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Giveaway winners and checking off those goals…

Hey friends!! Smile


First up, Sun Warrior giveaway winners!! Sorry but I’ve posted all the Random Number Generators and the comments just to prove that this IS random and I DON’T pick people!! (I’ve gotten an email about that before!) Anyway, without further ado…


Winner 1:


Comment Number 77:


Winner #2:image

Comment Number 176:


Winner #3:


Comment Number 42:


CONGRATS to Alyssa, Katie, and Marijke!!! Email me ( your addresses pretty please so I can stalk you forward them on to Sun Warrior. And sorry to those who didn’t win, but there’ll be more giveaways in the future to win! Smile


So you may remember that at the start of this month I posted some goals for March. I’ve never done this before- I usually make my goals for the year and that’s it! But this month as part of Thirty Day Thursday, I decided to set myself some goals (you can see them and read more about them here). But have I achieved them…?


1. Train well. Check. I improved my speed and incorporated new workouts, like track and speed-endurance runs. Despite getting injured recently (thought to be a shoe problem), I’m pleased with the way I’ve trained this month, and I’ve had so much FUN whilst doing it, which is the most important thing! emma-running1


2. Keep studying all I can for running! Check! I read every time I’m on a machine, and I read 3 books on running this month, as well as other related topics…DSC07822

3. Do a yoga session at least once a week. Check. Did YogaDownload classes, and my first proper yoga class in months on Tuesday!! Open-mouthed smileDSC08017

4. Rehydrate properly. Check. Hello Nuun.DSC07717

Been using this after all my sweaty workouts, and the muscle cramps have gone!!


5. Join a gym. Check. Re-joined my old cheap gym with the broken air-con. It has a soft-spot in my heart. And there’s nothing like a lack of air-con to make you look like this after a workout:DSC07707

6. Perfect my cinnamon-raisin peanut butter recipe. Check. Recipe coming tomorrow! Open-mouthed smileDSC08037

7. Help others more. Check. I volunteered to give a recital at a care home for the blind, which was an emotional and humbling experience! I also blogged about the Run For Japan project, and donated my weekly mileage to the cause SmileRun_for_Japan_portrait

Don’t forget to keep donating and supporting Japan!!


8. Wash my hair more often. Check. Well I could be even MORE hygienic and wash my hair even MORE often/the normal amount, but baby steps people, baby stepsdsc07170

SUCCESS!! Open-mouthed smile


Did you have any goals, or do you have any goals for the coming month? I’m not sure if I’m going to set April goals…I still have my year goals after all!


What have you done this month that you are proud of? For me, probably the playing for the blind thing. Best thing I’ve done all YEAR. SO rewarding Smile


Any good Friday or weekend plans to share? I’m getting my gait re-analysed on Satdee to see if that is what’s causing the shin problemos! Friday= usual Friday chillin’ in ma sweats whilst watching Criminal Minds and eating cookie dough. I’m a wild child.


Almost Friday now- yaaaay!! Have a GREAT one friends!!


“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4: 13

Seven Things About Me

HOWDY lovely friends!!


As I mentioned yesterday, two of my fave blogger friends Carrie and Little Bookworm nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award!



Here’s what you do with the One Lovely Blog award:

  • You link and thank the blogger who awarded you (check!)
  • Copy-and-paste (or download and upload) the award into your own blog post–a teacup of roses! (check!)
  • Share Seven Things about yourself
  • Nominate up to fifteen other great bloggers
  • Comment on their blogs to let them know to come pick up their prize


So Seven Things about me…hmmm…well these are gonna be pretty random!!

1. I still can’t tell my left and right. Well I can if you give me 5 seconds, or a pen…DSC08042


2. I have the same workout outfit in three different colours. That’s how much I love it. Nike vest top thang (Dri-fit is a LIFESAVER) and Nike tempo shorts:DSC07977


Plus the same top in black and the tempo shorts in red. Smile Obsessed much?!


3. I am a musician! I get a LOT of questions about this, because I’ve mentioned it a few times, but basically I’m a viola player. I have over 7 hours of rehearsals a week on top of classes and running/exercise which is tough, but I get paid for quartet jobs at weddings and stuff, and I get to go on tour!34602_1540305551715_1357227372_1451272_6197403_n

That was last year in Hungary. I’ve also been to Paris, Croatia, Slovenia and Spain on tour, and am going to Germany on a short tour NEXT WEEK and then Finland for a long one in the summer! Open-mouthed smile


4. I have been in three car crashes in my life, but have never broken a bone. I blame my momma. Last year she reversed at high speed into a bollard. Her insurance company (understandably) hate her.


5. I never use ‘fancy’ hair products. I get asked about this since my hair is pretty long at the mo…DSC07556

…but I am a convenience person. So Wash’N’Go 2-in-1 shampoo+conditioner it is!!DSC07539

That stuff is the Wash in, rinse, and you’re DONE.


6. I LOVE birthdays, but my 11th was my worst. This is because I sat by my door, waiting for the postman to drop round my Hogwarts acceptance letter…2369789063_14faabc4f1


…which sadly never came. Sad smile


7. I am a freak. Okay, be prepared for a LITTLE bit of TMI here…untitled


That is a ‘normal’ female body. I, however, only have one kidney, and I have two wombs. So technically, I can have triplets in each womb, or twins in one, and sextuplets in the other, or all sorts of crazy stuff!! WEIRD. Confused smile


There, 7 completely random (and freaky…) facts for you!! Instead of picking people to award this to, because I hate doing that cos I love you all so much, I want you ALL to do this if you haven’t already!! I’d LOVE to hear seven things about you, so DO IT!!


Share a random fact about YOU! Bonus points if it’s something weird that makes me feel better about my freakiness!


What hair products do you use? Wash’N’Go 2-in-1…and that’s it. What can I say, I’m high maintenance! Smile with tongue out


Random Q: What was your Wednesday Workout? Early morning spin, weights, and a 30 min Triple Challenge class (more on that tomorrow!).


Enjoy the rest of your week friends!!

Exciting times #4

HEY friends!!


So glad you guys enjoyed “meeting” Tara yesterday!! Isn’t she amazing?! Can’t wait for the other Featured Athlete posts in the coming Monday’s too! Open-mouthed smile


There have been many, many ‘exciting’ posts as long-term readers will know! See here or here for proof that I get excited A LOT. So here are some exciting things from today and yesterday…


1. Exciting Special Breakfast Monday.


I love Special Breakfast Monday!! Especially when it involves my fave ‘normal’ nut butter



…and Katie’s chocolatified banana bread in a bowl that I made a few Special Mondays ago…DSC07592

…BUT this time, in my empty jar!!DSC07988


SO darn good!!


2. Being awarded this by two of my fave gals, Carrie and Little Bookworm!5540348894_d483605452_m

You guys are the BEST!! I’ll be posting my 7 Facts About Me tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile


3. Oat obsession.


I had oats today for breakfast (raspberry carob oatmeal)…DSC08006

…for my pre-workout afternoon snack (banana-cinnamon-PB oatmeal)…DSC07994

…and in peanut-butter-topped microwave banana oat cake form as a post-workout munchie…DSC08013

I tell myself that it is perfectly normal to have a bowl of oatmeal as a snack. It was weird making it in the microwave though for once- I can’t believe I used to do that every day!! Stovetop is SO much better!!


4. Date obsession.


It isn’t enough for me to just go through a whole pack in a few days. My addiction is too great.DSC06029

So when I found it in liquid form, I almost died. I now have date SYRUP.228512-meridian-date-syrup

Somebody save me!!!! Does date rehab exist…?


5. Choccie-Chip Date Raw Cookie Dough BallsDSC08019 

Choccie-Chip Date Raw Cookie Dough Balls (adapted from Averie’s recipe)


Makes about 8 large balls, depending on how much dough you eat during the process…!


2/3 c whole raw cashews

1/3 c dry oats

2.5 tbsp date syrup (or other sweetener if you don’t have any, like agave)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 c chopped dates

1/8 c non-dairy chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate chips)


  1. Put cashews and oats into a food processor and grind until a fine powder is formed.
  2. Add the date syrup and vanilla extract and blend again.  Add more syrup if dough is too dry.
  3. Chop dates and add to the processor with the chocolate chips. QUICKLY blend, or stir in by hand.
  4. Remove the dough and form into balls.  Put into fridge to firm up if necessary, and ENJOY!!


These are ADDICTIVE, I’m warning you!! Although that’s probably more me and my non-existent self-control! Smile with tongue out


6. Shin news!!


After talking to an expert dude about my shin, he suggested I:


a) Get my gait analysed again. I’ll be doing that this weekend!
b) Not run until I have no shin pain in ‘normal’ life. Then ease back into it, so no more ‘training’ for the time being.
c) Cross-train my butt off in the mean time! I’ve been warned off the elliptical though, so I glued myself to the bike today with my reading material for a 45 min session…


And he said I SHOULD be okay to run my big race which is in 2 weeks time! BUT he said I probably won’t be able to do as well as I had hoped what with the training cut-back and the affected performance…but I can heal-up properly, do my best, and anyway there’s always next yearSmile


7. Exciting workout!


Today’s workout: 45 mins bike, 75 min yoga class.


I haven’t done a yoga class in MONTHS!! It felt SO good!!DSC08017My back and glutes are definitely feeling it now! Smile with tongue out AND bonus- the yoga lady gave me a superfoods bar!!DSC08023

Not sure why people always give me free food, but I’m not complaining! Winking smile


8. Early morning spin tomorrow!!Spinning

Bring on the early morning sweat-sesh!! I am EXCITED!!DSC07978

And to help myself get up at the ridiculous 5-something-am, I will be sleeping in those clothes. And not brushing my hair or washing beforehand. Sorry fellow spinees.


What exciting things have happened to you so far this week? I also washed my hair on Monday. BREAKTHROUGH or what?!


What foods do you never go a day without? Oats is one example. Even if I don’t have it for breakfast, I ALWAYS have it in one form or another every day. And obviously, chocolate and dates.


What tips do you have for an early start? I’m relatively new to this whole early-morning thing, so I need the advice por favor!!


Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!!


P.S. Don’t forget to enter my Sun Warrior giveaway if you haven’t yet!! Ends on Thursday!!


P.P.S.The wonderful Katie is doing a blog bakesale to raise money for Japan!! PLEASE support her!! You can read all about it here!!

Featured Athlete: Tara from XC Foodie!!

HEY friends!! Having a good start to the week? I’ve had a rest day and eaten my body weight in chocolate and dates- so I sure have! Open-mouthed smile


Today’s Monday Featured Athlete is one of my biggest running idols. This girl is an absolute SPEED DEMON and is generally an all-round awesome runner!! Someday I’ll go visit her and we can run together, and hopefully I’ll absorb some of her speed via osmosis. A girl can dream… ANYWAY, here is the gorgeous Tara from XC Foodie!!


1. Tell us a bit about yourself! clip_image002


I’m Tara, aka XC Foodie. If you didn’t already know, XC stands for Cross Country, which is my passion. I’m 17 and I run cross country and track for my high school team. In addition to running, I love food. I love food beyond the taste, I love the preparation, the variety, the flavors, the textures, and the nourishment that it gives us! I believe food is an art and that allows us to express our creativity, even though the product isn’t always pretty. I try to balance a mostly healthy diet with a little bit of unhealthy because I believe that it’s important to be flexible and eat delicious food. I want to go to college somewhere warm, where I can run cross country and study kinesiology or nutrition with a minor in Spanish just because I love the language.


2. Share with us a random fact about you!


I really like carving pumpkins. It’s my favorite part of Halloween!


This was my pumpkin from Halloween 2010. I thought it was pretty creative! Since I only get to do it once a year it’s always a special event in our house. We all sit in the kitchen and bond over pumpkin guts and sticky hands. Then we roast the seeds. I like them with a little olive oil, sea salt, and cracked pepper Smile


3. What would be the five items you would choose to have with you if stranded on a desert island?


1. Laptop… I get electricity, right?

2. Running Shoes

3. Peanut butter. Not only is it delicious, but it would help me survive.


Smart Balance Creamy = AMAZING!

4. A skillet. I can use it to cook over a fire and beat up anyone/anything that tries to attack me.

5. A water purifier. I’m not drinking sea water! Though maybe I can find coconut water/milk on a desert island.


4. So you’re an athlete then?


I’m primarily a runner…



Though I’m a gym fanatic on the side. I rarely have enough time to go to yoga, but I do enjoy it when I go. I’m also one of those people that goes on vacation and goes kayaking, surfing, etc…



I just love being active and going on adventures!


5. WHY do you workout/run/cycle etc.?


Running is my therapy. I’ve struggled with perfectionism, anxiety, eating issues, and low self-esteem in the past. Running, at least in part, has helped me solve all of these. Before I was a runner, I lost a lot of weight, obsessively counted calories, and cried when I wasn’t eating perfectly. I went to the gym everyday and did cardio or weightlifting and tried to burn off as many calories as possible. I struggled with social anxiety and rarely went out with my friends. I had trouble studying for school because I held myself to standards that were way too high and ended up having a mental breakdown with every test, project, and report. Can you imagine crying hysterically over food and school almost every day? I was a miserable mess.


I went to therapy every week and improved a lot, but I still struggled. Then I started track. I came home from practice beaming, my parents had never seen me so happy. I stopped going back to the therapist because she saw that I no longer needed her. As I ran more, I stopped restricting calories because I wanted to be the best runner I could be. I realized that you can’t perform well if you don’t fuel well. I felt less stressed out. Not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty good at the sport, which renewed my confidence. I felt less of a need to be perfect since I finally felt like I was a talented, worthwhile person. I like to think that running saved my life.


Running is my “husband”. I am committed for life and I would be devastated if he left me. The thought of him leaving is enough to make me cry on the spot. I hope nothing ever comes between us. He makes me feel beautiful on the inside and out, and is always around when I need him. I am head over heels in love with him. It’s a weird comparison, but that’s what comes to mind!


6. Have you always been active?

Yes! I played soccer, softball, field hockey, and danced growing up. I dropped soccer in middle school to play field hockey and softball for the school team. Shortly after I stopped dancing, but I started strength training with a trainer. I really fell in love with exercise when I started this because of how strong it made me feel. I stopped playing field hockey when I started high school because I didn’t fit in with the team, and I was in the worst physical and mental condition ever. I played softball in my freshman year, and I was pretty good. Since I was still suffering from low self-esteem I really did not enjoy the sport, and the coach made me feel bad about myself. I always beat myself up if I messed up a play and was just unhappy.


That fall I ran my first race and I won second place for my age group, which hooked me. I started track in the spring. Track was different because the coach emphasized personal bests and never played favorites. Running is healthiest sport for my well being and I’ve never regretted giving up anything else for it.


7. How do you stay motivated? Do you have any motivational tips to share?


1. Be a part of a team. Whether it’s an official team or just a group of people to keep you accountable, the camaraderie keeps me coming back for more. This worked with strength training too, since I looked forward to seeing my trainer and showing how hard I could work every time we met. Now I have a track and cross country team that I bond and compete with. Whether we are cheering each other on or banging out 800 repeats on the track, we motivate each other to keep coming back.


2. I do what I love! Softball and Field Hockey were great exercise, but I didn’t love it. I love running in races and I love running at practice and I love talking about running and I just love running so freaking much. I don’t remember ever adoring anything else so much. It’s so much easier to stay in shape if you’re enjoying it! I would never force myself to swim (I’m not a big fan of the water), or cycle (hurts my butt), but there is something about running that naturally drew me in.


3. I always think about how what I do now will impact my future. If I’m not in the mood to run, which is rare, I think about how a good run now will benefit me in the short term (endorphins), and long term (speed and endurance). If I’m intimidated by a run or race, I think about how cool it will be to be able to say “I just ran 15 miles!” or “I just ran a 5k in under 20 minutes!” It’s pretty impressive, and that is a key motivator.


8. What are your motivational mantras?


“Just do it” – This works for just about everything. It has helped me overcome fears. Don’t tell me you’ve never felt scared at the beginning of a race, I think everyone gets a little nervous! Sometimes I have to tell myself this to calm myself down. Heck, I say this before I get in an ice bath! Sometimes I just need to extra push. Oh and since it’s coined by nike, and nike is the greek goddess of victory, I will be victorious.


“You can do anything for 20 minutes” – or an hour, or 2 minutes, or 30 seconds. Sometimes the idea of doing a tempo run for 30 minutes is daunting, but telling myself this helps. I find myself saying it to myself during a race too, especially when I feel like I’m fading. You just have to remember that it will be over soon, so you might as well keep pushing!


“I am beautiful, I am strong, I am amazing…” – powerful, inspiring, epic, anything that makes you feel good. Positive affirmations work! I learned this at cross country camp and used it the entire season. It seems a little bit weird, but it’s not like you’re talking out loud to yourself, so no one knows. When I repeat these to myself during a cross country race, I feel like a I’m a warrior chasing my enemy through the woods. Actually, I’m a gorgeous supermodel warrior, or at least that’s how I try to make myself feel! Feeling good about myself usually translates to a positive outcome in a workout, race, or just during practice.


“Life is like a box of chocolates, run like forest, MXC!” – That’s our team cheer. Forest didn’t stop running for three and a half years, so you can keep going too! Oh and don’t forget to eat your chocolates when you’re done.


YAY for Tara!! I LOVE finding out more about my bloggie friends!! And I think “Life is like a box of chocolates” is totally gonna be my new mantra! Smile with tongue out


THANK YOU so much Tara for sharing!! And I hope you guys loved ‘meeting’ her as much as I did! Open-mouthed smile


Why do YOU run/workout? I love the way Tara put it- running is my ‘husband’ too!!


What are your favourite motivational mantras? I love the ‘Pain is temporary, Pride is forever’ one, and I am TOTALLY stealing her ‘You can do anything for…minutes’ one!!


Any good plans for tomorrow or this week? First thing I’m gonna go talk to this runner injury person, and then I’m hitting up a new yoga class in the evening!! I’m so excited- I haven’t been to one in MONTHS since my old one got cancelled!! Yaaay!!


Have a great week friends, and don’t forget to go say hi to Tara!!


P.S. Thank you all for your comments/advice/love/personal stories on my post yesterday!! Love you all!!

Being thankful

HEY fellow bloggies and blog-readers!! Hope you’ve had a great weekend!! I’ve got a serious post for you today. I know, weird right? Winking smile I’m dedicating this post to my amazing friend Lindsay- this is me cleansing my heart girl! Smile


I learnt a very important lesson today about the importance of gratitude and in:



I woke up and felt shin pain. But I decided to try to do my easy 7-8 mile run anyway. I was careful- I ignored the blue skies that were tempting me to hit the pavements…



…and instead I hit the treadmill. But had to stop after 20 minutes after consistent shin pain. And even when using the bike after that, the shin still hurt. Cue sad face.



I left the gym feeling a bit sorry for myself.


But I got home, put my self-pity to one side, dressed up nice(r) and set off to my friend Julia’s church to see her get baptised.


And as always, church turned things around for me. Praying, singing praise, and most of all, listening to my friend talk about why she was getting baptised really put things into perspective. She was amazing, and seeing this totally gorgeous friend of mine get baptised was totally the highlight of my week.


Bless her, she even caved to my insistence on an ‘after’ photo. Unfair how she looks this good after being dunked in water!!


But what I realised was how truly LUCKY I AM.


I am SO lucky to have legs that can carry me for miles on end, even if they do end up looking all wonky in photos…



And I should never EVER take that for granted. We are ALL so lucky in that we have our strong bodies that put up with all the things we throw at them,  and we have to stop and remember sometimes that not everyone is as BLESSED as we are.


We have to remember to LOVE and BE THANKFUL FOR EVERY MINUTE of life…DSC07978

…and to take time every day just to be with YOU. I did this today with some Bible time whilst icing the shin. Never underestimate the power of frozen sweetcorn and God.


My fave verse today: Psalm 136:1 ‘Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.’


It’s also important to remember this: When all else fails- there’s always chocolate.DSC07984

That chocolate ‘ice-cream’ tub faced an air strike from my spoon, and lasted all of two minutes under heavy fire.


Quote of the day:



Tell me something YOU are thankful for! I’m thankful for all of YOU. Cheesy, but true!! Your comments, emails and Tweets teach me so much and make me so happy!!


Have you ever struggled with injury, or are you at the moment? A shout-out to a few friends who I know are dealing with injuries/recovering at the mo: Kelly, Janae, Freya, Carrie, Jess, and everyone else out there who I haven’t listed!! I hope you get back to 100% quickly!!


What is one thing that can cheer you up no matter what? Apart from everything I already listed, I did a bit of retail therapy too. Bra Sale shopping made me happy Smile


Have a great week lovelies!!


HEY friends!! Hope you’re having a great weeeknd!


I’m loving all the entries for the Sun Warrior giveaway!! Keep ‘em coming!


Much as I loved today, I had a number of failures…


Breakfast was a fail. Tried to sub Sun Warrior protein powder into my PB+J breakfast cake instead of flour. Note to self: flour is necessary, or it will be a crumbly mess. Next time, I will sub SOME flour, but not all!!DSC07923

Still tasted good though! And nothing more PB and raisins couldn’t fix…DSC07926

I had a fail on the food variety front. My nut butter consumage (<— add that word to your dictionaries- I have already) today was off the charts. On and in breakfast, in dessert (non-dairy chocolate ice-cream topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams)DSC07944

in dinner (a last-minute gig came up so I had to leave fast, ergo two PB sandwiches)…DSC07949

…and in snacks (apple with almond butter)DSC07954

Not to mention straight from the jar bucket…DSC07823

Clearly I have a very varied diet! Winking smile


I made up for this fail by having an awesome track workout!!


Track 400m repeats run:

1.5 mile warm-up
4 x 400’s at fast pace + recovery laps inbetween
1 mile cooldown

Fast lap paces (in min/mile): 6.00, 5.59, 5.55, 5.55.


I had planned to do more repeats, but when the shin started complaining, I decided to listen and just enjoy the laps I managed to do! Not to mention foot pain from all the blisters!

I had a slight fail with outfit choice though…


vest top and shorts in the rain. Still, I refuse to not wear my Nike Tempo shorts on the track. They make me feel like I can fly! Especially when paired with my beloved Fire Shoes…DSC07695

Am I ever going to stop raving about them? No, sorry, I love them too much Smile


I also failed by leaving my clothes in the track changing rooms. Complete with my phone which was in my jeans pocket. And then only realising this after the track had shut. I know where I’ll be returning tomorrow! Smile with tongue out


My self-control failed me. I went to a quiz night with friends, and these two items didn’t leave my side the whole time…DSC07952

(Photography fail. You know you all want photography lessons from me- I’m such a talent clearly!!). The Pringles not so much (chocolate>crisps/potato chips), but I cannot be trusted around dark chocolate buttons. I demolished nearly the whole pack single-handedly, and it was goooood! Smile


But UNfail/win of the day was getting an answer at the quiz that NO-ONE else got!! My running geekiness/Paula Radcliffe obsession paid off with this question: “What is the current women’s world record for the marathon?”. I practically leapt up and screamed “2.15.25 by my beloved Paula at the London Marathon in 2003!!”. I redeemed myself for being completely useless in every other aspect. Basically I was just there for the food- everyone knew it! Winking smile


TOMORROW is Sunday, and we all know that is my FAVE day!! My Sunday routine will be shaken up a bit tomorrow because I’m going to see my friend get baptised (YAY!!) in the morning. But there will still be Pancake Sunday, church and a run, so it’s all good! Open-mouthed smile


Have you had any ‘fails’ today? I will add procrastinating writing this post to the list. It is 1am right now here. Ooops!


Is your diet varied? Erm…no. It is 99% nut butter, chocolate, dates and broccoli.


Chocolate or crisps/potato chips? Sweet tooth or salty? I think you know my answer! Smile with tongue out


Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends!!


P.S. If you didn’t know, I am a musician and I am going on a mini-tour (I have a longer one in summer) to Germany from April 9th-12th, and I would LOVE if a couple of you guys could guest post for me? Email me if you’re interested at and I will love you even more if you do!! Smile

Friday FAVES!!

HEYA friends!!


My first favourite this Friday? All your feedback, lovely comments and entries for my Sun Warrior giveaway! Seems as though you are all as enthusiastic about that as I am! Open-mouthed smile Keep the entries coming friends!


1. Amazing Friday Breakfast- Vanilla Protein Pumpkin Oatmeal.DSC07901

I needed stovetop oatmeal today. REALLY badly. For someone that normally has it every weekday,  I haven’t had it AT ALL this week!! Surprised smile To be fair, I have had overnight oats and baked oatmeal, but still!! Made with vanilla soy milk, vanilla Sun Warrior, pumpkin and oats, and topped with cacao nibs. SO delicious and filling! Aaah oatmeal…I missed you…


2. Yesterday’s run. Today was a rest day, which I made sure I took note of because my body was DEFINITELY telling me it needed one this week!! So I listened, and resisted the urge to run in the sun and instead reminisced on yesterday’s run…DSC07886

Speed-Endurance run (learned from this amazing book)
10 min warm-up- 8.20 min/mile
4 mins fast pace (in-between 5k and 10k pace)- 6.44 min/mile
3  min recovery jog
(Repeat four times)
10 min cool down- 7.41 min/mile

Total: Just over 5 miles

Next time I think I need to increase my speed in the fast pace, as it wasn’t that challenging (although I did put the last interval at a hard 6.15 min/mile pace). But do you know what WAS challenging? This:DSC07881
Say hello to my ugly runner’s feet! I forgot my socks. I debated going home for some but I didn’t have time and decided to try to suffer through it. I thought it would just be gross and uncomfortable, but it was so much more… At about mile 4, some metal bits on the inside of my shoes that I didn’t even know existed started digging into my feet with each step. Ouchies.DSC07887

You do NOT want to see my feet right now. Blisters the size of my face, and two red lumpy scar bits where the metal dug in. But APART from that, the run was great, and SO MUCH FUN!! Open-mouthed smile


3. My new fave sandwich filling- peanut butter and apple.DSC07879

So good I went back and made another. And followed it with…DSC07893

..medjool dates stuffed with PB and chocolate chips Smile


4. Carby+proteiny goodness…DSC07908

A plate of kamut spaghetti with sliced mushrooms and a yummy quick tofu cheeze sauce (just 2/3 block blended silken tofu+nooch heated in a saucepan) makes for a delicious dinner, enjoyed in front of Criminal Minds…DSC04977

Best. TV. Programme. Ever. (After Friends of course!)

5. Finding a £10 note on the street!! Open-mouthed smile


It won’t be going towards building my chocolate stash though,  but into the collection for Japan at church on Sunday. I love finding money though!!


6. Chocolate (vegan) ice-cream+hummus. Say WHA’?!DSC07915

It’s okay- it’s Evan’s famous dessert hummus!! Peanut butter chocolate chip hummus to be precise:DSC07911

It’s AMAZING, both straight from the processor and with ice-cream. I taste-tested it extensively both ways of course Winking smile


7. Icing my shin like it’s my job. Or just an excuse to put my feet up. Either way.DSC07918

I’m hoping all the goodness in that bag of frozen spinach will somehow permeate through the bag and into my leg. Hence why I chose that over the bag of frozen roast potatoes. I am a scientific genius, I know.


The shin is feeling MUCH better though generally! Yaaay! Smile


8. Looking forward to my track run tomorrow!!emma running

I enjoyed it SO MUCH last week, and hopefully I’ll be able to get one in tomorrow!! Can’t wait!! Open-mouthed smile


So what are some of your Friday Faves? Time to share with me por favor!!


What is the most uncomfortable run/workout you’ve done? The no-socks thing was DEFINITELY the worst. Sore feet today!!


Dessert hummus: yay or nay? I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I LOVE it!! There’s also a snickerdoodle variety I have my beady eye on…mmm… Smile


Have a GREAT weekend friends!!

Protein lovin’

HEY friends!!

Got THE most exciting giveaway for you guys!! I’m sure you’ll pretty much all have heard of this company…SunWarrior_Blogger_Banner


Sun Warrior makes protein powders in three flavours, vanilla, chocolate and natural, and they all are:

  • 100% Raw Vegan

  • 85% Pure Protein

*Complete Amino Acid Profile

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free


So when Mike, a UK representative of Sun Warrior contacted me to ask if I was interested in sampling their products, I of course jumped at the chance! I’ve heard SO many good things about this company and their protein powders that I couldn’t pass this up!! *Disclaimer:* This is all MY own opinion!! Good or bad, I say what I think!



I used a vanilla sachet in yesterday’s overnight oats:DSC07853

Vanilla Protein Overnight Oats

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 sachet Sun Warrior vanilla
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup soya yoghurt
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • Toppings: sliced banana and cinnamon


The jury’s still out on the overnight oats…but like many of you suggested, I might like a more doughy version! So I know what I’m trying next Wednesday! Winking smile Anyway, the Vanilla Sun Warrior was great! So vanilla-y and sweet (but with no added sugar-only Stevia…win!!) and didn’t leave a powdery taste either! Thumbs up! Thumbs up


Next up, I tried the natural.DSC07896


Sun Warrior products have the BEST nutritional stats!!DSC07897

25g protein?! WOW!! Surprised smile



I made a Green Monster with it for part of my afternoon snackage, topped with granola and cacao nibs. I LOVE how well Sun Warrior blends! Other cheap protein powders I’ve used in the past haven’t blended well AT ALL and went lumpy! But this was perfect Smile


And last but not least, the chocolate flavour…DSC07870

Chocolate PB Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothie (adapted from Gabriela’s recipe)

  • 1 c pumpkin
  • large banana
  • Chocolate Sun Warrior
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 c non-dairy milk
  • 1.5 tbsp smooth peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup plain cereal (optional)
  • DSC07875

Topped with muesli and cacao nibs for some crunch. SO good!! This smoothie is yummy and super-thick, and the Sun Warrior chocolate is my fave I think!! Open-mouthed smile I especially love it’s ingredients list: Whole Brown Rice Protein, Cocoa, Pectin, Xanathan Gum and Stevia. Simple, and no added sugar!!


GIVEAWAY: Sun Warrior have generously offered the chance for THREE of you to win THREE bags of Sun Warrior protein powder!!Protein_trio


Each of the following counts as one entry:


  1. Leave a comment telling me why you want to win Sun Warrior protein powder.
  2. Follow me on Twitter (SweetToothRunnr) and leave a comment telling me you are a follower.
  3. Tweet about the giveaway, linking it back to me (and comment to tell me you have please!).
  4. Link to this in a post on your blog. (If you don’t have a blog, just leave an extra comment telling me that and I’ll enter you again)


The three winners will be picked by Random Number Generator next Thursday 31st March.


SO you have four chances to win!! What are you waiting for?! GET MOVING people!! Open-mouthed smile 


*And don’t forget to leave a separate comment for each entry!*



There’s a first for everything

HEY friends!! Hope you’re having a great week!! Open-mouthed smile 


My life is generally pretty routine. Eat, sleep, run, as shown by an old photo of me modelling my favourite hoodie:dsc04589

BUT I had a number of ‘firsts’ today!


There’s a first for getting up at 5.30am to workout, and being IN the gym at 6.30 in the morning…DSC07849

Well actually I was there at 6.15, but had to wait outside in the cold with a group of over 65’s (who, by the way, have THE most explicit conversations EVER!!)  waiting for their early-morning line dancing class…woke me up a bit! Smile with tongue out


There’s a first for breaking a spin bike in the middle of spin. Only me…sigh. I blame the bike. Everything was going swimmingly sweatingly…Spinning


…until my seat fell off in the middle of sprints. I almost went with it. Embarrassing times. I switched bikes but everyone was looking at me- not such a good thing when you have serious Bed Head! Smile with tongue out


I LOVED the early morning spin!! I thought I would be super-tired afterwards, but I was actually more energised!! A lot of you said the same thing in the comments yesterday! I am definitely going back next week! Open-mouthed smile


There’s a first for overnight oats! I had never had this before! Had to have an on-the-go packed breakfast because of spin. (Details on these oats tomorrow)DSC07853

That’s the kind of quality photography you get when you have less than 1 minute to leave or serious lateness will occur. And that’s the kind of quality ‘Tupperware’ you use when you are penniless…DSC07854

Old marg tub. Classy.


There’s a first for getting this average pace on a run…especially when it’s a recovery runDSC07834

5.42 min/mile- I was SO excited. Until I remembered I was on the Treadmill Of Lies. It has tricked me before. This treadmill once told me I’d run a 3 minute mile. Sweet Tooth Runner broke the world record for the mile by 43 seconds yahooo!!  Open-mouthed smile


There’s a first for pecan pie in bar form:DSC07856

It’s alright. Not a fave Nakd bar (erm, cocoa delight?!), and definitely not as good as real pecan pie! Smile with tongue out Mmm note to self: make vegan pecan pie asap!!


There’s a first for healthy raw cookie dough that tastes pretty much EXACTLY like cookie dough…DSC07867

Warning: highly addictive. I had over half the batch today- oops! Winking smile


And coming up tomorrow is my GIVEAWAY!! YAAAAAAY!!  Open-mouthed smile


Have you done anything new recently? I also tried washing my hair for once, with pleasing results.


Have you had overnight oats? Are you a fan? I like them, but not as much as normal oatmeal I don’t think.


What’s your favourite kind of pie? Chocolate. Obviously! Smile with tongue out


Enjoy the rest of your week lovely friends!!


P.S. A few of you asked about my cookie dough baked oatmeal yesterday. I followed Katie’s recipe (I linked to it in the post) pretty much exactly, except I used 1/2 banana instead of applesauce and added nut butter for some more cals Smile

10 happy things

HOWDY friends!! Open-mouthed smile


I am just SO happy right now, and on a bit of a HIGH!! This is probably mostly due to the amount of sugar I have just consumed (date addiction…), but also because there has been SO MUCH to be happy about!! So here are 10 things that have made me happy in the last two days…


1. Special Breakfast Monday. I didn’t post it yesterday because of the Featured Athlete post, but it deserves to be drooled over. Cookie dough baked oatmeal:DSC07778

Well, it’s actually a cross between that and Katie’s baked banana oatmeal that she posted today! Great minds think alike Winking smile


2.  Snack bar lovin’.DSC07790

Pre-workout snackage. Convenient + tasty = WIN.


3. Double excitement: I am officially a gym member again (of the cheapo gym not the posh one- cheap gym is MUCH closer to home…and cheap) AND on my way to the gym I bought a BUCKET of peanut butter.DSC07792

I am hiding behind the bucket a) to show that it is nearly the size of my head, and that really says a lot about how big the bucket is, and b) because my face is the same colour as my hoodie (cheapo gym=rubbish air con).

A little size comparisonDSC07823

Love it!! Still won’t last long though around me! Winking smile


4. Having a killer running-day-off workout. Monday was a running day off, so I spent some time resting my shins by staying away from the treadmill, elliptical, summit trainer, etc. and instead spent some quality time bonding with the bike whilst geeking up…DSC07822

…on Sports Nutrition!!

Monday workout: 35 mins speed intervals on bike + BodyPump. My Monday instructor (who I LOVE) has changed pretty much the whole routine to ‘challenge’ us more. My muscles today are telling me her challenging routine worked. Ouchie.


5. Discovering my new fave snack/dessert/general munchie…DSC07824

Medjool dates stuffed with nut butter (one PB, one almond) and chocolate chips. SO yummy. If only Medjool dates weren’t so darn expensive, I would probably eat this all day, every day! Smile with tongue out


6. Tempo Run Tuesday.

Took it a bit easier than normal so I didn’t overdo it on my shins, but still it still rocked!


Tempo run:
1 mile warm-up
1 mile @ ‘comfortably hard’ pace- 6.44 min/mile
1 mile @ ‘easy run’ pace- 7.35 min/mile
1 mile @ cool down/chill pace- 8.20 min/mile


Wasn’t as hard as a normal tempo run, and my shins felt fine mostly. They twinged a bit during the fast mile…DSC07830

…but were mostly okay. And I iced them up afterwards Smile


7. Yummy post-workout food. YIAJ (soy Yoghurt In A Jar) topped with natural strawberry jam:DSC07836

I have been saving that almond butter jar for SO long, and it finally got put to good use! Open-mouthed smile My first YIAJ- AMAZING stuff!!


8. Chocolate Chip Date Cookie Dough Balls…DSC07842

I ate so much ‘cookie dough’ straight from the food processor and it was GOOOD! Smile Adapted from Averie’s recipe. I subbed mango for chopped dates and white chocolate for dark chocolate chips, because if you don’t know by now how addicted I am to these things, then you never will! Smile with tongue out Anyway, these balls are the most DELISH thing ever, and taste almost EXACTLY like cookie dough!! WIN!! Open-mouthed smile Averie is a genius!


9. Early morning spin tomorrow. And I mean early. I don’t think I have EVER gotten up at 5.45am before to workout. So this’ll be a first! I’m slightly freaked out by the time, but since I looked like this last time after spin…DSC05353

…I can’t wait to get my early-morning sweat on! Open-mouthed smile BRING ON THE SPINNER’S HIGH!!


10. My upcoming giveaway, which I will be announcing TOMORROW. Or Thursday…but anyway, SOON!! This is an AWESOME one, so stay tuned!! Open-mouthed smile


Aaah I love life Smile


Tell me one thing (or more than one!) that has made YOU happy!


Are you a spin fan? I love it! It’s SUCH a killer workout, and turns me into a sweaty beast!!


Are you an early workout person? What time do you work out? I do the majority of my workouts in the afternoon/evening, but on a Sunday I have an early one. Even that though is only a 7.30am start, so not that bad! Smile with tongue out


Enjoy the rest of your week friends!!

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