so good!

  15. You have a boat?! Definitely then!! :D

  16. Skydiving, canoeing, skiiing.. Wow, you are one active lady Lauren, never mind the 4 halves and the yoga!

  17. WOAH lauren! youve been sky diving- so cool!!! my workout today was level 3 of the shred.. i was so tired today so just did that…
    all these DVDs are working me hard!! ideal summer would be SUN! and FUN… FUN IN THE SUN- HA!

  18. i love lauren. Her red hair is beaiutiful! I think it makes her faster. hehe!

  19. lovely post :) My ideal summer definitelty involves a beach of some sort. Any kind of beach! And outdoor dining/drinking is also a huge plus. I can't wait for summer!!

  20. thisitalianfamily

    Aww, I love Lauren and her blog! :)

    Lauren, I love that your family is so active together! That's really so wonderful. :)

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