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Mondays are amazing

Hey friends!!

Likin’ the new look? I’m still trying to figure out some things, but bear with me, k? I’ll host a big pancake party at my place in return, sound good? Smile

So what made my Monday amazing?

1. Special Breakfast Monday! Katie’s Banana Bread Blender Cereal. But chocolatified…DSC07379

I added a tbsp of cocoa powder, and topped it some shredded coconut and a fudge baby. This is the most delicious and filling thing ever. You can’t beat chocolate for breakfast! Open-mouthed smile

2. Package deliveries. I get SO excited about packages, and post in general really, because mentally, I am a 5 year old.DSC07384


3. Bubblewrap. ‘Nuff said.DSC07387

Hours of endless amusement right there.Better than any video game I say! A great finger workout too! Smile with tongue out

4. Goodies!!DSC07388

The lovely folks at Meridian Foods offered to send me some of their stuff to try out! They are SO lovely and generous, and clearly know me well: nut butters, jam, and snack bars?!


Raspberry and Morello Cherry fruit spread


No salt/sugar/oil almond butter and smooth PB


Tahini (I think it's hummus time!!) and 3x PB and oat snack bars

I will officially taste test tomorrow. Be prepared. And then…a GIVEAWAY!! Open-mouthed smile

5. Monday Reader Request: What I eat for lunches. Well I have a lot of lunches to-go, because eating vegan makes things a little tricky, not to mention EXPENSIVE!! So I batch make something, and then use that for the rest of the week. This week= wholewheat vegetabley couscous (with mushrooms and tomatoes)…DSC07314

…topped with a mountain of broccoli and nooch!DSC07318

Voila! And THIS is why I don’t post my lunches! Because it’s exactly the same pretty much every weekday! Smile with tongue out

6. Taking advantage of the sun! I couldn’t resist. It’s been so grey and rainy recently in London that when I saw the blue skies, I knew I had to ignore my plan to take a running day off and cross train instead. So I did a easy run in the sun!DSC07162

I needed it for my health. My tan was fading. And that’s saying something for someone who is half Indian! Smile with tongue out

Anyway, it was an amazing run! My legs were tired from the tough 6 mile hill run yesterday, so I took it slow and just chilled and coasted along, enjoying the sun Smile


Easy run: 3.41 miles, 7.48 min/mile pace.

7. Checking out/drooling over a new gym. A Virgin Active one. It is SO POSH.1999


It’s so HUGE and it has AMAZING facilities that really put my current gym to shame…virgin-active-gyms

So I just have to decide whether it’s worth the price! Double the amount of my local gym’s membership…hmmm…

7. Discovering the joys of Google Reader! I’m a bit late to the game I know!!google_reader_enlarged

I can now stalk all your blogs 24/7, mwah ha ha….! Winking smile

So what things have made your Monday’s amazing?


What are you looking forward to most about the coming months? The weather. End of.

 Do you have Google Reader? Do you like it? I keep seeing everyone talk about it, and now I finally know what they are going on about!! Smile with tongue out

And the Featured Athlete posts begin next Monday, so get excited!! I sure am! Open-mouthed smile

Have a great week friends!!

36 Responses to Mondays are amazing

  1. Emma! I love you more and more with each post you write. And not just because you made CHOCOLATE banana blender cereal, although that certainly doesn't hurt your amazingness in my eyes.

    Pretty much, I think you are the coolest thing since sliced bread. Or maybe sliced carrot cake, since what's so cool about sliced bread anyway?

    your very-pale, Irish friend :(,

    • LOVE for Katie!! I love YOU more and more with each and every comment and post that mentions cake..cake on the brain- we must be twins! :D

      And you are so pretty! If being pale and Irish made me look like YOU, then that's what I'd want to look like!!

  2. That package of goodies looks AMAZING! Happy testing! :)

  3. LOVE this positive post!! you are such a little sunshine!!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL too!! wow! im looking forward to a CRUISE im going on :)

  4. Lara@sixtimestheyum

    Breakfast looks really good and easy to make. I'll have to make that soon. :) Question answering time!: 1. My Monday was amazing because I finished most of this week's homework during the weekend and had a chill day. 2. I look forward to spring break. In 3 days I will be home! (I'm in college.) 2. I don't have a Google Reader, but you make me wanna get one!… I hope you have an awesome week, too!

  5. OMG! So SO SO cool all the goodies you got! I get soooo giddy when I get mail (especially packages!) in the mail. best feeling EVA'!! I use google reader ALL the time!! But beware-it's super addicting because it nevvver stops with the posts! So it's super easy to find yourself spending hours just scrolling down and reading:) mwah haha! Congrats on the great run outdoors! I vote DO the gym membership-it'll be totally worth it!! oh yeah, and I LOVE the new layout! can't wait for 'dem pancakes;)

  6. I seriously love your new page! I'm looking forward to warm runs in shorts & t-shirts in the next few months and beach-time.

  7. Allison @ Runs A Latte

    Very cute redesign! I am liking the natural look!

    Besides hummus, any good ideas on how to use Tahini? I have a giant bottle of it and am not quite sure what else to make with it besides the oh-so-wonderful hummus.

  8. I'm digging the changes. I can't wait for longer days. In the summer it's like until 10pm here. I love that.

  9. Great post! All of the food looks great!

  10. Love all your reasons as to why Monday rocked. I’ve got a package from Meridian on the eat too. I can’t wait to see what you think. :)

  11. i LOVE meridian!!! taste test will be needed! and a giveaway- YAY :D yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!!! i hope its the same today.. i havent even looked out my window yet.. hold on lemme check….YAY!! its pretty again today too! WEATHER TOO.. sunny weather PLEASE stay with us~!

  12. oh and i LOVE THE NEW HEADER!!

  13. The weather today is awesome! I love it!! And Morello Cherry jam? Yes please! That is a giveaway I will be right on top of! ;)

  14. I love the new blog look, girl!!!
    I love, love getting packages in the mail! I literally jump up and down! :)
    And your food looks amazing as always! I looooove nooch covered broccoli! :D

    Have an amazing week girl!!

  15. Love love love the new look! I had almost lost you there but I've resubscribed! :-)

  16. I love all that Meridian stuff – I think I have most of it in my cupboard! You must, must, MUST try the almond butter and the morello cherry jam TOGETHER! Seriously, put them on your oats or even just spoon them out of the jar…match made in heaven :D

  17. That gym looks amazing! Love the new blog! Question…did you just buy your new domain off of WordPress or are you now hosting the thing yourself too? Let me know!

  18. I love the new look!
    Definitely love google reader! It makes things so much easier—seems a little confusing at first, but once you enter sites (I collapse the summaries), you just get an efficient list of every blog that has a new post!
    Packages are great—I got one yesterday….mine was full of avocados.
    That gym looks amazing. I used to belong to one like that, but I'm at a more moderate one now. The cost was worth it for a while—easy to get spoiled with the awesomeness :)

  19. Congratulations on hosting a new site! I had no idea (except I knew your site wasn't working).

    I'm so jealous of your Meridian goodies..and your amazing running skills!!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

  20. I LOVE the new look, girly! :)

    p.s. ATHLETE OF THE WEEK? yayyy, I'm super excited!

    and I have yet to try the Google Reader, but it's def on my to-do list.

  21. Yayyyy your blog is looking amazing!!! I am updating you in my reader. Google reader takes some time to get used to but its not so bad any more!

  22. thisitalianfamily

    Love the new look! :)

    I was the same way with Google Reader – I always heard people talk about it, but never understood why it was better… then I tried it. And I was hooked. ;)

    I LOVE getting mail! I think that's just one of the joys in life – snailmail :)

  23. Yay I found you :) I don't use google reader as I cant work out how to comment when I do. BUt I think I need to get into it as I keep missing them through the blogspot website thingy that I use at the mo.
    I love that cherry spread- it is the best by far :)

  24. Sarah(everydaysapicnic)

    What a gorgeous day. I was trapped inside for most of it, but it cheered me up just looking out of the window.
    I love google reader, but it does demand a lot of my attention (bloggers post so many blogs!).
    Loving the new look btw :)

  25. Love the new site!!! Killer shot of your legs!!! DANG!!!!!!!!

    I am having me some couscous and brocci for lunch too! will it help me run as fast as you?!

  26. shiningfromwithin

    That looks like a sweet gym! I've known about google reader for a while but never seemed to really get into. I like the experience of going onto the site more :). It'd definitely be more convenient though, for me, to have a google reader so I'm trying to get into it!

  27. Love your new site! I don't know what I would do without my Google reader!! And re: your previous post, of course I know that Friends episode, and it is hilarious! Best show ever.

  28. Omg what a fantastic package to get! I'm totally loving all the goodies you got. And that breakfast looks delicious girl :D

  29. I love google reader! I never post lunches either because they look so ugly in the container, but I found myself wishing that I did today because it was so good.____ I can't wait to see these reviews, and the giveaway!!

  30. I love nooch! And nut butters :) all of your food looks amazing! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I love yours <3

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