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Friday Faves!!

It’s FRIDAY FAVES time people!! SO many people do this now, and it’s such a great way for us to share our happiness with each other! Open-mouthed smile


1. Katie’s amazing chocolate fudge.DSC07640

It is the most delicious thing ever, despite what this picture makes it look like! I’m a talented photographer, dontcha know? Winking smile And is a perfect topping for oatmeal…


2. QUADRUPLE Chocolate Oats. Remember the Triple Chocolate Oats on my last Friday Faves? Well I amped up the chocolateyness even more. Soon, I’ll be at Dectuplet (is that even a word?) Chocolate Oats. But this was good enough for today! Smile with tongue out


1/2 cup oat bran and CHOCOLATE milk topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams, Katie’s chocolate fudge and cacao nibs. Oooooh SO good. Went into a slight chocolate-induced coma after this one.


3. Getting started on my rehydration mission! This was one of my March goals, because I know I am lacking in salts because I never replenish them!! So I ordered some Nuun rehydration electrolyte tabs.DSC07651

Today was my rest day but I’ll test them out tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile


4. Nooch (Nutritional Yeast). This stuff is the BOMB!DSC07656

(Yes, you caught me, I am holding a square of chocolate in that picture…Lindt is another Friday Fave I had to subtly sneak in! Winking smile )


I sprinkle it on ANYTHING savoury, and it makes it SO much yummier!! Take today’s dinner for example: sweet tater, tomato lentil stew and broccoli, all sprinkled with nooch…DSC07655

…and then a ton more after that photo was taken! Smile with tongue out

I get a LOT of questions about this stuff. Basically, it tastes like cheese, and has around 14g of protein per serving, plus tons of B vits. You can’t beat it! Open-mouthed smile


5. A project I worked on today…my RUNNING JOURNAL! I kept a running journal of sorts before in a tatty old notebook, so I thought it was time I changed things up:DSC07675

Yes, it is very amateurish, and pretty cheesy/lame, but I love it! It has some of my favourite quotations and some pics too Smile


Back cover:DSC07661

“When your legs get tired, run with your heart” is my favourite quotation, and below it is a fave mantra of mine: “Pain is temporary, Pride is forever”.


Inside front cover:DSC07670


Inside back cover:



I LOVE my new journal!! I am SUCH a sucker for quotations, and I have left a page at the front for some more, so I’d love to hear your favourites to write on it!


6. Looking forward to tomorrow’s run: my first ever real track run!07091901


I have simulated track workouts on the treadmill before, but obviously it’s not the same as the real deal! There isn’t one very near me, which is why I haven’t done one before. But tomorrow morning I’m gonna travel and go hit that track! Can’t wait…400’s methinks…bring it on!! Open-mouthed smile


What are your Friday Favourites? Share with moi pretty please!


Do you have any favourite quotations or mantras? I’d love to hear your favourites and add them to my list!!


Do you have a running journal/exercise log, etc? Do you find it useful? I love having one! I just looked back at my first ever entry: 3 min run, 1 min walk repeated. “It was HARD!”. Open-mouthed smile


Have a great weekend friends!!


P.S. Your comments on yesterday’s post were amazing. You guys are the BEST and such inspirations to me!! You all HAVE to come and visit me and run the London Marathon with me in a couple of years, k? It will be SO MUCH FUN!!

30 Responses to Friday Faves!!

  1. How many ways are there to tell you how amazing you are? 'Cause I feel like I've used them all already… and yet it's still not enough!

    Oh, also, I would love to come visit you. But there is NO way you're getting this lazy butt to run a marathon ;).

  2. I've already planned to run it with my other London friend! It would be a huge party, and running in a new city & country to me would be awesome. Your running journal is so pretty. Have you seen the movie about Prefontaine? It's awesome, and that quote is one of my favs. My favorite running mantra is "run with passion." I have a Runner's World log, and I use DailyMile online.

  3. LOVE THESE. So, I jsut purchased some Dark Chocolate Dreams PB thinking of you!!

    DOn't you love 400m's!! Killer workouts!! Your journal looks great–I find it so relaxing/reflective to relive my workouts through writing (not typing).

    Have a fab weekend!!

  4. Nothing better than chocolate for breakfast ;) And I keep a workout log on my phone to keep track of my weights. Very helpful!

  5. My friday favorites are: turning in my term paper, whole foods shopping spree, and kiwiberries!! I totally agree that nooch is amazing. It's so good for you too!
    I log my workouts in a journal and then put them into the computer so I can add up all my totals for the year. It's so much fun to look back at what I've recorded on the spread sheets. Your journal is so cute!
    My running mantra is "You're Beautiful, You're Strong, and you can do it!" positive affirmations work wonders for the mind.

  6. thisitalianfamily

    I love your running journal! How great that you have that, girl! Love love love it! :)

  7. I love this quote:

    “The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t ‘ is you. And you don’t have to listen.”

    It’s by Nike, and so true!

  8. Great journal sweetie! I love that last quote, although when I ran London Marathon 2 years ago I had to use my bravery up in the last 2 miles after my kneecap decided to face the wrong way – it REAAALLLY hurt!! But then I remembered why I was doing it and it made things just a tiny tiny bit easier.

  9. I use my Nike+ now to keep track of my runs- it logs them anyway and then you can add notes to each run if you want (eg windy/ tired legs- there is space for loads of typing). I also use fetch to log my races as I like to keep track of the exact times I did them in. Love the idea of the motivational quotes but can't think of any at the mo.

  10. LOVE your running journal! ENJOY your track workout! I actually like the track for some reason…

  11. I love your running journal! totally motivational!

    If its nice out today im going to go to the track today tooo0o0o…see ya thurrrrr ;) bahaha

  12. Nutritional yeast=amazing! It's so yummy and I love that it's a natural source of B vitamins.

  13. I LOVE THIS WEEKS FAVS!! noosh ROCKs.. your oats ROCK. katies fudge ROCKs.. your running journal ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! that journal is a great idea!
    friday fav: flavored soy milk!

  14. I love your running journal, its just like my inspiration board but in a book form! Thanks for your comment on my blog btw, I am trying to add in plenty of nut butter and dried fruit for extra calories, had plenty of pb on my porridge this morning to keep me going :-)

  15. Allison @ Runs A Latte

    I love your journal – it's so cute! I like the idea of making one, but I kinda lack a creative bone in my body. I was the kid who hated art projects growing up….

    But I do keep track of times in my excel spreadsheet (wow, I hate the way that sounds). But I like the idea of keeping track of feelings, inspirations, thoughts, etc. Hmmmm, it could be fun to buy a cute little notebook…

    Wow, you have really come a long way from 3 min, 1 min.!! That's so cool!

  16. hope your track workout went well! your journal is adorable – I have a log in excel, but yours is much more personal and cuter :)

  17. Love your Friday Faves – they look very much like mine :D Except for one addition: coconut butter!!!!! :D

    AMAZING LUCK to you for your track meet tomorrow!! I know you will rock it :)

  18. I love your friday faves! I’ve been using Brewers yeast, very similar to Nutritional yeast. Can’t get enough! and your journal is so beautiful, like you.


  19. I love your journal, so beautiful, just like you! And all your faves look delicious. I am a bit obsessed with Nutritional yeast as well. Good stuff!

  20. I love the idea of a running journal!! Yours is seriously so so cute! I don't know much about nutritional yeast, but I'm very curious!

  21. i like it Friday Faves!! | tender-hearted Tooth Runner after this im your rss reader

  22. I love the idea of a running journal! I keep a general purpose one, as well as an exercise log, but the idea of combining the 2 into someone workout specific with pics and quotes and stuff is cool.

    Hope the track session went well!

  23. I LOVE your running journal: it's so personal to you clearly and documents your individual running journey. I think the connection to the individual and running manifests in different ways and we all have our own ways of logging the memories. Your jorunal is fab and so creative! I only log my distances with my Garmin and have two pinboards of my race numbers/medals. I do remember certain training runs through the mapper on the Garmin though.

    Good luck with the track workout: I've never done one and wouldn't have the guts to go on the track alone (running clubs scare me…) Can't wait to hear how it goes!

    And those oats? Phenomenal.


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