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Why Sundays are the best

HEY friends! Hope you’ve had a great weekend! Open-mouthed smile


I sure love Sundays! When I said that it was my favourite day, I wasn’t kidding!


Sundays mean hill time!!


I grabbed a PB chocolate chip granola bar on my way out of the door (at 7.30 am on a Sunday- be proud!!)DSC07505

Way #1001 to not lose weight when being active: eat all the time. Works for me! Winking smile


I did my usual hill run on the treadmill, being very wary of my shins after yesterday, but there was no pain, just a small ache! BIG improvement! I was super-careful though and iced as soon as I got back anyway Smile


Incline 8 is no joke. The good thing is that incline 4 feels so easy in comparison! Smile with tongue out


Followed up by 15 mins on the summit trainer and 25 mins doing a hill workout on the elliptical…DSC07533

AND I remembered my shower gel and shampoo, unlike last week’s fail! Open-mouthed smileDSC07539

BUT I forgot my water (there had to be something!), and ended up paying the gym’s extortionate price…not happy!!DSC07541

I expected it to taste special, like water made from fairy dust. It didn’t. Booo.


BUT bargain of the century made up for it!! Holland and Barrett (a health store) are having a PENNY SALE!! You can bet I bought a gazillion bars…DSC07545

..and ate one on the way home. Too delicious!


Sundays mean Pancake Sunday!!DSC07551

Katie’s banana pancakes. SO delicious and SO quick. There are only two there, because I ate the rest whilst waiting…patience isn’t one of my many virtues. Neither is modesty apparently.


Sundays mean church!! I felt like I really needed it this week more than usual, what with Japan and all that…and all money collected today went straight to helping them Smile


Pancakes > appearance. Who in their right mind would waste precious pancake-devouring time finding a hairbrush or some make-up? Not me! Smile with tongue outDSC07556

I think my fellow church-goers were just grateful I showered and changed out of my sweaty workout clothes. That sadly doesn’t always happen…sorry church friends.


Sunday lunch was some of my Easy-Cheezy Scrambled Tofu on toast with courgettes and ‘shrooms:DSC07563

I then had the classiest ‘dessert’ known to man.DSC07494

Spoon of peanut butter with chocolate chips x a million.


Coming up tomorrow is the first ever Sweet Tooth Runner FEATURED ATHLETE post!! I’m so excited! Open-mouthed smile


What are you excited about for this week? I volunteered to play (I’m a musician) at a care home for the blind on Wednesday, which I’m happy about!!


Do you have any Sunday traditions? Sunday Hills and Sunday Pancakes Smile


And question: Is it okay to double-dip if you are the only one going to be using it?! I do this all the time with my nut butters especially, since no-one else touches it, so is it acceptable?


Have a great week lovelies!!


P.S. I have been told that the subscription problems are sorted!!! So you can now subscribe if ya want! Open-mouthed smile

26 Responses to Why Sundays are the best

  1. Double dipping is totally okay when it's your stuff :-)

  2. I think it's okay to double dip if you're the only one using it. I do it! It probably still isn't sanitary though.
    I don't like sundays because it's my rest day and the day I end up doing all the work I didn't do on friday or sunday. It's not fun at all. I wish I was doing hills like you!!
    I'm excited to finally turn in my research paper this friday and run a 5k this saturday. Since I wont have the research paper, I'll actually be able to get some sleep!

  3. I love Sundays!! You really destroyed the hill workout, very nicely done!!! I wish I could find myself some penny sales around here! :) And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to double dip!

  4. Awesome job on your Sunday hills! Incline 8?! I'm gonna need to start doing some major hill training because I'm thinking about a half marathon in May with a 4 mile uphill section, but the last half is mostly flat or downhill. I'm excited for my boyfriend to come back from his vacation – it's been a week now!
    Totally okay to double dip – I do it all the time.

  5. For me, Sundays are study and shopping days :) And preparing my food for the week – Or at least trying to! It’s my attempt at organization

    You look great even when you don’t brush your hair! No worries! Enjoy your week :)

  6. Nice header Emma! I think that is sooooooooooo awesome that you're going to play for the blind! What do you do musically? I don't double dip even if i'm the only one b/c it makes things go bad quickly, etc. :P

  7. whatkateiscooking

    I definitely double dip if I'm the only one eating out of something. My own germs aren't going to kill me and it saves dishes :)

  8. Allison @ Runs A Latte

    I'm so paranoid about forgetting to pack things for the gym that I have a list attached to my fridge – conveniently next to the door and my gym bag. I stuff double underwear, socks, you name it because I don't have time to drive back home before work.

    I usually end up forgetting my towel, which means I have to pay to use the gym ones. It drives me nuts because they're thin and tiny – for like a 6 year old. I'm just shy of 6 feet tall, so not so great.

    Yay for pancakes! I'm already dreaming about the pancakes I'm making next weekend. :)

  9. I had banana pancakes tonight for dinner!! Nooommmmatronnn.

    What exactly is a summit trainer?? I've never heard of this! Double dippings totes fine when it's just you! I drink my juice right out of the bottle all the time when I'm at my apartment muhaha

  10. I sure do hope it's ok to double dip if you're the only one eating it 'cause I ALWAYS do!! :D
    ALL your food look delicious as always!!! :)
    And I just can't get over how gorgeous your hair is, girl!! :)

  11. I think double dipping is fine if it is only you and if you use the jar up quickly (otherwise I imagine all the germs multiplying in the jar). I love sundays too :) Normally we visit Andy's parents for tea which is always lovely

  12. Can I just say your hair is amazing – it looks so long and in great condition! Love the tip of how to not lose weight while being active – I think I need to follow that one! This week I am excited about picking up my new car!

  13. Holland and Barrett penny sale is awesome!

  14. SO MUCH To say in this post!! ok first of all.. killer workout!!! and YAY for a discount!..pancakes > appearance.. NO DOUBT

  15. You are gorgeous! I definitely think its ok to double dip if you are the only person using the PB :-) and that dessert is one of my all time favorites!

  16. I wrote a comment before, but I guess it didn't go through :(

    Anyway, I alway double dip if I'm the only one eating it, so I sure hope it's okay! ;) ALL your food looks so good! And I just can't get over how gorgeous your hair is!

  17. celeryandcupcakes

    I love PB and chocolate together…wel PB with anything actually! Double dip all the way girlfriend!!! :D

  18. Hey! I got you back! I lost you for a while as I was still subbed to your old blog – DOH! Great post sweetie – you always bring a smile to my face :-)

  19. I think I've spent more in H&B getting bargains than I would normally…I love a good sale.

  20. GIRL you are amazing and you killed that hill workout!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR GORGEOUS HAIR!! PB with chocolate chips = heaven!!!

  21. woww awesome! never knew a viola player, just cello, violin, and the such. :) God bless ya girl

  22. It's VERY ok to double dip when you're own. It's also ok to dip one side, take a bite, and then flip it over and dip the other side – but only if you're with close family members who will love you anyway.

  23. Sundays are my lazy days :) I love those pancakes! :D

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