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Giveaway winners and addictions…

Hey lovelies!!

Big excitement of the day…I worked out how to put the Random Number Generator into a post, so now I can prove my honesty!! It’s called using the ‘paste’ function. Who knew! Smile with tongue out

Anyway, without further ado…the giveaway winner


Number 9= Freya @ Brit Chick Runs!!

The (UK-only) runner’s up (again by RNG but I won’t bother pasting all the boxes!): Bronagh, Katie Good, Carrie, Julie Bell, Daisy Chain, Leanne, Emily, Jess, Clemmy and Lucie. CONGRATS you guys!! Email me your addresses and I’ll pass them along.

And thanks to everyone for entering, and for your tip on storing the nut butter upside-down! Open-mouthed smile Even if you didn’t win this time, I’ve got another one coming up soon (hint: think protein…) so big hugs for everybody!!


Special Breakfast Monday (I didn’t get to post it yesterday!) was one of Katie’s banana bread in a bowl. I am addicted to this, and to Katie’s recipes in general!!DSC07592

Made with 1 cup Ultra-Bran cereal, 1 cup chocolate milk, 1 large frozen banana, 1 tbsp coconut butter and 2 tsp vanilla topped with part of a crumbled PB chocolate chip granola bar and cacao nibs. SO good. I want this every day! If you haven’t had it yet, you NEED to!!

Before my run today, I had two more PB chocolate chip granola bars. These are definitely one of my fave things I’ve ever made!! I am ADDICTED. I may have had four yesterday…! Smile with tongue outDSC07600

Tempo Tuesday!! 4 mile tempo run was on the cards. It was super-foggy, so I put on the coolest item in my wardrobe, after my granny fleece and penguin onesie…


…my Hi-Viz running vest!! This is one cool look. They’re all wearing them in Milan, trust me Winking smile

And I had to question my sanity (or lack of) when running my tempo part of the run up a huge hill…WHY would I do that?! Anyway, still managed a 7.01 min/mile pace for the tempo part, which I was pleased with. The shins were a bit achey, so I didn’t push it. Nothing some frozen broccoli, frozen soya mince and two glasses of chocolate soy milk can’t solve…DSC07597

Proteined up more with my meal afterwards to help those muscles repair! Quinoa and lentil tomato stew sprinkled with nooch and served with spinach:DSC07518

And I quite possibly another granola bar found its way into my belly afterwards…our secret, k? Winking smileDSC06912

It’s an addiction I tell you.

What foods have you become addicted to recently? Definitely these bars! But also dried fruit in a BIG way (I go through about 1/2 pack of dates a day and demolished most of a pack of dried figs today…sooo yummy!) as well as sea salt dark chocolate Smile

What is your ‘coolest’ wardrobe item? Fleeces and sweats all the way baby.

What would be your dream thing to win in a giveaway? Mine would be a running holiday in Hawaii. That would be heaven… Or a lifetime supply of dark chocolate!!

Enjoy the rest of your week friends!! Open-mouthed smile

33 Responses to Giveaway winners and addictions…

  1. Congrats to the winner!
    I'd love to give away a VITAMIXER!

  2. Aren't Katie's breakfast ideas the best? I made baked oatmeal for the first time today…and I have a strong feeling it will be my new addiction. And girl, trust me, you're not the only one addicted to dried fruit. I love it. It's nature's candy!

    My coolest wardrobe item…hmm…I don't know. I love my workout shoes! They're the Livestrong version of Nike Airs. The Nike symbol is bright yellow. They make me feel like I'm working out for a good cause! I wish you lived in LA so we could workout together and eat chocolate. A lifetime supply of dark chocolate…HELL YES.

  3. lol nice vest!! Safety first!! I'm addicted to smoothies. Oh and skittles. My dream thing to win in a giveaway would be a trip to italy or a macbook!! :D

  4. I've become addicted to blueberries I pretty much add them to everything…or end each meal with some hahah

    ANNNND PLEASE TELL ME THOSE ORANGE BEAUTIES ARE YOUR RUNNING SHOES??? I loveeeee them! Ps. nice touch w the chocolate milk…touche

  5. One, you are adorable!! Love the Hi-Vis vest!! :) And, 2 several lines into your post, I had to grab a spoon and dip into the PB jar! Cravings!! Holy awesome meals and subliminal messages!!

    You are a speedy girl emma–7:01 pace?!!! Holla!!

  6. Jam. Definitely jam. I have a jar-a-day habit right now. I'm actually eating some as I type, and my keyboard is getting sticky.

  7. Lara@sixtimestheyum

    Your breakfast looked yum yesterday! My current (okay, constant!) addiction is to peanut butter (or any nut butter) and chocolate. I seriously cannot get enough of that combination. Whoever thought to put those two together for the first time is a genius (and personally responsible for my waist line…)! Haha. I've also been on a PB&J kick lately. Such great comfort food!

  8. I've been absolutely insanely addicted to hummus lately…like scarely addicted (think 1 or 2 tubs..a day!!) ahhh and tahini too, it sounds weird but recently I discovered that it's SO good plain! omg I absolutely love your neon vest! hahaha I didn't even know you could buy those things! my dream giveaway win?! hmm I'm thinking I'll go with you on the lifetime supply of dark chocolate…or a lifetime supply of dark chocolate + PEANUT BUTTERS!! yummmmm!!!

  9. I've been loving my chia seeds these past few days – they created the doughiest & yummiest overnight oats this morning! I do need to try that banana bread in a bowl! There's just so many oatmeal recipes out there, and I wanna try them all! I'd love to win a travel giveaway…I'd either travel around Europe or go to New Zealand.

  10. Can I be addicted to YOU? Pretty please with banana slices on top?
    But wait, I must've missed these pb bars. They sound super delicioso. I must go check them out. Runs away to click on the link…*

  11. I have a bit of a sunflower seed butter addiction….so muchhhh
    and I'd LOVE to win free some sort of food for a year. OR free anything from whole foods that I want forever!

  12. the bread in the bowl is looking mighty amazing I must say! Awesome tempo run!!! You are awesome! :)

  13. I MUST make those granola bars. They look soooo good and peanut butter and chocolate is pretty much my favorite combo ever.

    I love that you rocked the safety vest. Better safe than run over on the road! Awesome tempo run.

    I have been addicted to kiwis lately. Random, I know but they are just so delicious!

  14. Nice tempo run! They're my favorite type of workout. I thought I was going to be doing a tempo workout today but instead I ended up doing more intervals :( boooo.
    I haven't had quin-wizzle in forever and now I want it. I love eating it for breakfast. My latest obsession has been avocado though. Oh and dried pineapple, but I just ran out!!! So sad.
    Congrats to all the winners of the giveaway! I'm jeallll.

  15. Mmmmm! i must try that breakfast recipe! looks yummalicious! great work on the run girl!

  16. Lea@Coffee&Claptrap

    Well done on your run sweet, you're an amazing runner and very inspiring!


    Yayyyyyyyy!!!! I'm SO CHUFFED to be a runner up, I never win anything! :D :D You've made my day girl, love ya! :D xxx

  17. WOOOO!!! im a runner-up!!! yipeeeeee :-)

    foods i am addicted to are broccoli, seriously i CRAVE this badboy! i dream about it. its getting creepy! another absolute crack attack is Fru-Grains. i love the fact that they look like little twigs, i love the fact that if you leave the box open they get all soft and smooshy, DEEEElish!

    My "coolest" wardrobe item would have to be my rockin collection of thermals :-p
    i love me a good thermal top, i wear them with everything!!! (luckily mine are quite pretty looking so i dont have too much of the granny chic going on!)

    Dream win would be an all expenses paid trip to america with a thrown in supermarket sweep in whole foods and trader joes…. hello GIANT trolley!!!

    I really need some advice on whether or not to buy some "nooch", what are the benefits do you think and where do you get it from?? email me if poss!!!
    thanks lovely xx

  18. WOOHOO! yyayaya! DUDE< SERIOUSLY YOU ARE SO FAST- like i could run a 7:40 mile.. if it were just one mile.. you ran like 4 miles at an even faster pace.. thats so FREAKIN AWESOME!
    im obsessed with FOOD. every kind of FOOD! and ond 30 Day shred.. that vid rocks

  19. That's a killer pace, particularly up a tough hill. Amazing!

    I have been addicted to making cocoa with rice milk since November. I think there was only one day where I didn't have at least one cup.

    Looks like a lovely breakfast recipe, and I love the combination of quinoa and lentils too.

    In terms of the giveaway, I didn't realise when I entered that the PB bars have honey in them, so would it be okay to award them to someone else in my place? I didn't see what the runner up prizes were at the time of entering: typically greedy me I was too enchanted by all of the nut butters and jams!


  20. Ooh I won a runners-up prize, hurrah! This has totally made my day :) Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

  21. celeryandcupcakes

    Awesome run!!! I'm with you on the date addiction I've almost finished my 1kg bag that I bought a few weeks ago…oh well just means I will have to buy some more! :D

  22. Love the look of that quinoa and lentil stew – yum! I love dates too, especially the proper big juicey medjool dates from the green grocers – heaven!

  23. See this totally makes me wish I didn't take a dislike to the train station and chose to give Milan a miss when I was interrailing years (yes lots of them!) ago. Imagine a whole city all in hi-vis vests, totally epic!

    Surely tempo up a big hill is so much more fun, really impressive pace though!

    I'm going to London tonight, really looking forward to going to Whole Foods…

  24. adventuresofpretendcook

    Those bars looks so good! I want one now. :)

  25. right now I cannot get enough of oats and dried figs. YUM.

  26. Congrats to Freya! And I love the vest. Safety first ;)

    Right now I am addicted to almond butter. I made my own batch yesterday and must already have eaten about half of it!

  27. MAN, I need to go self-hosted then! do you pay to self-host yours? is there a way to NOT pay and be self-hosted?

    and those bars. holy moly, get in mah bellyyyy!

    I would love to win free gas for a lifetime. that, or a supermall run sweepstakes. unlimited time to snag whatever I wanted in a whole mall for free.

    and obviously, since we're dreaming here, all that free food would also be calorie and fat free. ;)

    • Yep you have to pay I'm afraid to be self-hosted sadly :( You can get it pretty cheap though if you shop around a bit!

      And I am going to cross my fingers and hope all those dream come true!! :D

  28. Yay congrats to the winners :)
    Those bars look good- I really really want to make some! :)
    I would love to win a lifetime of airmiles :)

  29. You are little miss speedy! I would be eating your dust!! :)

    My coolest wardrobe pieces are my huge fuzzy pajamas and slippers–very cute! ;)

  30. Sounds like a great run!!! I'm obsessed with eating this mint chocolate ice cream I found! It is freaking delish, and in the spirit of St. Pattys day!!

  31. Whoa! I've never had ultra-bran cereal and I have to admit – it makes me a little nervous. Looks like pudding!

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